How to torrent with VPN

Dainan Gilmore
Dainan Gilmore
Last updated: 18/03/2019

I don’t think a lot of people realized that piracy is out there, and it’s not a Disney-esque or Johnny Depp-esque type of things.

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Having connected to the internet this morning, you might have realized that your network is highly restricted. This current blocking performs an attempt of media companies to compete for their copyright, as soon as their content gets stolen by some web resources and spread on the Internet. All the websites that can potentially link to these pirating web resources are banned today. In Silicon Valley they say the attempt can influence the Internet operation with undesired consequences. And now we see that all the media sources are highly censored and licensed.

Being created as free protocol for sharing data directly from peer to peer, torrenting has become illegal for many countries today. Luckily, there are still some governments where torrenting is not prohibited by legislation:





It is stated to be the safest country for torrenting. For this country downloading movies, music and also copyrighted works for personal use is absolutely legal and allowed by the Swiss law. In this regard, if you are not going to get profit by distribution of this material, it’s permitted. Moreover, monitoring of p2p sharing in the country by any interested third party is prohibited by the law. Therefore, if ISPs or some other companies do so they offend against Swiss law.



When considering the download of content for personal use the country is known to be as safe as Switzerland. So, providing that there is no intent to profit, you have all the rights to download any content by torrenting. According to this only in case of criminal investigation, your IP address can be considered by the authorities. So, any file-sharing website can be used by you without any fear of being tracked back.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Works of art here are legal for downloading for personal use even if they are protected by copyright. However, uploading the copyrighted content is illegal in the country. In this regard, unless disable seeding (uploading), torrenting is to be regarded as illegal.



Sharing files by means of torrenting is considered as tolerant in the country. Thus downloading music or work of arts in the country is legal. The country has prohibited saving logging data on users that run file sharing through torrenting.



The intellectual property in the country is practically free for accessing and downloading for personal needs. In case if there is no money sharing between peers, the process of downloading is absolutely legal. So, file sharing is not punished there.   

It has been known recently that Bell, one of the Canadian telecompanies, supports the measures that are aimed at restricting or even blockade of access to torrent websites each time their customers open on the network.

The following measures are taken to contribute to better work of the NAFTA trade agreement.

According to Senior Vice President of Bell Rob Malcomson, the US is constantly unsatisfied with that fact that in Canada copyright violation commonly widespread. The following situation is believed to be negative in terms of development of the digital economy of NAFTA. The company suggested launching a special agency for copyright issues and giving priority to laws against virtual pirates.

Why torrenting?

Express VPNSince 1990s, when the World Wide Web was introduced, many people have looked forward to exploiting the Internet to the best of their capability. There has been a rise in the use of the Internet since the year 2000. As you may have already known, accessing to content on some websites such as Netflix, Hulu and SkyNet among others is not easy from anywhere. In fact, many of these sites happen to imply geo-restriction rules, which make it impossible for people to watch them if they are not in the ‘right’ country. Pirated content online continues to be a big draw despite having streaming services like Netflix. And we all know that the popularity of the torrent will continue rising. If you don’t know, uTorrent and BitTorrent receive more 150 million torrent search requests every month. But how people access the websites if they are restricted, we are going to speak about it a little later. Torrenting has become a primary target for restrictions due to simplicity and data sharing speed. One and the same participant of a sward downloads and uploads files while sharing them with all the interested people. Being one of the most effective and fast ways of downloading or watching pirated content, governments of different countries have implemented appropriate laws forbidding torrenting through blocking the websites, arrests and heavy fines.

Just imagine over 65% of residents of these countries prefer torrenting to streaming!Torrent technology gains its popularity year by year. Thus, Columbia, Mexico, Ukraine, Indonesia and Argentina are top 5 countries where torrents are wide-spread. Even a small child knows how to torrent.

Just imagine over 65% of residents of these countries prefer torrenting to streaming!

But unfortunately not everyone, knows how to torrent safely, without being punished for downloading pirated content. If you are not lucky enough to live in torrent-friendly countries, keep on reading this article and you will know the ways of safe torrenting.

How does torrenting work?

In short, one big file (for instance, a movie) is divided into several tiny pieces, which are downloaded by people. Later, these “pieces” are shared between other users. It simplifies the process of loading and makes it convenient.

Imagine the situation at school.

