Best VPNs for Macau

vpn services for Macao

Since the 1550s, when the Portuguese first started settling in Macau, many things have come to pass. Portugal rented Macau as a trading port and this meant that a lot of things that were happening in this South East corner region of Mainland China was under the direct influence of the Portuguese. It was agreed between China and Portugal that Macau was to get real autonomy in everything other than sovereignty. This was until 1999 when Macau ceased to be a Portuguese empire.

Having been a western controlled empire for several centuries, Macau has long enjoyed Internet freedom as well as the basic liberties that go with the expression. Even though the ‘after rule’ agreement between Portugal and China says that Macau will retain its autonomy until 2049, there are obvious signs that freedom of expression is being curtailed. ‘Outspoken lectures’ contracts are not getting renewed and in some cases, some are getting arrested.

Best VPNs for Macau

Macau is a highly developed region and it is one of the best places to live in the world. It has the best casinos, hotels, and beaches.

The increase in the pervasiveness of the government and other outside forces as far as Internet freedom is concerned has made the use of up-to-date online privacy technologies. Cybercrime is another real risk.

One of the best known technologies is a VPN service. It is no longer an outstanding right for citizens in Macau to explore the Internet as they were used to. There is a risk that the government is monitoring your every move. For this reason, no matter who you are or what you do, you need a cheap VPN service for Macau that help you shield yourself from the government censorship and other prying eyes.


How to find the best Macau VPN?

There are various VPN service providers for Macau on the market today. So it may seem quite a difficult task to find an appropriate variant that will match all your needs.

So, before choosing the best VPN for Macau, let’s take a close look at your potential needs:

  • watch TV and live streams from Macau

If talking about the best VPN for Macau, this function is to be provided due to the possibility of your real IP shifting. Any VPN service and of course the best VPN for Macau holds a range of server locations. Your task here is to choose the best VPN for Macau, which holds the maximum quantity of the server locations.

  • Macau VPN service for iPad

Choosing the best VPN for Macau you should definitely pay attention to the operation system of the device you are going to use it for. The best VPNs for Macau support different platforms from Windows, Android, Mac to Linux.

  • a paid or free VPN service for Macau

We can confirm that there hardly any qualitative free VPN service, because all the free VPNs for Macau use some other possibilities to monetize their business, such possibilities as advertisements and even personal data selling. To this reason it will be better for you to subscribe to a paid VPN for Macau service. But it will be very useful if the best VPN for Macau provides a trial version of the service or gives a money-back guarantee.

Select by criteria

Having decided on your needs, you should learn about some qualities the best VPN for Macau should obtain. The main qualities for the best VPN for Macau are:

  • privacy, security, anonymity

Attention! Anonymity: when using a VPN service you should remember that the best way is to use the best VPN for Macau with a good reputation of a provider. Otherwise you may face such problems as logging storage and even selling the personal metadata.

  • unlimited speed bandwidth is needed to watch any streaming without any hits;
  • strong encryption protocols are used to encrypt all the transferring traffic;
  • a vast variety of server locations is to provide a various choice of IP addresses.
  • friendly interface and easy-to-install service;
  • professional 24/7 support;
  • a trial version or money-back guarantee;
  • different payment methods are used to give you a chance to stay even more anonymous from your VPN provider. If there are such methods as Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency or digital Gift card this means this is the best VPN for Macau.

Now, you are ready to choose the best VPN for Macau!

The best VPNs for Macau rating is gathered to help you with making a right choice faster and without any losses.

1 winner
/ 5.0

The best VPN for Macau is NordVPN. It is an excellent service developed for experienced users. It is considered to be a unique service providing the tightest security as well as the fastest connection speed. Thanks to servers in 62 countries and revolutionary 2048-bit SSL encryption the users can get the best protection using public Wi-Fi without any worries. Besides, it allows you browsing wherever you want bypassing all the possible restrictions. Try it and you can enjoy all the opportunities it brings.

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2 place
/ 5.0

If you want to find a good protection for yourself on the web, you should try PureVPN. And the reasons are here:

• When you obtain PureVPN, you will have a full access to 750+ servers in 140+ countries! 
• You can also connect up to 5 different devices at the same time and enjoy great protection and freedom no matter where you go. 
• Another reason to switch to this open VPN in many countries is that their two-year plan is incredibly affordable. 
• They also have great protection thanks to the 256-bit encryption. 

So, having decided to acquire a qualitative VPN able to secure your online activities, don’t forget to look through PureVPN packages.

