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Last updated: 09/01/2019

CactusVPN Review

Your online security is as important as your home security because internet hackers are becoming more arrogant with each passing day. With just your IP address, they can hack into your personal computer and steal valuable confidential information or monitor all your online activities and hack into all your accounts that include your online chat accounts, emails and even your banks if they are able to extract the right information.

 Account hacking and identity theft can be quite tragic and it can take years to recover after a nasty incident with one of these online junkies. The best way to stay safe on the internet is by investing in a good VPN service like CactusVPN.

This reliable VPN service protects your identity and online activities by creating a secure Virtual Private Network tunnel in which you can do what you like and remain completely untraceable and anonymous. Your private conversations and information will stay completely private no matter which websites you visit and what content you download.   

Tariffs and prices of CactusVPN

As a VPN client, the things that you should be looking for are quality and affordability. Luckily, CactusVPN possesses both because it offers fantastic protective services at an affordable rate. There are five solutions that you can have a look at when you are considering this private VPN service. 

US VPN – This account costs only $4.99 per month and has four servers available in the USA that you can access from across the globe.

UK VPN – For $4.99 per month, you can get access to any of the five UK servers from anywhere in the world and enjoy the internet as if you were in the UK. 

VPN + SmartDNS – At $6.99, this is the most expensive account, but has a lot of benefits such as 23 servers in the USA, the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada, Australian, South Korea, Spain, Poland, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, and Romania. The option of Smart DNS services is also included.

Smart DNS – This account is fantastic for streaming lovers, as they can access all websites that are restricted in certain areas. Sites like  HBO, Hulu, and BBC sport are just a few of the many sites that you will have full access to at just $4.99 per month. You will be able to access any the US, the UK, German, Polish and other media sites instantly.

Why not to start saving money on something cherished and choose the 3-months plan. A user will pay $5.99, which is 14% less as compared to a one-month plan.



Besides, it is possible to save up to 35%. There are different variants of subscription: from one month to one year. The annual plan is the most beneficial one, as it allows paying only $4.58 a month instead of $6.99.


It is really possible to become totally anonymous on the Internet with CactusVPN, as various kinds of payment methods are available. It is even possible to pay by means of Bitcoins, which makes its holders confidential during the procedure of payment. If a person is not lucky enough to have crypto currency (read our recent Cryptocurrency guide), customary payment is possible: banking cards and other payment systems are possible to be used.

Availability of CactusVPN

CactusVPN can be accessed from anywhere in the world and they have chosen countries with leading content and websites to implement their servers. They have 20 servers in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, the UK, the USA, South Africa, and Romania (more information). The fewer servers make no impair on the quality of the internet that users can enjoy because these are the countries that have the best and most engaging content and they can have access to any site available in these countries instantly.

Functions of CactusVPN

CactusVPN has a lot of fantastic functions that will make your internet experience more enjoyable. Some of the leading functions are:

Anonymous browsing due to the fact that this USA IP VPN has great security protocols that will keep your IP and online activities hidden from the world and from censoring software.

They use six VPN protocols to keep your information safe and secure. Among them one will find OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, SSTP, SoftEther, PPTP (read for comparing VPN protocols). This diversity allows making any online activity of a user secure. Each tunneling protocol is created to manage appropriate task. In other words, there are both weak and strong sides of each protocol. For example, PPTP is very fast and easy to use, but its weak point is security. Thus, it can be used for streaming. But if one wants to send and receive secure messages, it would be better to draw attention to OpenVPN.

- You have access to unlimited bandwidth and speed. CactusVPN team does not limit its users in the access to the Internet. Besides, the protection of Cactus clients will not come to the end at the wrong moment. Nobody in the world would like his or her umbrella to be broken, at the height of the rainfall. The same applies with the VPN. CactusVPN will not stop protecting you, as according to its policy the bandwidth is unlimited. It doesn’t matter how often does a person uses the Internet, CactusVPN will always protect its clients.

- You can enjoy high internet speeds with the 1Gbps servers. The speed is not the last characteristic to be taken into account while choosing a VPN service for online security. It is not a secret that VPN services tend to slow down the speed because of some technical difficulties. But CactusVPN is not in the list of such services. Apart from numerous positive characteristics, it offers fast speed for its subscribers.

The VPN uses proxy servers. Proxy servers are used to mask user’s identity on the cyber space. It is possible to achieve thanks to the methods of ciphering the system uses. Nevertheless, the proxy server itself is not so safe to use in isolation. But a combination of a proxy and CactusVPN offers the highest level of security for its users. Anyway, cake with a cup of hot tea is better, isn’t it?

You can add multiple devices to the same VPN package. Five devices are possible to use to be protected against numerous threats having subscribed to only one VPN service – CactusVPN. An average family consists of four members: mum, dad and two kids. Why not to protect them all. 

Torrenting is allowed on the Netherlands, Germany and Romanian servers. If torrenting is a favourite pastime of your family members, it will not be so scaring anymore. Be convinced, that nobody will be punished for it, as CactusVPN masks its users’ IPs and it becomes an uphill struggle to find such torrent lovers.

- The function of a Kill Switch is offered by Cactus. It allows preventing unprotected access to the Internet in case of VPN disconnection. It doesn’t mean that CactusVPN service does not function properly, but technical fault is possible.

