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Last updated: 06/01/2019
David Balaban

David Balaban

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. He has published his articles on such online media as Hackernoon, Tripwire, Infosecinstitute, and Cybrary.


Netflix VPN

Netflix is a well-known online streaming service that has been providing a host of popular TV shows, series, and movies for 18 years. It is the most sought source because it is an entertainment paradise for many people from all over the globe. 

By means of Netflix, one will definitely enjoy all the beauty of the modern cinematography, TV shows, and other streaming videos.

You might be wondering…

Although Netflix is accessible in 121 countries, its content varies by region.


The best VPN for Netflix serves to bypass such restrictions notwithstanding the geographical location of its consumers. 

And here is the list of 5 Top VPN providers that work for Netflix in 2019:

  1. Express VPN TOP!!! – best VPN service with super-speedy servers to unblock Netflix with a few clicks!
  2. Nord VPN – a cheaper alternative VPN service to unblock Netflix and save money (Hot 2-year discount!)
  3. Cyber Ghost VPN – a great VPN for Netflix with 1500+ servers available!
  4. Vypr VPN – a strong VPN service that unblocks Netflix even in China!
  5. IPVanish VPN – the fastest streaming on Netflix away from any geo-restrictions!

Be sure, this article will make your Netflix streaming 10 times better!

Thus, here are some points to be highlighted:

TOP series on Netflix 2018

doctorwho_poster lilyhammer_poster narkos_poster houseofcards_poster wackingdead_poster

A large variety of entertaining content is presented in the Netflix library: movies, documentaries, TV shows, and… series.

Alongside with series broadcasted on other streaming services and TV channels, Netflix provides consumers with absolutely new original ones like nothing on the earth.

Series produced by Netflix are characterized by entangled plot, off-beat actors' play, and gripping scenario.

Among them, you will find 'BoJack Horseman','Master of None', 'Stranger Things', 'Happy Valley' and many other captivating series that will make you stream Netflix all day long.

Do you want to watch the best Netflix series?

It will be no trouble with the best VPN for Netflix!

But first things first! 

What you need to know about Netflix in 2019

Being the source of entertaining content for over 125 million customers from all over the world Netflix got the revenue at $3.6 billion in the first quarter of 2018.  

And it is expected that the proceeds of the Netflix activity will rise due to the increase of membership cost from $9.99 to $10.99 (Standard plan).

As for other changes it should be mentioned that Netflix became even more family-friendly.

Now children of Netflix subscribers can stream movies without parents, as a new parental control feature was introduced in March 2018. It allows blocking certain content for kids by means of a PIN.

More than this…

Since now the products of outstanding hitmaker Ryan Murphy will be owned by Netflix, therefore there will be no need to license his shows to stream.

But Netflix was not always the case. 

How it all began on Netflix

Netflix started its web streaming services in 1997 and was known as Netflix USA then.

This American based web streaming service has made the world sit up and take notice of this service as it offers a wide stock of movies and TV shows.

It is a boon to the entertainment industry and the service has more than 100,000 movies and TV series content to share with its registered users.

It is the huge collection of quality content that has made it the leading web streaming service in the world and it has over 33 million subscribers in its fold.

The content offered by Netflix can be accessed on your desktop, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, PlayStation, X-box or Roku.

➥  Follow to best VPNs for Netflix

Content guide: what to watch on Netflix?

Who doesn’t like to come home after a hard working day to sit in your favorite chair and drink a cup of coffee while enjoying a new output of your most-wanted serial? No one is the answer.

That is why watching Netflix streaming is an explicable desire. But, unfortunately, the library is different around the world. Thus, to stream Netflix without restrictions, netizens use VPNs in Hong Kong and many other regions of the world.

This service contains movies suiting different tastes. Viewers of all ages can find something special for them.

There are such famous Emmy Award Winners as:

  • ‘The House of Cards’
  • ‘Orange is the New Black’
  • ‘The Square’.

Most featured TV shows:

  •  House of Cards
  •  Long Shot
  •  Rodney Carrington: Here Comes the Truth
  •  Bill Nye Saves the World
  •  Orange is the new Black

And popular serials as:

  • ‘The Killing’
  • ‘Trailer Park Boys'
  • ‘Longmire’
  • ‘How to Get Away with Murder’
  • ‘Daredevil’
  • ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’
  • ‘Hannibal’
  • ‘Blacklist’
  • ‘A very Murray Christmas’
  • ‘Beasts of the Nation’
  • ‘Hot girls wanted’ and etc.

This wide array of choice makes the source so popular all over the world. 

Is Netflix different overseas?


Without any qualms, Netflix libraries differ from country to country. It depends on many factors. Censorship is one of them.

Thus, some countries like China, India, the United Arab Emirates or Iraq conduct a very strict censorship policy. Accordingly, there are a lot of websites unavailable for residents of such areas.

This is the first reason for the difference in Netflix content for countries. To enjoy a full variant of the Netflix website it is reasonable to use US Netflix via VPN.

As for the second reason, it lies in the following. Any created product around the world is protected against piracy by copyright. Whether it is Emmy Award Winner or a TV show with high rating it is guarded against piracy.

If a certain country doesn’t possess the license for broadcasting this or that show or movie, Netflix makes it unavailable for the country. Thus, the library lacks some entertaining products.

Along these lines, you may wonder whether it is safe to use Netflix source by means of Virtual Private Network.

For sure, it is.

VPN provider masks a user’s IP from ISPs. As a result, it becomes a fake one. Now it is problematically to identify not only the user but also the country.

Moreover, the traffic passed through the network is encoded with the advanced data encrypting protocols, among them, are OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and others.

In such a way you may feel defended as no prying eyes can interfere into your personal data. Even in the case of intercepting or snooping, it is not possible to open it as it will take plenty of time to decode the encrypted information. 

I want to watch international Netflix: any restrictions?

Even though Netflix is made available in many countries, the content offered on the service is not the same. This is due to the licensing restrictions in many regions.

Have you ever wanted to watch “House of Cards” or “Mad Men” through Netflix?

If your answer is yes, you found that you are unable to access it from abroad. Some users prefer torrenting, which is not always legal. Others like streaming, like you.

Many of the countries do not offer Netflix American content and the content offered in many of the regions where Netflix is allowed are totally different.

Recently the policy has been changed by Netflix and VPN services are known to be blocked now if trying to connect to the channel.

Some of the security experts consider the fact ill-judged as most customers turn to use VPNs for protecting their private online lives. Due to this very fact, the number of network customers has been reduced despite price falls.

Moreover, as it is seen from the latest news there is a real digital war between Netflix and VPNs. Besides, such applied by the media company as Verizon is known to kill Netflix traffic. In this regard, many average customers make wonder how to avoid Netflix blocking with a VPN.   

As every US citizen considers privacy as a crucial feature of true democracy, the policy of the channel seems to be unfounded and contradicts customers’ expectations.

Nevertheless, the network administration is totally satisfied with the implied conditions and doesn’t seem to come round.

In this regard, more technologically advanced users can become involved in piracy and become a part of a copyright criminal chain. That is why numerous Netflix customers have abandoned channel usage.

If talking about terms of Netflix channel usage nothing unlawful can be singled out:

  • Netflix ready device (any device) is used for transferring streaming materials;
  • Netflix membership should be packaged for using the channel;
  • Netflix ready device and Internet connection are the necessary conditions for subscribing for the channel;
  • A free trial can be tested before filling a further subscription;
  • Monthly membership should be paid for;
  • You must be 18 years old to make a membership with the network;
  • Non-commercial use is demanded by the administration., etc.

It seems like nothing unnatural, every common state is mentioned in the full version of terms, which you can read on your own.

But a real interest is presented by privacy terms of the channel. Information that you give to the channel is your business. If you give your email that means that you are aware of it.


On the contrary, some data the channel collects on you that what is attractive. So, be attentive:

  • Title selections, watch history, search queries are stored from the devices you run for Netflix.
  • Any interaction with customer service up to your phone number and time when you get in touch.
  • Your devices’ ID and software characteristics and etc.


The full data can be read from the official website.

How to unblock Netflix movies outside US

Want to use a VPN and Netflix together, but don’t know why? There are some reasons:

The first reason why there are many people looking for the best VPN for Netflix is the geo-restrictions that are implemented in various countries.

Besides, people want to get more Netflix shows for free. The Netflix service has expanded over many countries, but the quality of content is far more inferior than what the US users have access to.

