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Last updated: 01/04/2019

IPVanish Review


If hide-and-seek was your favorite game as a kid, the modern Internet must be frustrating you since hackers can access all your private and confidential information from as little as an IP address.

Censoring software can also monitor all your online activities, including all the websites you visit and even all the downloads that you make. On top of that, you can get in a lot of trouble for accessing sites that are restricted in your area and also if you accidentally downloaded something that you never knew was illegal.

IPVanish can become the best internet privacy VPN software. With IPVanish you can become once again a hide-and-seek master and vanish completely off the radar. This is possible thanks to the fact that this secure VPN software creates a virtual tunnel on the public Internet that hides all your online activities from the world and even from spying software. You will also be completely invisible to online hackers because IPVanish hides your IP address so no one can trace any online activities back to you.

IPVanish kill switch will help you to stay protected from undesired data exposure. If you need to learn how many devices IPVanish allows connecting simultaneously, read this IPVanish VPN review further. 

Tariffs and prices of IPVanish

Tariffs  and prices of IPVanish VPN

IPVanish has three basic memberships packages that offer all the benefits to its customers. The provider reduces the price as a commitment increases.

Some of the benefits that are included in the packages are:

→ 7-day money back guarantee;

→ fast connection speeds for uploads and downloads;

→ online cybersecurity;

→ over 1000 servers to choose from in multiple countries and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

  • 1 Month Plan – The price for one month of usage is too high, but it is to be expected from such a short commitment. With this plan, you get all the benefits that this private VPN service has to offer. Moreover, having subscribed for the plan, you save 17% of the overall cost.
  • 1 Year Plan – If you really want to score on your IPVanish VPN software package, then you should get the one-year plan. It is the most popular of the deals and costs only six dollars and forty-nine cents per month, which allows you to save 46% on security costs and is billed $77, 99 annually.
  • 3 Moths Plan – You will pay twenty-six dollars for 3 months and save 25%.

Satisfied with the prices?

The story is not complete…

IPVanish is a good VPN service that does its best to make things easier which is exactly why it accepts multiple payment methods such as Credit card, PayPal. Bitcoin, which is considered as one of the most anonymous methods, is not in the list of  nowadays.

Is there any difference in IPVanish packages?

To estimate all the benefits of one of the best VPN providers 2019, it is required to study its features in full. Thus, all IPVanish VPN plans include:

  • 7-day money-back guarantee;
  • 40 000+ shared IPs;
  • 1200+ servers in 60+ countries;
  • limitless bandwidth;
  • unbounded server switching;
  • unrestricted speed performance and p2p traffic;
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • no logging data storage;
  • unidentified torrenting;
  • avoidance of geo-restrictions;
  • up-to-date protocols usage (OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec VPN );
  • easy-to-use apps;
  • 10 simultaneous connections and 24/7 professional assistance (Check if you can use more than 10 gadgets for the VPN that allows one account for multiple devices).

Provided that IPVanish unable to install tap device or IPVanish is not connecting, you can run the IPVanish refund, which is to make your budget protected from extra expenses. 

IPVanish VPN refund policy

We have checked refund policy of the provider and found out that there are NO any special rules to follow in order to use IPVanish VPN money-back except for the one – a person should be dissatisfied with the service rendered.


An IPVanish subscriber has 7 days to ascertain that IPVanish is a worthy VPN provider. If not, one may ask for a refund within 7 days, but not later.


A future IPVanish subscriber is to think about the payment method beforehand, as some of them do NOT allow a refund. For example, Bitcoin, paysafecard and SEPA Direct Debit do NOT allow refund. Although such payment methods are not allowed to pay for IPVanish, in some time the situation may change.

IPVanish VPN for Routers

Any device connected to your LAN can be protected with the use of IPVanish VPN.

The most essential features of the service are:

  • NO logging VPN, the company is assured not to collect any credentials or logging data on your internet activities connected with IPVanish’s apps or website usage.
  • Network encryption. All your generated traffic is stated to be protected by the company from end to end, which makes all your network activities protected from unauthorized access and penetrations.
  • Restrictions bypass. The service is to make all the geo-blocked or restricted web resources open for usage and free for accessing with the help of the offered service.
  • Torrenting. Having subscribed for IPVanish you will be given an opportunity to download as many torrent files, as you like without being revealed by the ISP or copyright agencies. (Learn how to torrent without ISP knowing.)
  • All devices protection. IPVanish is one of the few VPN services that allow simultaneous connection of 5 devices. Thanks to it, one may protect all electronic gadgets he or she possesses.
  • Server switching. In case you need to change your virtual location? No problems if you are an IPVanish subscriber.
  • WiFi protection. Do you like spending time in public places and connecting via VPN to free WiFi hotspots? But adversaries are already waiting for your unprotected gadget… IPVanish makes cyber-criminals not dangerous for you. 

