Vuze client review: everything to know in 2018

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 07/11/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


To use torrent technology you are to install a special torrent downloader on your device, it is called torrent client. Nowadays, there are a great number of such torrent downloaders, and Vuze is one of them.

Have a look at the best VPN providers for Vuze in 2018:

  1. ExpressVPN: This VPN uses only up-to-date encryption and protocols, it owns 148 server locations.
  2. NordVPN: Reliable software with lightning speeds and friendly customer support.
  3. CyberGhost: The provider owns servers in 60 countries and regularly expands its server park.
  4. IPVanish: Trustworthy VPN offering 24/7 customer support and unlimited data traffic.
  5. VyprVPN: Great software with easy-to-use apps and worldwide server network.

Don’t know anything about Vuze? Want to learn about it details?

Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Torrents and torrent trackers become widespread in recent years. Inherently, torrent is a technology, which allows transferring body of information by means of the network. The name of the game is that you don’t need to download file at a time.

Thanks to torrent technology, it is possible to download it in parts even during a year and when all these portions are downloaded, they will be collected into one file. In case the computer is switched off, it will not influence the result. After running the computer the process of downloading is launched automatically.

Find even more information on how torrenting works in our Beginner’s torrent guide.

What is Vuze client?

Vuze (previously known as Azureus) is the easiest way to search and download files via the Internet. It is free multiplatform software used to work with file sharing networks by means of BitTorrent protocol. Vuze can support anonymous file sharing using the protocols I2P, Nodezilla and Tor.

As any other torrenting program, Vuze is designed for a fast file distribution among torrent users, every seeder functions as a server. It means that a user both receives and sends data. This torrent downloader is available in 52 languages including English, German, Polish, French and Russian.

There are two brunches of this torrent tracker: Vuze and Azureus. As for the first branch it is developing on a regular basis, whereas Azureus was a ground for Vuze.

Vuze characteristics

Status free or €9.90 (66% OFF)
Release date June, 2003
Latest update February 22, 2016
Version 5.7.1
Operating system Windows, Linux and Mac
Interface languages 52
Official website


Vuze is a reliable torrenting program for millions of people all over the world because of numerous functions it provides its clients:

With Vuze torrent client you can download by means of the most widespread devices running on Windows, Linux or Mac operating system (additional information on why you should use a VPN for Mac while using Vuze client). It is very convenient, as some torrent clients are limited in the platforms they are compatible with.

Vuze client possesses a great function of anonymous torrenting (learn how to be anonymous with a VPN for torrenting), as it is extremely important for torrent lovers. Anonymous file sharing is possible in case you use the protocols I2P, Nodezilla or Tor. In itself, the use of Vuze is not anonymous, as one may think.

File distribution by means of super seeding function is available. Thanks to this fascinating facility new leechers appear making the process of downloading faster and more reliable.

In other words, the number of leechers improves the speed of those, who download the files. The more leechers exist, the better the speed is.

Magnet link facility is supported by Vuze. This function is very convenient as it simplifies the process of torrenting. You will definitely appreciate this capacity and start torrenting fast.

The beauty of magnet links is connected with the facility to download files notwithstanding the status of server. Even in case the server doesn’t work, a user continues torrenting.

Torrent search engine is built in the torrent client Vuze. It is very favorable for those who don’t like surfing the Internet a lot. It is not required to visit the pages of all airlines to find the ticket for a moderate price. Neither you’ll have to look through thousands of torrenting sites to find files. A built-in engine allows you to find torrent files in a matter of seconds. A great number of torrent trackers are closed regularly that is why, a built-in search engine is a great solution. It shows the links to the trackers which you REALLY may use to find and load a necessary torrent file.

Vuze client offers its consumers a wonderful facility to control the process of downloading torrent files distantly. Thus, you can make pauses, stop and even start downloading on your computer being far away from it.

Just imagine, that a friend of yours shares his idea on a great movie to watch and you like it. Why not to start torrenting it right now? That’s awesome! When you’ll come home, a movie will await with patience for you.

