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Last updated: 23/03/2019

CyberGhost Review

It is unbelievable that more than 137 million tracking attempts are being done on CyberGhost’s VPN clients. Thus, it is crystal clear that VPN software is a must these days.

There are several reasons why people and software programs are tracking just about everyone that is using the internet. 

What are they?

Some of these trackers are trying to hack into certain accounts for fraud and identity theft purposes, others are tracking software created by governments who want to monitor content that is spread and websites that are accessed and others are simply nosy individuals who like to spy on others for no apparent reason. 

We're glad to inform you that the money-back guarantee period of CyberGhost Pro has been extended recently. The prices have been changed as well. Let's have a look.

CyberGhost Pro is rated as one of the best VPN services that can help you enjoy tracking free internet use for complete safety while you use the web (learn more about what is a VPN in our guide). 

CyberGhost also offers a high speed and secure package completely free as well as other fantastic services that make this a top rated VPN service and a great investment for everyone who likes to explore the internet. Want to know what we think about CyberGhost VPN?

Read this detailed CyberGhost VPN review and you’ll learn everything about this VPN service.

Tariffs and prices of CyberGhost Pro

CyberGhost Pro VPN offers 4 excellent plans for their potential customers. Each plan consists of all the CyberGhost Pro apps, great customer support and access to the fastest VPN servers.

One can choose from the possible subscriptions for 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years...

1 day - Free Trial.

1 month - If you decide to obtain CyberGhost ProVPN every month, it will cost you $12.99  per month.

12 months - In case you are going to purchase a subscription for a longer period of time, for instance, 12 months, you will pay 5.25$ per month. It will allow you to save 60% of the whole price.

3 years - Another plan allows saving up to 80% paying no more than $2.50 per month CyberGhost VPN use. The coupon for 6 months free use of the VPN will be available for you as well.

As it was mentioned above, each tariff plan is provided with the efficient features for VPN usage.

You can take advantage of ultra-fast streaming, double encryption with CyberGhost Pro.

With CyberGhost Pro you can feel calm if you feel uncertain about the choice you have made as it gives you the opportunity to refund the money within 45 days. A 7-day VPN free trial is also possible, but not for all platforms, only for Android, Mac and iOS devices.

CyberGhost Pro provides multiple options for payment. It is possible to pay with your credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins or by means of SOFORT Banking.

Credit Card

If you are going to purchase a CyberGhost Pro VPN subscription with a credit card, you will have to provide your card number, month, and year until it is active and security code of your card.


When you make the order, the system will redirect you to the PayPal website (VPN for PayPal is also a good idea to prevent money loss) where you can make your payment. Once your payment has been successfully completed and confirmed by PayPal, delivery of the ordered products will be initiated.

It’s worth noting that you can pay for the CyberGhost subscription with Bitcoins, which is the most anonymous way of paying for VPN services!

Payment options of CyberGhost

CyberGhost  Pro Extensions

The service is a well-known tool for network protection, which is being constantly improved and enhanced with additional features and extensions:

CyberGhost Pro  Free Anonymous Proxy

The service provider offers its clients a free anonymous proxy server improved by the use of the VPN. So, in such a way, in case you need to enter a website anonymously (stay unidentified) you need the free service placed on the official website.

All you need is to get a website name in the bar. Having made so, your true address is to be shifted and substituted to a new (server’s) one.

However, the company warns the customers about some extra features offered by the VPN service, but unavailable for proxy users. Thus, the search engine helps you to:

  • Protect your network, as well as online activity against spying;
  • Anonymous search allows for keeping in privacy all your web search results;
  • The free server’s IP is to be used instead of yours so that nobody will learn your true identity.

Unblock Facebook:

If you study at school, college or university or live in the region where the web resource is blocked, you might have already googled for appropriate solutions for the issue. So, CyberGhost Pro VPN offers the most up-to-date detached issue solving. 