Only one student in the class managed to do the homework. Others want to crib it, but only two students can do it simultaneously. So what can they do? The answer is simple – crib and share their exercise-books with others.

Torrenting works in the same way.

 If one has downloaded a file, it may be shared with other users.

But where can we find the files to download?

It is evident – on torrent trackers.

Let us have a look at the best torrenting websites.

What is KickassTorrent?

What is the afterlife of Kickass Torrents?Due to the latest criminal investigation maintained by the US Government in relation to the website, it has been put on hold. Therefore, numerous admins, moderators and forum members have been left apart from their common activity.

What is the afterlife of Kickass Torrents?

The web resource is known to be launched as a reincarnation by the original staffers of the company. In keeping with the news, the resource creators have decided to renew the project from the very start.

According to the data received from the original source, the website will be filled with new fresh content. The torrent community will be able to use all the opportunities in the nearest future. To keep the website’s members safe, the community has decided to make the torrent search engine as strong as possible.

Is a Kickass mirror a way-out?

However, many mirror websites have appeared recently assuring they are original, while the real website is still inaccessible. So, while waiting for the website’s reconstruction, the process of investigation is being continued by the government and the company’s official representatives.

What about the Pirate Bay?

Does The Pirate Bay undergo shutdown?According to the latest statistics of Pirate Bay operation it has been off for several times this year: from February 26, 2017 till March 27, 2017. The main page of the website follows the well-known Google’s design.  Probably, this is the reason why the website is so popular among all the torrent amateurs and advanced followers.

Does The Pirate Bay undergo shutdown?

As soon as we switched to super-fast internet connections the way of file sharing has become preferable, as soon as today we don’t have to wait an hour to get a heavy badly pixilated video. Due to copyright violation the website is now blocked as well as many other torrenting services.

However, torrenting lovers have assured that there is hardly any law that will manage to deprive them of exchanging of all types media. Therefore, customers accustomed to the technology won’t be afraid of exchanging one torrent search engine to another one. The service does operate erratically, however, it’s enough for an advanced customer to upload what he/she wants from the free source.

What about PopcornTime?

Is it legal to use PopcornTime?Being a free open resource, the app lets you stream torrents of any movies or shows for free. The service runs p2p technology as well as any torrenting website, which enables you to watch the content without downloading it on your device.

Is it legal to use PopcornTime?

As soon as most of the content placed in Popcorn Time is pirated, the usage of the website seems to be illegal. Moreover, you will be used by the system of the resource as a seed to transfer the data to other peer using the service. So, it’s extremely dangerous to run the service.

What may happen to PopcornTime users?

For instance, all the US ISPs are obliged to store all the torrent users IPs. To these IPs special preventive letters are sent by the providers containing some information about the fine, which is to be paid in case of your disobedience. In compliance with media services administrators, the process of public availability of the all the pirated content is illegal and makes many people participants of illegal process.

How does PopcornTime team define its work?

However, the creators of the website assure that there is nothing illegal in what they do, as soon as the app downloads the data, which is already available online. So, the service plays any movies instantaneously, nevertheless, you will have to choose between the app and legal way of watching your favorite series. Besides, the service is known to be still in beta version, so, probably one day all the conflicts between two sides will be managed.

What is torrent downloader?

If you have made up your mind to download torrent files, a reliable torrenting website is not the only thing you need.

The second step to start torrenting is to choose and install a handy torrent downloader or client.

We have prepared for you brief uTorrent and Bittorrent reviews.

What about µTorrent?

The software has been developed for downloading a large amount of data. Actually it’s a torrenting client, which belongs to BitTorrent Inc. and is distributed free via the Internet. So, to run the service you should look for some torrent files through some torrent search engines, such as

Unfortunately, to get a desirable torrent you need to enter a 100% correct name, as soon as the engine is not Google and can’t perceive quires with errors, missed letters or just invalid names. As you see the app is probably the most convenient client.

However, uTorrent won’t help much if all the resources such as ‘torrentz’ search engine are blocked or banned by the government. Nevertheless, for those who know how to use the client and all the up-to-date facilities to make torrents available all the measures implied by the government seem to be childish and easy to avoid.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent Incorporation  has obtainedAs it has been already mentioned BitTorrent is a protocol used for p2p online sharing and together with this a name of the same-called company. BitTorrent Incorporation  has obtained a number of licenses from such film studios as Hollywood for distributing popular films produced by them.

