Torrenting with Kickass

November 04, 2017

Kickass Torrents is a former trendy website for downloading torrent files. Founded in 2008,  Kickass Torrents (or simply KAT) exists and today. In spite of numerous troubles KAT stood the test of time and is among most haunted torrent sites.


How many users a day visit KickassTorrents?

Nowadays Kickass is used by over 100 500 unique visitors a day, and the daily income reaches up to $1000 a day (by means of ads), which is very impressive for a free torrent tracker. The geography of Kickass is significant.


The infographics bellow represents the current state of affairs. As you see, the residents of the USA are the most active Kickass users even in spite of the fact that such streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are available for them.


Nowadays, Kickass Torrents supplies KAT users with files for torrenting TV shows, movies, games and music. To access Kickass Torrents it is necessary to register.

The system DOESN’T require:

  • real name,
  • surname,
  • phone number or..
  • alike information about a user.

What is required to be registered on KickassTorrents?

 Only a password and a username are required.

How private are you on KAT?

 Being a responsible torrent search engine, Kickass Torrents familiarizes its users with ‘Terms of Service’.

It is necessary to read it attentively, as such a document usually contains information about:

  • logs,
  • user’s right while using visiting the website,
  • warranty, and etc.

After successful registration a user will be allowed to download torrent files, which are accompanied by the information on name, size, seed, leach and age. These data allow timing the process of file downloading.


Get upset because of Kickass shutdown? Use the alternatives to KAT

The majority of websites with torrent search engines contain the copyright protected files and as a result their activity is considered to be illegal(Some countries’ governments are extremely strict about torrenting, so torrenting without a VPN there is not safe). As for Kickass Torrents, the situation differs a lot as it keeps Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

What does it mean for KickassTorrents activity?

 Thus, the activity of KAT is legal.

But there’s a real catch:

 The website undergoes blocking at regular intervals. (Want to know why torrent trackers are often shutdown? Find the answer here).Therefore, the domain of KAT was changed several times. Initially it was, but three years later it was changed into Its last and still existing address is

When was the last shutdown?

The last serious shutdown was connected with the arrest of Kickass owner Artem Vaulin in Poland in 2016. Unfortunately, we don’t know when Kickass will undergo the next shutdown again. In this regard, it is necessary to take measures and be ready for it. That is why let’s get a closer look at the best alternatives to Kickass torrent tracker. 

KickassTorrents alternatives: what are they?

The Pirate Bay  is definitely the best alternative to Kickass, as it stands on its own two feet since the year of 2003 and provides its users with the best content to torrent.



The second rewording Kickass alternative is RarBG. The facilities this torrent tracker provides us with are fantastic: movies, TV shows, games, software and so on.


LimeTorrents is another worthwhile website in case Kickass is blocked. User-friendly interface, gigabytes of available content and compatibility with the devices running on diverse platforms are the advantages of LimeTorrents – a great alternative for Kickass.

thelimetorrents  is a torrent tracker that specializes in movies and series. If you are looking a tracker to find Kickass movies, feel free to use this one.


Torrent Project is in the list of good alternatives to Kickass torrent search engine, as it contains over 8 million files in its database, making it possible to find almost any content available for torrent users.


Loads of movies, games, apps, documentaries and what not will become available for you if you choose 1337x. Why not to substitute Kickass for the time of its shutdown by means of this wonderful torrent search engine?


Torrent Downloads can also become an alternative variant to Kickass. The torrent tracker is dead easy to use.


Coming back to the issue of Kickass activity it should be mentioned, that in spite of the fact that Kickass Torrents’ activity is legitimate, still there are some troubles with torrenting. It is connected with some weak or unclear points in legislation. For example, the government of Germany conducts extremely strict policy in respect of copyright. In this connection, watching free movies online or torrenting can lead to law problems.

Note: We strongly recommend to use alternatives to kickass and other torrent trackers via VPN. Find the one for you among 10 best VPN services

Select by criteria

Kickass Torrents mirrors

To capitalize on the former fame and popularity of, some ready-witted people create the sites with the similar domains. Such sites are attractive for Kickass torrents fans, as they hope to start using the site with resembling structure, torrents and navigation.

But unfortunately, it is not always so. Some sites with the words “kickass” or “kat” as a part of their domain names can hardly function.

