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Yify Torrent – outstanding torrent website for movies lovers

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 29/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


Almost everyone downloaded games, apps, movies or soft via the net at least once on Yify torrents or any other site. Most likely, you faced the notions ‘torrent file’, ‘tracker’ and ‘torrents’ in general.

But have you known that a P2P connection is not always safe and secure? Every time you download torrent files without a VPN, you put your sensitive data at risk. Look through the list of 5 best VPNs in 2019 if you want to make a difference:

  1. ExpressVPN - The best VPN for Yifi offering 24/7 live chat support and robust encryption!
  2. NordVPN - Great provider with a strict no logs policy, no bandwidth limits and DNS leak protection!
  3. CyberGhost - This VPN gives access to more than 3000 servers worldwide and offers up-to-date protocols!
  4. IPVanish - Trustworthy way to make your torrenting via Yifi secure, anonymous and fast!
  5. VyprVPN - With this VPN you’ll easily unblock Yifi wherever you are and encrypt your sensitive data!

Thus, 16% of the residents of Egypt and Indonesia made use of torrenting sites more than once a week in 2017.

In such a way, torrenting gains popularity all over the world. Low, inaccessibility and slow internet speeds are not the obstacle for torrent fans today.

If you disagree with the above-mentioned statement, just read this article up to the end, and you will know how to use torrent websites notwithstanding your location.

Are you ready?

Then there are some points that will be highlighted:

Bet you'll manage to unblock Yify after reading this article!

What is a torrent tracker?

By means of BitTorrent protocols and websites, which are most often called ‘trackers’, users can exchange files via the Internet. Nowadays, the facility to download the files by means of BitTorrent technology is the most popular among net users. However, not everyone knows how to use torrent trackers.

 Today, we’ll find out what a torrent tracker is by the example of Yify torrent.

Introduction to Yify

What is Yify Torrent?

Yify is a site that functions as a torrent tracker.

And it is an open secret that Yify is in the list of the most distinguished torrent trackers. New trackers try to surpass Yify Torrent, but fail. The first component that makes this torrent tracker successful is that Yify authors put emphasis on a link protocol – SPDY (pronounce it ‘speedy’).

SPDY is an open source protocol created by Google company with the aim to transfer protocol data units.

SPDY is similar to HTTP, but the difference lies in speed. The data transferred by means of SPDY protocol are so fast thanks to multiplexing and contraction.

Yify torrent is available under the domain name yify-torrent.org. It is one of the most prominent torrent trackers for movies only.

Here you will find gigabytes of torrent movies.

The Yify movies are available in 1080p, 720p, 480p resolutions, as well as in 3D, DVD and HDRip formats. On the one hand, the diversity of formats allows Yify users to find the movies of the best quality.

But on the other hand, it allows loading the torrent movies of smaller size (if you don’t have enough space on the hard drive of your device).

What about Yify Torrent website’s navigation?

The website contains 6 inputs:

  • Latest movies

Here you will find the list of latest added to Yify Torrent movies. Click the necessary resolution or format and the number of available files will be changed. Also, Yify tracker allows sorting torrents by time, size, seeders, peers, alphabetical order and vice versa.


  • Popular movies

The input ‘Popular movies’ contains the list of the most popular Yify films. The number of seeders is the figure that influences this rating. In other words, the rating is based on these figures. The more seeders, the higher a movie in the Yify rating.  Attentive Yify users may notice that the quality of torrent files influences the place in the rating it takes.


  • Daily tracker

Visiting this page, you will find the list of torrents classified by the date they were loaded to Yify torrent tracker. We’ve noticed that the website gets renewed daily. The number of torrenting files differs day in and day out. For example, only 6 files were added today, but yesterday (September 28, 2017) the number of new torrent movies reached 34.


  • Genres

Don’t know what exactly to watch? Visit the input ‘Genres’. All the films presented on Yify Torrent site are classified by genre. You’ll find 20 genres here.


  • Years

If you know the year when the movie was produced but don’t know its title, this page will help you to manage the search. Just click the required year and the movies of this year will be available to download.

Being an amateur of movies shot in the 1990s, it’ll be a child’s play to find and load these movies on your computer or laptop.


  • Sequels

The sequels are arranged in the alphabetical order.

Click on the necessary one and you’ll be redirected to the list of the sequels of the definite tittle.