Having applied the service for your network, you achieve a possibility to unblock practically any banned or restricted web resource. The same thing happens to Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook is blocked in some regions.


Even living in China you can establish an internet connection through one of the CyberGhost’s Pro servers and run Facebook wherever you like.

The main VPN app is also dedicated to YouTube Unblocking:

The thing is that many of the CyberGhost Pro customers run YouTube not only for personal need or fun but also for a business like private or public blogs. In such a way it becomes clear that if you go somewhere on a business (somewhere like India) you won’t be able to connect to the web resource without the service.

However, having subscribed for CyberGhost Pro VPN, you achieve a possibility to connect to one of the 3700+ servers and even trace the less loaded servers to boost an average internet speed rate.

Besides, in the table of service’s servers, you can trace how many of bandwidth is used at the moment on this or that server, which is to make your decision easier, as long as ten people using twitter consume less bandwidth than ten users watching Netflix. And as the issue influences the VPN operation a lot you are provided with a possibility to trace the process independently and solve the issue on your own.

 All the internet filters are known to be bypassed by the service smoothly and safely

 All the internet filters are known to be bypassed by the service smoothly and safely. It is also stated that besides YouTube unblocking the service also deals with Google, Twitter, Hulu, Pandora, gaming web resources and etc.

Therefore, all the features in common make up a vast variety of useful features, which are to help you bypass any blocking, geo-restrictions or censorship and get access to your favorite internet resources.

General information on the availability of CyberGhosts Pro

Having obtained one of the plans that CyberGhost Pro offers, you get access to more than 3700+ servers in 62 countries. The servers guarantee ultra-fast speeds which make CyberGhost Pro a good VPN for torrenting as you won’t suffer from network lag.

Each user who paid for the plan is allowed to connect up to 7 devices from one account. That’s amazing!

Who can benefit from using CyberGhost Pro?

There are many benefits to CyberGhost VPN software and those who might benefit most from these services are:

  • Americans who like to access the internet securely completely free due to the availability of the free services in their locations.
  • Individuals across the globe who are in need of a secure connection to hide their online activities and physical locations can greatly benefit from this reliable VPN service.
  • Businesses who want to keep their confidential information secure while sharing files with employees or other businesses.
  • Cyber junkies who like to stream and download torrents absolutely adore this secure VPN software.
  • Just about anyone who does not like it when others read their online conversations would love CyberGhost Pro.

Security and Privacy CyberGhostSecurity that you can expect from CyberGhost Pro

Once you have done the CyberGhost Pro VPN download, you are instantly protected by AES 256-bit encryption software that will render all your online activities undetectable. This OpenVPN service included is fantastic for overall security, but if you really want the ultimate safe experience, you can get the L2TP/IPSec and PPTP VPN protocols set up on your device for increased security, although the manual setup can be a bit tricky.

We should strengthen your attention that automatic kill switch is included in the VPN solution. It will make you less susceptible to IP leaks in case of unexpected troubles with a VPN.

The security blocks out over 66 million adds, more than 200 000 malicious websites and over 137 million tracking attempts which makes it one of the most private VPN services that you can trust.  

CyberGhost Pro Privacy

CyberGhost Pro keeps no user logs of online activities, so none of the content that you view, download or IPs you connect with can be traced to provide you with a completely anonymous online experience. 

It keeps no logs (privacy policy proves it)

That is exactly why netizens opt for this zero log VPN provider to surf the net without being monitored. 

Does CyberGhost Pro offer support services?

Old screenshots are always confusing to users who are looking for a bit of extra guidance, but luckily CyberGhost Pro has an online chat service that allows you to submit questions and chat live with an agent.

The live chat services are now live 24/7! Providing that you face some problems like CyberGhost  Pro is not working or some CyberGhost Pro VPN connection problems, you have all the chances to get professional assistance from the support service.