Any expat living outside the US will not be able to watch all the quality content that he or she has watched earlier because of the government restrictions and censorships. This is the reason why people are using the services known as VPNs to gain the liberty to watch Netflix US content from anywhere in the world. The USA VPN provider is a way out!

If you are traveling to a country where there are restrictions on the US content website or you don’t live in the US anymore, then the best option would be to use VPN to watch Netflix.

In this article, one will find the VPN services that will help to unblock Netflix despite the restrictions and constant updates done by Netflix to block VPNs. This is the reason why there are many people looking for using VPN to watch Netflix so that they get the US content aired on the website at greater speeds.

Supposing you are from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK or any other country of Europe, now you can answer the question and watch Netflix for so long as you want. Actually, it is a big trouble to access Netflix without a VPN in Belgium, for example.

The best VPN for Netflix is the right decision on selecting a qualitative product. Here is the best VPN for Netflix rating 2019 to help you with making a choice.

If you are thinking about how you can make use of a VPN to watch Netflix despite the geo-restrictions and government blocking of the streaming service in certain countries, then you need to read on.

What is a VPN for Netflix?

VPN is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It has been developed as a technology for protecting any Internet customer from being traced or intercepted while transferring any traffic via the network.

The service is widely used by big corporations and companies to individual customers. The reason for such popularity lies in the fact that the output helps not only to defend your sensitive confidential data from uncontrolled intrusions, but also to remove restrictions from geographically blocked websites and resources such as Netflix.

How does a VPN for Netflix work?

Being a private network that makes use of virtual connections under a strong defense, a VPN for Netflix is a reliable method for staying safe online.

So, there are 5 main functions accomplished by the service:

  • The best VPN for Netflix is a virtual private network that gives its users security, privacy and anonymity while being online.
  • The best VPN for Netflix hides your authentic IP address and gives you a possibility to choose one of the listed server locations so that you are able to bypass any restrictions and unblock all the banned websites including Netflix.
  • The best VPN for Netflix uses the latest VPN protocols that create a special tunneling, passing through which all your sensitive data comes to be encrypted. Thus no third party can interfere in your private life.
  • The best VPN for Netflix serves to bypass geographical, censorship and other types of restrictions.
  • The best VPN for Netflix protects you, your device and data against computer attacks of any kind: data leak, breach and what not.

Besides, having applied for the top-rated VPN for Netflix, you can be sure that the service is anonymous as the conditions of registration and usage are apt.

If a VPN accepts different payment methods that help to save your real name unidentified, such as crypto-currency like Bitcoin.

In addition, a client-accounting process of the best VPN for Netflix requires your email and username only, which complicates the process of your identification by any second party.

If you are still not sure that you are able to set up a VPN for Netflix independently, having subscribed for the best VPN for Netflix you get the best assistance from a professional team of experts.

Can't use Netflix with VPN: is it legal?


According to a widely-spread opinion, accessing geo-restricted Netflix content libraries is not recognized as piracy.

Nevertheless, one should know:

Your account can be permanently banned if you try to unblock a foreign catalog, the content of which is unlicensed in your region. Consequently, it’s your own risk of being prosecuted for trying to unblock Netflix with a VPN (which is among the best privacy tools).

If talking about the actual issue, Netflix has changed its Terms of Service by adding a clause about VPN services utilization.

In keeping with the new principle of VPN usage for unblocking Netflix catalog, users that infringe the law can have their subscriptions canceled. This new feature has led some Netflix subscribers to think twice before running a VPN.

The current state of things:

At any rate, Netflix company has no purposes banning its customers, while also losing profit and authority, so it plays nice abiding by the newfangled rules. For this reason, most people agree that using a VPN to unblock Netflix is not that difficult and punishable. 

How to find the best VPN for Netflix?

In order to make the right choice, you need to learn some more information about the best VPNs for Netflix, which can be extremely useful for you while choosing the best VPN for Netflix.

So, here are some qualities of the best VPN for unblocking Netflix:

  • privacy and security:

These two words take the leading position when we are looking for a reliable tool for Internet activity. The possibility to reach real privacy and security on the Internet depends on other vital factors described below

  • a vast variety of server locations:

Actually, for watching Netflix you need multiple servers located in the US, as in this case, you will be able to choose the least loaded one for connecting to the Internet. The Internet service providers of any country won’t be able to see you if you subscribe to the best VPN for Netflix.

That happens due to the fact that the best VPN for Netflix provides you with a wide choice of server locations the best VPN for Netflix holds so that you can choose one of the options and shift your virtual location and thus hide your real IP address.

Found a VPN with servers located in the USA? Don’t hesitate to subscribe to it.  

  • strong encryption:

The best VPN for Netflix gives you a secure and private connection to the Internet. It means that with the help of strong protocols and defensive tunneling provided by a qualitative VPN for Netflix lock and encrypt all your traffic so that any prying eyes can’t see or intercept it.

Don’t know what VPN to choose on the assumption of its encryption?

Let us investigate.

The level of security depends on the tunneling protocol and the cipher it uses to decode your traffic.

Thus, the majority of the best VPNs for Netflix use:

  • OpenVPN – is a tunneling protocol, which is supposed to be the best for streaming and torrenting. Among its pluses are super speed, flexible setup and capacity to work through firewalls;
  •  PPTP – is easy to use for novice users, as it is simple and compatible with all OSes.
  •  L2TP/IPsec – may be used for streaming. It is available in modern operating systems. Actually, it is among the securest tunneling protocols.
  •  SSTP – is certainly a great tool that helps to achieve security on the Internet. But it has one but the essential weak point – it operates only on Windows devices.
  • a trial version or money-back guarantee:

The best VPN for Netflix should provide users with a possibility of the testing period for the service or at least a money-back guarantee.

In case a VPN for Netflix offers a free trial version you can run the service before subscribing for it. Thus, before making a subscription you are highly recommended to test your average internet connection speed without a VPN service and then try to use the VPN for different online needs.

In this case, you will see whether there is some speed reduction. Providing the speed has been slowed down, you have a chance to choose another protocol for traffic encoding.  

PPTP protocol is the most suitable variant in case you have difficulties with speed, which can further result into delays, hits, lags, etc. 

A money-back guarantee is to provide you with budget protection, as long as in case you are dissatisfied with the service, you will be able to get your money back. 

  • a simple installation and friendly interface:

Although the best VPN for Netflix might have a good professional technical support, still it’s more important to pay attention to the used languages and easy-to-use interface, because you are who is going to work with the best VPN for Netflix.

  • log policy:

While choosing the best VPN for Netflix one should pay attention to the log policy. Logs usually keep data on users’ sensitive data, date and time of access to the services and websites by means of a VPN, visited web pages, the results of search engines and what not.

Who needs this information?

ISP – they want to control every single user on the Internet. First and foremost, it is connected with the fact, that some services are blocked. And ISP monitors those who try to act illegally on the Internet environment.

The government – their main aim is to know everything about everyone. On the one hand, it helps to prevent some illegal actions such as hold-ups, acts of terrorism and what not. But on the other hand, the government may become a barrier on the way to stream or torrent on the Internet.

Advertisers – logs are great tools in advertisers’ hands, as they help to identify the interests of internet users. Thanks to the logs, it is a child’s play for them to find potential consumers and to flood people with the ads. It seems that there is nothing criminal in such actions. And it is true. But they MAKE you buy sometimes even unnecessary things again and again. Thus, they operate like thieves, but in a more veiled way.

Unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds

NB! When looking for a VPN for streaming services two more important characteristics you should pay attention to are unlimited bandwidth and fast speed performance. When both these conditions are met, the quality of the picture is high and the streaming materials are broadcasted without any hits and interruptions.

Does speed influence Netflix streaming?

Of course, it does. While a VPN use for Amazon Prime, for example, one is connected to the service abroad and it may slow down the speed. Thus, it’s better to choose the best VPN for Netflix to evade pauses and other problems that may be the consequences of poor speed.

What are the benefits of unlimited bandwidth for Netflix streaming?

Some VPNs constrain their users in the traffic. Thus, it may lead to serious problems.

First of all, when the bandwidth of a VPN you have chosen comes to the end, your protection, internet security, access to restricted services (such as Netflix, for example) and other VPNs bonuses will become unavailable for you.

It may happen at an inopportune moment. For example, while watching a new episode of your favorite series or talk-show program. Or, even worse, while sending a secret message via your email. It will not be encrypted anymore.

