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There are a lot of things that people are able to do online such as shopping, chatting, and working. People no longer find the need to appoint a meeting at the office or a café in order to execute a deal or communicate. It is enough to download and set up a good messenger or Skype.

How about that: can you imagine the Internet surfing without a browser? What does it look like? Of course, the answer is negative. Each Internet user prefers a definite browser. Some of them like working in Google Chrome, the others chose IE, some others choose Yandex or Opera; there are so many browsers on the market today.

But, do you know some of the first web browsers?

Let’s reflect on the past!

The first web browser was created in 1990 and it was first called WorldWideWeb and later Nexus. After that the Internet Explorer browser appeared and a little bit later Mozilla Firefox came on the scene. It was first launched in 1998 the browser surpassed the others in many ways, that’s why it won the trust of the customers.

Today Firefox is considered to be one of the oldest browsers. It is one of the main tools using which people started to enjoy networking and succeeding in doing serious business online.

What Are The Advantages Of Firefox Browser Usage?

Firefox is rightfully considered to be the best one among the competitors.

Here are some reasons for it:

  • It has an extension that blocks advertisements (AdBlock Plus) ;
  • HTTPS protocol everywhere. This built-in tool ensures you that you always connect to a secure website;
  • Disconnect that is used to block cookies;
  • NoScript tool gives control over scripts run on your browser.

So, the reasons are really authoritative. That is why the web browser is popular with so many users.

Fast Facts about a VPN Service and Why You Should Keep Your Data Private with a VPN for Firefox:

There has been an increase in privacy protection and security-threats to all people using the internet. While browsers have tried to take measures to protect the data and privacy of their customer, there has been an increase in the number of secure VPN extension for Firefox.

  • A virtual private network (VPN) is designed to enable users to connect privately while using a public network such as the Internet.
  • An anonymous VPN is designed to ensure that a user’s data is encrypted in such a manner that no other person gets access to such data.
  • Such cases when the government has been conducting surveillance measures on citizens or hackers have been able to access online users’ accounts with the use of a VPN become impossible. This is when the right encryption and protocols are used.

While you are using Mozilla Firefox to browse the internet, you will need to protect yourself. Indeed, there are countless things that you can do online while using Firefox there is shopping, online streaming, communicating with friends and colleagues, and many others.

  • Having established that there are hackers and other prying eyes on the Internet, you need to find the best VPN for Mozilla Firefox.

While different people have varying reasons why they want to subscribe to a VPN, the basic requirements of all VPNs are that they keep your data protected and your online identity anonymous.

So, here are the best VPNs for Firefox:

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One more useful VPN for Firefox is Express VPN. Given the thousands of IP addresses hosted by hundreds of high-speed servers, there is little doubt that is one of the best providers in the market. This firm which is registered in the British Virgin Islands comes with an AES 256-bit encryption which is made even stronger by the 4096-bit and SHA 512 authentication. Because of where the VPN is registered and the fact that it confirms that it has a zero-log policy, you don’t have anything to fear as far as government and hackers accessing your private browsing information.

With every sign up at Express VPN, you stand a chance to enjoy free VPN for Mozilla which comes in the form of a 30-day money back guarantee. You will also have a chance to switch from one server to another and from one region to any other that you want. Rarely if ever will the uptime go below 99.9% and you also get a chance to enjoy connecting up to three different devices simultaneously. It’s a qualitative VPN for Firefox browser.

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Nord VPN is a second to none service in the world. Double encryption afforded by the service is to make your sensitive data effectively protected while being online. More than six hundred server locations in fifty two countries on all the continents, except Antarctic, are held and the number is being grown. Unlimited speed and bandwidth, which is to allow you watching any streaming services without hits or delays, are offered too. Known as one of the simplest in its installation and usage services, any of your data or metadata is not stored by the provider and a kill switch is built in for your convenience in operation. The standard package is compatible with common OSES and multiple connections up to six devices together are allowed, which is of a high use for those who travel a lot. A professional online support is suggested to the customers and such anonymous payment methods as bitcoins are accepted.

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Air VPN is one’s security, privacy and anonymity rolled into one. The VPN provides hiding your IP address, so that nobody can identify you by using it. The tunneling created by the up-to-date protocols including OpenVPN and DHE key brings a high level of security due to the enciphering of all the data transferring through the Internet. The vantage point of the service is no logging of your online activity, which keeps your privacy from any third party interference. Using the VPN you can connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot riskless of data eavesdropping. It performs fast work without maximum speed limits. Moreover, choosing Air VPN you can connect up to three devices simultaneously. There are many server locations in such countries as Canada, Germany, France, the UK, and others, which allows choosing the best option for bypassing all the imposed restrictions in your country.

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If you are looking for the best VPN to use with Firefox, you are on the right track. This is a VPN which affords customers with great experience because the founders started online security way back in 1994. The firm was started after NSA was caught pants down doing some surveillance moves on AT&T network. Because this VPN appreciates the need for customer privacy y and protection, it registered its business in Switzerland where the internet laws are a bit friendly. This is despite the fact that its head offices are found in Texas, USA.

Vypr VPN comes with VPN extension for Mozilla which makes it easy for you to download its apps no matter the device you are using. For your protection, VyprVPN uses a Chameleon as well as an AES 256-bit encryption. As for your online privacy, OpenVPN, and PTPP, as well, as L2TP protocols are used by Vypr. The firm has thousands of servers spread across 40+ countries. Moreover, the support team is ever available to help you out in case you are stuck.

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Tired of being denied in access? HMA VPN is the best solution for the issue. The company offers 940+ servers in more than 190 countries, which makes you absolutely free for accessing geo-restricted services. Moreover, all your generated traffic is to be encrypted with the use of up-to-date protocols. The service is known to store no logging data and all the registration information is saved for company’s purposes only, so the company is definitely reliable. Besides, you are able to stop using it at any moment, provided that you are dissatisfied with the performance. Being in an effort to online freedom and safeness, HMA is the best helper.

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Having learnt some new facts about your favorite web browser.

It’s Time to Come Down!

A virtual private network is a combination of technologies that are designed to help you hide all your Internet activity from prying eyes such as those of the government agencies, hackers and even your Internet Service Provider. A VPN will also enable you to bypass all government, ISP or even school and workplace censorships. A good anonymous VPN for Firefox will easily make all the geo-restricted websites and channels accessible. A qualitative VPN keeps Firefox secure and makes your virtual life very safer. The best VPNs for Firefox have been created to protect the Firefox browser.

A VPN is simply a mean by which you enhance your online privacy and security. In other words, the service does not remove the need for an ISP. It simply ensures that you are safe and protected even from the ISP. Initially, a VPN was meant to help workers who were to work remotely with connecting to their companies’ networks without any risks of getting the data leakage. Over the years, the use of a VPN has increased among ordinary users. If you want to feel secure you will need a VPN, which shields your IP and makes you network private.

When it comes to choosing the right VPN, which is to ensure that your privacy and anonymity is under protection you should check whether your data is well encrypted. You also need to note that using a VPN does not mean that no one knows about your online activities; your VPN does. In short, you are shifting trust from your ISP to your VPN. You, therefore, need to find a provider that has good history and matches your needs.

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