There are cases when customers don’t know how to use CyberGhost Pro VPN for free, how to delete it or where to find the activation key, all the issues can be solved through the customer support.

What to do if CyberGhost Pro VPN doesn’t work?

If you need to achieve a personal support from the team of professionals, you should run the ticket system of the official website.

Having entered your account management page, you can get in touch with the support. The ticket is as easy to create as A, B, C. All you need is to log in, choose ‘support’ in the menu and fill in the ticket’s form. The ticket should contain your problem, and a protocol ID of your debug log.

Providing that you have lost your client’s credentials (unless you run a free package), you need to contact the support via the live chat or choose the ‘feedback’ button on the official website of the service.

The client support is available in 3 languages:

  • English;
  • French;
  • German.

CyberGhost VPN user is to type in a name or an email, choose the language and write a message.

Any problem needs some time to be analyzed and solved, therefore, don’t be shocked by some delay in the reply.

If you want to get a speedy answer or solution to your problem, you should describe it in the following way:

  • Write which CyberGhost Pro client app you run.
  • In case you don’t run it, you need to write the title of the protocol that disturbs you.
  • Write your operation system and its version, for instance, Windows 10.
  • Inform the support team about which subscription package you run (Free, Premium, or Premium+).
  • Include the name of your ISP.
  • Don’t forget to highlight the type of internet connection you use, for example, DSL modem, WLAN, etc.
  • Besides, you need to state the day and time the mistake took place.
  • Also, it will be great if you could enumerate all the service-supplied devices.
  •  Moreover, you’d better figure out what kind of antivirus software and firewall you run.
  • There are cases when people run several VPN apps simultaneously on one and the same device. So, if the case is yours, you should write the name of the second service in the ticket request too.
  • You should also state whether the problem occurs on several devices or only on your PC, for instance.
  • Whether you run an automatic connection to a VPN server or chose it manually, if manually, then what server you connected to.
  • It will be of a high use if you tell the support team whether there is other networking software running at your place.
  • Include the log ID of your debug file too.

If all the enumerated data is listed in your ticket, the answer will be as fast as possible.

Besides, if you have some speed problems, you can make the following manipulations to figure them out:

  • You can attach the results of several speed tests (internet connection speed/ download and upload speed, VPN connection speeds) to the ticket.
  • The number of users running the same server with you when the problem occurred.

Having presented all the information to the support team, you will be definitely impressed by its efficient work.  

How to apply for an account at CyberGhost Pro

You don’t need to log in, just click ‘’Start’’ to protect you Wi-Fi connection.

No registration is needed to get started. You can simply do the free CyberGhost Pro VPN software download and start enjoying added security. Those who want a premium or premium plus service can register with an anonymous username and password and make a payment to launch the package. 

Note: Remember that CyberGhost Pro can be tested for free on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Wi-Fi protection offered by CyberGhost

Let’s see how free Android version of this VPN services functions.

Having downloaded and installed the app on Google Play, you’ll see the following interface (quite simple and user-friendly, we should say). You are offered to unblock more features which are paid or continue with fewer functions for free. We agreed to a limited version to testify it.

You don’t need to log in, just click ‘’Start’’ to protect your Wi-Fi connection.

When the VPN is active, you’ll see the time which will show how long you use the VPN. Another indicator of CyberGhost being on is the ‘’key’’ on the panel which stands for an encrypted connection.

There is no possibility to choose the server during this free trial, they are switched automatically. It is worth mentioning that speeds are not blazing with free Android CyberGhost VPN.

There is no possibility to choose the server during this free trial,

On which platforms does CyberGhost Pro function?

CyberGhost Pro is an excellent VPN that functions on platforms such as Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS. The apps and software are incredibly easy to install and use due to the simple design and modern technology that was used to develop this VPN. 

the simple design and modern technology that was used to develop this VPN.

The website

The official website of CyberChost is excellent starting from the cool visual design to the thoroughness of the output description. Cyber Ghost VPN cares for the clients and the way they cooperate.