So, it is extremely important to show preference to the best VPN for Netflix with unlimited bandwidth.

How to unblock Netflix with VPN

Watching Netflix via VPN is a great up-to-date possibility one can use.

Do you want to know how? Read till the end.

A VPN service is a private secure and anonymous way of networking. It helps not only with encrypting your traffic, so that no one can see it, but also hinders your IP address, which is useful when watching banned sites.

Protocols of the best VPNs for Netflix will help!

The best VPNs for Netflix use the strong protocols as Open VPN, SSTP and others that create the so-called encryption tunneling through which all the data transfers in a secure way. Also, these protocols, in particular, can break even the hardest firewalls and NAT.

Be hidden from the ISP

The VPN service that you choose will help in hiding your IP address from the ISP provider. Having connected to the internet through the VPN service, you will be asked to choose the server that you would like to use to access the Netflix.

VPN subscriber's traffic is encoded

What happens in the background is that the data that you sent from your device to the VPN server will be passing through an encrypted tunnel and this way no external source will be able to track your online activity. Make sure that you use the ideal VPN service that offers the best DNS service for Netflix so that you can enjoy quality content without any hindrances.


So, as you see, while using this service, you can watch Netflix even if Netflix is not offered or restricted in the region you live.

In order to enjoy the best quality of a picture, you should use the best VPN service for Netflix so that there are no any glitches or snooping when watching your favorite TV series or movies.

The best VPNs for Netflix give its users a possibility to escape the blocking and enjoy Netflix even being overseas. Choosing a good VPN for Netflix like Avast VPN one can easily avoid all the limitations imposed by the government.

Detailed description of 5 best VPNs for Netflix

1 winner
/ 5.0

As the name of this provider suggests, this VPN service offers excellent internet speed servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This makes ExpressVPN one of the best VPNs for everyone in terms of server speed. Apart from tunneling speeds, ExpressVPN has a wide server network (1500+) that is located in 94+ countries. This VPN offers excellent customer support and strict no logging policy.

Some of the key features of ExpressVPN are:

  • unlimited server switch, data and bandwidth;
  • the option to choose from 5 tunneling encryption protocols;
  • reliable 256-bit encryption;
  • 3 devices simultaneous connection;
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • free apps for every popular OS and devices.

If you are in search of a good VPN provider, opt for ExpressVPN and surf the Internet securely.

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2 place
/ 5.0

second vpnNordVPN is an up-to-date service combining all the current security facilities. It provides unbreakable double encryption allowing you to browse everywhere without being hacked.

Using Nord VPN you can easily access blocked websites, such as Netflix. Besides, the connection speed is always great as there are many servers in 62 countries. In addition, NordVPN allows you to watch restricted sites making them accessible. It guarantees you being secure enough connecting public hotspots.

NordVPN is a great way to keep quiet surfing the Internet.

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3 place
/ 5.0

While looking for the best VPN for your needs, you should consider CyberGhost  VPN. Getting a lot of features for reasonable pricing monthly is what makes CyberGhost VPN one of the cheapest VPNs of all time. What is more prominent is that the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to check if it really works the way it should be. Boasting more than 1524 servers in 60 countries, this VPN provider ensures fast connections. Like many of its kind, this VPN provider uses double encryption system making it reliable and protected. CyberGhost is a respectable VPN service for keeping internet connecting secure, private and anonymous.


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4 place
/ 5.0

This VPN is the best for Morocco. It was launched in the wake of the NSA being busted doing surveillance on AT&T networks. The experts running VYPR VPN have been in the business since 1994. It is an ideal VPN for Morocco because it gives you access to all the Geo-restricted websites such as Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer. This is made possible by the effective tunneling protocol such as PTPP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. When buying items online, your personal data is protected by the unique Chameleon and 256-bit encryption. It is also a great VPN for iPad as well as other devices which operate on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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5 place
/ 5.0

As a technologically advanced user, you stand to gain immensely by subscribing for this VPN service. With IPVanish you will access geo-restricted websites and channels. You will also be able to bypass all the government’s censorship hence giving you an opportunity of accessing the internet as the rest of the world is.

With IPVanish you can enjoy access to over 1000 high-speed servers located in over 60 countries. Your protection is assured by the SHA-256-bit authentication and the 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to this, there are zero logs and a 7-day money back guarantee. So, no data leaks can be experienced while using the service for being fully protected online. It seems that the best features of IPVanish are:

  • 1000+ ultra-high-speed servers all around the world;
  • Strong encryption protocols;
  • Multi-platform compatibility.

Try to be free on the Internet!

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How to use Netflix with VPN: 5 setup guides

If you have heard about VPN and its services, then it won’t be difficult for you to access the movies and TV shows offered on the Netflix US streaming website.


All the services listed in the article will show you how to watch Netflix with VPN. Their features are in keeping with the demands of modern blocking systems. Having subscribed for one of them a user may be almost 100% convinced that he/she will manage to unblock US Netflix library from every corner of the world.

It was primarily designed for making corporate or business networks free for access by the remote employees.

Today, the private networks are applied for different OSes and devices not only for making internet connection free from uncontrolled interference or the part of unauthorized adversaries but to make you detached from geo-location dependence and IP filtering.

Having connected to a VPN service today you are more eager to watch some geo-restricted or blocked websites like Netflix, rather than use the technology for business only. 

How to set up ExpressVPN for Netflix?

To enjoy the Netflix library to the full, it is necessary to install a VPN. And the specialists of bestvpnrating have prepared for your short guides, in order for you to cope with the task in a matter of minutes.

Follow the steps below and install Express VPN for Netflix:

#1 Go to the official website of the VPN provider by a simple click in rating (‘’Visit site’’).

#2 Find the section with the tariff plans and choose the one that suits you most of all.

 Find the section with the tariff plans and choose the one that suits you most of all.

#3 Then subscribe for the chosen plan.

Then subscribe for the chosen plan.

You need to create an account and choose how you will pay for it.

You need to create an account and choose how you will pay for it.

#4 Download the app compatible with your device.

 Download the app compatible with your device.

#5 Set up the downloaded ExpressVPN app and be ready to use it for Netflix.

Set up the downloaded ExpressVPN app and be ready to use it for Netflix

How to set up NordVPN for Netflix?


If you have chosen the service for watching Netflix, you should know it is the most appropriate solution for the issue, as long as the process of installation, as well as for usage is as easy as A, B, C.

#1 The first step you need to make is to enter the official website and choose one of the three main packages:

choose one of the three main packages

#2 Then you need to fill in the subscription form here and choose the most suitable payment method:

you need to fill in the subscription form here and choose the mostsuitable payment method

#3 After you have received an email with your account credentials, you need to download and install an app. In ‘navigation’ section you need to choose ‘download’ link:

After you have received an email with your account credentials, you need to download and install an app

And you will be redirected to the page from where you will be able to download the app you need (make sure you have chosen a right OS version):

you will be redirected to the page from where you will be able to download the app

#4 Then you will have to see how to work with the app and all the functions it offers:

Then you will have to see how to work with app and all the functions it offers

The app is simple-to-run and has a plain interface.

With the use of NordVPN for Netflix, you can stay absolutely protected against any interference into your private life and online affairs. 


Download instruction (325 KB)

How to set up Cyber Ghost VPN for Netflix?


If you have chosen Cyber Ghost VPN for Netflix for your device, it should be mentioned that this VPN works on Windows and Microsoft software.

Be attentive while choosing Cyber Ghost VPN as on the score of Microsoft cessation of Windows XP and Windows Vista support the app doesn’t work on this software.

If you are lucky to have one of supported by Microsoft versions of Windows follow the steps below: 

#1 To prevent your software from any technical fault close all open programs and apps and back up to be on the safe side. 

#2 Then you are to run the Setup Wizard to install file Cyber Ghost VPN.

#3 After launching the installing app on your gadget follow the steps it requests. Don’t ignore the agreement, don’t be lazy to spend a couple of minutes to look it through.

Cyber Ghost VPN for Netflix

Evidently, Cyber Ghost VPN installation is like two and two is four. So if you have appropriate software and want easy use, opt for this VPN. 

How to set up VyprVPN for Netflix?


Those who would prefer VyprVPN will definitely appreciate speed while watching the latest films or series. And for Netflix lovers, it is a good choice as VPN provider offers a great variety of IPs in the USA, which is vital for those who desire to visit such site as Netflix without any restrictions.