How to use Yify Torrent

If you are a film lover it is high time to become a Yify client, as the tracker use is very convenient and simple. No installation, registration or additional browser extensions are required. Just visit Yify Torrent official website and start using it for free.

If you want to find a movie by its genre or year, visit the pages of the same name.

But in case you want to load and watch a concrete movie, it is necessary to use a search line. Enter the word you need and click ‘Go!’ Now, let’s find the files with the word ‘star’ in tittle. Thus, we’ve found 7 pages of results, which are approximately 100 torrent movies.

Besides, it is possible to grade them to time, seeders, peers or to sort the files alphabetically.

Seeders and peers number allows finding the movies for downloading in the fastest possible speed.

If you want to enjoy a 3D film curled up in a chair with a cup of hot tea, click ‘3D’ and download a 3D movie to watch at home.

Yify contacts

Sometimes, the users have some questions about this torrent tracker work. On Yify site it is proposed to contact the team by means of Yify business email yify-torrent.org. Also it is possible to follow the Yify news on the pages of social networks ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’.

Anonymity while using Yify Torrent

Do you want the ISP to spy on you while downloading? Would you like to pay for torrenting? Is slow speed good for you?

For sure, all the answers are negative, aren’t they?

The right-holders try to make us pay for torrenting.

But why?

The answer is obvious.

They want to sell their products, but torrenting makes it free for us. That is why numerous torrenting websites are banned in this or that place. VPNs for torrenting solve this problem. They make all the trackers accessible for you notwithstanding your location.

Besides, a VPN for torrenting disables the ISP to identify you and the movies you load.

Frankly speaking, VPN is the only way to torrent anonymously. Neither Tor nor proxies can be compared with it. Let’s have a look at the facilities a VPN provides its subscribers: 

  • anonymous torrenting;
  • IP masking;
  • fast speed;
  • access to the blocked torrent trackers and torrent search engines;
  • Internet security (no viruses or malware) on your device.

The reasons to VPN for Yify Torrents

Unfortunately, not all people understand the necessity of the services that help to achieve anonymity while downloading torrent files. Top VPN services solve this problem with a click of a botton.

Providing that you are an active torrent user, you might be informed that torrenting activity is illegal in particular countries and there are numerous troubles one could face while torrenting.

Let us investigate why it is necessary to use VPN for Yify Torrent:

⇒ IP masking

Making user’s IP untraceable allows browsing the Internet as if a person is located abroad. In case a VPN connects to a US-based server, a user surfs the Internet as if he is physically located in the USA. Besides, IP hiding prevents users from being monitored or identified by third parties. What’s more, when you browse the Internet through various IPs, annoying ads will stop being a headache for you.

⇒ geo-blocking bypassing

Perhaps Yify Torrent site is NOT available in the region you inhabit. Severe Internet Service Providers often block access to torrent trackers and torrent engines. But if you get used to browsing the pages you like and using torrent trackers you want, it is recommended to subscribe for one of the best VPNs for torrent sites like Yify.

⇒ download torrents

Currently, the word “torrent” is associated with illegal content and law infringement.  Although they are just the services that contain information, still the majority of files shared by means of these platforms are pirated. But there are the platforms and torrent files that are 100% legal. VPNs will allow you to download torrent files low key.

⇒ prevent your ISP from reducing the speed

As soon as a user is suspected in torrenting, the ISP might take measures to slow down both download and upload speed of a seeder. Forget about the fear to be identified by your ISP and start torrenting with Yify Torrent safely.

Potential threats for torrent users

#1 Penalties

One might be surprised but sometimes torrenting is fraught with serious consequences. Thus, the residents of Germany, the UAE, Finland, Japan, the UK and France may be fined for downloading a torrent file from any accessible in the county torrent tracker.

The heaviest penalty for torrenting recorded was $220 000. A music lover from Minnesota 24 songs and was caught. How surprising the lady was to know the price of the songs downloaded!

VPN is a must for those who are going to visit or live in:

  •  Latvia
  •  Russia
  •  the USA
  •  Malaysia
  •  Portugal
  •  South Africa
  •  Australia
  •  China
  •  Italy


The access to torrent trackers and torrent searchers is limited if your IP belongs to one of these countries. Thus, one has a chance to make use of a VPN to change the IP into an IP address of a more torrent-friendly country.

