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Best VPNs Canada

Last updated: September 17, 2019

What VPNs to use Canada?A huge number of both businesses and private Internet users in Canada are turning to VPN services, often with the aim of protecting their privacy. But choosing the best VPN for Canada can be challenging, as there are numerous providers offering services.

So in order to make selecting the best Canada VPN easier for you, we've examined all of the top providers in the industry, in order to deliver a definitive verdict on the best VPN services available.

Selecting our top picks wasn't easy, but we looked at a variety critical issues, such as how fast VPNs are able to stream and torrent, the level of compatibility and quality of iPhone and Android applications, how capably the systems protect users in terms of privacy and security, and how well the VPNs are able to lift geo-restrictions linked to popular sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and whether they rank alongside the best VPNs for YouTube.

What VPNs to use Canada?

This approach covers every base regarding why Internet users would sign up for a VPN in the first place, and means that whether you require a VPN for torrents, accessing blocked content, or retaining your privacy that our selections will deliver everything you need.

Although competition was stiff across the VPN sector, after extensive testing we found that ExpressVPN had a clear edge over competitors. So let's begin our discussion of the best Canada VPN providers by looking at this service.

ExpressVPN Review

When it comes to the technology field, there is always a lot of hype and hyperbole. And, unfortunately, the VPN niche is no exception to this rule.

This means that many people seeking a Canada VPN service may be sceptical about the buzz surrounding the ExpressVPN system. But this cynicism would be misplaced.

Any VPN for Canada review should pretty much begin with ExpressVPN, as it ticks pretty much every box that would be required by a VPN provider, and even exceeds service requirements and expectations in some areas.

So let’s look at some of the ways in which ExpressVPN truly excels, and marks itself out as the best Canada VPN.


Firstly, ExpressVPN is renowned for having a particularly impressive network, and we found that this reputation is absolutely deserved. This is achieved by the widespread server network that the developer has put in place, which is based on over 3,000 servers being placed in 160 locations, across 94 countries worldwide.

You probably won't find a more extensive network of servers anywhere else in the VPN field, and this enables ExpressVPN to deliver a level of performance that is rarely touched by other providers.

ExpressVPN speed test

The speed of VPN systems boils down to how much they reduce connections speeds. Naturally enough, delivering the technology associated with VPN services requires some form of bandwidth, and this means that VPNs do inevitably slow down Internet connection slightly.

However, we were really impressed with the performance of ExpressVPN, which barely had any impact on our Internet connection.

Indeed, we found that ExpressVPN would reduce our Internet speeds by around 7%, which was barely noticeable in practical terms. And the really impressive aspect of ExpressVPN is that its extensive server network means that its performance is pretty much uniform in all four corners of the planet. You can run this VPN almost unnoticeably in the background, and rest assured that your Internet speed will remain almost undiminished.

And even if you do connect with servers based a significant distance away from your location, ExpressVPN stands up to this treatment very favorably.

You might see Internet speeds slide by around 15% in this scenario, but this is certainly manageable considering that you are using servers based on the other side of the world.

And this certainly shouldn't be necessary in anything but the most unlikely scenario. This has often been advanced as a major strength of ExpressVPN.

So the speed of ExpressVPN was highly impressive, which was a great way to start our experience with this provider. But other aspects of the service were equally appreciated, as we delve further into what ExpressVPN offers.


One of the primary reasons that Internet users opt for VPN services is to help them stream a variety of premium Internet content that would otherwise be unavailable.

So it is therefore important that ExpressVPN can connect with all of the top entertainment providers across the world, and deliver their content in HD quality.

And, of course, the VPN service also needs to circumnavigate the geo-restrictions that are put in place in order to location lock content.

ExpressVPN works with Netflix

In order to test the ability of ExpressVPN to achieve this, we examined its ability to access the top video sites Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and HBO GO, and then alternated the server utilized across multiple locations, including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and Japan. And the results were very impressive.

We had absolutely no problems in accessing each of the services from all of the locations indicated, meaning that ExpressVPN is the ideal system for overcoming geo-restrictions and location blocking.