Thus if you need to learn about server locations of Cyber Ghost Pro VPN, you need to enter the official website and choose ‘server overview’ where you are able to learn all the main data including the number of users online and total loading of the servers offered.

Provided that you need Cyber Ghost Pro for torrenting, you can easily choose the least loaded server and download or watch anything you want without any lags or hits. If you want to make a full vision of the service, you are able to look through numerous CyberGhost Pro reviews posted on the website. In case if you want to learn whether CyberGhost Pro VPN safe or not, you can read clients’ comments and test a CyberGhost free VPN.

The software is compatible with multiple OSes, so if you need CyberGhost for Ubuntu, you can easily download the app from the official website. CyberGhost Pro logging procedure doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require personal data.

Terms of service

Sure enough, we will not enumerate all the points of the section as it’s your direct responsibility as a potential client to read all the terms closely, but we are to highlight the defining moments of the conditions.

The rules are to be read thoroughly

As well as any other ordinary customer you can make the same mistake – you might subscribe for a VPN without reading its terms of service. CyberGhost Pro has explained all the rules clearly so that having looked through the points, you won’t have any additional questions.

No registration for a free trial

As distinct from many other services, CyberGhost Pro requires manual renewal at the end of each period. So, in case if you want to have 3 more months of the service, you have to make it in advance. Besides, if you want to test a free trial version of CyberGhost Pro VPN, you don’t need to make a user account.

Study the plans

The main responsibility of the Romanian provider is to supply its customers with so-called free trafficking from any part of the world, to make all your generated traffic encoded and hide your authentic address.

In compliance with the package, you can connect to a different amount of CyberGhost Pro servers located in different countries. According to the company, you are able to connect up to five devices through your account.

In most locations offered by CyberGhost Pro VPN bandwidth is not restricted, so you can transfer as much traffic as you wish. CyberGhost Pro is obliged to provide its clients with online support, tips, instructions, and FAQs, as well as all the information, is translated into English and German for more convenience.    

So, all the conditions of the output usage should be thoroughly examined by you independently, in case if you want to form a subscription or to compare the service with the other one, as this makes you protected from undesirable effects.

Do I need CyberGhost VPN?

The answer will be affirmative if you…

… want to access restricted websites and services.

… aim at protecting your traffic (by means of encryption).

… are interested in secure torrenting.

… wish to be anonymous while surfing the World Wide Web.

Due to CyberGhost VPN facilities, all the data sent and received will be reliable ciphered while passing through secure tunneling protocols (L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP).

Besides, CyberGhost subscribers will be protected against both IP and DNS leaks, which makes them utterly safe and anonymous online.

The possibility to protect up to 7 devices allows making all members of the family safe online. Furthermore, one may install CyberGhost VPN on a home router so that all the devices connected to it will become protected.

One more peculiar feature of CyberGhost VPN is the Kill Switch function. An internet user may not ignore it, as Kill Switch guarantees that a user will keep on being protected even in case a VPN connection is lost.

With CyberGhost VPN installed one may feel free to use public WiFi hotspots. Due to reliable 256-bit key ciphering, all the information on a user is 100% protected. 

The last but not the least important feature of CyberGhost VPN is its network of servers. CyberGhost VPN servers are located worldwide, which serves to bypass the restrictions of any kind efficiently.

A general summary of CyberGhost Pro

Downloading CyberGhost VPN for Windows, Mac, and other devices is super simple and with the great benefits that the free options provide, it is definitely a must for anyone who wants to use the internet without the risk of getting hacked or spied on.