As a protocol it is used for transferring large data such as films, movies, videos, music, clips, shows, digital audio and etc. according to the latest estimate about 50% of all internet traffic is occupied by peer-to-peer sharing protocol.

By 2016 the company has been responsible for more than 4% of all internet bandwidth dedicated to data sharing. As a protocol itself BitTorrent is absolutely legal just as trafficking copyright infringing works is illegal. In compliance to this, those websites that hosted have been already blocked. 

In the US more than two hundred thousand people have been sued for sharing files for the last six years. Besides, due to the free sharing multiple files have been infected with malware, which pose a great risk for your network. Therefore, average customers that find nothing illegal in torrenting sharing and advanced customers have started using up-to-date means of online protection against all the difficulties the technology can bear.

Torrenting around the globe

The struggle against torrent trackers and file-sharing networks is conducted with varying success in different places of the world.

Is it safe to torrent in France?

It is the fact, but the answer is negative.

In such a way, Hadopi law was accepted in France in the year of 2009. According to it, a user who receives 3 warnings for torrent activity, will have to spend from 2 up to 12 month without the Internet access.

But later it was proposed to change the law and Frenchmen are to pay fines since 2013.

Is it safe to torrent in the UK?

The UK government regards P2P file sharing illegal activity and is against it.

The UK laws are even stricter than in France. Those who download pirated content via P2P technology, are supposed to pay fines up to £ 50 thousand. However, more lenient punishment is possible as well – data transferring rate limitation.

Is it safe to torrent in the USA?

Copyright Alert System became operative In February 2013. The system was worked out in 2011 and, according to it, the ISPs are obliged to impose sanctions towards law-defying people. Up to 6 notifying letter are sent to torrent fans. But the fines are not intended.

Torrent trackers and their founders undergo prosecution since the year of 2004 when the most popular file hosting service Finreactor was shut down. As a result, the daring system managers were bound to pay €600 thousand fine.

This sentence initiated the new era, when copyright material became protected by the law.

Why do you need a VPN for torrenting?

Do you still think that torrenting is totally safe?

We cannot agree.

Some people suppose that their network is absolutely safe and free as soon as they are not interested in anything illegal. However, as you know the process of file sharing through p2p BitTorrent protocol implies the both parts of the process: uploading and downloading files.

Having connected to a torrent client you become its peer, you need to share some of your already downloaded data with other participants of the process.

Have you got a license to distribute the products that don’t belong to you?

Of course, you don’t.

Moreover, many of the offered files are infected with malware, which makes your system vulnerable. In this case any adversary can penetrate into your private affairs without any difficulties, which makes you more attackable.

While choosing one of the most effective ways for online data protection you can come across numerous apps and service. One of the most well-known credible services is a VPN.

Torrent threats in numbers

Downloading something on a device via the Internet, a person is to be prepared that the loaded file may contain malware and influence the work of the gadget.

Types of malwareAccording to the investigation presented in “RiskIQ” in 2015, 1 out of 3 torrent websites contains malicious software or viruses.

Over 50% of viruses were detected as Trojans. This type of malware is very dangerous, as it allows adversaries to access users’ data.

Adware brings less harm than Trojans do, but they affect the speed negatively. Besides, such type of malware may function as a background without being noticed by users or antivirus systems. That is why they are very difficult to identify.

Botnet attacks are not liked by torrent fans as well, as they make the work of device an uphill struggle for it owner. Torrent client users suffer from this type of attack in 3% of the cases.

Such data make think that VPN is not a tool to access blocked torrent websites, but to use them securely.


What is a VPN?

Having established a virtual private network, the app makes everything possible to provide your system with suitable solutions such as IP hindering and traffic encryption. While using the service, you are free to get access to any geo-restricted torrent website without being noticed or tracked back through your IP address. Besides, all the transferred information will be thoroughly encoded, which deprives your of sensitive data exposure.

How does it work?

Any VPN service has some basic constituents that are responsible for different functions. In this regard a good VPN should have:

A wide park of servers located in different countries:

  • Provided that you need to get access to some of geo-restricted torrent search engines or websites, you can connect to the Internet through one of the servers located in Switzerland, Spain, Russia or some other countries where torrenting has a legal status.  
  • Besides, even living in Spain and without a need for geo-blocking avoidance, the possibility will make your true address hindered from all the prying eyes, thus making your network anonymous, as soon as an authentic address is the simplest way of revealing you true identity.