ExpressVPN was also able to stream video in high-quality with absolutely no lag or freezing, and even did an excellent job of achieving this when we made it as difficult as possible for the software by using an inconvenient service.

It should also be mentioned that it is possible to access the BBC iPlayer through the UK servers associated with ExpressVPN, meaning that you can unlock all of the content produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Overall, ExpressVPN more than delivers here, marking itself out as being the ideal VPN service in order to engage in video streaming.


While torrenting is certainly a less commonly conducted activity than streaming, it is still a central issue for VPN services, and so there is a lot of interest in the best VPNs for torrenting.

VPNs are supposed to provide privacy when torrenting data, and ExpressVPN indeed claims that the service makes it possible to “stream or download anything, from any of our servers, anywhere on Earth, with your IP address hidden from prying eyes.”

This isn't an unrealistic claim, as ExpressVPN allows P2P on every single one of its servers; unusual in the VPN industry. Some VPN providers, such as ZenMate, do not allow this whatsoever, while even some of the better-known names in the industry limit this to a certain proportion of their servers. So this quality instantly marks ExpressVPN out as the outstanding provider in the niche.

But ExpressVPN has other qualities which make it ideal for torrenting as well. We've already mentioned the speed of the ExpressVPN servers, and these ensure that there is no buffering or lagging experience associated with torrenting.

Again, ExpressVPN is keen to deliver freedom with its service overall, and this is reflected in its torrenting provision, with the developer ensuring that speed and bandwidth are never restricted or throttled, ensuring that there is no limit to how much you can torrent.

We really relish the commitment to user freedom that seems to be built into the very ethos of the ExpressVPN system, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its torrenting provision.

And ExpressVPN also does an excellent job of protecting your privacy, by ensuring that none of your information is locked at any time. The service also does an excellent job of protecting users from DNS and IP leaks, and stands outside of the rather invasive 14-Eyes legislation.

The 14-Eyes regulation represents a multilateral agreement for cooperation in signals intelligence between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Sweden.

While the authorities would argue that this is necessary, it is rather invasive for personal and Internet privacy, and it is therefore excellent news that ExpressVPN does not collaborate with this agreement.

This also means that you will never be caught torrenting any form of copyrighted material, protecting your rights to freedom on the Internet.

Overall, the torrenting package delivered by ExpressVPN is better than any other that we encountered in the industry; another plus point to this hugely impressive system.


Security is, of course, also extremely important with any VPN for Canada provider, and it is therefore pleasing to note that ExpressVPN really delivers in this department as well.

It is sad to note that some VPN providers cut corners with security, which rather negates the point of signing up for a VPN service in the first place. But this accusation certainly cannot be legitimately aimed at ExpressVPN, which includes such valuable features as DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and split tunneling.

Furthermore, the provider has also included a kill switch in the VPN software, which is referred to by ExpressVPN as a Network Lock.

This Network Lock system prevents traffic from either entering or leaving any device utilized with ExpressVPN should your Internet connection drop, effectively providing an extra layer of protection.

This would be particularly useful when surfing the web on and an insecure public Wi-Fi system, although such set-ups should never be used for sensitive information anyway.

The Network Lock works really well, although it is not yet available with all systems, being compatible only with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and routers. But ExpressVPN definitely ranks among the best VPNs for Windows.

During our testing of the ExpressVPN software, there was no IP or DNS leak detected, with our IP location masked at all times. We were also pleased to note that ExpressVPN includes the split tunneling feature, enabling users to choose which sites are unencrypted, and using standard Internet connections, rather than automatically sending all traffic through the VPN servers.

This can even be configured to do the complete opposite, and for you to designate precisely which traffic should be sent through the VPN, with split tunneling traffic set as default. Windows, MacOS, Android, and router clients are compatible with this system, and overall we found it to be an excellent prospect of a standout security package.

ExpressVPN also uses virtual servers, which should make up 3% of the company's network. This concept perhaps requires a little explanation, so it should be said briefly that virtual servers divert traffic through servers in one location, while assigning an IP address from another country.