The security is great and the fact that the software blocks out ads provides users with much more functionality when they are enjoying their internet time. Still, see what we think of CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost VPN pros

  • 45-day money refund
  • A 7-day free trial for Mac, iOS, and Android
  • 3000 servers in 60+ counties
  • Many US servers for unblocking Netflix and others
  • User-friendly apps
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms and routers
  • Kill Switch
  • Reliable encrypting protocols
  • Online support is professional

CyberGhost VPN cons

  • No apps for Windows
  • Slow connections for free Android versions

Do you think that CyberGhost VPN is a decent VPN service to try in 2019? Have you already tried it or not? What are CyberGhost pros and cons for you?

 Leave your comments and share your ideas with bestvpnrating in our comments section! Any opinion is accepted and appreciated.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

Peter Jackson
March 04, 2018

Despite of many positive reviews and good pros of CyberGhost there are also numerous cons which make this VPN service not as attractive as wanted to be. Eg. poor customer service, lack of diversity of servers and lack of encryption features, they don’t have additional encryption like direct connection through Tor. Also there is uncertain root certificate which make me feel a bit negative about this vpn. There are of course good features and this service seems to be for a long time on the market, the choice is your of course so I don’t want to tell that this is a complete rubbish this is just my opinion and facts, I may recommend to check this review to see more cyberghost vpn pros and cons for a clear picture.

February 20, 2018

My greetings to everyone! About 3 years ago I started using CyberGhost and I’m not going to stop it. I found some info on CyberGhost VPN on reddit and it helped me to get a special code to pay less for the subscription. The CyberGhost Activation Key was sent to me and I activated it on the official website of the VPN provider while downloading the software for installation. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen found such info when I wanted to prolong the CyberGhost subscription a year later and had to pay the full price. But well, it’s ok, especially if taking into account the fact that a 1-year plan. In a couple of weeks it’ll be time to prolong the subscription again, and I found that CyberGhost offers even better terms for its subscribers. Only 100 us dollars for a 3-year subscription. I’ll take it!

January 29, 2018

I’m looking for a VPN for my iPhone. I’ve heard a lot about various and CyberGhost as well. But still, I don’t know which one to use? Is CyberGhost reliable? And will it manage to protect my iPhone?

March 05, 2018

yup paul, cyberghost is good for iphone. i/ve installed it on my iphone for about half a year ago and it works. no unexpected disconnects, no dns or ip leaks i faced during that time. stable work and fast speed. also i wanna add that I use vpn cyberghost on other gadgets. so I installed it on my router and while watching tv I take use of its great internet features. but you are to remember some things about cyberghost. it/s necessary to disable the auto-srat in your task manager, otherwise the problems with connection are possible. to put it simple you may be connected to another server, but not the targeted one. as a result it will make some functions impossible. for example, if you wanted to connect to a us vpn server to stream netflix, but you won/t manage if the wrong vpn server will be used.
January 30, 2018

Hello Paul, to choose the VPN provider that would meet all your demands, it is necessary to decide what is the reason to use a VPN? Currently, there are hundreds of VPN providers. They differ in functions, characteristics and security level. If you are interested in the restrictions bypassing only – show preference to those which enable to access various website and services. To understand that the VPN will cope with it, you are to study the number of VPN servers on offer and their geographical location. For example, a VPN provider may have 5000 servers, which is definitely a plus. But in case they are located in 5-10 countries, one could hardly bypass the restrictions. That is why the tip #1 is to choose the VPN with the servers located worldwide. CyberGhost is a good choice, as it supplies its subscribers with more than 1200 servers in 59 countries of the world. The next point that is to be taken into consideration is encryption. If you want to be totally protected while being online, prevent spying on you and conduct online payments securely, you are to pay attention to the tunneling protocols and encryption method. Protection is the strong side of this VPN. As it was written in CyberGhost VPN review, the service provides its clients with first-lass 256-bit key encryption, while the protocols used are L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and PPTP. Another thing one may not ignore is the supported platforms and OSes. As you are going to use the VPN for your iPhone, CyberGhost will manage to do it due to its compatibility with various operating systems.