No Internet threats. The company uses the most up-to-date technologies for making your internet connection free from any web threats:

IPVanish for routers specs 

In case you have no idea how to install the VPN for your network, here are some useful variants:

IPVanish manual setup for routers

The guides are created for different firmware. Therefore, you will manage to find the best solution for your needs.

IPVanish VPN for your Chromebook

Having decided to make any single device defended, you need to pay attention to IPVanish VPN for Chromebook. The service offers the main features to be applied for the device by way of better security.

IPVanish VPN for Chromebook suggests:

  • NO logging;
  • End-to-end encoding;
  • Censorship/restrictions bypass.

As you know Chromebooks have become irreplaceable for schools, colleges and universities. However, such educational places need online protection, like nothing else.

Moreover, Chromebook cannot resist NSA monitoring. In such a way, the data stored on your Chromebook may be looked through by the US National Security Agency. Such information may be used against you.

Thus, IPVanish VPN for Chromebook is what you need:

IPVanish for chromebook specs 

The company offers two kinds of protocols and AES 128 bit-key. The characteristics seem to be enough for such a device as Chromebook.

Being a non-advanced customer you may have difficulties with the VPN settings. Therefore, the company has designed a special guide for its clients, which is available in tutorial/guide kind and very easy to understand:

IPVanish manual setup for Chromebook

So, with IPVanish VPN you have a great chance to make your network safer. 

Info on Servers or countries

IPVanish server list is quite impressive for an up-to-date user.

As it is marked on the official website, regional restrictions are a thing of the past, as IPVanish offers 40000+ shared IPs that help you stay completely secure and has more than 1200+ servers in 60+ countries.

You can access the web from anywhere in the world and use the Internet as if you were in one of these 60 countries yourself. Therefore, you can enjoy everything the Internet has to offer for that specific location.

With more than 1000 servers to choose from, you are sure to find the fastest possible connection the provider has to offer.

Server park includes:

  • Europe 433 locations: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK.
  • North America 632 locations: Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, the USA.
  • Central/South America 18 locations: Brazil.
  • Asia 69 locations: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore.
  • Africa and Middle East 5 locations: South Africa, Israel, UAE.

Servers of IPVanish VPN

The network is regarded by the company as the fastest in operation and in growth (for example, the number of VPN servers increased by more than 250 since the time of the last IPVanish review update). The fact is considered as the most essential as the company doesn’t pause in mid-sentence, but confirms its words with actions.

Functionality of IPVanish

The functions of IPVanish VPN are divers and make people all over the world subscribe to this service.

Access to the best streaming website

The main focus of IPVanish is to hide you while you are using the internet freely so you can take use of unblocking streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Filmclub from anywhere in the world and still enjoy a wide variety of content that these sites have to offer even when they are not available in your location.

Do not be afraid of expressing your opinion

Also, you can blog what you like without being restricted by government policies and simply be safe from hackers who might be trying to access your personal information or accounts. (Read more about internet privacy tools).

Be anonymous while web browsing

Another fun benefit of this great service provider is the fact that your IP address will be hidden and you can access the Internet running different servers from various countries so it will appear to them as if you are in a completely different location. The safety features and encryption VPN protocols that this reliable VPN service uses also ensure that you will be completely safe and secure when using public connections like hotspots.

Experience the best data transferring rate

Besides, the best VPN speeds are delivered by the service as well as the most defended connections at the most competitive pricing if compare it with others. The service gives its customers a possibility to surf the internet absolutely anonymously while running the unrestricted network.

No hacks of your accounts

Like using free WiFi hotspots but afraid of being hacked through them? Forget about such problem forever. With IPVanish account all your data will be reliably hidden from the prying eyes and those who want to seize your info.

Surf the Internet as if you are at home

If you are to travel a lot, you will definitely appreciate this fantastic facility! Having connected to the VPN server located in your motherland, you will open the pages and website you got used to. Thus, IPVanish VPN makes the distance unimportant.