Likewise NordVPN, VyprVPN is applicable to the software of your device. But the number of software is more diverse (all versions of Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, iPhone, Anonabox, BLACKBERRY, Boxee, ASUSWRT, etc.). It is even possible to run this VPN on Apple TV.

The rules of VyprVPN installation are quite the same. It is strongly recommended to follow all the steps for a VyprVPN version compatible with your device software.

#1 To begin with one is to open the VyprVPN official website and click 'Get started'.

To begin with one is to open VyprVPN official website and clock 'Get started'.

#2 The next step is to choose the package. But don't miss the chance to try this VPN for Netflix free thanks to its 3-day trial period.

The next step is to choose the package

#3 Having opted for a VPN plan, spend a couple of minutes on providing the service with some data about you and pay for VyprVPN subscription through one of the offered methods.

Having opted for a VPN plan, spend a couple of minutes on providing the service with some data about you and pay for VyprVPN

#4 After the payment is finished, you may start installing the VPN software and unblock US Netflix content in a matter of seconds.

After the payment is finished

you may start installing the VPN software and unblock US Netflix content in a matter of seconds

How to set up IPVanish VPN for Netflix?


Without no doubt, IPVanish VPN is among the best for Netflix use. It is available on various software (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, and others), which makes it convenient to use it on various devices.

#1 First of all, you are to visit IPVanish VPN official site to download a suitable version of VPN for your device.

Without no doubt IPVanish VPN is among the best for Netflix use

#2 Follow the instructions of the visual guide or tutorial for a chosen version of IPVanish. 

#3 Choose the necessary location. It is better to use US server in order to gain access to top Netflix movies. 

#4 In case of any problems IPVanish VPN support center is available 24/7. 
If you managed to install IPVanish successfully Netflix web browsing turn out well wherever we are. 

You will not find it difficult to run PIA VPN and VPN Unlimited either.

Does your VPN unblock Netflix?

Even if your VPN provides a direct access to a full Netflix content today, no one can promise it will work forever. However, VPN services listed above still let you access Netflix US in different countries around the globe. Thus, there is no way to stream Netflix without a VPN in Syria, as the service is not accessible there.

If you watch Netflix with an unmentioned VPN service and it still works, tell the other users reading this rating, which VPN you use.

Beyond all doubts, any actual info will be greatly appreciated by Netflix viewers. So, if you have something to share, please let us know in the comments below.

That is how you will be able to watch favorite movies and TV series in any part of the world, regardless of geographical restrictions barred by Netflix.

Is Netflix blocking VPN services so far?

Unfortunately, it is.

Netflix uses geo-blocking technique to prevent people from streaming certain content hosted on the service. In its turn, VPN services change netizens' IPs to unblock Netflix US content.

If often happens that internet consumers try bypassing the restrictions imposed by Netflix in their region and use unreliable VPN or proxy for Netflix.

As a result, they see the message:

''Oops, something went wrong…

Streaming error

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy''  

It is nothing more or less than Netflix VPN ban.

Find out more about it:

What is Netflix VPN ban?


This technique is also known as Netflix VPN block. To put it simply, the dedicated software detects netizens accessing this streaming website through services like VPN, Tor or Proxy and prevents them from using the site.

By means of Streaming error, Netflix notifies users on detection. As a result, people can't use Netflix with VPN. They are offered to disable all the tools used.

Netflix detects VPN users accessing the site


Some time ago (until January 2016) it was NOT a problem to stream Netflix originals as well as hosted TV shows and movies.

But not today…

Now Netflix detects proxy services, VPNs and other tools users use to get rid of censorship and local restrictions.

How does Netflix know I'm using a VPN?


For more than 2 years Netflix makes use of GeoIP databases. They contain information on all the companies around the world that host VPN servers, proxies, and web servers.

Consequently, if Netflix detects someone uses an IP that belongs to such organization, it will be marked as blacklisted.

Thus, Netflix doesn't work with VPN services which IPs are stored in this database.

How to get around Netflix VPN block?


Although it was mentioned that it is dead difficult to stream the service under discussion, still there are ways to bypass Netflix VPN block.

Having looked through the top 5 services presented in this article, you will get to know how to bypass the Netflix VPN block.

A VPN for Netflix should expand its server network regularly to enable netizens to bypass Netflix VPN block.

What is error code: m7111-1331-5059?


Every single person knows that Netflix library is not the same for the residents of different countries. Thereby, many users make attempts to bypass this geographical restriction and use various tools, which make them anonymous.

Unfortunately, there are cases when such services not always function properly. In such a situation, the Netflix system identifies the act of bypassing and one will not have a chance to enjoy the desired library of Netflix.

In consequence of it, one is to be extremely responsible while choosing a VPN provider to access Netflix without being revealed.

Netflix error code M7111-1331-5059 indicated that a netizen (who sees it on the screen) uses unreliable proxy or VPN that is caught by the Netflix blocking system.

And now is the most designing part…

Netflix blocked VPN services in 2018

Despite the fact that many VPN services make attempts to persuade netizens that they do manage to unblock Netflix, there are the ones that are banned by the site.

The determining factor is VPN IPs' type mainly. In case the service offers dynamic IPs only, it is unlikely such provider can be used to bypass the Netflix VPN blocking system.

Avast VPN Netflix


For sure, this VPN provider is great in terms of privacy and data security, but by dint of Avast SecureLine Netflix will NOT be unblocked.

RA4W VPN Netflix


This service is also not recommended to be used to unblock Netflix. At the same time, a set of other streaming services and apps can be easily unblocked by RA4W:

  • BuzzFeed;
  • Skype;
  • YouTube;
  • Twitter;
  • Spotify, etc.

HoxxVPN Netflix


This VPN provider does not even publish the information about the facility to unblock Netflix. Just skip it if you search for the tool for this purpose mainly.

Why not to use proxy for Netflix?

Previously, there were proxy servers that helped to plunge into a multifarious world of Netflix and keep anonymity. In the course of time, even such servers could not cope with the task of unblocking US Netflix because of recently created proxy blockers.

Hence, it is essential to point out some weak points of IP Proxy servers:

  •  It is not a secret that some Netflix proxy servers seem to keep logs, as a result, their IP proxy server providers may have access to such info with great ease.
  •  It unlocks blocked websites. In this connection, not only geo-restricted sites such as Netflix but also Do I want ones with harmful viruses will become unblocked.
  •  Imagine, that you succeed in visiting US Netflix without being blocked, you should not forget about security. As all your sensitive data may be subjected to leak without VPN use.

If you are still confident in applying IP proxy servers, keep on reading.

The brightest example of unblocking web services is the Tor onion browser, which is very similar to VPN technology and available for free. Its mechanism is based on a group of voluntarily created servers that share transmitted content anonymously and privately. On top of that, Tor hides your actual IP address providing an opportunity to access geo-restricted websites by appointing a number of the server you choose.

Unfortunately, such technology as Tor isn’t suitable for streaming restricted media files. Because of data encryption process, which happens in every case where info is transported from one server to another, an internet connection speed becomes extremely slow. Consequently, it’s impossible to watch high-quality video content with no bugs and lags.

Frankly speaking, some VPNs do not impress with their speed results. But having subscribed for the best VPN for Netflix, you will be able to stream comfortably desired HD quality videos with a high-speed and uninterruptable channel. In addition, you will be secured from tracking with the use of up-to-date VPN protocols that have been designed for protecting your traffic against unintended malicious interference. So, you’ll kill two birds with one stone by using a VPN to watch Netflix.

Netflix blocks proxies. Why?


It seems everyone has already heard that Netflix blocks proxy servers. Some people even see the message ''You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy''.

It is known as a Netflix proxy error when the website blocks proxy users.

Such measures are taken to prevent proxy users from illegal Netflix streaming. In spite of Netflix attempts to make its service the same all over the world, it takes much time.

Netflix aims at legal functioning, that is why it follows the law. And namely, it is the reason for restricted content and proxy blocking.

Will VPN serve to go round Netflix proxy error?


For sure it will.

But don't forget it should be included in the rating of the best VPNs for Netflix!

So, what you need to watch Netflix is to find the best VPN for Netflix and download the app. Remember to download the app, which is compatible with the OS and OS’s version you run. 

After that, you need to open the app and choose one of the least loaded VPN servers located in the US. Then press the ‘OK’, ‘START’, ‘Switch ON’ button and you are welcome to unblock and watch the streaming service for as long as you wish.   