So, we are here to help you! Look through the best Kickass Torrent mirrors and don’t waste your time in vain looking for them on other sites.

kat. how

The first mirror for is kat. how. Having typed in this domain in an address line, you’ll be immediately redirected to There you’ll find the torrent files for movies, TV shows, games, music and what not. Besides, this torrent tracker allows uploading the files. Thus, it is a great opportunity to share the files stored on your computer with others.


katcr. to

A vast diversity of torrents is offered on katcr. to. Apart from usual torrents for entertainment, katcr. to offers to download applications and books. This Kickass mirror possesses the support services, blog and the section with the frequently asked questio


KAT: copyright infringement issues

As any other torrent tracker Kickass Torrent possessed the links to the torrent files. On users could find movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, books, songs and what not.

But many of them included a copyright notice in the beginning. According to such notice it was forbidden to distribute these materials without a special permission. KAT functioned without such license, so the legality of the platform was open to question.

A special agent was used to download the copyright protected files by means of Kickass Torrents. Among the downloaded files there were Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men Apocalypse, Now You See Me 2 and others. Some of KAT movies were downloaded hundreds and even thousands of times. Thus, the rightholders lost a great amount of money.

According to the Criminal Complaint the sum reaches $1 000 000.


KAT team was notified about the “Copyright Complaint”, but the answer was surprising.


The evidence of Vaulin’s guilt

The USA special agencies worked out the special operation involving an undercover agent.

Let’s study it in details.

How did they manage to contact Vaulin?

Kickass Torrents was always free for its users. Nevertheless, the torrent tracker succeeded in earning money. It was possible owing to two factors: visitors and ads.

User The site was used by about 50 million unique visitors daily, which meant that the platform is popular. And in the modern world, top-rated platforms are used for advertising. It occurred to Kickass tracker.

The tracker was in existence at the expense of advertisements. Big companies were proposed to place the ads. So, Kickass owner charged from $300 a day for advertisement.

This scheme hit the US special agencies upon an idea to identify Mr. Vaulin. So, ads became the vulnerability of Kickass owner.


Having contacted Kickass administrator via Kat forum, the agent managed to know the email of the platform.

In November 2015 an undercover agent contacted the torrent service with the suggestion to post an advertisement on one of Kickass banners. The price was $300, but later it reached the sum of $3200. The customer was offered to transmit money via different banks: first in Latvia, then in the Republic of Estonia.



The KAT admin let the potential advertiser know beforehand about the necessity not to mention Kickass Torrent while paying for service.

Vaulin’s fatal mistake: the US special agencies identified the IP of Vaulin and analyzed the information granted by Apple.

KAT owner’s IP address was identified when he accessed KAT account on Facebook and then it the same IP was notices while iTunes transaction.

The current state of things

Kickass Torrents is not available under its former used domains,, and Nevertheless, the fans of torrenting technology have an opportunity to download torrents via KAT mirrors.

As for the lot of KAT owner Artem Vaulin, he was released from custody in May 2017. It was a compulsory measure, as KAT owner had health problems. The bail reached $ 108 000. Besides, the passport was confiscated in order Vaulin had no chance to leave the country.

Anonymity will help torrent lovers

In this regard, a user is to undertake all reasonable precautions to avoid such troubles. Anonymity plays an important role in this question, as it is impossible to bring an accusation against an unknown person. The only way to stay unrevealed on the Internet is to hide an IP. But how to do it, as it is well-known that user’s ISP is always aware of this data. An Internet user will solve this problem by means of a Tor, proxies or a VPN, for example.



Tor, or the onion router, is a service which is used to hide user’s IP. It functions in the following way: a user puts an inquiry to Tor server, in its turn this server connects to the next one and then to the required website. All the data routing through the servers are encoded and the server is able to identify the IP of the previous one.


Proxy, or proxy server, can hide your IP as well. But it functions a bit different and it has some weak points: restricts access to some services, slows down the speed and keep info on other users.

VPN functions even more efficient and simpler. It both encodes the data and makes its user absolutely anonymous on the Internet. That is why Kickass Torrents users will be under the strong protection torrenting their favourite series or featured movies and games. There is a vast diversity of facilities a worthwhile VPN supplies its users with.  Spend a couple of minutes to study the rating of the best VPNs for torrenting with Kickass.