A strong set of protocols:

  • Actually, one and the same VPN service can run from one to several protocols for different needs.
  • As soon as different protocols are used for various purposes, you need to make sure you know how to run this or that protocol.
  • Here we are to look at least several examples of the most usable protocols:

PPTP protocol

Without any doubt, this is one of the most commonly used VPN protocols out there. The configuration is really simple. Also, one doesn’t have to worry too much about the maintenance either. As for PPTP, it is an extension of PTP. Several remote connections are utilized to send data over the internet when it comes to PTP. Microsoft developed this protocol with the help of some other corporations. That is exactly why Windows comes with built-in support for PTTP protocol. If we take a closer look, we can see that previous versions of PTTP were criticized for lack of security. With the help of EAP authentication, such problems have been eliminated of late. Also, today PPTP is supported by many firewalls. Yes, that includes Sonic Wall and ISA server as well. When it comes to accessing streaming services, this can be the best bet.


This one has features of both L2P and PPTP protocols. Cisco and Microsoft have come together to come up with this one as L2F comes from Cisco. The main thing is that the data link layer is really important. As for confidentiality of the data, it follows PPTP to the T. Also, data protection is guaranteed against customization happens during tunneling. Another important aspect is the origin authenticity. You will also be impressed with the replay protection. Since Microsoft is part of the design, Windows will give you a built-in support for L2TP. Also, for implementation you will need a digital certificate.

IPSec protocol

It can be used as a tunneling protocol if you want. Also, you can use it along with L2TP. When it comes to gateway VPN it is considered as the standard protocol. It also works like a Security Layer as well. This one was basically developed for IP traffic. One thing you need to realize is that it is time consuming as well as costly. Windows versions post Windows 2000 supports this protocol.


SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer. It has several advantages over many VPN protocols considering the fact that you don’t need VPN client software. That is exactly why VPN connected via SSL is called clientless. You don’t have to worry about using a client at all. All that it uses is http or a web browser. Session layer is what it operates on. As you know, session layer is above the layer at which IPSec operates. When it comes to authentication, SSL needs digital certificates.

  • Being based on your needs you should choose the most suitable protocol. Thus, if you need the service for watching streaming resources via torrenting websites and your average internet speed permits you to make it, you’d better run L2TP. However, in case if the average speed is too low, a PPTP will be enough, as soon as in any case your traffic is to be thoroughly encrypted.

Limitless bandwidth and speed

  • Provided that you need a VPN service for streaming video content at a high quality through torrenting engine, you need to pay attention to its bandwidth and average speed performance. Most up-to-date companies boost their server’s performance with speed enhancements that help to trace average speed rates and choose the most appropriate variant to connect to. However, choosing a free service or a trial version there can be some limitations in speed and affordable traffic that can be passed during a mentioned period of time. So, having decided to torrent heavy traffic without hits or playing multi-player games without any lags, you need a highly efficient service that won’t throttle your traffic or speed. Therefore, while selecting a suitable service, you should give up the idea to subscribe for a free or trial version of a service.

Anonymity level

  • As soon as torrenting is prohibited by governments of different countries, you need a VPN that is to offer a high level of anonymity. There are countries that obliged their ISPs to keep all the IP addresses that have once downloaded through the technology for sending them a warning letter or giving a fine. Therefore, if you need to download some data or watch some streaming content through torrenting from one of those countries, you need to have an unidentified status to be able to hide your true ‘face’ from the authorities and all the prying eyes. Before subscribing for a service you need to make sure it doesn’t store any logging or metadata on its customers. Besides, a highly reliable service should accept different payment methods including the most anonymous, such as crypto currency like Bitcoins and others. In case if all the conditions are met, you can easily run the VPN.

Customer support

  • When talking about the feature one may think he/she is too advanced to be in need of this. However, as soon as the practice has shown sometimes even skilful users need highly professional help. The thing is that there are cases when some operation mistakes depend on the service provider but not on the customer itself. Nevertheless, there are cases when a user subscribes for a highly efficient speedy service and is not satisfied with the speed rate he/she receives. This largely depends on your average internet speed level and the system you run. Therefore, before subscribing for a service make sure you have checked your speed level for not to pay for a service twice. Besides, it can help you to get rid of the problems with your internet connection you faced for a long time.