Say no to deep packet inspection

If you are against the ISP to interfere with your online activity, IPVanish is a MUST for you. The Internet Service Provider will not manage to identify what data you send and receive, what pages and website you open and how much time do you spend on this or that activity on the Internet

IPVanish VPN follows simple rules:

  • Restrictions are avoided while accessing websites and media.
  • ISPs spying and your speed throttling are stopped while downloading heavy materials.
  • Hackers are not allowed to approach your network while connecting to a public hotspot.
  • Your online presence and information are kept locked from uncontrolled interferences.

Security and Privacy

A secure environment for everyday web use is provided for the clients in compliance with the company. IPVanish has the best security protocols and encryption software to help protect you from any kind of censorship, corporate firewalls, cybercrimes and ISP throttling whether you are using your internet from your home desktop or on the go. 

IPVanish gives you the functionality of OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols for complete anonymity online and locks your confidential materials with 256-bit key.

Your address and physical location are thoroughly held back from all the prying eyes including ‘14 eyes’. Besides, annoying online marketers, search engines and websites are deprived of looking through your online activities for purposes of further commercial usage. With the help of VOIP of the service, you are able to save money for international calls, which, as you know, charge higher fees.

The company also suggests using IPVanish mobile apps to avoid your sensitive information being stolen from your smart phone. The function is highly useful, as portable gadgets, such as our mobile phones, need additional protection from being connected to ‘remembered’ hotspots out of hand. This specially developed application is to keep your data safe.

IPVanish Support service

When you buy this VPN in the US you can enjoy 24-hour support from any destination in the world and even on public holidays and weekends. The requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis when you email the support team.

All you need to do is to:

  • inform IPVanish about your valid email;
  • describe the problem you faced;
  • choose the department you want to solve your problem (billing, technical support or affiliate info);
  • attach a file (optional).

IPVanish VPN support service

You can also browse topics and check the section if you prefer to help yourself.

The service suggests reading such themes as ‘about IPVanish’, and etc. You have a possibility to look through the latest asked questions and answers to them if your problem is not going like a house on fire. The support team consists of professionals that will assist you in many questions 24/7.

Terms of Usage

Terms of usage and privacy policy (link) are the main sections for your deep reading and analysis when subscribing for any service. Therefore, having decided to run IPVanish VPN, you need to read all the statements attentively, as long as your future security and privacy depends on the ‘virtual agreement’ you sign with the company. 

We have decided to highlight just the most in-demand sections of the document.

When talking about personal information...

You should know that while subscribing for the service you assure the company that all the personal information given by you is accurate and complete. What is more, if some of the data is to be changed you agree on informing the service about it.

Study IPVanish website without registration

However, you have free access to the website without giving the company any of your personal data. Only when registering on the company before using the service you will need to give away some of your truly-existing personal identifiable data.  The company is stated to have all the possibilities to use the information in compliance with the privacy policy, which you can read separately on the official website. 

What about IPVanish information?

You have no right to copy or misuse any of the content posted on the official website, as well as any commercial use of the website is immensely prohibited by the company. When not following the rules enumerated in the terms of the service usage you may be blocked on running the service. It is allowed by the service for downloading and running the software coming from the package you are subscribed for. Besides, the software can be updated by the service from time to time and you will be notified about the change via the email you have shared with the company. 

Will you get IPVanish advertising letters?

What is more, the service follows NO spamming policy, which prohibits any activities associated with transmitting any irrelevant data through the network. Having paid for the service once, the package will be automatically prolonged by the company. Therefore, having decided to deny further service usage, you need to send a notifying letter to the support team. 

Money back guarantee

Within 7 days from the purchase start, you have a right to ask the service for a refund in case you are dissatisfied with it. When sending the email after the 7-day period the request will be denied. The payments will be made in USD, which means you can lose some money if paying with Bitcoins, for instance. (site link)

The company states to present no response for all the third-party resources you visit, as long as the own privacy policies are foreseen by them independently. The service is known to publish no third party content on the official website. 

Besides, the company states it’s you who are responsible for all the personal data you share and your subscription credentials. In this regard, such thing as account sharing is not prohibited but undergoes your personal responsibility.   