The process of your true address substitution and geo-location shifting is nothing more than Netflix unblocking with a VPN service.

What about free VPN for Netflix?

Free VPNs DO exist today.

But having opted for free VPN for Netflix, information on users seems to be in the bag of such providers.

But here's the kicker:

  • slow speed;
  • lack of extra VPN features;
  • no kill switch function;
  • unclear logging policy.

Are you still interested in free VPN for Netflix use? It is better to have a look at cheap VPN services.

Of course, it's up to you to decide. We only provide you with the information about them.

Best VPN for Netflix: Conclusion

As there are many options available to access Netflix from any restricted region, you will have to make the smart choice of the service that offers you features for the needs you have. As a bonus, you get online privacy for kids.

You should make sure that the service offers you great online privacy and security and a VPN service is the only thing that will help in unblocking anything and everything and not just geo-restricted websites.

What's the bottom line?

Using one of the best VPNs to stream a US Netflix you will definitely get a qualitative technical support. Usually, the technical groups of a VPN service provide their customers with answers to emerging questions even before ordering a subscription.

There are such issues as free VPN service or trial version of a paid one, various VPNs for different countries, questions concerning the best VPNs for Netflix usage and so on. So, don’t be shy, ask your questions and get the answers.

And remember that using the best VPN for unblocking the US Netflix is a tested way of watching the source streaming at a fast speed and in a high quality.

Bypass Netflix restrictions with VPN

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best streaming services, which has already stolen the scene and become sought-after by millions of users. Nevertheless, the channel is restricted, as long as it has implemented the filtering system for eliminating access of the users from outside the US.

Netflix lovers can come across difficulties coming from VPN app download and installation. For this purpose, we have designed step-by-step mini-tutorials, which are to simplify the task a lot.  Besides, any of the offered VPNs contain FAQ sections, as well as online support, which is to make the challenge even easier.

Convinced to subscribe to the best VPN for Netflix? Then, don’t waste time and do it the shortest possible time.

However, not all of the offered services have a free trial, but still, all of them provide their customer with a money-back guarantee.

In case you have some dissatisfaction with the service you run for Netflix, you have a possibility to contact the support team and appeal for getting your money back.

But you shouldn’t forget to check the period during which the guarantee is active. Otherwise, you may face some difficulties in case the period has already expired.

So, what you need to choose the best VPN for Netflix is:

  • look through ‘the best VPNs for Netflix’ rating;
  • study the list of characteristics you need to pay attention to while choosing the best VPN for Netflix;
  • look at 5 best VPNs for Netflix we have offered to you;
  • read the review on each or chosen VPN for Netflix;
  • see the installation process and the app’s interface is user-friendly;
  • visit the official website of the service;
  • choose the right package;
  • subscribe for the service by filling in the order form and downloading an appropriate app;
  • open the app and choose one of the least loaded US-based servers;
  • establish an internet connection through the server and enter the official website for Netflix;
  • here you are to watch any video content posted on the streaming service.

Apart from the access to Netflix, VPN supplies you with the protection against cyber attacks, which is definitely a great plus!

Providing that you still have some questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to contact us via the official email or leave your note below the article. 

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David Balaban
David Balaban
March 12, 2018 8 

Tracy, a few months ago I was trying doing this. I live in the USA, but my colleague said that Canadian Netflix has a different library. So I decided to log in via VPN servers in Canada. I managed to this. With NordVPN, I can log in to the VPN from my PC, and then with Google Chrome, cast titles that aren't accessible in the US to my Chromecast without problems. As for mobile Netflix appliance, I am not able to stream geo-limited Netflix movies, even if I try to open the app via NordVPN. So, I can say that streaming Netflix from my browser to Chromecast works well with NordVPN.

March 25, 2018 1 

Hi, I have a problem: I live in Denmark and can't use a UK VPN to watch UK films on Netflix. I only see my country’s catalogue. Though VPN services that are not from Europe work well. They say on reddit that there are new rules: you can get only the content of the county your account belongs to, no matter where you are located in Europe. That’s why if your VPN is connected to another European country, you will be able to watch the content of your home country. Does anyone face anything like this?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
March 26, 2018 0 

Hello Lee, many thanks for the information and your experience, we will do the research on the issue. We haven’t encountered it yet.

March 16, 2018 0 

You rated TunnelBear as one of the tops to unblock Netflix. I downloaded their app and wanted to test the service, they offer 500mb for free. I connected via US servers, but the connection was broken. I failed to unblock with TunnelBear. Do their paid plans are not working as well? What can you say about it?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
March 17, 2018 2 

Unfortunately, Netflix applied advanced instruments to identify VPN connections and block IP addresses they know that they might belong to VPN providers. In their turn, VPN providers try to refresh the list of VPN servers for using them for Netflix, but we can’t guarantee you 100% that it is done regularly by all 150+ VPN providers whose services were reviewed by us. Still, you can always contact VPN provider’s support and ask them to recommend the servers to unblock Netflix. I will try to contact the provider of TunnelBear and ask them in details about their American servers. At the moment we haven’t received any updates about inefficient for servers for Netflix from them.

March 10, 2018 3 

I wonder if it’s possible to apply VPN to unblock Netflix and stream movies to my Chromecast. I am from Norway, Netflix is available for us, but I’d like to unblock American collection of Netflix series. If it is possible, what VPN will work with Netflix in such a way.

March 12, 2018 8 

Tracy, a few months ago I was trying doing this. I live in the USA, but my colleague said that Canadian Netflix has a different library. So I decided to log in via VPN servers in Canada. I managed to this. With NordVPN, I can log in to the VPN from my PC, and then with Google Chrome, cast titles that aren't accessible in the US to my Chromecast without problems. As for mobile Netflix appliance, I am not able to stream geo-limited Netflix movies, even if I try to open the app via NordVPN. So, I can say that streaming Netflix from my browser to Chromecast works well with NordVPN.

March 01, 2018 0 

Hi, I live in Canada at present. I like both Canadian Netflix and American Netflix. But I want watch US Netflix when I’m in Canada. They have more series available that here in Canada. I tried to unblock Netflix with a free VPN, but I failed. The error m7111-1331-5059 you told about in the article was on my screen instead of US Netflix. I decided to try a paid VPN instead. What is the VPN that actually works with Netflix? One thing is important for me: I am ready to pay 2-3 dollars monthly, no more. Thank you.

March 02, 2018 0 

I have always used ExpressVPN to unblock Netflix and have never observed that error m7111-1331-5059. It was perfect for me, but the price was high enough for me (about $100 per year). Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine recommended a couple of VPNs that works with Netflix. They are ProtonVPN and NordVPN. He said that both of them are good for Netflix, but I tried NordVPN (the price is ok, and I saw it was rated as number one in many ratings on websites similar to yours. I tried and indeed NordVPN works well with Netflix. Their customer support is a cool team of professional specialists. They taught me how to connect to the most recent servers. I’m happy I chose NordVPN that day. Together with the perfect functions I got, I managed to save a lot of money, I was given a 77% discount. That’s really cool! Only Nord VPN to unblock Netflix! I recommend.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
March 05, 2018 2 

Hi Rebecca, thanks for asking our assistance in choosing VPN. Taking into consideration your price preferences, I have picked out 4 VPNs out of 7 best VPNs for Netflix. Have a look at them below:

• Nord VPN is number one in our rating of 7 best VPN services for Netflix. It will cost you less than 3 dollars per month with their best price offered. See more detail in NordVPN review.

• PureVPN is takes the second position in our rating and it is also the VPN that works with Netflix. But the best price is little bit higher, still it costs no more than 3 dollars monthly. You can see more details about its prices and plans in our PureVPN review.

• IvacyVPN will also suit you for Netflix as it has American serves to unblock Netflix. This VPN is the cheapest VPN in this top 7. More details in IvacyVPN review.

• One more variant is PIA, whose best monthly price is about $3. Look thorough our detailed PIA review.

From to time, we try to test US servers of the rated VPN for Netflix, and the providers inform us if their servers don’t work for Netflix.

While subscribing for VPN for Netflix, I’d also recommend you to ask the VPN provider which of the servers would work better for Netflix.