A money-back guarantee and a free trial version

  • While choosing a high-quality service, you need to look at its terms of usage and all the guarantees it performs, as soon as there are cases when people lose their money coming from their inattentive approach to the question. So, if a service offers a free trial version, you will have a possibility to test it before making a subscription. Unfortunately, most of the free trials are limited in server accessibility, bandwidth and speed. In this case, you may have no chance to look how it operates with torrenting a heavy traffic. Meanwhile, a money-back guarantee assures you will get your money back in case you are dissatisfied with the service. But you need to make sure the company will accept your application, as soon as there are providers that return the money only in case an appropriate amount of bandwidth is not exceeded. As you see, when it comes to transferring a huge data over the internet, a free trial version can be useless, as well as a money-back guarantee can be rejected by a company. Therefore, when looking for a suitable service for torrenting, you need to learn all the peculiarities and service terms of usage in advance for not to lose your money and avoid extra expenses.

Compatibility with multiple OSes and simultaneous connection of multiple devices

  • Sometimes there are such ridiculous cases when people subscribe for a VPN service, but have no idea about its compatibility with the device they are going to install it on. Therefore, they start to direct complaints to the company about the app inability to operate well while asking for getting their money back. So, make sure you have chosen and downloaded an app for MacOS in case your device is based on it. Otherwise you won’t be able to launch the app. Another good possibility you can achieve while subscribing for a service is a chance to connect up to 6 devices to one and the same account simultaneously. It makes you independent from a device a VPN is installed on. Provided most of your time you spend in front of a monitor of your home PC, you will be able to make your phone secure too while connecting to a public Wi-Fi in a café or any other hotspot.

Additional methods of your security

  • As soon as the market of the service is overloaded with different outputs, there is a living competence between its different representatives. Some of the most advanced companies supply their service with some additional technologies for the operation boosting. Among the most popular cool stuff are kill switch and warrant canary, as well as self-developed protocols for customers’ safeness. Kill switch is a built-in service that disables your internet connection as soon as a VPN server you are connected to is out of work. The useful feature helps to prevent you from data exposure on the internet and makes your real identity hidden from unauthorized interference into your privacy. A warrant canary is a way of warning company’s customers about the fact their online activities are observed and monitored by some government agencies. After the company receives a letter asking for giving such agencies an access to private data of a customer, the company sends a notice to the user about the fact. Also, the feature is used when government agencies have interfered in one of the service’s servers operation and commit surveillance through it over its customers. So, as you see the add-ons can be of a high use especially for those who are going to run a VPN for a torrenting where it is forbidden by law.

Surely, it’s a rare case when you can meet all the features composed in one and the same VPN. However, the best service will meet all these demands and perform some more opportunities. So, choose a right approach to a VPN choice and make sure your login and password data hasn’t expired, as in this case you, but not a VPN company will be accused of insecure approach.  

How to download torrent files using a VPN?

Having downloaded a reliable VPN service that provides a wide range of servers located in those countries where torrenting has a legal status, you need to make sure your connection works and hides an authentic address.

Check your “new” IP

Thus, having connected to one of the servers placed in Spain, you can enter ‘my IP address’ into the search bar to see whether it looks like Spanish. Also, you can try to use some Spanish services to be assured there are no any interruptions with online data exposure.

Make sure the speed is fast

After the check, you need to look at you average speed rate. For this need you can use any online resource providing such a possibility.

Start torrenting

Being assured your identity is thoroughly hindered from all the prying eyes and the speed level allows streaming heavy traffic per second at a high rate, you are free to choose any torrent client to download or watch any torrent file you need

Kill switch will help to torrent safely

Being armed with kill switch you can stay safe even in the case there is a break on the connection with a VPN server or the internet. In case you are not supplied with the feature, you’d better switch off the default settings allowing further sharing the downloaded file’s portions with other peers of a sword. Having applied the possibility, your online status will be more defended from undesirable sensitive data exposure or leakage.

How to choose the server without prejudice to speed?

While living in France, for instance, you need to choose a server placed near your country and the website you run for downloading torrent files. In this case the speed rate will be optimal for your heavy traffic usage. You will be able to watch torrent video files in a high quality without any lags or hits. Also, if your speed performance is not too fast, you’d better download files in a sequence, but not starting the downloading process for three or four files at once.

Having adhered to the rules, you will be safe enough for torrenting from any country where it is stated on the government level as an illegal activity.