The function of media player is among the most beneficial Vuze features. The client is really multifunctional. It is possible to watch downloaded video and audio files without any installed on a device players. It is very convenient, as modern torrenting fans install Vuze on their portable devices. As a rule, such devices can store only a limited amount of data on it. The installation of extra apps will take too much free space of a device. Therefore, Vuze torrent downloader solves this problem efficiently. Install Vuze instead of 3 apps: torrent client, browser and media player.

It seems that Vuze downloader possesses a built-in intellect. The system identifies the gadget a consumer uses to download files via Vuze client, the way the human mind identifies the familiar faces in a crowd. Vuze not simply knows the devise used for torrenting, but a built-in media player converts the files in conformity with a gadget. It allows watching movies wherever you like.

An active social network user has the opportunity to subscribe to any page on the net, if it’s interesting for him. It’s very convenient as the new things will be proposed to read in the first place. Vuze torrent downloader offers this function as well. Subscribe to a Swarm Search and you’ll get to know about new torrent files added immediately. It simplifies the process of looking for files by their names.

Besides, having found necessary content only once, the system will help you find similar files for torrenting. To use this function you are to click the sign . For example, you’ve loaded the last episode of ‘The Games of Thrones’ and wait for the next one. Thanks to this feature you’ll be informed about new loaded file automatically.

Vuze offers the highest possible speed while torrenting and keeps on innovation to take the leading position among other torrent downloaders. Autonomous and seamless playback, full-screen view and other functions are available with Vuze client. Want to watch a torrent movie during your flight to New York or Peking? No problems if you’ve installed Vuze on the gadget you’ll take with you.

Note! In a paid version of this torrent downloader Vuze+ you will find additional functions: DVD burning, protection from viruses, ad-free, video playing when the downloading is not yet finished.

What Vuze version to choose?

Similar to numerous online services Vuze torrent downloader decided to present its users two variants of a torrent client. One version is free, another is not. Let’s have a closer look at them both and you’ll know for sure what variant to install on your device.

In general, both versions are possible to use. The work of Vuze free is worthy. Besides, Vuze authors won’t make you buy a paid variant.

Note! Some unscrupulous companies create two or more products, one of them is usually free. It attracts many users, but, later it becomes a daytime nightmare to use it. But a client got already used to it. In this case, a person has nothing to do but buy a paid version.

But Vuze authors ignored such tendency and created two similar products with great functions. There are only five points that are to be compared.


Free access to Vuze is definitely a great advantage, that makes lots of users around the globe use it as a main source for file downloading. But if you want to become aware of all the extra functions of Vuze+, which will be described below, you’ll have to pay $29.90. It’s not too much for unlimited torrenting.


Vuze+ allows users to burn the downloaded material on DVDs. Thus, you are the person, who decides, what DVDs will be presented to the world. Of course, it doesn’t mean that this function stimulates people to burn DVDs with captivating movies or scandalous TV shows and distribute them. Don’t behave like this! It’s forbidden!

But why should you spend time in vain and load something on a device, then transfer them on another gadget to store. The digital memory of your device isn’t limited. Besides, too much information stored on gadgets may slow down their speed.

So would you like to experience it if you have a chance to use your device without any troubles? Of course, not! This feature of Vuze+ version will help you.

Note! It is possible to try this function even in a free version of the torrent downloader, but the number is limited.


Be secure while torrenting! Vuze+ unlike Vuze free offers its users additional protection by means of a built-in antivirus. It prevents from loading infected files on users’ devices. The antivirus system BitDefender is a great defender against almost all known threats.

Is it worth risking?

There is no need to play with fire loading unknown torrents. As it sometimes happen that people start torrenting a file, open it and… ‘lose’ their devices forever. The system will check whether the file is safe and only after it, will allow torrenting it.


Many of us had to buy things under the impact of ads. It is absolutely ok in the modern world. But there are the cases when the advertisers go too far and foist their products on us. This aggressive marketing is not infrequent in numerous services.

Vuze+ offers the possibility to get rid of ads. Why not if you don’t like ads?

Commercial in Vuze downloader is used to earn money in order to provide us with a good and stable service. Great news, as distinct from other apps, Vuze uses only safe methods of earning money.


From time to time, you visit your friends and the best pastime in this case is to download and watch a torrent movie. But this way of spending time may become a real disaster for both your friends and you, as the majority of torrent clients load the pieces of a file in a random order.

