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Best VPNs for Kenya

Last updated: 08/12/2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. He has published his articles on such online media as Hackernoon, Tripwire, Infosecinstitute, and Cybrary.

Bets VPNs for Kenya

The Security Laws Amendment Act makes the Internet in Kenya highly restricted. Moreover, the residents of this African country undergo monitoring.

It makes people to subscribe to one of the VPNs for Kenya:

  1. Express VPN will provide you with the best quality service, 3 simultaneous connections, great server network, and 5 tunneling protocols are not the only benefits one might make use of.
  2. CyberGhost VPN is fantastic when a man needs a VPN provider that would protect the whole family (even a big one), as it allows 7 connections per 1 account.
  3. Nord VPN supplies its subscribers with the richest server park – over 5100 servers are at disposal of NordVPN subscribers.
  4. VyPr VPN software is perfect to become anonymous on the Internet when being in Kenya. Just think, more than 200 000 IPs are offered.
  5. IPVanish VPN gives netizens a chance to browse the network without being monitored.

The number of Internet users in Kenya escalated in 2015 a lot and reached its peak by the end of 2017. According to “Internet World Stats”, the Internet penetration in Kenya is 89.4%.The country has the second highest speed level in Africa. Although the picture may seem not as bad as in Mali, lack of infrastructure, high costs and low purchasing power hamper connectivity for many Kenyan citizens.

The CCK set up a surveillance system in order to monitor private emails

The CCK set up a surveillance system in order to monitor private emails. Moreover, it has become clear that Internet traffic monitoring equipment was set up and operated from 2012.

Although, the Internet bandwidth in Kenya has been improved a lot, the network can’t be called secure and safe as the monitoring is still activated. So, when traveling to the country or while living in Kenya, your network needs additional protection. From all the possible defensive outputs of today’s market the most effective is considered to be a VPN for Kenya.

What about Internet censorship in Kenya?

Kenyan Internet Service Providers boast of the fact that the Internet speed inside the country is recognized as one of the fastest in the world. In general, the Internet in Kenya became more affordable for an average user.

However, not everything in the garden is rosy. As “Reporters without Borders” informs, Kenya takes the 95th position out of 180 in the rating. It means that the residents of the country as well as the journalists working and coming there are restricted while reading and writing about the events happening inside and overseas the country.

In such a way, from the perspective of the Security Laws Amendment Act accepted in 2014, it is strictly prohibited to cover and broadcast:

In such a way, from the perspective of the Security Laws Amendment Act accepted in 2014, it is strictly prohibited to cover and broadcast:

  • video or photo materials that contain images of dead or injured people;
  • materials that serves to undermine the political laws of the country and national security; 
  • content that promotes homosexuality;
  • ideas or events that contradict the culture and moral values of Kenya; 
  • critics towards government officials.

Is it necessary to use a VPN in Kenya?

Of course if you a person is not interested in secure data exchanging, safe web browsing and lack of monitoring on the part of third parties, it is unnecessary to use a VPN in Kenya.

If however an individual wants…

… to be the only owner of his/her data

… to forget about continual restrictions and censorship

… to get access to the blocked services

… to surf the Internet securely

… to be anonymous while conducting some kinds of online activities

… a VPN for Kenya is a must!

How does the best VPN for Kenya work?

A high-quality and absolutely logless VPN provider for Kenya is able to hide your true IP address. You are given a list of VPN server locations in different countries. You can choose any of the offered variants. While selecting one of the servers your address is changed into one of the servers’. Thus you can access the network of any country you choose while accessing to some geo-restricted content.

What is even more prominent for your online activities is that all your traffic becomes encrypted. The matter is that the best VPN for Kenya creates a secure tunneling passing through which all your vulnerable data turns to be locked and unattainable for any interference.

Your anonymity level is to be qualitatively enhanced while subscribing to the best VPN for Kenya. This purpose is achieved through the ‘no log’ policy followed by a good VPN provider for Kenya. What is more relevant is that you can pay for the best VPN for Kenya with the help of crypto currency, for example Bitcoin, or use a digital gift card, which are known to be the safest methods.

In order to save your free time and give a professional assistance in the question we have prepared the best VPNs for Kenya rating 2018, which is to help you make an appropriate choice faster.

The reasons to use VPN for Kenya

⇒ Cyberattacks

Kenya was ranked 69th out of 127 countries to be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Thus, the residents of Kenya suffered from a well-known WannaCry ransomware, when the victims had to pay about $300 to unlock the data stored on infected devices.