Safe torrenting is now available if you have chosen the best VPN for Kickass torrents –  Nord VPN.
Kickass movies will be at your disposal with a reliable and fast  ExpressVPN.

The last mentioned but not the least – CyberGhostVPN is a great tool to access Kickass movies.   

Want to choose among others VPNs? Have a look at other best VPNs for Kickass torrents:

Use Kickass anonymously. But why?

There are several reasons to use Kickass torrent tracker anonymously:


#1 Being not identified while torrenting Kickass users will not be subjected to downloading copyrighted material.


#2 Censorship will stop being a problem for you. Thus, you’ll access any contend you wish via Kickass torrent search engine and download it on your device.


#3 With  a trustworthy VPN described in our rating you will not be monitored by your ISP, the authorities or other people/organizations targeted at identifying Kickass users.

Although VPNs are powerful tools in protection our identity, still there are VPNs to be aware of. Of course, they are not in our rating. Nevertheless, they attract users by means of its zero price.

To conclude, it should be covered that one must not save on his security, as it may lead to irreversible backwash effect.

reply February 13, 2018

Hi, I have always downloaded torrents from Kickass Torrents, but after it fell down and restarted last time, it is different as it has been before. When I wanted to download a torrent file and go through a mirror link, I was redirected to another window which offered to create a free account for downloading torrents. when I clicked to this message, I was redirected once again, but not for creating a free account. Guess what I saw there? Will it annoy me each time I try to download torrents from Kickass? Another issue that concerns me too much is a VPN service for Kickass Torrents. How to choose? What features? Why is it actually necessary to use a VPN for torrenting? I need comprehensive answers, please …

reply February 14, 2018

What a fuck!!!! It wants you to go over the hoops to get anywhere. And when you DO really get to what you want their data storage is very limited. When I visited Kickass Torrents it was ok. The page worked just fine. I've read that there are fakes of their site and contain malware, ransomware and other problems but the true kat doesn't have. At least not in these more than 7 months I've been using the tracker.
reply February 14, 2018

Dear Mary, Christian completely right. We don’t exactly what mirror links you have used that’s why we may suggest that they are ones on those fake kat pages. We’d recommend you to use a VPN for torrentting with kickass. The article will be updated soon. In the update you find detailed answers the questions. Just a few short comments on the questions for you: ‘’How to choose? What features? Why is it actually necessary to use a VPN for torrenting?’’: Choose a VPN for kat with no-logging policy, bitcoins accepted and P2P, of course. You need a VPN for torrenting primarily for being anonymous and invisible for ISPs and copyright trolls.

reply January 19, 2018

FBI copyright trolls and ISPs are not fools not to reveal using VPN while torrenting. Do you think you are totally private with VPNs? Never! Neither paid, nor free ones. Even if they claim about no logging policy, they keep them! How can you check whether they keep them or not? Right, no way to do this! We have to be observed online… Just remember Pure VPN revealing personal data to the FBI…
reply January 20, 2018

Dear Uudu, we appreciate your point of view and thankful for commenting, but let us disagree with what you are writing here. That’s sure, no service provider is able to guarantee you 100% anonymity. Such logs as the time when the site was visited and for how long you stayed on the website are sometimes collected. They claim that such kind of information is gathered for statistics. But ate same time, your traffic is encrypted in the VPN tunnel with the help of military grade encrypting (at least respectable VPN providers do this). In addition, your saying about PureVPN needs correcting as they told how they helped the FBI, there were no breaks of users’ right for privacy. Another case was connected with ExpressVPN whose provider was asked for assistance by the police. But the data wasn’t revealed, simply because they don’t keep logs and there was nothing to reveal. It proves that you can stay private with respectable VPN services.

reply January 14, 2018

When I hear about torrenting, I’m so surprised! Why to download torrents? Why not just subscribe for Netflix instead of paying for a VPN. That’s stupid and out-of date!

reply December 28, 2017

I’m not into IT but good at torrenting. At least I thought so. I tried many torrent trackers but Kickass Torrents is the winner among all torrent sites. I don’t wonna go into details but I must admit anyone will find smth on Katcr. It was ok till last week when I found I couldn’t download movies from Kickass Torrents. What’s more I even couldn’t browse the site. Is it time to look for Kickass alternatives or its mirrors?
reply December 29, 2017