IPVanish Account process

The process of creating IPVanish account is incredibly simple. First, you have to choose the plan that you are interested in and apply for the service. Create your account by entering your email address and password.

IPVanish account

After paying for the service, you are to log in to IPVanish control panel. For this, you need to enter your username and password.

Login to IPVanish control panel

Download IPVanish software on your operating system. We have downloaded it on our Windows desktop.

IPVanish VPN software for Windows

Fill in your credentials once again to log in IPVanish software.

IPVanish software

Choose the desired server and connect to it, for example, the server in Luxembourg. That’s it, now we are browsing the Internet from another country.

Connection to the IPVanish server

IP Leak and Speed Test for IPVanish

After connecting to the server in Luxembourg, we’ve checked the provider for IP and DNS leak test. Fortunately, none of them were detected.

IP leak test for IPVanish

All VPNs reduces internet speed connection somehow. We decided to have a look if IPVanish is fast. Below you may see our speed tests results. Here are our results without IPVanish:

Speed test without IPVanish

Connection speeds with the server located more than 3700 km from us:

Speed test for the IPVanish VPN

The VPN is on again, but this time the server is closer, about 500 km away from our home location:

Speed test for the IPVanish server

As you can see, the closer the server from your home country, the higher the speeds. That’s why a VPN that offers a wide server park is a must for those who need a VPN for torrenting or using online streaming services.


IPVanish VPN software downloads are available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Chromebook as well as VPN apps for several routers, Apple TV, Roku, over a Proxy. You can also enjoy complete safety and freedom from any connection such as wired connections, Wi-Fi connections, wireless connections or shared hotspots.

Platforms compatible with IPVanish


IPVanish is a perfect solution to help you vanish completely everything so you can be safe and assured that all your online internet activity and personal accounts are utterly safe and uncensored.

Say what you want on blogs without putting yourself at risks and enjoy the free Internet no matter where you are or where you go. IPVanish is an affordable service that offers fantastic customer support and has all the security protocols and features you need for the ultimate safety.

It also provides some additional possibilities, such as a mobile VPN app or VPN over a proxy, which are to make your online activities even more preserved from multiple threats. You can enjoy social media, stream torrents, download and much more thanks to this top-rated service provider.

IPVanish pros

  •  Over 1200 super-fast servers in 60+ countries
  •  Limitless bandwidth and speed
  •  Protection of all your devices (5) (Update! Now it offers up to 10 devices!)
  •  Affordable prices
  •  P2P file sharing
  •  Round-the-clock support
  •  Money back guarantee (within 7 days)
  •  Various protocols
  •  Reliable encryption method
  •  Geographical blocking bypassing
  •  No logs

IPVanish cons

  • Lack of free trial
  • No free plan


Want to compare the VPN with another one?

Eve Hunt
November 25, 2018

All the VPN services I've looked at previously require you to install a client app on your computer or device - will any of these work with, say, the VPN client in a DD-WRT'd router too allow own to pipe his entire LAN over the VPN? Regards Eve Hunt

November 24, 2018

IPVanish allows protecting DD-WRT routers as well. Such connection will be protected with AES-256 encryption by means of OpenVPN protocol. It is possible to buy a router with IPVanish VPN pre-installed or install it on any DD-WRT manually. The setup guides are presented on the official website of the provider.

March 12, 2018

What a fucking hell is that IPVanish?! I wanted to enter a 1 month subscription, but nope 1 year is mine!!! I didn’t want it so addressed the support and there’s no answer thought 4 days passed since that moment. Thus, almost $80 was charged off. But that’s not the only shit I faced! Jeez!!! My internet connection is something really terrible. Ping is no more than 2 even when VPN is off. Damn IPVanish! Don’t recommend it! Don’t subscribe for it, NO ONE!!!

March 12, 2018

Hi Jackie, your problem will be easily solved due to the support team. Contact them once again and try another email account. As for the ping, you are to contact the ISP. Some troubles with your local internet connection are more likely.

March 16, 2018

Yep! Agree with the author! Being quite informed about some email issues I can say that your letter may be marked as spam letter for a set of reasons. Don’t want to go in particulars and make some predictions about the reasons your letter could be spammed.

March 16, 2018

Don’t know guys, what’s the reason but it’s total shit! Well, let it be.. I’ll try to elicit the truth from the ISP.