Besides 19 companies located in Kenya underwent this cyberattack.

⇒ Content blocking 

Although it is stated that there is no censorship in the country, still the elections issues of 2017 did NOT proved it. Luckily for Kenyan inhabitants, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and websites like LinkedIn and YouTube are available in the country.


… the government takes measures to filter the information contained there.

⇒ Snooping 

According to the Prevention of Terrorism Act accepted in the year of 2012, the government of Kenya has the right to monitor people’s communication. On the one side, this function of the government serves to make the life inside the country safe. But on the other side, people leave the chance to communicate freely.

What does the best VPN for Kenya do?

Restrictions bypassing 

Now when you know about the possible restrictions and content filtering in Kenya, it becomes evident that VPN is a must. Otherwise a person will be deprived of an opportunity to get access to the banned content. For example, some news posts may be unavailable on Twitter

Identity masking 

As you already know having connected to one of VPN servers, a real IP of a VPN subscriber is changed into an IP of a server used. In case a person has strong views on security issues, a logless provider for Kenya will be chosen. And as a result, it will be no way to identify a user connected to the VPN server.

Safe data exchanging  

Due to reliable encryption protocols used by VPN services, all users’ traffic including data sent and received, files up- and downloaded and browsing history will be ciphered and thus unavailable for third parties.

Can’t wait for starting using a VPN in Kenya?

First, read the short reviews of the best VPNs for Kenya and choose the one that you will definitely like!

1 winner
/ 5.0

As the name of this provider suggests, this VPN service offers excellent internet speed servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This makes ExpressVPN one of the best VPNs for everyone in terms of server speed. Apart from tunneling speeds, ExpressVPN has a wide server network (1500+) that is located in 94+ countries. This VPN offers excellent customer support and strict no logging policy.

Some of the key features of ExpressVPN are:

  • unlimited server switch, data and bandwidth;
  • the option to choose from 5 tunneling encryption protocols;
  • reliable 256-bit encryption;
  • 3 devices simultaneous connection;
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • free apps for every popular OS and devices.

If you are in search of a good VPN provider, opt for ExpressVPN and surf the Internet securely.

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2 place
/ 5.0

Nord VPN is a decent service. Double encryption afforded by the service is to make your sensitive data effectively protected while being online. More  than 3059 server locations in sixty two countries on all the continents, except Antarctic, are held and the number is being grown. Unlimited speed and bandwidth, which allows you to watch any streaming services without hits or delays, are offered too. Known as one of the simplest in its installation and usage services, any of your data or metadata is not stored by the provider and a kill switch is built in for your convenience in operation. The standard package is compatible with common operating systems and multiple connections up to six devices together are allowed, which is of a high use for those who travel a lot. A professional online support is suggested to the customers and such anonymous payment methods as bitcoins are accepted.

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3 place
/ 5.0

While looking for the best VPN for your needs, you should consider CyberGhost  VPN. Getting a lot of features for reasonable pricing monthly is what makes CyberGhost VPN one of the cheapest VPNs of all time. What is more prominent is that the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to check if it really works the way it should be. Boasting more than 1524 servers in 60 countries, this VPN provider ensures fast connections. Like many of its kind, this VPN provider uses double encryption system making it reliable and protected. CyberGhost is a respectable VPN service for keeping internet connecting secure, private and anonymous.

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4 place
/ 5.0

This is a VPN service offered by Golden Frog, an internet data storage provider. VyprVPN provides its subscribers with both VPN protection and CYPHR decoding of messages. VyprVPN is registered in Switzerland not by chance. The security laws of this country reflect the position of the VPN provider towards data protection. It has over 700 servers located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (over 70 locations).

Features that make netizens opt for VyprVPN:

  • top-notch Chameleon VPN technology for censorship bypassing;
  • 200 000+ IPs for no restrictions while surfing the Internet;
  • unlimited server switching;
  • apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows devices, routers and TV;
  • no limits of speed or bandwidth;
  • extra security with NAT-Firewall;

As VyprVPN has servers in the US, you can make use of its flash-like US servers and its free shared IP addresses to access popular American shows even from outside the US.

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5 place
/ 5.0

As a technologically advanced user, you stand to gain immensely by subscribing for this VPN service. With IPVanish you will access geo-restricted websites and channels. You will also be able to bypass all the government’s censorship hence giving you an opportunity of accessing the internet as the rest of the world is.

