IPVanish kill switch

Last updated: July 28, 2018

IPVanish kill switchAs struggle with internet censorship and government surveillance computer professionals do their best to make average customers, as well as advanced users, protected from spying and monitoring on them. As you might have heard such countries as China, Singapore, India, the UAE are lack of internet freedom and either striving for or have already managed to create their ‘closed’ national networks.

In this regard, such up-to-date inventions as IPVanish VPN are indispensible. The service has several functional advantages by which it can introduce some benefits into your online life:

  • The service makes your true address hidden from all the prying eyes including your ISP, which makes you protected from identifying and fine imposture;
  • The service makes your virtual location free from any geo-locations. Having subscribed for the service you achieve a set of servers placed in many countries all over the globe. By choosing one of the servers you get freedom to avoid any geo-restrictions or to make your network censored;
  • The output helps to protect your traffic from unauthorized accessing. The thing is that all your traffic will be thoroughly encrypted with the help of up-to-date protocols, such as L2TP or OpenVPN to become unreadable for any adversaries.
  • Besides, such a product is definitely reliable, as soon as it offers a free trial version for you to test it before making a subscription and also it offers a money-back guarantee, which is great for you to stay preserved from any interference.

Despite all the enumerated useful functions, the service makes you protected from undesired data exposure. Kill switch, which has been supplied for the product, protects your traffic from being lost while there is a disconnection with your internet provider. In case you live in one of the countries where the internet is highly censored, the feature is just irreplaceable.