March 01, 2018

It’s said in IPVanish review that the lowest possible price is $6.49. But I know that IPVanish VPN often offers discounts. The discounts may rich 60-70%! But not 46% like now. For example, I managed to find IPVanish coupon and saved $6.67 a month! I found it when was looking for the info on IPVanish on reddit. There users share such things regularly.

March 02, 2018

You are 100% right. IPVanish cares for its consumers and to make the VPN service more affordable for them, it offers special coupons and introduces various discount systems from time to time. You may find about new coupons on our website bestvpnrating.com. In our “Coupons” section, you will find information on the latest and valid VPN coupons.

February 05, 2018

Don’t trust IPVanish if you wanna stay safe!!! I checked its IP and DNS leak and IPVanish failed the test! Besides the speed reduced significantly from 80-90 Mbps to 35-50 Mbps. So I dare suppose that it was proclaimed the best VPN software by mistake. There’s no ground for such “title”!

January 14, 2018

Of course IPVanish isn’t the cheapest VPN provider. The lowest possible price is six dollars and forty nine cents. And IPVanish price will be like this only n case of a subscription that would last one year. For me it’s a minus because seventy seven dollars and ninety nine cents is quite a big sum of money for a student. So I wouldn’t call IPVanish an affordable VPN service. If only it could possible to pay month by month, but no. They don’t allow it saying that the discount is possible only thanks to the money paid in advance. So I had to use it one month. In such a way having read numerous IPVanish reviews on various portals I came to the conclusion to create an IPVanish account for a month only. I thought that if I liked this VPN service, I would think about other variants of subscription. But no… in spite of all the benefits of IPVanish VPN, the cost is overpriced. Nothing extra ordinary. To be honest I like PureVPN even more (I found out about it while reading VPN reviews on this site). The price is less, but features are even better. Thus, I had to pay fifty eight dollars and ninety two cents at once for a one year subscription. I know about the facility to pay even less, but I can’t afford to pay a big sum of money at once. That’s why PureVPN 1 year account suits me most of all. Moreover, PureVPN allows additional features like blocking of apps, also it filters internet content making it safer for users. So now when someone would ask me what is the best VPN, my answer would be “PureVPN”. There are three reasons: moderate price, additional functions that provide security and of course super fast servers that make PureVPN the best VPN for streaming. You may argue with me, let it be, it’s your business. But I’ll remain unconvinced!

January 22, 2018

Sooooo many points to argue… First of all, price is not the thing a person who wants to be REALLY PROTECTED should take into consideration. In my judgment, there’s something hidden behind the low price! I can’t say anything bad about IP Vanish VPN. There are so many servers that IP Vanish VPN users do not suffer from slow speed. It is well known that if a VPN has few servers, it’s 99.9 percent that they will be overloaded and so that the speed of users connected to such overloaded VPN servers will be pretty slow. As for me I dislike slow speed, so that I prefer using IP Vanish because of its servers’ diversity. Well, IP Vanish has more than 1000 VPN servers on offer. And that’s definitely great!

February 05, 2018

Hey boys, disagree with both of you! I also tried IPVanish and I’m totally confused... Vain promises and nothing more! I entered a subscription to IPVanish and soon after it (in a week or so) the app on my smartphone stopped working. “Wonderful”, isn’t it?! That’s exactly what I has paid for !!! I SHOULD SAY NOT !!! When I contacted the customer support service, there was no reply! I’ll never take use of a VPN without live chat!

February 06, 2018

Michael, the situation you have experience is inadmissible for any paid service. But let me ask you how much time has passed since the moment you contacted the support team of IPVanish? I ask this question as when the specialists of bestvpnrating team tested the service, they took use of the support service and it was ok. IPVanish specialist replied within 2 hours and answered all the questions they have asked. It will be reasonable to wait 24 hours. In case there will be no reply, it is recommended to write one more letter, as sometimes it is happens that email letter may go to electronic junk mail.

November 30, 2017

Everything sounds pretty good in this IPVanish review. But what about IPVanish trial? Is it possible to use this VPN for free?

December 01, 2017

Unfortunately, IPVanish does not offer the period of free trial. However 7-day money-back guarantee is allowed in case IPVanish clients have some troubles. You will get your money back if you are dissatisfied with IPVanish. But in practice not many people do it, as the service is really trustworthy and handy.

November 28, 2017

Hey there. I’m in China currently. Here is a big problem. IPVanish not working in China. What to do?

