Attention: VyprVPN domain is blocked in China

July 28, 2018

vyrvpn_blocked_china_0The Chinese Internet becomes more isolated year by year. Besides, it’s dependable on the local authorities.

It’s not a secret that the Chinese government calls upon the foreign websites to keep data about their users.

What is more striking for the modern world, the local ISPs are to “share” the data about their users on demand. It means that opened pages, the time and duration of browsing and other info is stored and may be used by the officials of the country.

To put this another way, Chinese citizens and tourists are spied 24/7. The only way to become less monitored is to subscribe to the best VPN for China. VyprVPN attracts the representatives of this multimillion nation, as it offers more than 700 super‑fast servers around the globe. Besides, it supplies its users with fantastic facilities of restricted web surfing, zero snooping and data ciphering.

But this week one of the domain names of VyprVPN became blocked for people with the Chinese IPs.

The service informed about the problems with the access to in China by email. The electronic letters were received not only for the residents of China, but by all VyprVPN subscribers.

The Golden Frog team managed to improve the situation by means of the online Mirror Site. Having used this domain it will be possible to access VyprVPN website even being in China.

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Until the moment VPN providers care about clients, there’s a hope of safe and unlimited net surfing, even if you are in such severe land as China. 

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