Download instruction (680 KB)

Why not to run a free VPN for torrenting?

Being an advanced customer you might have an answer to the question. However, not all of consumers know why a free service is worse than a paid one. Here is a simple table based on basic characteristics of a good service, which has been created to tell the difference between these two options:

A free VPN

A paid VPN

VPN servers

A free service is lack of server locations. Moreover, some of the free services run their customers’ computers as nodes for encrypting your connection, which makes it impossible to torrent through such a service. Besides, due to a small amount of IPs, the servers are overloaded and the speed rate they perform is not enough for downloading large traffic through torrenting and watching videos in a high quality. But what is more important, the servers undergo attacks, as a result of poor protection, and pose a risk for your system and network.

As a rule a paid service provides a wider range of servers located in different countries and cities all over the globe. This makes it easier to choose the most optimal server placement, as well as boost your speed level. Many of the paid outputs are supplied with online table of underloaded, loaded, or overloaded servers according to which you can choose the most suitable variant for downloading heavy files through torrenting. Moreover, the servers are usually protected by warrant canary and kill switch, which is of a high use for those who run torrenting in a country where it is prohibited by law.

Encryption methods

A free VPN doesn’t have enough money to provide its customers with military-grade means of protection. Therefore, PPTP is the best opportunity you can achieve while running a free service. Besides, you should remember that the protocol has been already substituted by its up-to-date analogues, such as OpenVPN or L2TP. Therefore, while looking for a high level of online protection, the service won’t suit you well.

Any competent paid service offers a wide set of protocols in use starting from PPTP and finishing with L2TP. Any customer can choose the most appropriate protocol in compliance with his/her needs. Thus having decided to secure your internet connection with a top-notch solution, you can connect to the internet using L2TP. While choosing PPTP you will have no difficulties with streaming services trafficking through any torrent client.

Bandwidth and speed

Due to the lack of investments, the companies can’t offer limitless bandwidth and speed to their customers. Either due to overloaded servers or due to presupposed limits applied for bandwidth you won’t manage to traffic heavy videos or other torrenting files through one of its servers, which sometimes can result even to sensitive private data losses. 

Torrenting presupposes routing heavy traffic through an internet connection, which implies you need a fast speed rate and a limitless bandwidth. Paid services don’t pose any restrictions on bandwidth and speed, as a rule. However, there are cases when a paid VPN can limit its customer in these two options through a free trial or a free package offered by a paid service. In all other cases you are free to stream as much data as you wish.

Anonymity level

A free service is lack of reliability, as soon as you don’t exactly know whether the service stores any data on you or not. What is more, such services can keep your true IPs or metadata for further passage to any interested companies. There were cases when some sort of the data was sold to some interested third parties.  So, if you want to stay protected, you’d better invest in the need.

A credible paid service keeps no logging data and accepts such payment methods as crypto-currency, which allows you to stay highly anonymous online. The possibility is especially useful for those who have decided to torrent from a country where it is prosecuted by law. 

Customer support

Despite a paid service, a free one can’t guarantee any instant help to its customers. Although such websites that deal with free VPN offers post their email address, you can wait for a too long period of time for the answer. Therefore, for not to lose your free time and strength, you’d better run a reliable service.

When choosing a reliable paid VPN service, you are offered a money-back guarantee, a free trial and an instant customer support. The option is highly useful for both advanced and average customers, as soon as there can be difficulties connected with your system as well.


So, as you can see although the services are alike in their basic characteristics, they differ in functionality a lot. Despite the price, there are no vivid bonuses of a free service, which can’t be said about a paid service. While summing up it should be mentioned that it’s up to you to decide what service to choose, however, for those who put their safeness firstly, a paid service is the only reliable alternative if not talking about all the additional functions it can give to you. 

Are you still thinking that free VPN is worth using?

We hope you will never experience the disadvantages of free VPN service.

Why not to use a proxy server for torrenting?

The technology is very alike to network address translation, it is widely used for hindering or substituting true IP addresses. There are different kinds of proxies. Some of the outputs are free while the others are dedicated and paid. However, don’t put too much of reliability to them, as soon as all they do is making your address hindered. Where all your traffic is transparent and accessible for any adversary who would like to intercept it.