Thus, you’ll have to wait until the torrenting comes to the end. It is provided to be, that Vuze+ setups the system and the files are loaded on your device in a logical order. Thus you may start watching it from the moment you’ve started downloading it via a torrenting site.

Paying only $29.90 you will appreciate the great facilities of Vuze+.

But, of course, it’s only up to you to decide what Vuze version is to be used. We are here only to inform you about features of Vuze torrent downloader.

How to use Vuze client?

You see, that the facilities Vuze supplies its users with are really fantastic. The use of this torrent downloader is even more miraculous. In this regard, let us study how to download, install and run the application.

How to download Vuze client?

To download virus- and malware-free torrent client Vuze, you should visit the official website of this torrent tracker and download it there.


How to install Vuze client?

The next step is to install the downloaded program on your device.


The process of installation is accomplished automatically, but if you are a pro in IT, you can do it on your own. Don’t ignore the ‘Terms of Service’ for this torrent downloader. Read it attentively before clicking ‘I Agree’.


The interface of Vuze is available in 52 languages, that makes this torrent client popular almost in every country of the world. The navigation is comprehensible and plain. With the help of Vuze torrent client it will become easy for you to find torrent files, download them with high-speed and play video and audio material. This torrent client will be to your liking because of diversity of functions it possesses.

Pros & Contras of Vuze client


In spite of numerous advantageous functions of Vuze client, critics point out the weak sides of this torrent downloader. So, let us compare both pluses and minuses.

Advantages Disadvantages
+ super fast speed – price for a paid version
+ multiplatform capability – limited functions in a free version
+ remote control – requires a large memory footprint
+ magnet link  
+ a built-in search engine  
+ protocol encryption  
+ anonymous file sharing  
+ super seeding function  
+ work through proxy servers

The weak sides of this torrent client can make you think on the issue if Vuze use. But first read these lines to decide whether to use it or not.

Price is always a negative side even if you are talking about the best things in the world. People like everything until it is free. But as soon as there is the necessity to pay a bill, the former free object of affection becomes not so tempting in consumers’ eyes anymore.

Of course, it is unpleasant to realize that the paid version of the torrent downloader offers additional functions, which are unavailable for those who refuse paying. It cuts down Vuze free client in their actions.

You will not suffer from the weak points of Vuze if you prefer the paid version of the torrent client. The best thing it will provide you with is safety because of a built-in antivirus.

Vuze modification


Washington University works out innovations in the sphere of torrent technologies on a permanent basis.

BitTyrant is the novelty created by Washington University authors. It is based on the same platform as Vuze does. BitTyrant has the same interface with some slight additions. The main changes touch upon the mechanism of sharing. BitTyrant collects data on peers and on this basis the system makes decisions on file sharing. According to the authors of the program, it allows increasing the speed by 70%.

How to unblock Vuze site

With the today’s internet censorship, many websites can be blocked for some regions. Moreover, the websites connected with torrenting are often subjected to restrictions in use or even shutdowns. In such countries as Russia and China, for instance, most of popular torrent trackers are blocked for local users.

Learn more from our dedicated articles to find out why you need a VPN for Russia and VPN for China!

What to do if you live in such countries where access to the internet content is restricted and you can fail to download Vuze?

The answer is changing your real IP address! How?

Use Vuze proxy sites or VPN services! Let’s dive in details right now!

Having applied Vuze proxy or VPN, you’ll be able to bypass geo-restrictions by faking you real IP address. You are redirected via the server in a foreign country, and you ISP can’t identify it’s you trying to visit an unblocked site.

How Vuze proxy works

How Vuze proxy works

How VPN for Vuze works

How VPN for Vuze works

As you can see, both proxies and VPNs are similar as regards unlocking websites. Still, let’s find out which of them is better and which is to avoid.

Vuze proxy: can I use it?

You should understand that with a proxy service, you just unblock the access to the website of Vuze if it is unavailable for you. Still, it is not efficient and reliable enough as regards the process of torrenting itself.

Be sure you know that, a Vuze proxy doesn’t…

… create a secure tunnel to transfer users’ traffic through it.

… encrypt the data which is passed on the way to Vuze site.

… provide with speedy internet connections necessary for torrenting.

