What’s to torrent on Limetorrents? 5 recently added movies

November 03, 2017

The Mummy (2017)



The daughter of Egyptian Pharaohs is buried in a magnificent cartonnage, deep in the desert. One day she comes back into our world to get what really belongs to her rightfully. From that moment monsters and gods would rule the world….

This spectacular adventure with Tom Cruise starring will impress those film lovers who are fond of pictures with a gripping plot and excellent special effects. The movie is full of adventures and dangers, but the main characters will encounter all the trials with courage. The films is really a must-watch for this season.

 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales (2017)

This adventure film has already taken the fancy of the viewers, and it is obvious why it is the most downloaded movie on The Pirate Bay and available on Limetorrents now. Torrent users have a strong desire of watching another film about Captain Jack Sparrow who got into a brand-new adventure.

This time Jack Sparrow found out that he is hunted by his old enemy and his ghost pirates. They are going to kill all the pirates, including Jack. What or who can save him?...

Viking (2016)


The early Middle Age… It is a hard time of heavy swords and dark laws of blood. The members of the ruling line are arguing. The conflict is based on the accident death of brother. According to Vikings’ laws the revenge must be taken by the younger brother. But he refuses to kill and pays with everything he has, because ‘’for peace on needs even more swords, than for war’’.

Visit Limetorrents and enjoy this historical drama this evening in a company if your friends or family. Don’t miss this recently added torrent on Limetorrents.

A Ghost Story (2017)

‘’A Ghost Story’’ is an American fantasy film released in winter, this year. The film is devoted to everlasting topics of legality, losses and the aim of human beings. A ghost comes back to his house in order to give his wife comfort. He understands that he is free in time now and the only left to do for him is to observe his wife life from the sidelines. The story is the confrontation of love and existence.

This is not a comedy to laugh at and a love story to cy on, but it is a profound drama which really worth seeing. Now it is accessible for torrenting on Limetorrents.

District 9 (2009)

More than 20 years ago aliens made a contact with the Earth. People were ready for any outcome, whether a hostile intervention or an incredible technological revolution. But none has happened… The aliens turned to the refugee from their own planet. While the humanity was thinking how to deal with them, the aliens settled in District 9 in South Africa.

The fantasy is not one of the new releases of 2017, but if you have not seen it, why not to watch the fantasy one day.

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