Moreover, most of these proxies don’t work well with all the browsers in use. In this case any benefits you might get from the service will exceed to the network for all the prying eyes accessibility. Also, such simple for a browser function as reload of a page won’t work, as soon as the connection with a proxy server is lost. Besides, some advanced customers can set a proxy server manually by usage of some appropriate knowledge and physical manipulations.

So, if compare a proxy server with a credible VPN service it comes short of:

  • Numerous server locations. As soon as you subscribed for a dedicated or free proxy, you are dependent on the geo-location it is placed in. In case with a VPN server you may switch as many times as you want from one server to another and change your virtual location as many times as you wish. So, with this up-to-date solution you will feel freer online. In case if the proxy server you run is overloaded, you have no chances except waiting for it becomes mere loaded. In case with a VPN you can choose any other server located in the country or city you wish without losing your time.
  • Encryption. A proxy server is devoted for making your true address shifted and that is it. No encryption is provided by proxy servers. However, in case with a VPN all your generated traffic will be thoroughly encrypted, as soon as any good service creates a secure tunneling between your connected device and a VPN server you are connected to. While passing through the tunneling all your traffic gets encrypted with the help of up-to-date protocols and bit-keys usage. Besides, there is a wide set of protocols in use, so that you can choose any of them manually.
  • Anonymity. A free proxy server can’t supply you with a high level of anonymity, as soon as you have no idea who hosts and runs it. However, if talking about a good paid VPN, it will assure you of storing no logging data or any other metadata, which can’t be further passed to any third party.
  • Bandwidth and speed. Proxy server should be speedy enough for passing heavy traffic through it without any lags and hits. However, there are too many cases when the server is overloaded and its customers have to wait for better times. In case with a VPN, the servers are boosted with speed enhancers and are useful for watching video files in a high quality through one of its servers. However, some free VPNs can be limited in bandwidth and speed to, so you need to be careful when choosing a right service.
  • Customer support. Even a paid proxy server can suffer from insufficient customer support, which is bad for those who need help in the internet affairs. A good paid service has an instant customer support, which works 24/7 and will provide you with a full customer support if needed.
  • Guarantees. Using a proxy server doesn’t provide you with any guarantees. However, running a paid VPN service facilitates in getting your money back in case you are dissatisfied with the service.

So, as you see using a proxy server even a dedicated one for torrenting is not a good idea, as soon as all your traffic are transparent for observing and misusage. Providing that you want to download some torrenting files while being in a country where such activity is prohibited, you need to arm your network with a more reliable solution.

Is VPN for torrenting legal?

The question needs more in depth consideration. As you know there are countries where torrenting is not stated as an illegal activity. There are such countries where torrenting files for personal needs are stated to be legal. And nevertheless, there are such governments that consider any torrenting actions as illegal and impose huge fines and even arrests for those who have once had a chance to download something through the search engine.

Torrenting is strictly prohibited in:

►the United States of America

► China

► Iran


► North Korea

Let us study in details torrenting in the US

Providing that you live in the US, you know that any torrenting activity is strictly prohibited and people or namely their IPs are thoroughly monitored for further activities. When using torrenting in such country without any additional protection, your physical address will be identified by your ISP through your IP and you will be sent a letter warning you about the law, which prohibits any torrenting activity in the country.

So, living in the US you need to arm your network with a reliable VPN service for torrenting for not to get into a bad situation. Otherwise, you will be fined or even arrested by some governmental authorities.

Actually, the example with the US is not a unique one. Practically any democratic country cherishes its freedoms and laws. Therefore, such rude law disobedience as pirated content sharing is strictly observed there. Much legislation of different governments offers people to use the downloaded through torrent system content for personal needs, except distributing it among other customers. This statement is excluded by the scheme a torrent protocol work. As soon as you have become a peer of a torrent sward you will have to share some data with other peers. Fortunately, this function is switched on in your torrent client by default, which can be changed with the help of simple manipulations. Having stopped the sharing with other peers, you can download torrent files and save a legal status of your online activities in some more countries.

For those who live in highly censored and restrictive countries, a VPN is the only hope for a successful issue, as soon as you don’t have an opportunity to enter all the blocked there torrent websites.

As you see the state of facts about torrenting and its acceptance by many governments leave much to be desired. In fact, torrenting and torrent protocol as thus have nothing in common with pirating activity. However, there are people that spread pirated content through torrenting, which makes it difficult for agencies to find out who has sent the file first. Therefore, our countries authorities take measures for blocking all the torrenting websites and making them inaccessible for their citizens.