#2 Malware

Relax getting to know that you live in a torrent-friendly country?

Just hold your horses!

Penalties and problems with the ISP are not the only problem troubles one could face while torrenting. Resourceful hackers work out viruses to steal users’ data, monitor them and even fry the devices.

About 12 million netizens in the USA suffer from infected torrent files monthly.

About 12 million netizens in the USA suffer from infected torrent files monthly

Malware contained by torrent files

Unblock Yify with a VPN easily

A reliable VPN service is able to make blacklisted content accessible even in the strictest regions such as China or Syria.

Having subscribed for a VPN, a user might make use of an IP address of a country where access to Yify Torrents is not banned.

3 steps to download torrents on Yify Torrent site securely

Interested in Yify movies, but don’t know how to do it securely? Follow 3 simple steps and forget about your fears:

Step 1

Look through the VPN services and pay attention to the following features:

  •  number of servers and their locations;
  •  logging policy;
  •  kill switch;
  •  unlimited bandwidth and speed;
  •  DNS leak protection.

After the VPN is chosen, subscribe for it and follow the instructions of the service.

Step 2

Connect to a VPN server located in a country where torrenting is not restricted.

Step 3

Download and install one of the torrent downloaders and use your favourite Yify Torrent to download movies securely.

Yify proxy: is it worth using it?

Do you know what a proxy server is?

To put it simply, it is a computer with dedicated software installed. It serves as a mediator between a user's device and a targeted service or website. When a person uses such server, his/her IP address is substituted with the one which belongs to the server and therefore Yify Torrents becomes unblocked.

Of course, it is not a bad variant to unblock Yify but the speed becomes rather slow sometimes.

Best Yify alterantives

However, if you are not a big fan of Yify Torrents but allow for the possibility of using some other good torrent tracker for downloading content, Yify alternatives are at your disposal!

Here're the best torrenting sites to use instead of Yify:

Leave a comment in case you have any questions, offers or suggestions regarding the issue of Yify Torrent and VPN. And with a great pleasure we will respond you in the shortest possible time!

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February 18, 2018 2 

And what stops you! Gone are the days we couldn’t do it. Virtual Private Networks designed by IT specialist solve it at one stroke! A person subscribes for a VPN that attracts him and of course has servers in the countries streaming sites of which you are interested in and connect to the necessary IP address and voila – Netflix, Hulu and so on are available for you. What is more, VPNs make web browsing anonymous. Besides, it’s possible to do it absolutely money free! Just look for a free VPN for streaming concrete service and use it.

April 08, 2018 0 

Thanks to the article I really started thinking about a VPN on my desktop! The Internet is no longer a safe place, people have to think about different proxies and VPNs... When I was a child there weren`t so many problems related to internet safety..Latest news related to Internet freedom just drives me crazy... People are sentenced to jail because of a "wrong" comment or a picture... It is a nonsense!.. If a picture could be a subject for imprisonment, I can imagine how insecure to download torrents today. So I decided to install a VPN for extratorrents software. Can anyone advise me a good one?

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
April 08, 2018 0 

Hi, Alexander. Thank you for reading our article. We are glad to know that we have raised your concerns for the safety. We recommend you to pay attention to the following features while choosing a VPN for torrenting: a number of servers and the countries, bandwidth and speed, the feature of automatic kill switch, OpenVPN or L2TP/IPsec protocols and traffic encoding. We also encourage you to read a privacy policy of a VPN thoroughly. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask! Good luck!

February 28, 2018 0 

Hi there. I am a great traveler and I wanted to watch blue is the warmest color full movie while my staying in the USA. (A friend of mine cannot stop talking about it, so I finally decided to watch it) But I faced a problem with getting access to yify-torrent.org, the link was dead and not accessible. A week later I was in Asia and there weren`t any problems with accessing to this website at all! So I made a conclusion that it depends on the country you are in. I don`t know, maybe the USA has the most strict laws about copyright infringement. But it seems to me that it is only a matter of time before it gets blocked in other countries:(

March 06, 2018 0 

Hi, Edemee. If you had installed a VPN on your mobile devise, you wouldn`t have had such a problem :) I always use a VPN while torrenting, I don`t trust mirrors and proxies. They are not reliable imho. You can get blue is the warmest colour 720p on kickass or torrentking. I like these websites so much. I think, they are good yufi alternatives. You can also go to 1337x and get good quality movies. I personally don`t like yify tv. For me quality of movies there is too low. I don`t know any reasons why to use YIFY, it is better to find a yify alternative. By the way, folks, what torrent clients do you use? I use qbitterent but it is also too slow for me. Numerous old torrents with not many seeders left just piss me off!!