With IPVanish you can enjoy access to over 1000 high-speed servers located in over 60 countries. Your protection is assured by the SHA-256-bit authentication and the 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to this, there are zero logs and a 7-day money back guarantee. So, no data leaks can be experienced while using the service for being fully protected online.

It seems that the best features of IPVanish are:

  • 1000+ ultra-high-speed servers all around the world;
  • Strong encryption protocols;
  • Multi-platform compatibility.

Try to be free on the Internet!

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So, having decided to travel to Kenya, don’t forget about strict laws imposed on the Internet in the country. If you want to have access to all the services you use in your country you need a qualitative VPN to avoid all the restrictions.

Moreover, such an up-to-date technology is to help you stay private and anonymous while networking. All your sensitive data is to be thoroughly encrypted, which is and not least important.

We hope the best VPNs for Kenya rating 2018 will be of a high assistance to you!

In case you have some questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!

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David Balaban
David Balaban
February 21, 2018 0 

I thought that could change my IP through safaricom 4g apn settings, but I failed. And as I’ve later leaned it’s impossible. So while I was scouting for a VPN for Kenya, I stumbled across ExpressVPN review on your site. Although the ExpressVPN price cannot be called low, but it’s worth paying about $12 monthly. It took a couple of minutes in order to Express VPN download and setup. It’s not complicated. Also I like that Express VPN payment methods are diverse, so it’s possible to pay for it for many users. I know that there are some VPN providers that offer PayPal payment only, but it’s very inconvenient for those who don’t use PayPal as payment method. And it’s foolish to create a PayPal account to conduct one payment. But I dislike that there is no way to use Express VPN free, as the service doesn’t offer free trial period. I understand that it is very good and reliable but it would be better to try before paying for it. I want to say thank you to the authors of this site for such article and ExpressVPN provider because without you I would never know how to browse for free in Kenya. Also I used your new tool for Express VPN speed test and I became completely satisfied with it. Not only figures of the speed test make think that Express VPN is the fastest but the way the video is performed as well.

May 23, 2018 0 

Riitho, what ISP provider are you using? Unfortunately the last time I tried using a VPN safaricom blocked it.

January 30, 2018 0 

Hello! I leave a comment here with the hope to find a VPN for Kenya. Tell me please, are free VPNs safe to use in Kenya or it is better not do it?

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
January 30, 2018 0 

Hi Fadhili, free VPNs have some weak points. That is why it recommended not to use free VPN services for Kenya. I will explain why. To begin with, I’d like to point out that it is really difficult to find a really worthy free VPN for Kenya. The ones offered, are usually free during a limited period of time. And in the course of this time you will be persuaded to use their one of their paid plans. Besides, if you have managed to find a VPN provider to use for free, you are to read its privacy policy and terms of service documents to know for sure if this VPN keeps logs or not. If it does, forget about it forever and continue the search. In case a free VPN for Kenya keeps logs, it will be possible for third parties to find you when required. Another reason not to opt for a free VPN is the limited number of servers, their locations, IPs, diversity of functions, bandwidth and speed. Thus, VPN connection may be lost and a person will become unprotected. Besides, subscribing for a free VPN you will never know how to browse free in Kenya, as some services and websites will still be restricted. And what is more, some services like Netflix may restrict the access to the content through such weak VPN providers. So you may become even more limited using free VPNs in Kenya.

January 13, 2018 0 

Nikolas I give you a thumb up for your article. It is so wonderful and clear that I have understood everything! And you are very right saying that some posts on social networking sites are filtered by some institution of Kenya. I don’t know who are those guys who block some content on the internet: isp, authorities, government or even special agencies? But it doesn’t matter, as it becomes unimportant with a VPN. And I also don’t know what the best VPN for Kenya is, but with confidence I can say that Private Internet Access VPN is very good. It is not by chance that there are so many good reviews about this VPN and on this site as well. And it is not a mistake that Private Internet Access VPN is in your rating, Nikolas. It is an ultra fast VPN provider in Kenya. To be more specific I use Telkom Kenya Unlimited Internet plan and my ISP doesn’t block the VPN. And I also tried torrenting and my ISP didn’t detect me either. So I’m very happy with Private Internet Access VPN. It has more than 3000 servers and to my mind they are enough to go round the restrictions.

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
January 14, 2018 0 

Hi Bishara, thanks for such positive word addressed to me. Private Internet Access is a really high speed VPN provider for Kenya. Having more than 3100 servers it is never overloaded with the users. That is why the speed of your internet connection is so stable and fast! For further details, you may study PIA VPN review and get to know about this provider in details.