This effectively makes it possible to utilize IP addresses from any nation on the planet, while still enjoying excellent connection speeds and high levels of security.

While this feature is extremely welcome, we would also like to mention one slight bugbear of the ExpressVPN package, although it isn't one that compromises your security in any way.

ExpressVPN does not offer any form of static IP address, which could possibly cause issues for some users, although it is obviously implemented with security concerns in mind, and generally helps in this regard.

It is also notable that the ExpressVPN service is fully compatible with the by now almost infamous Tor browser. This so-called ‘onion’ browser is able to transmit your IP signal around a network of locations all over the world, making it almost impossible to track its originating point.

The Tor browser offers a level of security and privacy that is absolutely unrivalled by any other comparable product, so it is pleasing for those concerned with privacy that ExpressVPN can be utilized with this software.

Another layer of security built into ExpressVPN is the independent security audits that its developers undertake on a regular basis. ExpressVPN partnered with reputable cybersecurity firm Cure53 in order to deliver this feature, with the collaboration able to perform a security audit of the ExpressVPN browser extension for Chrome on a regular basis. Further investigation of Cure53 revealed that they are extremely helpful in terms of customer service, and do an excellent job of ensuring that there are no identity leaks associated with the ExpressVPN software.

It is also pleasing that the results of the security audit are made fully available to the public, underlining the commitment that ExpressVPN makes to delivering strong security, and challenging its assumptions on a regular basis.

This commitment to continual improvement is probably one of the primary reasons why the ExpressVPN service is simply the best in the world. And its transparency is further illustrated by the fact that the provider is willing to open-source its browser extension code; an aggressive step towards true transparency.


However, all that security is basically useless if the job of encryption isn't carried out to a high level. So it was a highly reassuring that ExpressVPN protects your Internet connection with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, also used by many government agencies.

This level of encryption is almost impossible for even supercomputers to crack, meaning that you can utilize the ExpressVPN service with total confidence.

ExpressVPN also makes a variety of protocols available. While OpenVPN will suit most Internet users, ExpressVPN also supports L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. If this is a little confusing for you at first, it should also be emphasized that the ExpressVPN application will automatically detect and select the best protocol for your particular usage. This makes it a highly user-friendly system, and one that anyone can boot up and get going with almost immediately.


Another major issue with VPNs is the keeping of logs, which can be an issue with some of the less salubrious VPN providers. However, we were pleased to note that ExpressVPN operates a strict no logging policy.

The official privacy policy of ExpressVPN states that the company will never collect any of the following information:

  1. Your real IP address
  2. IP addresses you connect to via the VPN
  3. Browsing history
  4. Traffic destination
  5. Metadata
  6. DNS queries

ExpressVPN is quite open and honest about the trivial amount of connection and diagnostic data that it collates on a monthly basis. But it should be understood that this is purely to deal with any technical issues associated with the software, which helps to improve the service delivered to users.

There is absolutely no way to collect any of this information to any individual user, and it in no way compromises the privacy of anyone involved.

While other VPN users have slipped up here and been caught distributing user data to external sources, ExpressVPN has excelled in this department. When ExpressVPN was subjected to a criminal investigation from the Turkish authorities in 2016, it was impossible to locate any emanating information on the individual involved - who was simply suspected of using ExpressVPN services - effectively proving that expresses VPN does not keep any form of logging data.

It should be made absolutely clear that ExpressVPN is a legitimate and scrupulous company, and one that certainly doesn't wish for its services to be used for any illegal purposes.

But it is nonetheless reassuring to know that the company demonstrates a true commitment to preserving user privacy and anonymity.

Other Issues

ExpressVPN offers excellent value for money, being offered at $6.67 per month for a 15-month subscription in the United States.

There are cheaper solutions available, and even free VPN for Canada services on offer, but sometimes you have to pay a little more to get something of true quality, and that definitely applies here.

And with the money-back guarantee offered by ExpressVPN, there is effectively a 30-day free trial on offer.

