Best VPNs for Vietnam

vpn services for VietnamIn some quarters, Vietnam has been termed as a pervasive state as far as Internet accessibility is concerned. Some organizations that rank countries’ friendliness and willingness to embrace the Internet have categorized Vietnam as an enemy to Internet freedom. The problem is so prevalent that police are said to monitor the Internet cafes and even imprisoning those perceived to be propagating agendas not permitted by the Vietnamese government. This is definitely hard for those seeking uncensored and unrestricted Internet in Vietnam. Access to the Internet is classified as not free by the Freedom House among other bodies. The Vietnamese government is considered to fulfill the total censorship when speaking about Internet accessibility. There are several reasons that can be stated as the main reasons for censorship:

  • The first reason is the desire to save the national values of Vietnam;
  • The second reason is keeping the political regime of Vietnam;
  • The third reason is maintaining the government security.

Vietnam is known to come into the list of the five countries that are labeled as the ‘state enemies of the Internet’.

But the censorship on the part of the government is not the only problem an average Internet user can face while being online. Such challenges as hacker attacks and computer fraudulence are stated to be growing nowadays. That means that each time you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot or make payments online you endanger your sensitive personal information that can be intercepted for further illegible usage by any adversaries.

Fortunately, there are many services that are designed to protect you from any threats while networking. Such defensive tools as anonymizers, onion routers, proxy servers and VPNs are used all over the world. But the most effective service is a VPN, because a qualitative VPN service for Vietnam provides its customers with privacy, security and high level of anonymity while being online.

What is the best VPN for Vietnam?

The best VPN for Vietnam is a must-have for any user accessing to the Internet from Vietnam. A high-quality VPN for Vietnam is known to:

  • change your IP address allowing access to the blocked websites;
  • bypass the restrictions in Vietnam;
  • unblock sites;
  • provide safe and secure communications;
  • unblock any resources from anywhere.

So, if you live in a country like Vietnam where total censorship is being committed by the government agencies, you need a good VPN service provider to help you avoid all the challenges.

How to choose an appropriate VPN for Vietnam?

According to the fact that the market of that kind of a service is overloaded with plenty of VPN services for Vietnam, you need to have some notes containing the information on the best VPN for Vietnam’s qualities:

  • the best VPN for Vietnam should have multiple server’s locations;
  • the best VPN for Vietnam should use strong encryption protocols and create a secure tunneling;
  • the best VPN for Vietnam should have no bandwidth or speed limits;
  • the best VPN for Vietnam should accept different payment methods;
  • the best VPN for Vietnam should have an easy-to-use app and professional 24/7 technical assistance;
  • the best VPN for Vietnam should provide you with a trial version of the service and money-back guarantee.

Although a VPN service has become popular not only with the business companies and corporations but also with individual users, you might have some difficulties while choosing a right VPN for Vietnam.

That’s exactly why we have made up a rating of the best VPNs for Vietnam 2016, which contains all the latest data on the services and can make your selection simpler.

There are VPN services for Vietnam that will enable you to access all your favorite websites and channels that are censored or restricted in your country:

1 winner
/ 5.0

The best VPN for Vietnam is ExpressVPN. Besides Express VPN having a solid network of servers spread in over 78 countries, it also has a vast pool of payment of payment options. Customers can make payment using any of the 23 options. The As one of the best Vietnam VPN service providers, Express VPN has secured its network with SSL. It uses a safe 256-bit encryption which is ideal at blocking hackers and government surveillance.

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2 place
/ 5.0

NordVPN is an excellent service developed for experienced users from Vietnam. It is considered to be a unique service providing the tightest security as well as the fastest connection speed. Thanks to servers in 49 countries and revolutionary 2048-bit SSL encryption the users can get the best protection using public Wi-Fi without any worries. Besides, it allows you browsing wherever you want bypassing all the possible restrictions. Try it and you can enjoy all the opportunities it brings.

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3 place
/ 5.0

One of the best VPNs for Vietnam is PureVPN. Pure VPN is highly credited for ensuring that the customers get the best support. The free VPN Vietnam software also makes the website easy to navigate. In addition to this, Pure VPN is compatible with Chromecast, Routers, Roku, SmartTV, Laptops among other 15 devices. With a strong 500-server network distributed in over 140 countries, you can rest assured of getting unlimited access to almost every other website or channel you can think of.

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4 place
/ 5.0

Another popular VPN of a high quality is IPVanish VPN. The plans offered by IPvanish are either one-month, three-month or one-year plan. This OpenVPN in Vietnam boasts of having over 40,000 IP addresses which are hosted by over 500 high-speed servers. For safety and the security of your data, the firm has invested in solid 256-bit encryption as well as OpenVPN, PTPP, L2TP and IPSec protocols. Moreover, it offers anonymous torrenting as well as zero logs. You will also enjoy a 7-day money back guarantee as well as an opportunity to connect at least devices simultaneously.

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5 place
/ 5.0

Tired of being denied in access? HMA VPN is the best solution for the issue. The company offers 940+ servers in more than 190 countries, which makes you absolutely free for accessing geo-restricted services. Moreover, all your generated traffic is to be encrypted with the use of up-to-date protocols. The service is known to store no logging data and all the registration information is saved for company’s purposes only, so the company is definitely reliable. Besides, you are able to stop using it at any moment, provided that you are dissatisfied with the performance. Being in an effort to online freedom and safeness, HMA is the best helper.

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The best VPN for Vietnam’s summary

Vietnam is considered as one of the countries, which provide total censorship on the Internet. Moreover, Vietnam is one of the countries that are labeled as the ‘state enemies of the Internet’. If we add some more problems to the fact, such as hacker attacks and computer fraudulence growth, it becomes clear that any Internet user needs appropriate protection from the challenges.

The most effective technology for one’s privacy, security and anonymity while being online is a VPN service for Vietnam. The best VPN service for Vietnam hides your real IP address, lets you choose any virtual location you wish and thus access to the blocked websites. Moreover, a secure tunneling, which is of a high importance for such countries as Vietnam, created by the best VPN for Vietnam encrypts all the data transferring through it, so that no adversaries are able to intercept and use your data.

The choice of the best VPN for Vietnam is not an easy task, that’s why we have made up the best VPNs for Vietnam 2016 rating. We hope the best VPNs for Vietnam rating will help you select the VPN that meets all your needs. Best wishes!

Last updated: 21/04/2017