Is incognito mode really useful?

Last updated: February 26, 2017

Is incognito mode really useful? Nowadays unadvanced users prefer using up-to-date tool called incognito window. Being under the illusion that the tool provides anonymity, the users give up hope on despite this mode really helps to avoid tracking. That’s why it’s necessary to define if the tool is useful or useless.

How does incognito mode operate?

As for its operating, the new window is opened like a new installed browser on your laptop. Using the incognito window you can’t find cookies, saved searches or browsing history, as all the data filled in is deleted every time you open the window. But unfortunately it’s not enough to protect your personal data from being intercepted.

While browsing the site, small files called cookies are placed on your laptop. If you have decided to browse the site again, these cookies will be read by the site; therefore, all your personal data will be revealed. It implies all your habits and preferences including political, religious, sexual get intercepted by some interested parties, so you shouldn’t be surprised while ads based on your habits are being shown for you when surfing the net.

How to interfere cookies monitoring you:

  • don’t allow the site using cookies;
  • install Privacy Badger to define if the site uses cookies, then block them;
  • use additional tool called incognito mode that helps you browse without tracking you.

Moreover, you can be recommended to use a VPN service which is considered to be an up-to-date tool providing its users with high level of security and anonymity. Due to well-designed protocols, all your personal data is encrypted so it can’t be read even if it has been intercepted by hackers. As you can see, VPN can enhance your level of anonymity, making you protected enough.