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Last updated: 29/12/2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

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Being one of the most famous collaborative outputs on the Internet,, which is friendly called Wiki, supplies us with most basic information needs while giving a possibility to write an article for the service.

The problem is in the point that many countries block access to Wikipedia for their citizens. There are several reasons for censoring the Internet from the standpoint of the governments.

However, a good VPN for Wikipedia manages to go round such restrictions in a matter of seconds:

  1. ExpressVPN - over 1500 servers in 94 countries worldwide, 3 allowed gadgets per $6.67 a month.
  2. NordVPN - 5100+ servers in 62 countries, 6 allowed devices per $3.99 a month.
  3. CyberGhost - more than 3000 servers in 60 countries of the world, 7 multi logins per $3.50 monthly.
  4. VYprVPN - 700 servers in 64 countries, the protection of 5 devices per 1 VPN account with a monthly price of $3.75.
  5. IPVanish - over 1000 fast servers in 60 countries, 5 allowed gadgets per $6.49 a month.

The total censorship is followed to save the social traditions and religion, but in most cases the situation occurs for preserving the established political regime.

In these countries Wikipedia can’t be used regardless any devices. It is known that thousands of changes are made on Wikipedia per hour and if you want, you can avoid the blocking using a good VPN service for Wikipedia.

The best VPNs for Wikipedia is on the go:

There are different VPNs for Wikipedia accessing from various countries including France, Spain, Romania, Poland, Italy, Indonesia, which can be installed at different platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows. The main functions combining the qualitative VPNs for Wikipedia are security, privacy and anonymity.

An excellent VPN service can help you avoid the censorship due to a wide variety of server location choices it presents. While choosing a virtual location of the country that hasn’t imposed censorship on wiki you get access to the free encyclopedia.

The best VPN for Wikipedia is to encrypt all your traffic, thus making your vulnerable data protected from any third-party interferences. In addition, a good VPN service for wiki is to give you limitless bandwidth and speed, so that ciphering will not hinder the speed performance.

Moreover, you can watch wiki encyclopedia and write articles absolutely anonymous, because a fine VPN doesn’t keep logging and its service can be paid in different ways including crypto currency and digital gift cards.

Therefore, if you need to access Wikipedia or protect you while using it, the best VPN for Wikipedia should be chosen for that reason.

We hope our top-five best VPNs for rating 2019 are to help you make a right decision:


How to unblock Wikipedia’s summary

We believe everyone has a right for free access to knowledge. Unfortunately, many countries don’t concur in the conclusion. The Internet monitoring has led to blocking such websites as Wikipedia.

Fortunately, there is a way out, so while using the best VPN for Wikipedia unblocking you will have access to the data without controversy. Moreover, all your online activities and traffic are to be encrypted, which is highly useful for your privacy level.

Having decided to subscribe to a qualitative VPN for Wikipedia unblocking, don’t forget to look through the best VPNs for unblocking Wikipedia rating 2019, which is developed to make your choice easier and time-saving.

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David Balaban
David Balaban
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