January 14, 2018

Hey there, I just cannot but expressing my opinion on CyberGhost here. CyberGhost VPN review that I’ve read here looks like a fairy-tale: endless protection, servers worldwide, fast speed and many many many other attractive stuff! But in actual fact, CyberGhost is not so good. While looking for a VPN for streaming, I found this one. The provider assures of its high-quality service for successful restrictions bypassing. But, what has happened to me is lags and poor service work. I decided to check how reliable the VPN provider is. So that I took a decision to try CyberGhost free. All the more so that, the VPN provider offers a period of free trial. Well, CyberGhost’s free trial lasts for 7 days which is enough. Of course it’s a plus for the VPN, as other VPNs allow free protection for a shorter period of time. And now I’m coming to the most “interesting” part of my monologue:
1) I couldn’t switch between the servers. So my hope to stream without limits failed. Well, I wanted to stream Netflix originals. Thus, I needed US-based servers (CyberGhost offers them in fact). But I couldn’t choose the server to connect to, as the provider chose the servers for me instead.
2) Another point I’m going to cover is CyberGhost’s speed. It’s too slow: with CyberGhost on DL was 5.49, UL 6.61. That’s not enough for streaming. I dislike waiting for the moment when the movie I chose to watch will be loaded. And I HATE pauses during streaming.
As for other parameters, I don’t know, coz I cancelled CyberGhost use in 2 days after its start.
You wanted to know about pros and cons of CyberGhost VPN? As for me, there’re no pros. But as for cons, there’re a lot of them.
January 14, 2018

Hello Fred, thank you for the review. We appreciate the opinions of our readers. But in order to make some points clear for you and explain why you have faced such troubles with CyberGhost VPN work, it is necessary to explain the following:
1. You have chosen CyberGhost VPN free trial to test the provider. But you are to know that the facility to switch between the VPN servers is limited during the period of free trial. If you have tried one of CyberGhost paid packages, you would choose any server you like.
2. The speed is also limited for a CyberGhost VPN free plan (free trial period), that is why you could face such troubles. Besides, it is important to choose the “right” VPN server. As you know VPNs may reduce the speed in case when one connected to the VPN server located too far away from a person.
I hope my comment was useful for you and helped to understand the reason of the problems you have faced.

November 28, 2017

Hello! Thanks for the review. I am a Cyberghost user. I can’t say that I am not satisfied with the service, but when I have installed its software on Windows 10, it doesn’t connect to the Internet or break connections. My subscription hasn’t finished yet. What shall I do in this situation?
November 30, 2017

Hi Will! We are thankful for the question. If your VPN doesn’ t connect to the network, check whether the Internet works well. If it breaks internet connecting, it seems that there are two possible reasons which are related to the app or computer itself. Anti-virus software sometimes blocks internet access to some suspicious websites. In case it keeps on breaking without anti-virus, consult Cyberghost support service. They are available online.

Sean Grove
November 29, 2017

First of all, my respect to the review and thanks to bestvpnrating for this post. Will, I don’t know exactly but installing of TAP adapter will help you. In case you saw the message that said about necessity of driver installing, try this. After it is done, restart the computer and connect via Cyberghost once again. Anyway, you may ask their specialists for help. As far as I know, they have online chat.

October 12, 2017

Hi, bestvpnrating! I want to know you’re your thoughts. Did you hear that the owner of CyberGhost is planning to sell its company to others, as far as I remember to Crossrider Lmt. Shall we worry about the fact or nothing will be changed for CyberGhost users?

Another VPN user
October 14, 2017

Hi, User! it is not a surprise when businessmen sell their companies. One fact makes us thinking about. The company you mentioned is based in the UK. Will CyberGhost have a new legal address or stay Romanian? The UK is not appropriate for VPN providers due to the fact of being one of 14 eyes countries. How will they deal with the authority surveillance?
October 15, 2017

Hi User and Another VPN user! Thanks for the issue you put under discussion. Actually, as Cyberghost reports in its blog about this, Cyberghost is not governed by Crossrider Lmt., it will stay Romania-based VPN service. Actually, Crossrider Lmt is just listed in the UK, but it is Israeli company. Still, it is good news that Cyberghost is under jurisdiction of Romania.