Compatibility is also strong, with dedicated apps made available for the following platforms:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux
  6. BlackBerry
  7. Chromebook
  8. Kindle Fire
  9. Router

ExpressVPN setup

There are also secure extensions made available for all of the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

We also found customer service to be both helpful and knowledgeable, while our enquiries were fielded speedily and courteously at all times. The site certainly enjoys a good reputation on Trustpilot, which is always welcome.

Finally, the user experience with ExpressVPN was a seamless and enjoyable one. This is a common experience, as Mashable noted that users of Reddit rated ExpressVPN very highly in this regard.

Admittedly, VPN services aren’t particularly technical to use, but it is clear that the developers of ExpressVPN have taken considerable care to ensure that its interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

Connecting to a server is made straightforward, while the Smart Location feature included automatically connects you to the ideal server. Manual location is also made possible, and there are a variety of options available for browsing locations.

There are a wide range of customization and preferences options also available, and overall the software does an excellent job of delivering powerful features, while making the package accessible for beginners.


ExpressVPN is an absolutely top-notch VPN service, and receives our highest recommendation. We only found two minor niggles with this VPN, namely that no ad-blocker is included as standard, and also that there are a relatively small number of simultaneous connections supported. This latter issue could pose problems for large families intending to use ExpressVPN.

However, there were very minor black marks against a service that delivers everything that you would want from a VPN service, and does it better than any other provider in the industry.

Whether you’re looking to access media from inaccessible locations, or simply beef up your security provisions, ExpressVPN has got you covered, and you shouldn’t really look any further than ExpressVPN when making your Canada VPN provider decision, and we can definitely recommend this as the top VPN for Canada.


+ Outstanding server provision

+ Unrivalled selection of locations

+ Superb streaming

+ Excellent geo-unlocking

+ Stringent security

+ No logs policy


- No ad-blocker

- Few simultaneous connections allowed

Best of the Rest

So that’s the lowdown on the best Canada VPN service available, but there are some other honorable mentions to deal with as well.

We won’t go into these in the same level of depth, as we firmly believe that ExpressVPN is the top provider, but our second and third selections are definitely worthy providers in their own right.


Has established itself as one of the major VPN providers in North America, and is certainly regarded as one of the best Canada VPN services. And we found its performance to be well above average, albeit not as strong as ExpressVPN.

This VPN service supports thousands of server locations, which is a promising start, but these are only dispersed around 60 different nations, meaning that coverage is nowhere near as good as ExpressVPN.

This means that the speed of connection with NordVPN is not as impressive as with the market-leading ExpressVPN, and we found that Internet speed sometimes lagged as much as 15% slower with NordVPN, even while we were using ideal servers.

There is some room for improvement here for NordVPN, although its performance is still pretty decent, and good enough for most VPN users.

One area where NordVPN does score well, though, is the number of simultaneous devices that it supports, with the six on offer being double that of ExpressVPN. This means that this provider will appeal to large families in particular, or any user looking to utilize multiple devices simultaneously.

However, we did find the user interface offered by NordVPN to be somewhat sluggish in comparison to ExpressVPN, which was a little disappointing.

Some of the options that we wished to locate weren’t as readily available or logically placed as we would have liked, which definitely makes the service a little less intuitive than would be ideal.

Encryption and security is pretty strong with NordVPN, and this is one area in which we can definitely recommend this provider.

With powerful DNS leak protection, proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, kill switches, and 2048-bit encryption included, you can be confident that your browsing is completely private when using this top VPN service.

Nonetheless, some reports of strange app traffic associated with NordVPN, as reported by The Register, must be considered worrying.

NordVPN setup

Geo-blocking is also dealt with neatly. The SmartPlay feature included with this provider is able to lift pretty much all geo-restrictions, and we found this to be highly reliable during our testing of the package.

One slight concern, though, was that some servers appeared to be down at certain times, which didn’t really impact on our operation, but could be an issue for VPN users in other locations.

More positive is the strict no logs policy operated by NordVPN, which ensures that your anonymity is guaranteed at all times. The company has passed a third-party audit of its logging procedures in November, 2018, which was carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers and AG. This gives that extra little bit of reassurance that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

We found that streaming content with NordVPN was very good, albeit not quite up to the standard of ExpressVPN. High definition video does load successfully, and can be streamed comfortably, but the system seems more prone to lag then was our experience with ExpressVPN.