So Vuze proxies aren’t as efficient as VPN for torrentng. Nevertheless, here is the list of Vuze proxy sites if you just need to unblock the website:

Proxy Toolur

Vuze proxy: can I use it?

4 proxy servers are available: France, the US, the Netherlands and Germany.

Vuze US proxy is slow.

Whoer Web Proxy

All of them work well.

9 proxy servers can be used to unblock Vuze site. Random server option is available.

All of them work well.

Unblock Sites Online

It is chosen randomly. You can’t choose the country of a proxy site on Unlock Sites Online. It is chosen randomly.

 Why VPN for Vuze is better?

In order to answer the question why VPN is better for Vuze, let’s compare them:

➣ VPN codifies users’ data, but Proxy doesn’t do it, which is not safe.

➣ VPN makes your sensitive data hidden from the prying eyes of ISPs, but Proxy doesn’t provide privacy, so it is vulnerable to being intercepted.

➣ VPN can bypass even strict internet censorship restrictions and firewalls, but Proxy is not always good for unblocking torrent websites.

➣ VPN doesn’t influence your internet speed, but Proxy slows down internet connections.

Now you understand that to use a VPN for Vuze is more efficient and what is more important, you can make your torrenting with Vuze safe and anonymous. That’s vital for torrenting.

What about privacy with Vuze?

The privacy document presented on declares that the company cares of its clients’ privacy. Nevertheless, they do NOT hide the fact that they DO collect the data on their users. The information on user’s personal data, cookies and so on is collected.

Furthermore, they can share collected data with third parties. Of course, it doesn’t mean, that your data will become available to any person or company around the globe. But if the law requires it, they won’t refuse.

Against the background of this information it is extremely important to be protected while torrenting by means of this torrent downloader. Vuze owner is to provide law-enforcement agencies with any data they require. Thus, you may download a cherished movie or a TV show and be caught and accused of piracy.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. And the punishment may be extremely serious. In some counties like Germany, for instance, it’s possible to pay hundreds of dollars for torrenting even one song or a book.

There are also the countries where the punishment is not so severe. Nevertheless, there aren’t such countries in the world where the authorities would be positive towards torrenting.

How to use Vuze anonymously?

In case you can’t pay for the torrent downloader Vuze, you are to follow some tips presented in this article. It will definitely help you to be anonymous while torrenting, as it is vital for those who don’t want to pay for torrent files.

Remember! Even Vuze+ does NOT guarantee your security while torrenting!


Tor is a powerful tool in achieving anonymous torrenting if you want your data to be securely encrypted for free.

Tor system was invented by the United States Naval Research laboratory. Tor is frequently used by private citizens to protect privacy and get access to the information blocked by Internet censorship.

Tor is intended to conceal the fact of connection between a user and a server. However, it doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption, as in this case ciphering is used as a tool to achieve anonymity on the net. The weak point of this technology is that in case a volunteer node is hacked, your personality can be identified.

Proxy servers are possible to be used as well. They function as mediators between torrent users and target servers. Proxies allow protecting gadgets against some network attacks and help to keep confidentiality of clients.

It is recommended to use proxies in combintion with Tor.

A VPN is the best tool to use if you want to torrent anonymously. You will never be identified using an effective VPN. It hides your IP from any entity in the world.

Neither ISP, nor special agencies will catch out you while loading a torrent file via Vuze client.

Want to make your torrenting safe? Don’t have extra money to pay for torrent files downloaded? Want to start secure torrenting with Vuze torrent client?

Don’t waste your time on second thoughts! Subscribe to one of VPN providers described here: ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhostVPN. It will serve to hide your tracks and enjoy while torrenting via Vuze torrent downloader.

Vuze alternatives: what to use in 2018?

QBittorent is believed to be similar to a well-known uTorrent client

#1 QBittorrent

It is often compared to uTorrent, but it has lots of cool features, such as IP filtering or port forwarding.

QBittorrent advantages:

- user-friendly interface;

- search option;

- simultaneous streaming and downloading;

- super seeding feature for faster downloading;

- torrents can be created.

It’s a torrent client which is compatible with Android OS only


It’s an Android-based torrent client that has both free and paid versions.

tTorrent advantages:

- easy to use;

- support of magnet links;

- encrypting;

- proxy support.