September 25, 2017

Hi, wanted to share my experience with CyberGhost. I had a problem. I had DDOS attack and CyberGhost helped me to stop it. Nevertheless, now I want to stream while the VPN is on, but I can’t. what settings do I need?

September 27, 2017

Ellie, changing servers will probably help. Try doing this!

Piper Drummond
September 11, 2017

I would write about long term usage of Cyberghost. There were both pros and cons while connecting via this VPN app for two years. All in all, it is true when they say that some servers are not good. Still, I tried many of them indifferent locations and found those working well for me. I prefer German servers, for instance. It doesn’t mean that only German servers are valuable. No… I should say that it depends on your actual location. My advice for searching a good server is checking the pings. Choose the lowest ping for the country the server is placed. I hope it will be helpful! Thanks for the review!
September 13, 2017

Piper, thank you for sharing your experience! I hope it will help our followers!

Christian Brownell
August 01, 2017

Hi there! Almost a year I used the premium subscription. Not the most pleasant experience for (It is my personal opinion). With the exception of the distant and slow servers in the US, others are constantly falling or dropping the connection periodically, the speed is greatly sags. And it's a premium server, for which I paid. Their most interesting feature - blocker, but more they have no advantages. Torrents prohibited. I am thinking of covering the subscription for the following year for another provider. What to choose?
August 03, 2017

Christian, it is your point view. Thanks for it. You may consider the one from our 7 top rated VPN services.

June 10, 2017

When I saw CyberGhost for the first time, I decided to try a free package. It had quite a lot of benefits, such as high speed and strong security for surfing the net. But some days later I thought it was not enough for me, because the number of servers was limited. It is a big deal when you have a chance to try a service without charges. Now I pay 5 dollars per month and I am able to choose among the multiple servers. I am a fan of torrenting. CyberGhost is very helpful for me in doing it. Moreover, you don’t need to be a software programmer to use it. It is easy-to-use. I would recommend CyberGhost with pleasure, it is a good service for reasonable pricing. With it I am sure that I can unblock any website which is restricted for some reasons. Keep up the good work! Well-done!

October 21, 2016

That's a shrewd answer to a tricky question.

October 01, 2016

I have awesome experience with cyberghost! Great speeds, wonderful performance. I enjoy using this service and recommend you try it for yourself.

August 11, 2016

Cyberghost’s servers in 18 countries work well. It helps me to speak with my American friends avoiding border restrictions. It has both paid and free content. It runs constantly but connection break is every 5th hour.

March 23, 2018

Wow! I can’t believe my eyes! Reading your comment I was really surprised!!! It’s said that CyberGhost had servers in 18 countries?! I understand that it was about 2 years ago, but still… Now the number of CyberGhost servers is over 50! Could you imagine?! Daniel, you say that CyberGhost worked well with such poor server location. I just can suppose that now you would adore this VPN, if you haven’t yet. Well, I just couldn’t help commenting your words. I’m simply impressed:)

July 14, 2016

App works and I can watch British channels, yay! This is a great service providing a possibility to choose any country for hiding your IP. I advise you to download it. After 7 testing days I’ve decided to buy it and I don’t regret.

July 12, 2016

It works fine. I mean quick connections, installation without any problems, wide location positions. All the same, it doesn’t use good encryption and restricts traffic on the free version.

Jason Brown
July 08, 2016

It provides a set of servers to choose from. You can check the traffic on each server and then select the least busy one. It works well. Cghostvpn connects quickly and doesn’t create any problems during installation or operation. But you can’t use free version if you want to use it on several devices.

(average 4.9 of 5)