Netflix works particularly well with NordVPN, making this an ideal Netflix VPN for Canada service, but other similar services also work to an acceptable standard, meaning that this is one of the best VPNs for Netflix.

NordVPN for Netflix

Having tested the geo-unlocking capabilities of NordVPN extensively, we also encountered the occasional issue with NordVPN failing to gain access to certain services when using particular servers, which would obviously be irritating for some users. It is also disappointing that NordVPN has recently removed its ad-blocker.

However, NordVPN offers a secure system, and we were happy to note that no privacy or leak issues have been associated with the service. Pricing is also extremely reasonable, and this is one area where NordVPN scores over ExpressVPN and may merit consideration for some users on a budget.

If you’re willing to sign up for three years, you can gain access to the very decent service offered by NordVPN for just $3.49 per month, almost putting the service in the ballpark of free Canada VPN services. And all subscription plans come complete with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Overall, NordVPN offers an excellent VPN service, and will do everything that users will reasonably require. This provider will also certainly appeal to VPN users on a budget. However, it just isn’t quite as good as ExpressVPN.

It was second best in terms of speed and geo-unlocking, while we also found the user interface to be unnecessarily confusing. These aren’t massive black marks against NordVPN, but equally we cannot give it our highest recommendation, nor state that it delivers the same quality of VPN service as ExpressVPN.


+ Good value for money

+ Decent selection of servers

+ 30-day money back guarantee

+ Good geo-unblocking

+ Strong streaming service

+ Commitment to security and privacy


- Outperformed by ExpressVPN

- Poor user interface

- Some server issues

- No ad-blocker


Another well-known name in the VPN field is the now Israeli-owned CyberGhost, and this service that has already attracted 10 million users was another VPN service that performed creditably during testing.

First and foremost, the developers of CyberGhost have established a pretty extensive network of servers, with over 3,700 available worldwide, spread across 60 countries.

Again, this doesn’t quite match up to the particularly high standard set by ExpressVPN, but it did mean that speed of connection was more than acceptable whenever we used CyberGhost. Overall, it performed at a similar level to NordVPN, with Internet connections speeds impacted by around 12-15%.

Windows, Mac, iOS and Android are all supported, while CyberGhost also allows torrenting. While there are many Windows users out there, we would nonetheless rate CyberGhost among the best VPNs for Mac platforms.

CyberGhost for torrrenting

We also found the CyberGhost user interface to be quite pleasing, with its approach based on a task-based set-up. The system will automatically connect to the best server for such geo-blocked services as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and many more, but also provides full control and customization over this process.

Speaking of geo-blocking, CyberGhost does a pretty nifty job of ensuring that you can gain access to premium content from all over the world. We didn’t encounter any major problems with accessing anything while using CyberGhost, despite accessing multiple servers during our stringent testing procedure.

However, it should also be said in mitigation that we found the CyberGhost service to be significantly slower than ExpressVPN, and more prone to lagging, freezing, and other disruptions of service.

Another major problem was that the speed of the service really grinds to a halt when operating over long distances, making CyberGhost virtually unusable as a streaming service when dealing with clients on the other side of the world.

CyberGhost for Netflix

This was a bit of a disappointment, as this is obviously a fundamental part of any VPN provider, and other aspects of the CyberGhost service are so promising.

Nonetheless, it should also be emphasized that speeds for Europe and North America were highly competitive, and CyberGhost should still be considered one of the best Canada VPN services.

Despite this niggle, there is plenty more on offer from CyberGhost to compensate. CyberGhost is another service that includes an ad-blocker as standard, which is definitely something that ExpressVPN should learn from. The ad-blocking service from CyberGhost even eliminates trackers and ensures that you never connect to malicious websites, which provides a welcome additional layer of security to your system. We also liked the fact that you can pay for CyberGhost with Bitcoin.

We should also commend the pricing of CyberGhost, with the 36-month plan on offer here even cheaper than NordVPN, at just $2.75 per month. Again, this puts CyberGhost into the realm of VPN for Canada free services.