February 25, 2018 2 

Hi, why you’re always saying that free VPNs aren’t good for Netflix? I’ve found the people who say that SoftEther free VPN is ok for Netflix. Aren’t you going to include it in the list of the best VPNs for Netflix in the future? If SoftEther isn’t fine, what free VPNs for Netflix would you advise? Looking forward your replay!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
February 26, 2018 0 

Hi Harry! Unfortunately, SoftEther does not always manage to make it possible to stream Netflix movies. Besides, free VPN services are usually overloaded with users, which reduces the speed. Besides, many of them (free VPNs) are blocked by a smart Netflix system, which blocks VPN providers and other services that are used to bypass geo-restrictions. For example, PureVPN and HideMyAss are blocked by Netflix. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what VPN to subscribe for, but we work to simplify your search of the best VPN provider for this or that service. Opting for one of 7 VPNs described in the article you will make the right choice and access Netflix.

February 01, 2018 7 

Hi, @qwe123 you can try NordVPN risk-free for up to 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

Jim Palmer
Jim Palmer
February 22, 2018 1 

You can say that again, Alex! I share your point of view, as I tried NordVPN on my devices as well. Going abroad for a business trip last year I was in need of something that would help me to feel as if I was at home. And now I’m not talking about my fav pillow or alike things. Those who are to go abroad on business know how difficult it is to relax. Being in a foreign country it’s not easy to find something to do there. I mean that when there aren’t people whom you know, so it’s necessary to find what to do. And TV is the first thing one thinks about. But unfortunately, the TV channels one gets used too are frequently unavailable. So it’s necessary to find the way-out: how to watch such channels. And VPN services are great helpers in this uneasy thing. Why VPNs? To my mind, the answer is given in the article. And it’ll be too stupid to mention it once again. Well, I decided to leave a comment to this article, as I know what’s the best VPN for Netflix for sure! I tried NordVPN being both in the USA and abroad, so I know whereof I speak. My comment is an opinion of a person of narrow interest so I guess it’ll be useful for those who are in need of the service to unblock Netflix! Well, let’s start. To begin with it should be mentioned that I was looking for the VPN for Netflix not so long ago: about a month or so. I suppose it’ll be easy to find out the necessary information for any intelligent person in the world, as NordVPN official website is presented in 18 (!) different languages. So even if the site isn’t translated into your native language, it’ll be possible to read the info on the language you’ve studied at school. The most common languages are given! Well, there you’ll find all the possible info on the service, its features, servers, apps and even FAQs, which is very useful when one wants to find something about the VPN. The next thing I want to rapt your attention on is NordVPN pricing. The service is available for $11.95 per month. But, there’s a great BUT! The developers five us a chance to save 72% in case of 2-year subscription! And the price is reduced up to $3.29, which is almost for nothing! Now I want to explain why NordVPN is the best VPN service for Netflix movies. To9 get access to an American Netflix library it’s necessary to use an American (!) IP address. Otherwise, you will get access to the Netflix library of the country of the state of residence. NordVPN is great for Netflix, as it offers 1120 US-based VPN servers. So one will face no problems with the access to a US Netflix library. Besides, I checked the speed with and without VPN. And my conclusion is as follows: NordVPN is great for streaming as the speed is not slowed down! Well, good luck while streaming Netflix with NordVPN!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
February 22, 2018 1 

Hi Jim, don’t miss the unique discount of NordVPN for bestvpnrating readers – 77%! Visiting the official website of NordVPN right now, you will be given an opportunity to pay only $2.75 per month. Don’t miss your chance!

January 28, 2018 3 

Netflix blocks VPN providers! It’s not a secret any more. Even those VPN services that proved themselves to be reliable and trustworthy meet the failure. And it doesn’t always mean that these services are bad. Such VPNs may be great in terms of security and anonymity providing, but weak at Netflix unblocking. And here is the solution: PRIVATE IPs only!!! I’ll explain it in a couple of sentences: Netflix blocks not VPNs but IP addresses used by the providers. Thus, it is vital to use the VPNs that offer private IPs. In this case unlimited Netflix streaming is guaranteed. Some VPNs offer private IPs at extra cost. And now we are to find them)))

February 04, 2018 1 

Strange you are! I don’t know what VPNs you have used, but that’s not a problem for me to access Netflix through Virtual Private Network. I never paid attention to such characteristics as private IPs, but VPN I use works with Netflix! I won’t name the VPN I’ve subscribed for (in order not to advertise it), but it’s great! Netflix is available for me in all places I’ve been to: Spain, Germany, Dubai, China! That’s impressive, isn’t it?!) And never faced the problem when Netflix couldn’t be opened by me. Well, doesn’t it mean that the VPN I use is good for Netflix? For sure, it is! Also, being quite a curious person I made all possible tests to make sure that VPN I use is worth paying for it. In such a way, I made DNS leak test, IP leak test, speed test, encryption test, and they all showed impressive results! Besides, I want to point out that the VPN is not bad in terms of data ciphering. This function of a VPN provider plays an important role for me as well, as in view of recent events, it became evident that people are too naïve. Even those who think that their lives can’t be interesting for other people suffer from data leak. And believe me, the consequences are deplorable. Any kind of information may be used against its owner. But when talking about private letters and photos, the impacts may be really dreadful, to say nothing of the information related to business. Companies suffer a lot these days of data theft: not only money theft is terrible. Significant information may be stolen such as corporate secrets, technologies and what not! So, to my mind VPN is a must not only for those who can’t imagine their lives without Netflix but for companies as well.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
January 28, 2018 2 

You are quite right, crazyboy! Private (they are also called dedicated) IPs allow bypassing VPN blocking. For example, NordVPN and Private Internet Access VPN offer dedicated IP addresses. Thus, you may subscribe for such VPN service to unblock Netflix abroad.

January 26, 2018 1 

Hi guys. I see I’m not the only one who looks for the answer to the question how to watch Netflix internationally. To begin with, I want to say that I’m from Belgium and Netflix is something totally different. The Internet is full of VPN reviews and almost all of them are described as reliable unblocking services. But I doubt. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many VPN providers. Any suggestions about VPNbook VPN for Netflix? Who use it? Do you like it or not? And maybe there are some recommendations from real users but not those who write numerous VPN reviews to advertise them?

January 29, 2018 0 

I tried VPNBOOK and hate it!!! It’s a fucking shit! Its free version attracted me, but it was a great failure! Never use it!!!

February 02, 2018 3 

Hi, Amir! I’m Karla from the United States. I know many people subscribe for VPN services with a single eye to unblock Netflix abroad. Well, let’s face it, I also used VPN to bypass the restrictions of the countries I visited during my leave. It works and what is more, it works quite successfully. But your Netflix streaming depends on the VPN you’ve subscribed for. If you want to access this platform, you are to take into consideration a set of features I good VPN for Netflix should possess: high speed, vast diversity of servers located worldwide (the more VPN servers in the US – the better), logging, platform compatibility and many more. Besides, you should get to know beforehand if Netflix blocking VPN services. Netflix developers are against such invasion, so they worked out the tools that block VPNs. Only the most reliable VPN providers manage to unblock US Netflix library from every corner of the world. Unfortunately, VPNbook isn’t in the list. It is the fact that many VPN services attract users thanks to free nature, but in this case they make money on your credulity. Many articles were written about it, some people believe them, others don’t. Well, it’s up to you to decide what to subscribe for, but remember that it may bring you a lot of harm. Usually free VPN for Netflix don’t manage to unblock the site but store your data and sell it to third parties. So, subscribing for a free VPN you wanted to unblock Netflix and be secure on the net, but all you get is monitoring! You wanted to know the opinion of average users, here it is. I steer clear of free VPNs and free plans, NordVPN is my choice! I use it for several years and it never let me down. I don’t want to go into details describing NordVPN for Netflix, it’s better try than read. NordVPN offers its potential subscribers free trial. So you can test it before paying. Have a nice day, Amir! I hope my comment will help you make the right choice!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
January 27, 2018 3 

Good afternoon, Amir! Subscribing for a VPN for Netflix, you’ll get access to a great Netflix library as if you are from the United States of America. You are the only person who decides what VPN provider use. Bestvpnrating team simplified this task for you and prepared brief VPN reviews. You may study them in the section “Service” and find your ideal VPN. All the best!

