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VPN Gate Overview

VPNgate.net is a free VPN, which is meant to be a non-commercial project meant for academic purpose. It was developed by Japanese university, University of Tsukuba. Why did they go ahead with the research? Well, it was essentially meant to be a study of a properly distributed VPN system. Moreover, it is a side project of SoftEther VPN. VPNgate.net has VPN relay servers all over the world. However, these servers are basically run by volunteers. Considering the nature of this VPN service, it can be unreliable at times considering volunteers are controlling the servers. Another issue is that it is heavily focused on East Asia, which many wouldn’t like. 


At the same time, we have to take a closer look at SoftEther VPN. It came into existence because we needed an open source and free alternative VPN platform. It supports all the major protocols. As per the developers of the software, the software is comparatively faster. 

VPN Gate is extremely popular among Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese users. 


Tariffs and prices

VPNgate.net is a 100% free VPN service. On their website, they have made it very clear that it will never become a paid service in the future. This is possible since it is being run by volunteers. It was launched in March 2013. As stated before, it was meant to be an academic experiment.

The brains behind this VPN service has decided to keep this service online for eight years or more. Well, that’s worrisome to think that it may not be available forever. That’s the problem with all the free services, as it will be stopped once the people behind this project decide to pull the plug on it.

Info on servers 

There is a wide range of servers available all over the world, all run by volunteers. So, even you can add a new server to the growing list of servers.

What us the number of VPN Gate servers?

Servers are relay servers in nature. We have counted more than 5500 servers when we conducted our testing. However, the majority of the fast servers are located in the United States, South Korea and Japan. There are not too many reliable European servers and that is a major concern for people from this part of the world.

However, the servers in Israel, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and other countries appear.

The full list free VPN Gate servers is presented on the official website of the provider. There one may find the info on the tunneling protocols used by the server, IP address and other useful data that may help to make the connection a bit faster.


How do VPN Gate servers work?

As it was stated before, any person around the globe has a chance to become a part of this unusual experiment having decided to become the computer he or she possesses.

It influences the type of IP addresses the VPN service offers its clients – dynamic IPs(поставить параметр dofollow). This type of IP differs from static one in the following way: it is changed without the will of a user.

Why VPN Gate prefers dynamic IPs?

Inasmuch as the VPN is run by volunteer servers, they may be disconnected at any moment. As soon as the server is switched off, the IP will be changed automatically.



  • Bypass internet censorship

With the help of this service, you will be able to unblock the content blocked in your country or region. It will allow you to get past the Ge-location restrictions. When it comes to streaming websites like Netfli and Hulu, this is a big problem. You can address this problem with this VPN service. Moreover, you can ensure a secure connection when you are using Wi-Fi hotspots which are not so secure.

  •  Connect to free Wi-Fi safely

You can ensure a secure connection when you are using Wi-Fi hotspots which are not so secure. With VPN Gate you will note lose your sensitive data. The adversaries will never use your credentials to pay for soothing they want.

  • Security and connection logs

You should know that they offer 256-bit AES encryption. But one thing you need to understand is that they keep connection logs for next 3 months. Even though they don’t monitor the user activity, they would hand over the data to the authorities if they are required to do so.

  • Use it sensibly

Yes, considering the fact that they keep connection logs, you may not want to use if you are too concerned about your privacy. You can use it as a tool to avoid censorship. Also, it should shield your connection when you are using Wi-Fi hotspots. And they allow P2P torrent downloading. 

  • P2P downloading can be troublesome

Even though they allow P2P torrent downloading, your IP might be handed over to the authorities in case of DMCA notices issued to the node volunteer. In short, it is not the best choice for torrent downloading.

  • Windows compatibility

It offers Windows compatibility. The configuration is nothing complicated at all. All that you have got to do is to download the software and install it. It also supports Android, iOS and OSX. 

  • Limited access in many countries

As you know, countries like Iran, China, and North Korea etc. block access to the VPN websites. In that case, you can rely on the mirror sites. 

Security and privacy

As stated before, they keep the connection logs for 3 months. However, you should know that they don’t keep usage logs. They are doing it to prevent the abuse of the system. In case of criminal activities, these logs will be handed over the authorities upon request.

The data are stored on servers for 2 weeks.


Also, it is up to the server volunteer to decide how long they want to keep logs. That is a risky proposition considering there is no guarantee that they would destroy the logs. Moreover, you can’t even find the identity of a server volunteer.

Therefore, you should approach it as an anti-censorship tool. You shouldn’t expect privacy beyond that. If you want high level privacy, you should subscribe for a paid service. 

As for the security, the SoftEther VPN system is really secure as they provide 256-bit AES encryption. You can download VPNgate.net  VPN for Mac if you are a Mac user. It’s a very good VPNgate.net  VPN for Mac.

Furthermore, VPN Gate tunneling protocols are diverce. Among them one will find any to his/her taste: SSL-VPN, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and MS-SSTP.


The choice of protocol depends on the activity a user is going to conduct online.

Support service

If you are looking for customer support, then you will be disappointed as we couldn’t find anything on their website. 

You will have a chance to use neither live chat not email support in case of some troubles with VPN Gate provider. It is explained by the fact that the servers are located round the globe and belong to real human beings.