However, while many of the nuts and bolts are in place with CyberGhost, and we were impressed with much of what is on offer, we do have some definite concerns about this provider as well.

Customer support was rather lacking, while you can only test out the CyberGhost system for a 24 hours before you’re required to pay. Pretty poor considering some of the other offers out there.

But a bigger concern with CyberGhost could be the security of this VPN provider. While we didn’t encounter any specific problems while using the service, there have been severe red flags issued elsewhere, including by the highly regarded and authoritative Symantec.

CyberGhost’s owners, Crossrider, have been criticized by Symantec for “collecting information about the user, such as IP address, operating system, and Web browser information.”

It is alleged that this was the source of motivation for the Crossrider to change its name to Kape in 2018.

Regardless of this, it’s clearly worrying for the level of security and privacy offered by CyberGhost that its developer has effectively been accused of creating a mild form of malware.

This means that despite other excellent aspects of this provider, and the particularly affordable price structure on offer, that we would recommend treading carefully with CyberGhost before committing to it.


+ Very fair pricing

+ Decent server selection

+ Ad-blocking available

+ Plenty of platforms supported

+ Geo-unblocking works well


- Only 24-hour trial available

- Customer support was poor

- Question marks over privacy


The first thing that struck us with IPVanish is that this is an excellent service for those seeking multiple device support, with the developer allowing ten devices to be used simultaneously.

Again, this is an area where our top provider should take note, as ExpressVPN only offers three devices to be used at one time.

IPVanish owns and manages its own server network, which is pretty extensive for what can be considered a less established VPN provider.

The company boasts 1,200 VPN servers located in over 60 countries, which providers pretty good coverage on the whole.

However, it should also be stated that this is nowhere near the level offered by ExpressVPN, and it is only realistic to expect the quality of connection and service to reflect this.

IPVanish app

Speaking of which, our experience with IPVanish was pretty positive. We were particularly pleased with the stability of servers, which were always available during our testing of the site. Connection time was negligible, while we also found download speeds to be above average.

Having tested the IPVanish servers across multiple locations, and with a lot of content, we found that performance was more than acceptable, and certainly Canadian users should be able to use this service with confidence.

Of course, it was also somewhat slower than ExpressVPN, which has many more servers, which are more liberally dispersed.

Geo-unblocking also went well with IPVanish, with the service enabling us to access a wide variety of premium content from all over the world.

The likes of BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video all unlocked without issues, while we were also pleased to note that torrenting is supported with every server. IPVanish also provides unlimited P2P traffic.

Another standout feature of the IPVanish package is the apps included with the service. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, even Fire TV apps are on offer, and there is a wide variety of features tacked on to these as well.

We were particularly impressed with the level of customization on offer from IPVanish, and this helps make the whole service feel more personalized.

IPVanish for streaming

There are also no issues with security and privacy here. AES 256-bit encryption is used, and IPVanish also makes its no logs policy absolutely clear.

Everything came up clean in our investigation of the reputation of this company, and we have no hesitation in recommending IPVanish in this regard.

Many customers have enjoyed and rated IPVanish highly, while its TrustPilot rating is outstanding, meaning that this is definitely a service that is worthy of consideration.

However, a few problems dragged the performance of this service below the level that it should have achieved. Firstly, although we enjoyed the apps bundled with IPVanish, they can be a little tricky to use.

Sometimes there are connection problems with servers, and it is worrying that there are no kill switches included with the mobile applications.

Above all else, we honestly think that there is better value for money on offer elsewhere than is offered by IPVanish.

The best price available with this service is $4.87 per month, yet we found that connection speed and stability was a little better with both NordVPN and CyberGhost, both of which are significantly more affordable. And although IPVanish is cheaper than ExpressVPN, there is a reason for this...it’s nowhere near as good!

You can try IPVanish for seven days and make up your own mind, and if you do need to use lots of simultaneous devices available then it may appeal to you. But we consider the package on offer from IPVanish to fall somewhat short of best-in-class performance. You can see more of our view of this VPN in our extensive IPVanish review.