In case you use domain name, there must not be any troubles with the access to the service. KickassTorrents is available under this domain for more than a year. Nevertheless, the access to the website may be limited on the grounds of the ISP restrictions. To overcome this difficulty it is recommended to use one of the best VPN services for torrenting. Thanks to VPNs we may change our virtual location to access blacklisted services and websites.

reply December 28, 2017

Oh come on! keep on torrenting with VPN. It works. I tried. Many think it reduces speed. As a matter of fact, it isn’t. Ok, yes, maybe some insignificant lags. But it happens so often that I don’t pay attention to it. With VPN you won’t need kickass alternatives. Make up your mind and torrent with VPN.

reply December 26, 2017

yep! Kickass in combination with VPN is awesome!!! I don’t wanna go into details but it solves all problems regarding torrenting with Kickass: 1. speed is fine. 2. access to torrents isn’t blocked. 3. ip is changed. That’s everything you need for torrenting!!!

reply December 24, 2017

Oh yehhhh! First, Kat gained its popularity due to the most diverse library of Kat movies, shows, soft and so on and so forth. Not every torrenting site could boast of thousands of files to download and blah-blah-blah. The next surge of popularity was connected with Vaulin arrest, FBI, Apple, Kat… But interest in it has only quickened. I may suppose that all this fuss suited Kickass Torrents well. Users started looking for Kat alternatives and many resourceful humans created new “Kats”. Jokingly, yep?) but in fact Kat team came back some months ago with millions of files. I was among those lucky guys to know about it first. There’s no any other torrent tracker that would be like KickassTorrents. It’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

reply December 20, 2017

Not only VPNs are used to unblock Kat, but proxy servers as well. we used proxies to torrent via KickassTorrents. I wouldn’t say the speed’s slow.

reply December 07, 2017

Is there much ado about nothing or Kick Ass Torrents is really so good for torrenting? Why is it so praised by users? And do I need Kickass Torrents account? I would be so pleased if you answer my questions.
reply December 09, 2017

Kickass Torrents became wide-spread among modern internet users because of a set of reasons: 1. facility to bookmark torrent files with the purpose to download them later; 2. imposing library of movies, TV shows, cartoons, music and what not; 3. no ads for the users with Kickass Torrents account. 4. big number of active users allows torrenting at high speed.

reply November 28, 2017

Am I wrong writing that is Kickass new domain name?
reply November 30, 2017

Your information is a bit out-of-date. This domain is not used by KickassTorrents. Besides, it is not even Kickass mirror. Use to download torrents.

reply November 25, 2017

Kickass Torrents had been my fav site for over 5 long years till the moment I received a letter from isp. They were about to block me and accuse of illegal torrenting. I can’t understand why there’re so much troubles about Kat?! Are film-makers afraid of being ruined by torrent sitesIt’s more likely, yes. I can’t find other logical explanation. People visited, visit and will visit cinemas, and film-makers will earn their money. The Kat platform can’t be illegal. Otherwise, it would be blocked. Now I’m at the parting of the ways. I got used to torrenting but afraid of being accused of copyright infringement. Who knows, maybe VPN is my last hope to recommence torrenting with KickassTorrents. Please, share your thoughts regarding it. Who tried?

reply November 16, 2017

I would call myself a torrent expert. I tried many torrent trackers, torrent clients, know what torrent engine is and so forth. Kat is worthy and handy. movies I downloaded were with high-res. But unfortunately, local banns didn’t skirt me around. I found Kat is unavailable for me one morning. Don’t follow my mistakes. To open Kickass Tor is not the best tool. It slows down the speed noticeably. proxy is not the wayout either. So I downloaded CyberGhost and tried it for free during the period of free trial. And know what? It’s great. Kickass Torrents with its numerous movies is at my disposal again. Don’t be afraid of VPN subscription, it works!
reply November 18, 2017

CyberGhost with its servers located worldwide is a great KickassTorrents unblocker. If you are devoted to Kickass Torrent, there is no need to find alternatives to Kat. VPN subscription solves the problems with the access to the website.

reply November 06, 2017

I see Kickass Torrents is in favor among people. Hey folk, aren’t you afraid of downloading illegal content. ISPs take measures to find those who torrent via trackers.
reply November 08, 2017

Tarah, first of all I would like to point out that torrent files are not always illegal. There are many torrents that are not copyright protected. Why not to share them via P2P? It is very convenient. Besides, nowadays it is not so easy for the ISP to identify torrent fans in case they use VPNs.