November 30, 2017

China is in the list of countries that block access not only to the websites and services but to VPNs as well. However, this is not a problem. You are to configure the VPN manually and make some changes in the settings. You are to change IPVanish server name into its IP address. Try these: use instead of hkg-c01.ipvanish.com or instead of sjc-a01.ipvanish.com. Please, contact us, in case it will not help you.

December 04, 2017

Fantastic!!! It works! Thanks for your assistance.

December 07, 2017

You are welcome. Bestvpnrating’s main aim is to help our readers.

Eddy Clark
October 12, 2017

Who used it? How safe is IPVanish? Have you checked your IP or data ciphering?

October 14, 2017

IPVanish is one of the best VPN services 2017. The provider offers over 850 servers, which allows making your Internet footprint unique. Besides, OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN tunneling protocols guard your data transferred via the network. AES 128 and 256 bit key make it almost impossible to decode your traffic. To draw the conclusion, it should be said that IPVanish is really reliable and trustworthy service that makes all your data reliably ciphered.

Mr. Perez
October 03, 2017

Hello! I’m looking for the best vpn for torrenting. And scrolling pages offered by google, I found out this IPVanish VPN review. I want to know is it worth using for torrenting?

October 05, 2017

Good afternoon, Mr. Perez! IPVanish is definitely worth using for torrenting, as this VPN provider offers P2P file sharing, which is the most suitable for downloading torrent files. Besides, IPVanish servers are fast enough to torrent even huge files.

September 02, 2017

I use IP Vanish for more than a year in US. It works perfectly well. I haven’t noticed any troubles with the work. Also, I traveled to the UAE this summer for vacations, and accessed my US Netflix library.

September 04, 2017

Caleb, IPVanish is one of the best VPN services for the UAE if you are going to access US websites and services there. IPVanish is a perfect unblocker. Thanks for sharing your experience!

August 14, 2017

Nice IPVanish review! But I can’t find some info on IPVanish: how many devices will be protected by this VPN service with one account? Knowing it would help me a lot, as all IPVanish characteristics are good, but I want to protect several devices. So this information is essential for me.

August 16, 2017

Having subscribed for IPVanish VPN, you will be given an opportunity to protect up to 5 devices at a time. This is the reason why many people tend to think that it is the best VPN provider.

June 27, 2017

I started using IPVanish with the plan for 1 month, and when I understood that the service was pretty good for my purposes, I decided to subscribe for it for a long period of time, I obtained a yearly plan. I am satisfied with it. IPVanish kill switch helps me to be protected from unexpected data exposure. It has a huge amount of servers and I can access from any of these servers to any website in the world as if I am a citizen of this country. The internet connection is fast, and you do not feel any loss of the internet speed. It guarantees you anonymity and security because of great data encrypting methods. I had some difficulties with installing, it took me much time to do it. Nevertheless, IPVanish is a reliable and strong VPN service for staying anonymous, secure and private on the network. It is worth using it.

August 29, 2016

This is the best vpn I’ve ever used for its awesome features and pleasant price. As for the customer support, they work fast and focus even on minor problems.

August 08, 2016

It’s a worthy vpn for little money. I have no problems with p2p or torrent. I choose least loaded servers and the speed is great. The servers are located mostly in the US which suits me best.

August 09, 2016

This VPN provider is great in terms of p2p sharing. But you are to keep in mind that such activity is not always legal. Furthermore, it is possible to use streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO and others. Using them, you do not infringe copyright. What is more, having subscribed for IPVanish, you are given access to US libraries, which offer great content.

Dylan Barnes
July 06, 2016

I’m a gamer and I’ve tried numerous services to hide my ip and play blocked games. With ip vanish I’ve bypassed korean blade&soul which’s inaccessible in the US from the word go. That’s cool!

July 04, 2016

First, I’ve had mixed emotions about ipvanish vpn. It’s extremely difficult to set this vpn up! But after installation things are going really well. Connections are stable. By the way, you can pay Bitcoins! Good service.

July 03, 2016

Not bad for advanced users, but not for dummies. This vpn is very reliable and really guarantees anonymity. Multiple encryption methods and trouble free connections. But the installation and configuration is quite complex.

July 04, 2016

IPVanish is really easy to use. But in case you have some troubles with the service you may study the guides, which are available on IPVanish website or contact the support service team.

(average 4.8 of 5)