Saura Bala

Encryption Security Expert
Saura Bala

Education: Saura began her career in 2000 when she graduated from the Utica College. Fortunately for us, having experienced in one of the most famous departments, she is knowledgeable in online security. As a cybersecurity writer of our website, Saura analyzes weaknesses in cryptographic security systems and is pleased to share researches with our followers.

Why have you decided to be a part of Bestvpnrating’s team?

During my education at college I decided to become a security writer, as I have always been interested in technological development and consequences it involves. As well as many of our followers, I need to know my network is free and secure. Therefore, I have decided to join the team and write about what average people need for their online protection.

What is your major achievement in work?

I believe my major achievement in work is the devotion of all my spare time to this project, from which I get maximum pleasure. All I do here is closely related to my educational sphere, so I suppose I’ve made a right choice. Today my primary aim is to inform our followers about newly discovered breaches and vulnerabilities through our blog and news sections. Also I’m involved in single-purposed guides and articles writing.  

What do you think about Internet security?

Being a cybersecurity writer, Internet security is what I set sights on every day. With all my writings I try to make our followers and visitors realize and give thought to what is known as online threats. Every time I make a new overview of a VPN product I look to average customer who is a newbie of the question, so I try to explain everything in simple phrase and not to miss the main thing at that.

What is your golden rule for internet surfing?

My bet is that any Internet writer or journalist needs additional protection for not to make his/her identity publicly exposed. Moreover, censorship policy of many governments restrains journalists from speaking out without being banned, fined or even arrested. As for me, a VPN has become a lifebuoy that provides me with Internet freedom.

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