+ Good multiple device support

+ Unlimited P2P traffic

+ Server network is decent

+ Encryption is top notch


- Connection speed doesn't compare to other providers

- Pricing isn't impressive

- Apps can be tricky to use

- Slightly slow performance


Swiss-based VyprVPN is one of the lesser known VPN providers out there, but we actually found this service to be strong enough to be included in our top best Canada VPN providers.

VyprVPN got off on a strong footing with us, thanks to its strict no logging policy, which ensures your privacy and security at all times while using the service.

However, the number of servers on offer from VyprVPN is the smallest of the five providers listed here, although its 700+ servers are at least located in 73 different nations.

This does mean that there is a better chance of even performance across multiple nations, but the sever quantity also means that VyprVPN won’t deliver uniform performance that is in the league of ExpressVPN.

Certainly our experience when using this provider is that it didn’t really measure up to the more powerful VPN offerings in this list. Download speeds were decent, and streaming is certainly possible, but as soon as this is shifted to less than optimal conditions then freezing and lagging were certainly possible. The performance of VyprVPN isn’t poor, it’s more than decent, and it’s fine as long as you use local servers. But it is possible to encounter problems; after all, the company has less than 25% of the servers that ExpressVPN can boast.

However, an interesting aspect of VyprVPN is the zero-knowledge DNS service, and strict commitment to no logging. This means that privacy is ensured at all times, while VyprVPN is another VPN provider which commits to AES 256-bit encryption, so you can rest easy with this service in terms of security, anonymity and privacy.

VyprVPN app

VyprVPN also uses a proprietary protocol, branded as Chameleon, which makes it possible to get online even in prohibitive countries that attempt to block VPN technology, such as China and Iran.

Of course, this isn’t a massive issue for Canadian VPN users, but it is nice to know that you are using a robust piece of software.

Strong compatibility is also on offer here, with a variety of platforms supported. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps users are all catered for, alongside routers, Android TV, QNAP, Blackphone and Anonabox.

We also found the geo-unlocking performance of VyprVPN to be more than acceptable, with most of the major video and entertainment sites around the world being accessible with VyprVPN with minimal difficulty.

VyprVPN for Netflix

VyprVPN can also be configured and customized quite extensively, and we were encouraged by the no logging policy of this provider, and this is certainly a credible provider overall.

Most of this adds up to a positive vibe surrounding VyprVPN. However, it’s not all good news. One major negative that can be associated with this VPN service is the user interface and client provided, which quite honestly lacks the sort of user-friendly feel that we would expect from modern software.

It is quite honestly clunky and difficult to handle, while we also found that customer support was a bit lacking in knowledge, meaning that there was limited assistance available. However, the provider has racked up a decent rating on Trustpilot, which isn't always easy.

And packages provided by VyprVPN are also a little on the pricey side. The most affordable available here works out at $3.75 per month, but must be paid all in one lump for 12 months.

This isn’t the end of the world if you intend to sign up for some time, but it does mean that you can’t easily back out once you are committed to this provider. And VyprVPN doesn’t give you much time to make up your mind, offering a mere 72-hour trial.

VyprVPN has great potential, but must improve in some key areas. It must improve its server network and related performance, it must do more to make billing fairer for customers, it must improve its user interface, and it must offer longer free trials to prospective clients.

You can read our extensive guide to VPN free trials in order to learn just how common this selling point is becoming.

When it can do this then what is a solid VPN service with many plus points will climb the list of the best Canada VPN services.


+ Lots of locations available

+ Strict no logging policy

+ Good compatibility

+ Geo-unblocking works well


- Server network is a little limited

- Billing is inflexible

- User interface is poor

- Disappointing free trials


So that’s our lowdown of the best Canada VPN providers. We found ExpressVPN to be the best on offer by some distance. Some of the other services on the list will definitely suit some users, but, above all else, ExpressVPN delivers a better standard of performance than any other VPN on the market. That’s reason enough for us to offer ExpressVPN our highest recommendation.

Average: 3.8 (4 votes)