Is there any alternative to torrenting?

The only alternative to torrent activity is streaming.

Nowadays, there are vast diversity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. In this case there is no need to store loads of files on electronic devices. And the libraries of such services are usually impressive. Thus, anyone will find something to watch, listen to, read and what not.

Let us sum up

Torrenting is forbidden in many countries around the globe. None the less, there is a tendency to prefer torrenting to streaming. In such a way, it becomes vital to find the way to do it without violating the law.

A VPN for torrenting is the greatest solution, as it:

  •  hides IPs from the Internet Service Providers.
  •  gets access to blocked torrent search engines and trackers.
  •  does NOT decrease the speed.
  •  makes users 99% anonymous.
  •  provides with 24/7 supported if needed.

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Update: 18/03/2019
Dainan Gilmore
Dainan Gilmore
April 28, 2018 2 

Torrenting is legal for sharing files. There is no need to worry if the file is not copyrighted, if it is, you can be accused of copyright infringement and punished somehow. There is no difference what site you download pirated content from, if it is pirated, the action is considered as illegal. For these needs, you’d better torrent under VPN protection. The connection becomes private and hidden from prying eyes.

May 04, 2018 1 

I have never thought that free VPNs are so useless for torrenting. I have been torrenting via free VPN and was sure that nobody knew my identity. I really managed to unblock the torrent tracker and share torrents. Your torrent guide made open my eye and realize that free vpn apps lack their main features that are really necessary for being private and anonymous while torrenting. Even the best free apps just unblock them, but do not protect against dns leaks and outside interference. What to say about selling of users’ data? People who take use of VPN look for private and anonymous torrenting, but the fact that someone collects the data about you spoils every positive point of view about such services. I’d better try some paid ones? Could you suggest any reliable VPN for torrenting? One that neither keeps logs nor sells them to third parties. Not very expensive, but with plenty of servers to bypass restrictions. Fast speeds for sharing heavy files.
April 28, 2018 2 

Torrenting is legal for sharing files. There is no need to worry if the file is not copyrighted, if it is, you can be accused of copyright infringement and punished somehow. There is no difference what site you download pirated content from, if it is pirated, the action is considered as illegal. For these needs, you’d better torrent under VPN protection. The connection becomes private and hidden from prying eyes.

April 27, 2018 2 

As far as I know torrenting is an illegal way to download files. How can I share download files legally?
April 28, 2018 2 

Torrenting is legal for sharing files. There is no need to worry if the file is not copyrighted, if it is, you can be accused of copyright infringement and punished somehow. There is no difference what site you download pirated content from, if it is pirated, the action is considered as illegal. For these needs, you’d better torrent under VPN protection. The connection becomes private and hidden from prying eyes.

April 20, 2018 2 

What an awesome guide you’ve published! It contains so much useful information: torrent sites, vpn for torrent and etc. Most of all, I like the part about VPN for torrent where you thoroughly explained why not to torrent without VPN and how it works. Everything for safe torrenting in one place. Thanks!

April 07, 2018 1 

As for me, I’m a customer of EE in the UK and this is what I can say about torrenting in this country. This internet provider does not throttle downloading, but most of major torrent trackers are blocked, so one can torrent from ones that are not blocked or visit the site via a mirror link. As far as legal issues are concerned, one of the most recent initiatives was to send letters to torrent users. The letters tell about the ways you can get the stuff legally. As far as I know my ISP hasn’t agreed to do it. In such a case I would think of VPN.

April 05, 2018 1 

Hi! I’ m from the UK and take use of Sky ISP there. They block a lot of torrent sites. Personally, I download torrents, but not a lot of them and not very often. I torrent without VPN, but I use a Chrome extension to bypass the restriction imposed by the internet provider. I haven’t heard of people who were fined for torrenting. I know that educational letters are sometimes sent, but I haven’t received any. Still, I should say it’s better not to torrent without VPN.

April 07, 2018 1 

As for me, I’m a customer of EE in the UK and this is what I can say about torrenting in this country. This internet provider does not throttle downloading, but most of major torrent trackers are blocked, so one can torrent from ones that are not blocked or visit the site via a mirror link. As far as legal issues are concerned, one of the most recent initiatives was to send letters to torrent users. The letters tell about the ways you can get the stuff legally. As far as I know my ISP hasn’t agreed to do it. In such a case I would think of VPN.