- Users’ data are under the strong protection of CactusVPN on a twenty-four hour basis. The traffic is encoded several times by the VPN service and proxy. It allows reaching the highest level of protection while being on the Internet. With a reliable CactusVPN one may send any data and be sure, they will not be stolen by third parties.

Log-free policy sounds very attractive for every single user in the world. And in case of CactusVPN this statement is not a dummy word. The service does NOT keep any logs: neither traffic nor users’ personal data are stored by Cactus (site source).

CactusVPN clients can sleep the sleep of the just, as even in case they can’t connect to the service the money spent on the VPN will brought back within 30 days. It is important to study the list of websites, Cactus service is able to unblock.

Access to more than two hundred services all over the world is guaranteed with CactusVPN.

Security and Privacy

CactusVPN is one of the best VPN services because it uses 6 different security protocols to encrypt all your online activities and downloads and to protect your identity. The protocols they use are L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2, SoftEther and PPTP, all of which are fantastic for improving your online security. CactusVPN also allows torrenting in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania which means that if you choose these servers, you will be protected no matter what you download.


CactusVPN is the service that is really safe for everyone, as it follows a very strict policy regarding the question of logs. This VPN provider is absolutely log-free. Neither users’ traffic nor the info on services he/she uses on the internet is known to them. Thus, even in case CactusVPN is hacked, people’s data will not undergo leak, as they are simply NOT kept.

Support service of CactusVPN

CactusVPN has a fun support department on their website. This USA VPN customer care department will guide you through the basic steps on how to start; setup tutorials, FAQ and Learning centers so you can get your account set up correctly or find the most common errors that clients are faced with. You can also open a ticket online and get personal assistance for your problems.

How to get started with CactusVPN?

To get started, you will have to create an account online by registering.  You can register for a free VPN trial, a free smart DNS trial or order a package. 

Once you have your account setup, you have to download Cactus VPN for Mac, Windows or whichever device that you are using. You can do it yourself by following the step by step tutorials.

And lastly, you can start using your VPN service and enjoy the best protection or access any site you like.

To do it successfully it is required to choose the server in a particular country. It means that you are to use the country where the access to a concrete service or a website is not banned.


CactusVPN works on various different devices. CactusVPN download is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS devices, Android devices, Ubuntu, Chromebook, Boxee Box and there are also some routers that can help you connect your entire home or business instantly.  

The last facility is very attractive for business owners. Nowadays, it is a general practice that companies around the world tend to make their business secure by means of VPNs. Cactus gives such opportunity. 


If you are not too picky about which servers to use then this is definitely the most secure VPN software for you. CactusVPN provides effective protection at an affordable rate and gives you the freedom to choose from various content sources that are usually restricted in other countries. You can get content from the UK, the USA, Netherlands, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Romania and use the internet as if you were located in one of these countries. Torrenting is also allowed for Netherlands, Germany and Romania which is fantastic for people who love to download shows and content to their devices so they can watch it later on.

To draw the conclusion one may say that CactusVPN service offers a broad range of facilities while the Internet browsing. In other words, a VPN gets a free hand to access any service around the globe.

CactusVPN will solve all problems in no time. Thus, any content of the World Wide Web will be at users’ disposal.

Besides, this service provides internet users with secure access to the services online. It is enough to pay less than $5 per month to be absolutely protected while reading news, streaming movies, torrenting content and what not.

Want to compare the VPN with another one?

reply November 23, 2018

Witopia. I've had Witopia for a couple years and am pretty happy with it. They have a bunch of different locations to choose from and very fast speed. Hardly slows down my connection at all.

reply October 28, 2017

It seemed to me I was looking for it for ages! To put it mildly, I’m fed up with airy promises of free vpns I used before. They stated that I’ll be protected, but it wasn’t true. My IP wasn’t ciphered. And once it led to serious troubles. I don’t wants to go into details, but I was about to move to another city.
But then I found CactusVPN, and it brought me back to my uneventful life. No monitoring – no troubles. I just use it and the service protects me against unsafe access to the internet. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. I’m ready to pay even more. But it’s not necessary. If someone reads the comments in hope to find an ideal security tool, be sure, you’ve found it. I even tested it on special websites, which show the IPs we use. And know what? They didn’t show my real IP.

reply July 18, 2017

CactusVPN is my first and hope last VPN service. My friend advised me to it and considered his opinion. And this service didn’t let me down. Luckily! Frankly speaking I’m not into IT and very sceptical towards such novelties. But this thing impressed me a lot as I’m not limited in the content on the net. Thanks.

stiven cox
reply September 04, 2016

The support they gave me is incredible. I’ve never seen any websites help me so much, they are extremely helpful! This vpn deserves five stars on everything just based on how kind they are!

reply August 20, 2016

This service is pretty good. Pricing is reasonable, plus, they usually offer discounts. I can pay for services using Webmoney or any other method, because the VPN gives such possibility. When I had questions and addressed to technical support, agents responded to my email within minutes. Well, I’m satisfied their work.

reply August 12, 2016

You can find many negative reviews about CactusVPN. I admit that some of them are faithful. But people should understand that Cactus is a small and young company with a huge clients’ database. Hope that they’ll remove mistakes soon. Good luck, CactusVPN.

Cody Barnes
reply June 25, 2016

Using CactusVPN is a good decision for newbies. It’s easy to set up. Cactus’ encryption is secure; app is simple to explore. But servers are situated only in 4 countries, torrents are available only with expensive pricing. So, this VPN is a wonderful decision for people who just want to secure themselves while online.