December 31, 2017 2 

VPN for Netflix is a real treasure. As the fates decree I have to travel a lot. Sometimes it happens to me that I spend 360 days a year abroad. And the countries I visit are located on various continents. When I have spare time I prefer watching Netflix and thanks to the VPN subscription (I don’t wonna write what exactly to avoid accusing of advertising) my US Netflix is with me wherever I go: Vietnam, South Africa, Germany, , Mallorca… I was astonished reading some comments about troubles with VPNs. Never experienced any! Apart from Netflix streaming I protect my gadgets with the VPN. Who knows what could happen to my data without a VPN. P.S. If you are afraid of paying for VPN, many services have free trial period, so you may test if they unblock Netflix, and only after such testing subscribe for it and pay for it.

January 25, 2018 1 

Hi Ronnie, I’m not a US resident, but I have access to this streaming service. I wonder how to get more movies on Netflix? Are there any ways? What I mean is the following – it often happens that I find news about new episodes on Netflix (on the internet), but can’t find them on the site. What are the odds on such troubles being connected with local restrictions? Will VPN help to access complete Netflix catalog? I guess you’re more competent in it, as you’ve already tried VPN services to unblock Netflix. I’ll be very pleased if you answer this question. And yes, I was about to forget to mention that I tried other streaming platforms, apps, sites. They do work, the quality of some of them is excellent, but they don’t provide me with the diversity of entertaining content I like (but Netflix does)! That’s why I’ve chosen Netflix and don’t “betray” it for several years And one more question: when you watch Netflix over VPN, what happens to the speed? Does it slow down? I’m afraid of poor streaming quality, buffers, lags and so on…

January 30, 2018 1 

Good morning sidisi! You’re right I use VPN to stream Netflix movies and I keep saying that using a VPN for Netflix is a real windfall!!! NO banns, blockings or other troubles like these. I use VPN to watch Netflix abroad. The problem you faced (it often happens that I find news about new episodes on Netflix, but can’t find them on the site) is the consequence of Netflix policy. Thus, the content in different countries is different. If you want to know how to watch Netflix from other countries without any restrictions, subscribe for one of the VPNs described in this VPN for Netflix review. As for the speed, I haven’t noticed any significant changes. Good luck!

December 30, 2017 1 

so happy am I!!! Netflix originals are at my disposal.

December 29, 2017 1 

Can’t install VPN on my smart TV to stream Netflix. I’m a Nord client. And want to add that it unblocks Netflix. I run it on my laptop (MacOS). But I can’t setup VPN on my Samsung smartTV. The VPN may be used on 6 devices at a time, so it can’t be connected with the fact that I’ve already launched it on my laptop. I can use NordVPN on 5 more gadgets. In addition to it, that my TV runs on Android, and Nord is compatible with this operating system. Maybe there are some special settings that are to be changed?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 30, 2017 1 

Stanly, the problem you faced is quite common among Samsung smart TV users. It is recommended to install NordVPN on router. The service is compatible with DD-WRT, AsusWRT, D-Link and others. You may study the list of compatible routers on the official website of the VPN provider. Having installed NordVPN on your router you will easily access Netflix on your smart TV. Besides, such measures will provide you with additional level of protection.

December 28, 2017 0 

I address qwe123. Don’t know what are you doing here, but it seems to me you are an agent who is hired to slander ExpressVPN service. It works with US Netflix. ExpressVPN is one of few services that work through Netflix VPN blocker. Also, you are to know that ExpressVPN offers a wonderful support team that is always ready to help. So, if one US-based VPN server is not available or doesn’t manage to bypass Netflix VPN blocker, contact ExpressVPN support service, and they’ll inform about the servers to connect to. Once I did so, the problem was solved within seconds. So, before writing such negative comments, make attempts to solve them via support team. I like their support live chat, they reply the shortest possible time and their answers are always informative and useful. Good luck everyone!

January 03, 2018 1 

Ok, let it be… There is no sense to argue with you. But it’s so unserious for a service that costs more than $10 a month. If I pay for something (goods, service), I want it to be of proper quality. Do you want to wear worn pants? I doubt! That’s why I wrote the previous comment. I can check if the pants are ok in the shop, but I can’t test Express before buying a subscription. That’s what I’m talking about!

December 26, 2017 0 

Total bullshit!!! Express VPN takes the 1st position in the rating of the best VPNs for Netflix. Very funny! Express doesn’t offer free trial or free plan, so we – users – are to believe such sites like this. You state you test all VPNs for Netflix and they (top 7) work, but in actual fact, they don’t! So I paid for one month Express VPN plan $12.95. My only wish was to access US Netflix. But my plans failed. I spent money in no use.

Gill Moor
Gill Moor
December 24, 2017 0 

Hi there! I know about Netflix and know how great it is in the States, but in other countries Netflix is different, as if it’s other site with similar content but less diverse and many-sided. Americans are the first who watch Netflix releases. I live in Australia but want to stream from American Netflix. I know that sometimes streaming from pirated sites can be called illegal, but is it ok to bypass Netflix restrictions? I understand that it’s not a pirated source, and I’ve heard a lot about license policy of Netflix, they follow the Copyright Act and so on… But on the other side I’ve heard about the new feature of Netflix site, it blocks VPNs that are ordinary used to access Netflix US library abroad. How to watch Netflix internationally? As far as I’ve understood, not all VPN providers cope with the task to unblock US Netflix content. What is better to choose? I live in New Zealand and would like to watch Netflix without lags. And the last question, what server to use for good speed to stream Netflix? The nearest?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 26, 2017 1 

Good afternoon! According to the Australian legislation, geographical restrictions bypassing is not illegal. Furthermore, it is mistaken to associate region unblocking with piracy. Touching upon the second question you ask, it is necessary to mention that you are to use the US VPN servers only to unblock Netflix. If you choose the nearest to you VPN server, you will access Netflix as if you are a resident of the country you have chosen. In case of the subscription for one of the VPN providers from our rating, you will not have to suffer from poor speed, as the services we have tested for Netflix are really fast and reliable.

December 20, 2017 1 

Hi there, I am not sure whether I can find a free VPN that would secure and good at unblocking US Netflix in other countries. Any ideas? I used Hola for some time, but now it doesn’t work for any longer. I don’t know for how long it will be down for me. I have troubles with accessing Netflix!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 21, 2017 1 

Gdyjh, if you are looking for a free VPN for Netflix, you’d better try free versions of premium packages of the VPN services provided in our rating of 10 best free VPN services.. You need to know that completely free VPNs more often are too slow for streaming on Netflix. What is more, US servers are required for unblocking American version of Netflix. Almost all of VPNs selected for the rating, possess servers in the US. Still, I won’t recommend to use Betternet for Netflix as it might be not fast enough for streaming with no buffering or lagging. As far as Hola’s not working for you, I can’t say exactly without detailed explanations from you. Still, I agree with Promenade that the problem might be in this: Netflix identified you as trying to access Netflix via VPN. They use very strong revealing tools now, many weak VPNs fail to unblock it. Those from the rating of 7 best VPNs for Netflix still work (We tested them).

December 21, 2017 1 

If you saw error code m7111-1331-5059, don’t waste your time trying to access Netflix with Hola! That means the only thing: ‘’You are revealed in unblocking Netflix with a VPN!’’ Fuck these geo-restrictions  Buy a VPN for money and unblock Netflix in other countries. That’s the best way to unblock US Netflix from any country.

December 19, 2017 1 

Hi, want to know about this:
1) What’s the best way to watch Netflix films not available in Australia? Proxy or VPN?
2) May I use tor over VPN to be safer watching Netflix?
Thank you.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 20, 2017 4 

Justuser, these are the answers to your questions: It depends on what you care about, when you use the Internet: security, privacy or both. If you want to achieve maximum safety together with being private, VPN is the best way for sure. If you are aimed at just unblocking Netflix by changing IP, proxy might work well for it. Still, Netflix often identifies proxies or weak VPNs. When they are used for unblocking unavailable content in some regions. If it happens, you will see the following error code m7111-1331-5059. Strong VPNs, like Express, Nord and others from the rating work for Netflix. 1) Streaming demands high speeds which can’t be achieved connecting via Tor and VPN together. You will be more secure online, but due to the longest way internet traffic should pass, streaming will be problematic as internet connections gets slower. Thus, I won’t recommend using VPN over tor. The best alternative will be a VPN with advanced protocols and additional security features. Split tunneling and military grade encryption will be enough to feel safe. In Tor article, we explain how do tor and VPNs work, and what are their pros and cons.\? Hope you’ll find thorough explanations there. Thanks for asking.

December 14, 2017 0 

Hi, adore Netflix! What’s on Netflix for Christmas? Any suggestions?