March 11, 2018 0 

I know the reason why people prefer yify tv!.. I think that not all people want that a single movie take up from 6 to 10 GB of space. I watch movies on my tablet or sometimes even on my smart phone (through yify browser apk), that`s why file size for me is more important that quality. Yes, it is better to watch 4k movies but some people are not lucky enough to have such an opportunity... As for clients I prefer utorrent. It is convenient to use filehippo to download free utorrent. It is also available on windows 10.

February 16, 2018 0 

I address Derek. I don’t find YIFY worthwhile. And I even more disagree when you are saying that it’s better to use torrents than streaming sites in USA. If only you lived outside the States, you would know that streaming American websites is fantastic! Unfortunately here in Bulgaria, that’s very difficult to find high quality content to watch. It frequently happens to me that I start loading a movie online, watch 5, 10 or 15 minutes and it is stopped. It is required to register… but as soon as one enters his real phone number it breaks the bank! No only I but some of my friends found out the hard way… If I had a tiny chance to stream with Netflix or Hulu, I would be absolutely over the moon!

February 18, 2018 2 

And what stops you! Gone are the days we couldn’t do it. Virtual Private Networks designed by IT specialist solve it at one stroke! A person subscribes for a VPN that attracts him and of course has servers in the countries streaming sites of which you are interested in and connect to the necessary IP address and voila – Netflix, Hulu and so on are available for you. What is more, VPNs make web browsing anonymous. Besides, it’s possible to do it absolutely money free! Just look for a free VPN for streaming concrete service and use it.

February 19, 2018 0 

Yep… subscribe for a free VPN and get into a trap! Charlie, how could it possibly be that you don’t know that free VPNs are not safe to use nowadays. Even some paid VPNs are weak not to speak of free ones! I wouldn’t be so impudent to stream with free VPN providers.

January 09, 2018 1 

Live in US and download torrent files for many a year. it may seem strange to someone, but the best torrent sites belong to the Mexico and Asian countries! I use their torrent site and everything is fine. I know the cases when people received letter from ISPs (my friends told me, they did), but fines – never! All this is cock-and-bull story! Also I heard that the electricity or access to the net may be limited after 3 or 5 such settlement letters, but where are the real stories, not posted on media? One guy showed me a Russian torrent site – rutracker – good enough if you know the language. If not – Google translate will help! Earlier I torrented on yify series, but now I can’t access it through yify-movies.org or yify.to. But it’s not a problem for me.

January 14, 2018 1 

Hi! I’m Derek from NY. I know what you are talking about. I also faced the same problem – YIFY Torrent. The way you offer to use to torrent is a bit difficult. I know how browse YIFY movie website. It’s unnecessary to pay, I opened for myself the best VPN for torrenting free. Thing I am talking about is WindscribeVPN. 11 locations are enough! Apart from this, it’s the fastest free VPN to use for YIFY. Choose it if you don’t wanna spend money, as it’s the fastest free VPN. They say on some forums that we – Americans – are lucky to live in a country where paying about $10 per month is possible to watch whatever we like (streaming sites and apps). But movies aren’t everything we need. On streaming sites we won’t find soft, games’ plugins or music. That’s why torrents are so popular and I guess it’ll never lose its popularity. Well, using WindscribeVPN I download Baywatch YIFY 1080p without any problems! YIFY torrents official site allows searching for files of diffr quality, size and even language. Of course a person is to be resourceful enough to find some things, but still it’s much more convenient to use YIFY torrents than to pay for streaming services, music on social media platforms or licensed CDs with soft.

January 09, 2018 0 

The reason why you can’t access Yify Torrent official website lies in the fact that you browse with US-based IP address. As it was mentioned in the article, there are the countries where the access to torrent websites is restricted or forbidden. And the USA is one of such countries. That is why if you want to download Yify movies it is advisable to subscribe for one of the best VPN services and change your (American) IP address into another one.