ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear: Compare them right now

Last updated: January 14, 2020
David Balaban

David Balaban

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It is sure that VPN services are dead worthwhile for a modern user of the network. They let us stay private anonymous and, what is even more important, protected online.

We do agree that it is a hard task to sort out and subscribe for the best ever VPN service. Such tools are not new, multiple providers offer fairly analogous features. Nonetheless, some are more reliable when relating to this or that feature.

We’ve decided to assist our followers in choosing the best VPN provider by means of comparing a pair of them. Today it’s ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear.

Ready to know the verdict? Keep on reading!

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear: Tariffs and Prices


Firstly, we are to have a look at the tariffs and prices of these two VPN service providers.

If you think of subscribing for ExpressVPN, you will have the chance to alter between three plans, and the best price is claimed to be 8.32 dollars per month (it is rather expensive). In case you are dissatisfied with it, you are offered take advantage of a 30-day money-back refund (though, you need to know about the terms of getting money back). One is allowed to connect up to 3 gadgets for one subscription. It is worth saying that among various payment options bitcoins are available.

What about TunnelBear? It has two packages for choice with the best monthly price of 4.99 dollars. (Reasonable enough). A 7-day free trial is provided for testing before actual subscribing. The number of devices for simultaneous usage is five, which is more than offered by ExpressVPN. You may pay in different ways (even bitcoins are accepted).

Express VPN price

Tunnel Bear price

Tunnel Bear like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Servers


Does the number of servers make you think whether to buy or not a VPN subscription? We believe they do.

Being able to connect via various servers located around the globe, you can change your IP address more often. You’ll probably get more privacy then. Which provider has a richer server park?

It is ExpressVPN. Why? There are servers in 94 countries, while TunnelBear’s locations are in 20 countries.

As for IP types, shared IPs are assigned by TunnelBear. ExpressVPN rotates IP addresses before users are connected to the network.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Functions


When one is looking or a good VPN tool, functions play almost the main role in choosing it. What are they at ExpressVPN and TunnelBear? Here’s the deal:

TunnelBear provides 500 Mb of data for free. For those who subscribed for paid plans, unlimited data is allowed. The provider has a special feature which is called Closest Tunnel. You are connected via the closest server location for better performance. Unfortunately, you will fail to torrent via TunnelBear as P2P is not allowed.

Having obtained a plan of ExpressVPN, you get limitless data bandwidth, server switching and speeds. Even P2P is provided, which is a good reason for torrent users to choose it.

It is a pity, but both of them do not block ads.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Security and Privacy


Seeking for a VPN, we intend to get privacy and security on the network. Let’s find out how private and safe you are with TunnelBear and ExpressVPN.

They encrypt the data with a strong 256-bit method. Connecting via Wi-Fi hotspots, you are ensured with protection. Both of them have similar features for protecting your data from leaking when the Internet connection is failed. How different are they?

Express VPN applies more data transfer protocols in comparison with TunnelBear. Thus, it seems the former is stronger in it.

Express VPN likeTunnel Bear like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Support Service


Have you ever asked service support specialists for assistance? How long did you wait for the answer?

We believe that online chat is really must-have for every service. Why? It is fast as you have the chance to get help right now online, but not tomorrow or in a week. Unfortunately, TunelBear lags behind ExpressVPN. Communicating online is not possible for that service.

 Among the ways support provided by both of them are email, guides and Frequently Asked Questions.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Platforms


Both VPN providers are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. They also developed apps for them. But what is different? TunnelBear doesn’t work on routers and Linux-operated devices.

It is worth mentioning that they have apps for browsers as well. It seems to an extra level of protection on the Internet.

Express VPN likeTunnel Bear like

ExpressVPN vs TunnelBear Conсlusion:


Thus, ExpressVPN is the winner today!

Which of the two VPNs do you prefer? Was the article helpful for you?

We’ll be waiting for your replies. Don’t hesitate to share the comments with us! Besides, you may leave your suggestions here. Which VPNs are we to compare next week? Ask us RIGHT NOW!


Express VPN


Tariffs and Prices



The number of plans



The best price

$8.32 per month

$4.99 per month

Money-back guarantee

30 days

Free trial

7 days

Payment option

Credit cards, PayPal and other e-payment systems, bitcoins.

Credit cards, bitcoins and American Express

Devices for subscription






The amount of locations

94 countries

20 countries

Total IPs

Thousands of IPs

No information

IP type

IPs are rotated





Limitless bandwidth

500 Mb for free, then unlimited

Limitless server switching

Closest Tunnel feature

Unlimited speeds

No information

P2P sharing











Apps for









Routers, browsers, MediaStreamer consoles







Open USA VPN, IPSec for iOS

Data encryption

256-bit AES

AES 256-bit

Kill switch

VigilantBear for Windows, Mac, Android

NAT Firewall

Wi-Fi protection

Split tunneling





Service support





Online Chat

FAQ, guides


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