reply October 27, 2017

Not all VPNs are so good and reliable! I know what Im talking about! Just remember PureVPN incident! Furthermore, some of free VPNs keep logs! U know how dreadful it is for ur privacy!
reply October 29, 2017

Bert, you are right. Many of free VPN services may bring harm to your privacy and security. But there are a lot of trustworthy services that prevent data theft, hacking attacks, DNS leaks and what not.

reply October 20, 2017

Hello! My name is Kainalu and I am from China. Sorry for my English. It is not perfect. But I hope you will understand my problem and help me. Maybe people know about the problems with the internet in China. It is very restricted. We can not open many web sites because of the great firewall of China (it is not the great wall of China). Many web sites and applications for smartphones are blocked by this firewall. People who live here in China can not open many streaming sites and furthermore not all films and cartoons are broadcasted in our country. That is why torrenting is the best instrument that helps us watch films that are available for people in other countries. Kickass Torrents is not available in China. So I am looking for the way to overcome this restriction and torrent on Kickass. But I have heard that many VPN providers are blocked here. Is there any list of blocked VPN services? Or maybe someone can mention the VPN services that may function here in China? It would be very good. Thank you very much. I hope you will help me!
Best wishes, Kainalu.
reply October 21, 2017

Good afternoon, Kainalu! We know about the problem that the residents of China face daily while surfing the Internet. Bestvpnrating team will help you with a great pleasure. We have created a rating of the best VPN services for China. All of them were tested in China. And with a great confidence we declare that all 7 VPNs solve the problems of the Golden Project in China. Study the rating and choose what to subscribe for.

reply October 13, 2017

Molly, subscribe for a VPN for torrenting and forget about FBI. They will never find you, as your IP is masked. So many articles are dedicated to it. For instance, I use Express and pretty sure nobody can trace me. I torrent whatever I like and from any sources I like. Only dumbos ignore VPNs!!! Or maybe you don’t know that many torrents may contain malware.

reply October 12, 2017

I use Kat since it was created. There’s nothing better than Kickass Torrents. Even the best alternatives to Kickass can’t be compared with Kat by its functionality, diversity of content and interface. It’s compatible with the majority of torrent downloaders: BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, Vuze and etc. Kickass isn’t blocked for me, I can access it. No problems! But I use VPN! I wouldn’t like to be caught one day. My reputation is more important for me than a couple of dollars a month. Also, I disapprove FBI. Aren’t there any other more important issues?! I bet FBI agents download via torrent sites! Everyone does it, if only there is a tiny chance)))

reply October 04, 2017

When I was looking for a Kickass alternative Reddit showed me the list of Kickass mirrors. But not all of them function. Does it mean they’re blocked in the place I live?
reply October 06, 2017

It is most likely that Kickass mirrors are blocked for the region you live in. Nevertheless, it is possible to go around such restrictions thanks to a VPN service. While choosing a VPN provider, pay attention to its server locations. Connect to the countries with less restricted access to the Internet. It enhances your chances of accessing Kickass Torrents.

reply September 28, 2017

ARE YOU CRAZY????? VPN is a MUST for torrenting!!! It’s extremely STUPID to torrent without a VPN protection! It’s like a barrier between you and all the threats that internet prepares for you: malware, hacking attacks, breaches, data theft. Should I keep on enumerating? I think that’s enough. And what about the copyright? Even in this article it was said that NOT all files we share via KAT are legal. The platform is legal, but our actions may be illegal, even without our knowledge. Well, in case you’ll download copyright-protected file, YOU will be accused of copyright infringement, but not KAT!!! Now it’s time to address Chimnnn (don’t believe it’s your name, but let it be). Proxies would lose in the battle VPN vs Proxy. And do you know why? First of all, they reduce the speed, so it becomes a catastrophe to torrent through proxy servers. Secondly, they do not provide the desired level of anonymity. If it doesn’t bother you, then ok. but I wouldn’t be so calm while torrenting via proxies. That’s a horse of a different colour to use VPN service for torrenting: speed, accessibility of services and what is the most vital – SECURITY! That’s why I trust VPNs!
reply September 29, 2017

Bred, it is a great pleasure that our readers are so well-informed about strong and weak ides of various security services. A guess VPN torrenting guide will excite your curiosity.