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3 place
/ 5.0

One of the best VPNs for Macau 2018 is VYprVPN. The founders of Vypr which also goes by the name Goldenfrog started providing internet security services back in the early 1990s. They went ahead and registered a VPN business in Switzerland following the much publicized NSA – USA surveillance of the AT&T networks. For your data protection, the firm uses Chameleon as well as AES 256-bit encryption. It is an ideal VPN to unblock sites in Macau because it employs reliable tunneling protocols such as L2TP, PTPP, and OpenVPN. With close to 1000 high-speed servers distributed across 50+ countries, you can rest assured of getting the best of streaming websites.

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4 place
/ 5.0

This credible VPN service provides its consumers with direct access to the websites that have normally been restricted in their geographical location. The service offers three multi-function packages, which are to suit different needs. TunnelBear’s server park includes 20+ countries all over the globe along with AES 256-bit encryption.

At the same time Tunnel Bear has other bonuses for its consumers:

  • VPN plans suit every pocket;
  • WiFi protection while connecting to insecure hotspots;
  • superfast servers for high quality streaming;
  • 5 devices per 1 Tunnel Bear account;
  • applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and browsers.

The features presented above prove that Tunnel Bear is one of the most reliable VPN services in 2018. Study its plans and choose the most suitable for you.

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5 place
/ 5.0

While looking for a good VPN for your needs, you should consider CyberGhost VPN. Getting a lot of features for reasonable pricing monthly is what makes CyberGhost VPN one of the cheapest VPNs of all time. What is more prominent is that the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to check if it really works the way it should be. 

•  Boasting 1250+ servers around the globe (55 countries), this VPN provider ensures fast connections. 
•  CyberGhost VPN uses double encryption system making your web browsing reliable and secured.
•  Connections on up to 5 gadgets simultaneously allows a VPN subscriber to protect all the gadgets one possesses.
•  The features of IP and DNS leak protection allow surfing the Internet without being identified.

CyberGhost is a respectable VPN service for keeping internet connecting secure, private and anonymous.

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6 place
/ 5.0

This excellent VPN service will change your web browsing habits forever. No restrictions, ads or limits for you while surfing the Internet. 450+ blazing servers located in 56 countries make your physical location unimportant, while Ivacy pricing system is affordable for an average internet user.

Here’s what makes Ivacy VPN stand out of the crowd:

  • anonymity while P2P file sharing;
  • 256-bit data ciphering of all users’ data;
  • no logs of Ivacy subscribers online activity;
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed;
  • protection of up to 5 devices per 1 account;
  • kill switch function for data protection in case VPN connection is lost;
  • manifold methods of payment including Alipay, PayPal and even Bitcoin.

Don’t hesitate to opt for Ivacy VPN for safe and secure Internet use and connect to public WiFi hotspots without the fear to lose both data and money.

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7 place
/ 5.0

Private Internet Access VPN (or simply PIA) is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a secure VPN service for your online activity. Affordable pricing system and strict no-logging policy make it one of the most popular VPN providers among netizens.

The main features of PIA VPN:

  • anonymous payment methods through Bets Buy, Walmart, Starbacks and many more;
  • 3050+ servers in 28 countries worldwide;
  • compatibility with all popular operating systems;
  • P2P file sharing for torrenting;
  • kill switch for round-the- click protection;
  • cryptocurrency for really anonymous VPN use.

Making decision to use PIA VPN, you invest in your security while browsing web pages, anonymity while visiting censored websites and services and privacy while sending emails or communicating via VoIP messengers.

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The best VPN for Macau’s summary

While it might not be obvious to you to employ the services of a VPN in Macau, especially if you are accessing government websites, it is critical for you to buy a VPN to protect yourself from hackers. There are other prying eyes on the Internet in Macau that you need to protect yourself from.

When you consider VPNs for Macau, you will find that while some may not necessarily increase your Internet security, the best VPNs for Macau will. A good VPN which offers unlimited bandwidth should definitely help you enjoy faster Internet along with high level of privacy.

The best VPN for Macau lets you explore all that the Internet has to offer. Even if you are not really concerned with protecting your data, you will need to get a good Macau proxy server that will let you access all the geo-restricted channels and websites. When you use a good provider that has servers distributed all over the world, you will be able to access sites such as Netflix USA, BBC iPlayer and Hulu. Moreover, using the best VPN for Macau, you will be able to protect a number of your devices. Many providers offer multiple device protection when you subscribe to their basic or premium plans.

We hope the best VPNs for Macau rating will be useful for you and you will find you best VPN for Macau service.

Last updated: 19/03/2018