The Importance Of VPN: Lessons Learned For Snowden

Last updated: April 17, 2019
David Balaban

David Balaban

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The Importance Of VPN: Lessons Learned For SnowdenWhen talking about internet security, probably, one of the first names you will think of is Edward Snowden. It is one of the most arguable computer professionals who is considered by some people as a hero and by others as a traitor. Nevertheless, the person has gained the unquestioning trust of ordinary users. Of course, you might have heard about the fact that Snowden is a keen user of Tor and assumes it as one of the best methods for online protection.

VPNs are the must-have tools today:

  1. ExpressVPN is used by people around the world to get rid of restrictions and be secure when their status is online.
  2. NordVPN is a good choice if you appreciate unlimited servers switching, speed, and bandwidth. Besides, the discounts are possible.
  3. CyberGhost offers both free trial and a money-back guarantee. So, it is possible to try the service without any risks for your budget.
  4. VYprVPN is the product of GoldenFrog. It supplies users with more than 200 000 IPs and 700 servers.
  5. IPVanish is a VPN provider which is compatible with all popular platforms and therefore can be installed on any device.

As well as Tor, Snowden has mentioned a VPN service, which he compared with Tor and said that the major difference between the systems is included in encryption methods used in the technologies. In this regard, he has said that Tor is more like ‘a chain VPN’ where your critical data comes through several nodes before reaching the addressee. So, both of the systems, according to Snowden, are useful and highly protective, nevertheless, none of the systems will give you a one-hundred-percent insurance that your network is completely anonymous and private.

Such as there were according to present knowledge a VPN is the best solution for your network protection, as it provides such fundamental functional solutions as:

  • A good service hides your authentic address, so nobody can ‘see’ it, neither your ISPs, nor other prying eyes. What is more, any good company provides a big network park from which you can choose any virtual location you like. Thus, while sitting at home you are able to travel virtually and, vice versa, while traveling to another country you are able to run your ‘home’ network. The opportunity makes you and your network activities invisible for adversaries.
  • A strong service makes all your generated and downloaded traffic encrypted. A good VPN makes your critical data protected from being stolen and interfered. While routing all your traffic through a secure tunneling, all the passed information becomes unreadable and unavailable for adversaries. Top-rated services apply up-to-date protocols for encryption, such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec and etc.
  • A reliable provider assures its clients to store no logging data or metadata, which makes it highly anonymous. Moreover, having paid for the service with crypto-currency, you enhance your anonymity.

As you might have mentioned the service is one of the most discussible for today and has achieved a status of great importance thanks to its essential functions.

Here are 5 best VPNs for your network:

Having decided to protect your network by applying an up-to-date tool for it, you should definitely look at a VPN service, as it has already met the approval not only of business companies, but also of average customers worldwide.

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David Balaban
David Balaban