It’s one of the torrent clients for Mac and Windows


It’s one of the easiest torrent clients for Mac and Windows.

Bitlord advantages:

- built-in search and media player;

- absolutely free;

- subtitles supported;

- compatible with Apple TV

It’s a super-fast free torrent client


It’s a super-fast free torrent client compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

Tribler advantages:

-anonymous torrenting function;

- fast speeds;

- built-in media player;

- easy-to-use interface.

It’s a multiplatform torrent client that has lots of pros


It’s a multiplatform torrent client that has lots of pros: fast torrenting, free use and others.


Deluge advantages:

- free usage;

- lightweight on your hard drive;

- plugins to use;

- simple in use.

What’s the conclusion?

Now you know that…

  • Vuze is a decent torrent client with a user-friendly interface. You can easily download, set up and use this torrent client.
  • Such services as Vuze proxy and VPN can be used to unblock Vuze website if it is not available in your country.
  • VPN services work better for Vuze. They not only unblock Vuze but also provide you with safe encrypted internet connections.
  • There Vuze alternatives that can be used if you don’t like this torrent client for some reasons.

Anything missed? Shall we add more information? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments! 


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September 10, 2018 0 

Hi there. It seems to me here I can find people who is really in the picture of the topic. :) Can somebody advise me good torrent sites for mac? I mainly want it for downloading movies and music. Thank you!

September 20, 2018 0 

I can advise you to check out kickass proxy or pirates bay proxy as they are more reliable. To make your torrenting even more safe, I recommend you to install Tor or a VPN.

September 11, 2018 0 

Hello! You can try yify or KAT for torrents. Pirates bay is also good for free download movies. Actually, this website is my favorite one! You can find movies of all genres there! Good luck! ;)

August 29, 2018 0 

Hi there. I have a problem with Vuze... every time I open it, my mac restarts.. Is it safe to use Vuze? Maybe deluge or transmission are more suitable for mac? Can anyboby help me to clear this issue up?

September 01, 2018 0 

Hello! Vuze is completely safe as a software. I've been facing such a problem on my mac with multiple torrent clients. I can advise you to reboot Vuze. Anyway, don't afraid of using it. I've downloaded free movies via this client for many years already and everything is fine! ;)

August 25, 2018 0 

I completely agree with the reviews above. Vuze is the best torrent downloader! I think I will try to install a VPN or Tor Router on my PC to make downloading files just perfect! Moreover, there are so many viruses on the Internet now...

August 20, 2018 0 

As for me Vuze is a really cool software. I'm not from English speaking country and use Vuze for my Mac to download English movies from pirates bay. It helps me a lot for studying English. Most of all I like Vuze Web Remote feature which allows me to download remotely. This client is fast as well!

August 12, 2018 0 

Hi there. I tried Vuze a year ago. Since that time I've never changed it to another client. Now I can say for sure - it is the best p2p software. It runs well on my windows 10. Torrents from the pirates bay are downloaded free and really fast! It is the fastest client without fail!

August 14, 2018 0 

There are so many positive comments about Vuze... Personally I never use it on my laptop because I can't bind to a VPN when torrenting via Vuze... This crosses out Vuze from my list of best torrent clients.

June 02, 2018 0 

Hi everybody. I want to get some advice here. Earlier I used utorrent free download on my 64 bit desktop, but then I decided to get rid of Windows and installed Linux on my PC. (Linux is free and has flexible settings.) Now I am looking for a good bittorrent. Is Vuze a good/safe client for Linux? Thanks!

June 17, 2018 0 

I highly recommend you to use Vuze with Linux, too. I'm a big Linux fan and I've tried a lot of clients till installed the Vuze. It is a lightweight software which never slows my computer down and quickly downloads torrents. It also gives a possibility to download torrents from your friend via magnet links. Check it out, I think, you will like it! :)

June 04, 2018 0 

As for me Vuze is the best torrent client not only for Linux but for Windows as well. I usually use it on my PC. I don't need to search for new content myself. I subscribed to episodic content and my subscriptions always appear in the sidebar. It is rather convenient! :) Moreover, Vuze has a video player that can play HD-video with subtitles. You can install this client via the Ubuntu Software Center. Good luck! :)