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Last updated: February 17, 2020
David Balaban

David Balaban

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Today, there are over three billion Internet users. The increase in the number of the users has been brought about affordability, technology advancement and the simplicity of usage. It is simply hard to imagine the world without the Internet today.

With the increase in the technology usage, more and more people consider it easier to work online. It is a common thing today to find people working remotely as freelancers. People are banking, buying and doing lots of other things online. Every other day, there are people who get into troubles with hackers’ attacks.

Use one of the VPNs from the list below to protect your data against attackers on the Internet:

  1. NordVPN: strict no-logging policy, lightning speeds, payment in cryptocurrency.
  2. Surfshark : BVI jurisdiction, no IP leaks, a 7-day free trial period, unlimited number of allowed devices per account.
  3. CyberGhost VPN: unlimited bandwidth and traffic, automatic Kill Switch, 256-bit encryption.
  4. ExpressVPN: 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, DNS leak protection.
  5. PIA: lightning speed, P2P support, ad and malware blocker, 10 simultaneous connections.

There are different browsers for surfing the Internet. One of the main platforms that people use to access the Internet is Opera. This browser is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, and other operation systems. This freeware browser has over 300 million users and it helps users to access over 150 billion web pages.

Opera Browser Product Evolution

1994-1995 — was used as internal information system;

1996-1997 — first official versions were released;

1998-2000 — was applied an additional supply for Javascript, SSL, plug-in, Opera Show Format, DHTML, 128-bit encryption, etc.

Risks You May Face While Using Opera Browser

In the virtual world, there are numerous privacy as well as safety risks.

Nobody can stick to the opinion that there are no threats for users of the Internet. Any of your personal information such as banking data or even money can be stolen when your connection gets compromised. Getting your money stolen online is bad but there are also other risks such as a government censorship regime and other geo-restrictions. Moreover, any application downloaded through the Internet can have malicious content. This can influence your personal data and even infect your operation system and built-in programs. It is known that such technology as built-in protection doesn’t perform a sufficient level of your protection from the adversaries and their bad intentions. The threat of being traced and hacked is equal for all Internet users, but not only for those who work at big corporations. Each person has from one to ten and even more social nets accounts, which are also very insecure and vulnerable considering your personal data.

New edition of Google’s Privacy Policy made it even more efficient. According to the document, browsers serve to assist Google in spying on people. Opera is on the list.

How to Achieve Opera Anonymous Browsing

When you want to avoid any third-party interference and lock your personal data safely, look for a reliable VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is one of the best ways through which you can secure your data online as well as ensure that your privacy remains protected. The best VPN for Opera is the one that will keep all your information safe when you are online. While a VPN is basically your security measure while browsing the Internet, it is also ideal when you want to access geo-restricted websites or online streaming.

Update: If you use a free VPN for Opera, you need to know that OperaVPN, which is one of the most popular among netizens, is shutting down on April, 30.

So why not think of the best paid VPN service for Opera? Keep on reading and you’ll know what paid VPN to choose for Opera!

What Features Should the Best VPN For Opera Have?

Any good VPN service for Opera of a high quality should have several features. So, the best VPN for Opera…

Should meet your requirements:

You have to decide whether you want a free or paid VPN for Opera;

You should relate your material opportunities with a list of offered services.

Should meet the requirements for Opera browser VPN:

- various choice of server locations;

- no speed and bandwidth limitations;

- secure encryption methods;

- easy for installation and usage service;

- a trial version or money-back guarantee;

- qualitative 24/7 support.

Opera Browser Security can be achieved through the usage of an appropriate VPN service. Here are the best VPN services for Opera browser:


In conclusion it can be said that only you are interested in your personal data. Taking into account up-to-date hackers technical possibilities there is hardly any sense in the installed antivirus operating along. It is you who knows what kind of technologies will help you to solve the problem. We are talking about a VPN service for Opera. The best VPN service for Opera helps with avoiding any third-party interference and locks your personal data safely, so that your task is to look for a reliable VPN. A high-quality VPN for Opera changes your IP address, encrypts all the transferring traffic and changes your virtual location. There are no other technologies that will provide you with such service.

Choosing a VPN it’s necessary to pay attention to its qualities and facilities. When it comes to choosing a right VPN for your device, it is necessary to evaluate your needs. Any VPN service should meet your requirements in price and qualitative characteristics we have mentioned above.

Your Opera browser security can be achieved through the usage of an appropriate VPN service. We hope that the best VPN rating for Opera will help you to make a right decision and you will never face such problems as being traced or eavesdropped.

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David Balaban
David Balaban