Will torrent sites really use crypto-currency miners in future?

November 02, 2017

Just a few days after The Pirate Bay added a crypto-currency miner, another pirate search site of streaming links Alluc did the same. They seem to hope for making additional sums of money from those who visit their website.

Let’s refresh some things about The Pirate Bay and crypto-currency miner:

As the CPU power is used by the miner for generating crypto-coins for the website, additional revenue is gained by means of that. The topic is greatly discussed, because from the very beginning internet surfers’ CPUs to be maxed out because of the error in settings. Further, the error has been corrected, but at the same time, it gave birth to controversial discussions upon this.

There are some people who think critically of TPB as they suggest it grabbing computer resources for the sake making revenue. While the others suppose that it will contribute to site’s staying online.

Still, there is an unforgivable mistake made by the specialists of The Pirate Bay: they have notified the users about the setting error before it led to such outcomes.

Alluc has followed TPB’s example

Very popular search site for pirate links which is called Alluc is among the first who applied the same technique like TPB. Nevertheless, there are certain distinctive features: it is viewed the number of hashes mined and one can make the number of it more or fewer. Another alternative is to turn them off. According to Alluc’s version, users won’t see any ads when the number is 600k.


Will crypto currency miners replace ads on torrent sites?

One can hardly give a definite answer right now, but The Pirate Bay, or instance, implemented it to testify whether it is possible or not to replace ads in such a way. It should be noted that TTPB has been stopped testing this. The results are believed to be analyzed. Who knows whether torrent trackers will apply crypto-currency miners in the near future or not….Time will show!