In case of any questions it would be useful to contact them.

In this connection, a special forum was created on the VPN Gate website. There users discuss various issues regarding the VPN work and what not.


Notwithstanding the absence of customer service support, VPN Gate provides its users with detailed tutorials on how to set up the VPN on this or that gadget. Moreover, the system identifies the OS your device is running on. And on the basis of it recommends its users the most wholesome variant to use.


Client account 

Speaking of the Widows client, you can connect to the network via SoftEther VPN client. You can also use the VPNgate.net plug-in. The Windows client is available in a number of languages, including Chinese, Japanese and English.

Setting up is very simple. First download the software and then unzip it. Thereafter, just install it. There is no need to register on the website or while installing the client. It is a really good private VPN service. You don’t need to look for another good VPN service. Without any doubt, it is a highly reliable VPN service. The best thing is that it has highly effective VPNgate.net VPN software. It is secure VPN software.


It supports most of the platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and OSX. If you want to buy an SSL VPN service, you can definitely go for it. 


Windows platform is the best if you fixed upon VPN Gate client. It is explained by the fact that the service offers all 4 tunneling protocols for Windows users’ data ciphering. 


Well, we liked quite a few things and we are not impressed with a few other things. What is most impressive is that it is free of cost. Plus, it is an open source service. The software is great. The speed is not bad. They don’t keep user logs, but they keep a connection log for 3 months. Mirror sites can be used to deal with censorship and firewalls. On the negative side, it is not recommended for torrent downloading. Also, it hardly provides privacy. In short; this is a really good fee VPN client. If you are looking for VPN USA, you can buy VPN USA which is reliable. Several things make it the best VPN service.

VPN Gate Overviews

reply November 15, 2017
I’ve heard that there are some problems with VPNs. So, is a VPN in China illegal? And in case I’ll install and use VPN Gate on one of my gadgets, will I be accused of illegal activity or not? I’m still thinking about it
reply November 16, 2017
Octavio, it is incorrect to say that VPN services are illegal in China. Otherwise, they would not exist in this country. Some VPNs are simply blocked because the government wants to limit access to definite services for the residents of China. But it is absolutely legal to use VPNs. VPN Gate is among such services. If only the website of VPN Gate is blocked for China, the VPN team will inform about possible mirrors. VPN Gate developers care about their subscribers and do not want to lose anyone. Protect your gadgets with VPN Gate.
reply November 03, 2017
Thanks for this VPN Gate Review!!! It’s fantastic. Finally I’ve found free VPN client. To put it mildly, I was about to give up the idea to find the free VPN that would function properly and managed to do whatever I like! Previously, it was possible by means of free vpn to access China websites only. Oh, I haven’t said I’m from China. You can’t even imagine how it is to get China IP address. I was so narrow-minded because of lack of information. But with VPN Gat the situation changed a lot. I surf the net without restriction. It can be compared with the situation when you breathe fresh air after the whole day spent in the office at the period of summer heat! Thank you for this overview and VPN Gate project team to experience the best free VPN service!
reply November 04, 2017
Dear, Kaleb! It is a great pleasure, that we helped you to find the best free VPN service. Stay with us and you will be informed about the best VPN services for China and latest news. Twit the article and your friends will now about this fantastic VPN as well.
reply October 25, 2017
It’s awesome we can use free vpn connection to stream favorites. After reading this, I’m convinced that VPN Gate is worth using. I find it beneficial to choose the client that supports SoftEther protocol. I’ve read it’s the best to choose. But how to use SoftEther VPN?
reply October 26, 2017
Good afternoon, Adam. To begin with, let us mention that SoftEther is not a protocol used for ciphering. SoftEther is the project of VPN Gate. As or the protocols SoftEther uses to cipher users’ traffic, they are diverse: OpenVPN, SSL-VPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec. The detailed instructions are given on the VPN Gate website. SoftEther VPN client is easy to use. It is really reliable and user-friendly.
reply October 15, 2017
Have I understood right that anyone may become a VPN Gate volunteer?
reply October 16, 2017
Nancy, VPN Gate servers are really free thanks to the fact that they are run and supported by individuals. To become among other VPN Gate distributors, a user is to download a SoftEther VPN server. The process is not very time-consuming. But if you are interested in this issue and want to make your home computer a VPN server, it is required to read all documents and warnings about possible risks. If you will manage to install necessary apps on your Windows computer, you will find your IP in free VPN server list. Don’t be afraid of joining the VPN Gate team and make the work of the service even better.
reply October 10, 2016
The main advantage of vpn gate is that it’s a free service, but its operating process is unpredictable. Some servers maintain good speed and performance, but others go offline regularly and spoil general impression about the service. Anyway, I’ve decided to use another more reliable vpn.
reply October 07, 2016
The service I’ve received from VPNGate is excellent. The system works perfectly most time over a usage period. Now I connect to free public Wi-Fi hotspots with no fear to be hacked and have personal information stealing. The only downside is that they keep connection logs, but browsing activity is not tracked, I’ve been assured.
reply October 06, 2016
It’s free and open source. I downloaded it few months ago and can’t stop going om it. It works well, connection speed is fine. What is more, they kindly recommend which server I need to choose to reach best browser results.
Update: 15/02/2018