Best VPNs for Kuwait

vpn services for KuwaitIf you live in Kuwait you probably hate the new internet restrictions. There are rumors that even music education will soon be banned in Kuwait because it doesn’t comply with the countries major religion. To top it off, the government’s online censorship is extremely tight and those found to break the law could be sentenced for up to ten years in jail! But there is a way in which you can still enjoy the internet as free as a bird without the risk of ever getting caught for your online activities and that is by getting the help of one of the best VPN services in Kuwait.

Internet freedom in Kuwait

According to the latest estimates in the sphere of internet security, the internet in Kuwait is stated to be partly free. This means that during the research specialists managed to find such issues as: access obstacles and user rights violations.

Among the latest examples there are:

  • Several bloggers have been arrested for criticizing Saudi Arabia and the monarch;
  • The publishing license of the newspaper Al-Watan has been suspended by the government;
  •  The newly-passed cybercrime law includes restrictive measures for speaking out online.

How does the best VPN for Kuwait work?

security-onlineAny VPN service should fulfill several essential functions to provide its customers with a fully-fledged solution. Having subscribed for the best service ever, you will be supplied with:

  • An authentic address shifting.

Having established an internet connection through one of the VPN servers located in other countries, your true address is to be substituted with a server’s one. Besides, your geo-location will be moved to a country/city you are connected to.

  • Restrictions bypassing.

What is more, due to this very function you will be able to get access to any geo-restricted content while switching your IP. For instance, if you want to watch Netflix, you should choose any US-based server and establish an internet connection through it. Besides, the feature may help you evade the government’s surveillance and stay on the save side.

  • Traffic encoding.

When sending web traffic through a VPN connection all your data is to be thoroughly encoded, which makes it protected from any interceptions and interference. The thing is that when you start running the service you choose a set of protocols or run them set by default. With the help of the defensive measures a secure tunneling is created between your connected device and a VPN server, which answers for your traffic safeness.

  • Anonymity.

If you are tired of overwhelming government surveillance committed over its citizens, you will be pleased to know that a credible VPN provider that stores no logging or metadata does everything possible to make the networks of the clients defended from any kind of unauthorized penetration. The most reliable VPN services accept crypto-currency payments, which mean that no banking data can be stored on you. Therefore, having decided to subscribe for a service, you need to read all the terms of usage and privacy policy. The documents can be found in the same-named sections of the official website of a VPN for Kuwait you choose.

vpn for kuwaitHow to choose the best VPN for Kuwait?

When looking for a reliable service, which is to maintain all the basic functions we’ve enumerated, you should pay attention to such characteristics as:

  • a vast variety of server locations;

When choosing the best VPN for Kuwait you should pay attention to server locations, as long as the more virtual locations a service offers the more possibilities will be opened for you. Having decided to run a VPN for Kuwait for torrenting, which is stated to be illegal in most European countries, you need to subscribe for a VPN, which offers numerous servers placed in Spain, Switzerland, Rusiia, etc. where the activity is not forbidden. For unblocking and watching Netflix, Hulu, etc. you need to have at least several US-based servers to connect to. In such a way, in case if one of the servers is overloaded you will be able to connect to another one. Besides, kill switch will be of a high use here as well.

  • strong encryption protocols;

The best VPN for Kuwait offers a wide set of protocols from which you can choose the most appropriate one. However, cheap or free packages usually provide one protocol for usage. Therefore, if you have a possibility to choose the most suitable variant you need to act on the assumption of your demands.

Thus, if you need to supply your network with the highest level of protection, you should rely on OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec protocols. However, the technologies are known to be bandwidth consuming, which leads to delays and hits in case your internet connection is insufficient for the purpose.

If you want to geo-restricted streaming services from Kuwait with a low average internet connection speed, you’d better choose PPTP variant, which is stated to be of a medium protection and fast in operation.    

  • unlimited bandwidth and speed;

The two categories are especially important for those who look for the best VPN for Kuwait for playing multi-player games, streaming heavy traffic while watching video content in a high-quality, etc.  Therefore, before subscribing for a service you need to make sure everything is ok with the two showings.

  • trial version or money-back guarantee;

Providing that a VPN for Kuwait offers a free trial version, this means you can test the service before investing into it. On the contrary, the trial version can be restricted not only in period of usage, but also in some essential characteristics, such as speed, protocols, servers. Therefore, it’s great if a VPN service offers a money-back guarantee, which makes your budget protected from extra losses. 

  • support of different payment methods;

According to many security experts, crypto-currency is stated to be one of the best payment methods in terms of anonymity, as long as no credentials or other private information is collected on you.  

  • 24/7 professional technical group assistance;

Even being a tech-savvy customer you may need professional support, as there are cases when a VPN for Kuwait won’t work for internal system’s reasons. 

Provided that a VPN offers all the features, you have all reasons to think the app is the best. However, don’t jump at conclusions, as long as before subscribing for it you are highly recommended to look through all the terms of service and make sure you know everything about the money-back guarantee.

We have decided to make your choice easier and made up a list of the best VPN services for Kuwait:


1 winner
/ 5.0

first vpnExpressVPN is the number one VPN service in the world. You can connect to servers in 78 countries and get full access to any content that you want to view. You will also be completely safe while enjoying all content because ExpressVPN use great protocols such as PPTP and L2TP as well as OpenVPN and they also have the best encryption software in the world that will keep all your online activities completely anonymous.

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2 place
/ 5.0

second vpnNordVPN is a great means for avoiding being hacked. Moreover, it prevents your data from being stolen. This is achieved by the strongest security level implying double data encryption that is being constantly beefed up. Thanks to enhanced protection you may connect public Wi-Fi and browse on the Internet using any hotspots. Traveling all over the world you may have access to any sites wherever you are staying. NordVPN guarantees total freedom of your activity and reliable protection.

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3 place
/ 5.0

third vpnPureVPN gives you pure freedom because they have 500+ servers in more than 141 countries and you can connect up to five devices at the same time. The software is easy to use and offers great online protection thanks to encryption software as well as their PPTP and L2TP protocols. They have some of the best online support there is and the network speeds are terrific for Kuwait citizens who love to stream.

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4 place
/ 5.0

If you love to connect your entire home and use on any device you want then IPVanish is a must. This VPN service in Kuwait allows you to connect as many devices as you like. You can connect to more than 400 servers in 60+ countries and you can have a 7 day money back guarantee should you encounter any problems with their services. They don’t have 24/7 live support, but their support is available during the EST working hours.

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5 place
/ 5.0

Tired of being denied in access? HMA VPN is the best solution for the issue. The company offers 940+ servers in more than 190 countries, which makes you absolutely free for accessing geo-restricted services. Moreover, all your generated traffic is to be encrypted with the use of up-to-date protocols. The service is known to store no logging data and all the registration information is saved for company’s purposes only, so the company is definitely reliable. Besides, you are able to stop using it at any moment, provided that you are dissatisfied with the performance. Being in an effort to online freedom and safeness, HMA is the best helper.

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Last updated: 16/06/2017