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 15, 2017 4 

We found 5 best Netflix originals to watch for Christmas and New Year. Still, remember that they might not be available for all regions that’s why be sure you watch Netflix with a VPN. It will be useful for unblocking US Netflix to watch all the originals with your family. What do you need to unblock Netflix with VPN? Just a few steps to follow: 1) Download a VPN app on the device you are going to use for watching Netflix 2) Install the software. 3) Turn it on and connect thought the US server to access US Netflix. Read more details on how to set up a VPN for Netflix.

December 03, 2017 0 

Need to access US Netflix through a trustworthy service. Which Netflix B\VPN still working in 2017? Which to use in 2018? Are you going to re-review the rating for Netflix VPN in 2018? If yes, when? 2018 is coming soon!

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
December 04, 2017 0 

Gina131, we are working on updating the rating of Best VPNs for Netflix in 2018 and soon you’ll be able to check whether you the best Netflix VPN. Now you may choose from the current Netflix VPN rating for 2017, these VPN services are respectable and tend to be the leaders in the coming year of 2018. Just a few words why you can use the VPNs for Netflix: Express VPN is famous for its speedy US servers and no-logging policy. Nord VPN provides fast speeds, plenty of US IPs to unblock Netflix, and that’s all for low pricing. These are Netflix VPN leaders I should say. You may read their detailed reviews to get more information on Nord VPN review and Express VPN review.

November 18, 2017 1 

I heard that paid VPNs are not so sustainable as well as free VPNs. Some cheap VPNs also use standard protocols.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
November 18, 2017 3 

David, I appreciate your point of view, but just for these needs (for you to choose the strongest and reliable VPN for Netflix) we selected these 7 VPN services. They have been tested by our experts and are proved to be respectable tools for privacy and security. I will be glad if the list is helpful for you and other followers. Thanks for active participating in the discussion.

Unhappy user
Unhappy user
November 15, 2017 0 

All of you writing such articles as if promote watching US Netflix. Are you working on Netflix? Do they ask you to popularize it? I enjoy European Netflix as well. It also has its lovely series and movies. Why not watching them? Still, do these algorithms work for other Netflix versions or they suitable only for US Netflix?

November 18, 2017 0 

wtf?! I understand why you call yourself “Unhappy user”! I suppose your life is so boring that you open any page on net and start trolling other commentators, writers and sites in general. If only you tried US Netflix, you wouldn’t ask such stupid questions. Do a favour, read about the issues you are going to comment in order not to make a fool of you. If you don’t know Netflix is an American streaming source. Besides, this platform functions legally, so its content is different in different countries. That’s why so many people are looking for the ways to access US but not European, Asian or African version of Netflix. You’d better to thank the author for this guide, than saying it’s a promotion or something like this.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
November 16, 2017 0 

Unhappyuser, we are not working for Netflix or other companies, and we are not aimed at promoting of any services. we review VPN services for users to easier find the most appropriate variant. As far as US Netflix is concerned, we analyzed the forum discussions and found out that US Netflix is believed to the most popular regional version, as it has the richest collection of movies and series. This the reason we mention US Netflix more often than others. But you may watch that Netflix which you like most of all. The recommendations are working for any country you would like to unblock Netflix. Simply get connected via the server of the country you need, for instance, if you are going to access UK Netflix, switch to UK VPN servers. The same algorithm is for other countries.

November 11, 2017 3 

Hello, everybody! I live in Canada. I like Netflix, especially US version as it is the richest one. I use an American account for it. Could you help me in choosing between Nord and Express Now I use Nord VPN for free, shall I change into Express? You have placed it on the first position in this rating.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
November 11, 2017 1 

Hello, Bill. I am ready to assist you on making the right choice. Still, you should take into account all pros and cons of both VPNs and choose the best for you. Express VPN and Nord VPN are decent representatives and work well with Netflix. They are fast, strong and provide reliable servers. We have a recent article where Express and Nord are compared to each other. There you’ll find everything to take a reasonable decision for you.

October 20, 2017 0 

Hello from Europe! I live in the Netherlands and look for a VPN to access UK streaming services and UK Netflix at the same time. I’d want to be able to unblock US Netflix in addition. Shall I obtain two different VPNs or one VPN is enough?

October 25, 2017 0 

There is no need to use 2 different VPN services for Netflix streaming. The main VPN characteristic you are to take into account while choosing a VPN provider is its server locations. In case VPN servers are located in different countries (the UK and the USA are among them) you may be sure it will help you to bypass the restrictions. But it is strongly recommended to use one of the VPN services for Netflix streaming described in this article, as they all were tested for Netflix. No speed problems were observed.

October 23, 2017 0 

Hi Pete, I use one VPN to stream both US and UK channels abroad. The VPN I use is Vyprvpn.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
October 21, 2017 1 

Pete, there is no need to pay for two separate subscriptions for VPNs. Subscribe for Netflix VPN which will provide UK and US servers. You will just switch from server to server. Don’t forget to check for unlimited server switching, unless you won’t do your best while streaming from various US and UK servers. In addition, take into consideration these tips to choose a good VPN for streaming services like Netflix: 1) Prefer VPNs with high speeds not to suffer from lagging of internet connections. 2) Unlimited server switching and bandwidth are of great necessity. 3) To keep privacy, check for o-logging policy. Learn more about 2017 best streaming services and their unblocking with a VPN in the article. There is more additional information about Netflix VPN.

October 11, 2017 1 

Thanks for the article. Especially for the excellent explanation of error code: m7111-1331-5059. I have been using a free VPN for Netflix and one day I face this error on the monitor of my computer. I was afraid that it could be a malware. Actually, I am not a good technician. I stopped using that free VPN. When I found the article, I see now what problem it is actually. It was that unreliable free VPN that didn’t work properly.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
October 10, 2017 1 

Augusta, I am glad that the article is useful for you. It seems that your comment is a real evidence of free VPNs’ insecurity. As I Augusta, I am glad that the article is useful for you. It seems that your comment is a real evidence of free VPNs’ insecurity. As I wrote in the article, Netflix uses advanced technologies to identify services used for bypassing geo-restrictions. in the article, Netflix uses advanced technologies to identify services used for bypassing geo-restrictions.

October 03, 2017 1 

Thanks, Dainan!
This article helped me choose a VPN to watch Netflix. I can’t check the encryption or zero monitoring from the gov or other things like these. But I’ve evaluated Netflix finally as I live in Norway and had some troubles. Thanks a lot! I watch Netflix all day long now.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
October 03, 2017 0 

Emily, thanks for positive remarks. I am glad that I helped you in the issue and you have found the VPN for unblocking Netflix in Norway. All these 7 VPN services are suitable for watching Netflix in Norway. They are reliable and provide high speed which are quite necessary for better streaming. Have a wonderful time with Netflix!

July 16, 2017 1 

Wonderful post!
Everything is described in an unobtrusive manner. And, thanks a lot for a simple language, as I’m not good at IT terms. Having read this I came to some thoughts. To be honest, the prices are more than moderate. Moreover, I can save up to 70-80% having chosen a 1 or 2 years plan. That’s fantastic! My second conclusion is not so positive, but still. I’ve finally realized that it is better to keep off free VPNs. Their policy is not so evident and the facilities it provides users with are not so beneficial. Usually, the number of services, IPs and what not are poor. But I want to do whatever I like (and I like everything) via the Internet and it’s achievable thanks to the rating you’ve presented here. As for me, I’ve already chosen the best VPN for Netflix, but want t keep it a secret.

September 11, 2017 1 

James, everything you write is ok, but what is wrong with free VPNs? I can agree that free VPNs are not so good for torrenting, but Netflix is another kind of services, there is no illegal content. If you want to access Netflix from another country. You just need a VPN with US IP address. That’s all. I am sure that you’ll easily find the one for free. I don/t see any problem in it.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
September 11, 2017 2 

Dear David, as regards to your comment, I have another point of view. Bypassing geo-restrictions is one of possible aims for VPN services, but not the essential one. Reliable VPNs should provide actual protection by strong encryption and data transferring protocols. Unfortunately, free VPNs fail to defend with really advanced protocols, like OpenVPN. Most of them use rather standard protocols, like PPTP. There are more progressive additional goodies that would make you secure online. As far as privаcy is concerned, they won’t guarantee it on a high level, actually. I would recommend to avoid free VPNs when streaming on Netflix and performing other online activities.