reply September 25, 2017

looked through the list of vpns u suggest we to use. they all are paid. some even cost heaps of money. they say these paid vpns protect us, but in fact they follow every our step on internet. they know what pages we like/dislike, keep logs. i think such vpns’re like a dormant volcano. they burst one day. why dont u offer free vpns? it seems u wanna make money on yr readers. i know there’re many free widgets to stay safe online.
reply September 26, 2017

Unfortunately, the majority of free VPN services do not offer P2P file sharing, that is why they are not mentioned in the article dedicated to Kickass Torrent (a torrenting website). On the one side you are right. Not all paid VPNs are worth using. Some of them keep logs and do not mask your identity. That is why the websites like exist. Our aim is to help netizens to find an ideal VPN provider for torrenting. The specialists of our team test VPNs and write VPN reviews in order to help our readers find the most suitable VPN service. Besides, even in case you have subscribed for the top-notch VPN service, reread its privacy policy and other documents, as they may change from time to time.

reply September 21, 2017

VPNs are really efficient for Kickass unblocking. I faced Virgin Media blocking one day and couldn’t use Kat. First I tried to use Kickass mirrors and add them to the torrent client by hand, but it was tooooo time-consuming. Then, I’ve discovered VPNs. I don’t know exactly how they work. But it’s not important for me, as they cope with the task of Kickass Torrents unblocking.
reply September 23, 2017

Kickass Torrents will be always at your disposal with one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

reply September 14, 2017

At Kickass there are a lot of copyrighted films. More than at other trackers. Never use it for torrenting if you don’t wanna to have problems with the law! My advice, guys!

reply September 01, 2017

Thanks a lot for sharing the list of alternatives with us. I’ll include Torrent Downloads and 1337X into the list of my favourite trackers. As for copyright infringement, it is the problem of almost all of torrent trackers as there’s so much content downloaded and who knows what is copyrighted… it’s hard to say exactly!

reply August 26, 2017

The story with Kickass proves that people are of greedy nature, desiring more money to earn. There is nothing to say about torrent trackers’ owners… The more they have, the more they want.

reply August 12, 2017

Thanks for alternatives to kickass and info on mirrors. You write that it is unsafe to torrent without VPN. Can I try torrenting via free VPNs?
reply August 14, 2017

Riley, free VPNs are not recommended for torrenting. Moreover, you won’t find a lot of them with P2P allowing. If you still manage to find the one with P2P, it is not safe to use it. Privacy is not that defines free VPNs.

reply August 01, 2017

Folk! Kickass Torrents is NOT THE ONLY worthy torrent tracker!!! What’s about the pirate bay? I believe it’s even better than famous Kat!
reply August 02, 2017

The aim of this article was not to compare torrent trackers or create the rating of the best torrent websites. The Pirate Bays as well as RarBG, LimeTorrents and other torrent trackers are mentioned here as the alternatives to Kickass Torrents. All the websites mentioned in the text are worthy and reliable sources for downloading torrents. Why not to try all of them and compare? All the more so since the torrent trackers will be at your disposal in case of VPN subscription, wherever you are.

reply July 08, 2017

I download only movies or cartoons from torrents sites like kickass, That’s all… I didn’t think of using a VPN for these needs. Sometimes I failed to reach the websites, but Tor works quite well to unblock access to them. why should I need a VPN then? Tor is free…

reply July 12, 2017

I absolutely agree that users need to use VPNs for torrenting with kickass and others. There are certain free VPN services. Still. The principle of VPN service is keeping privacy and anonymity together with security. Free VPN providers earn money by selling data about users. I think it’s better to pay 5-6 dollars in average per month rather than being nervous about being anonymous while torrenting.

reply July 10, 2017

Well, I’ll explain it. I was in the situation as yours, I downloaded everything I wanted without VPN under my real IP address and didn’t receive any warning from my ISP. But one day this changed when I wanted to download the last episode of Games of Thrones on one of torrent trackers. It was my HUGE mistake to torrent without a VPN. Guess what happened next? I received DMCA warning. I believe that several porn sites still send DMCAs.
After that day I decided to torrent only under a VPN. I use CyberGhost, for instance. It is not expensive and a good one. My traffic goes under another IP as if it were from another country. I feel calm now.