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vpn services for Turkey

Turkish IP address does NOT provide people with a desired freedom on the Internet. Beyond doubt, it is possible to browse with Turkish IP address, but in this case a person is too limited in the sources to use and the websites to visit.

In this connection, specialists claim that being in Turkey VPN services will help a lot to overcome the troubles with the freedom on the Internet. But how to choose a trusted and reliable VPN for Turkey? This guide will help you.

How strict is censorship in Turkey?

In 1993, Turkey joined the Internet. However, Internet censoring had roots way before a Turkish IP navigated the World Wide Web. As early as 1991, Turkey enacted rudimentary computer related criminal law provisions. In 2001, the Turkish parliament passed the first law specific to the Internet. From then on, Internet censorship in Turkey grew in leaps and bounds. Such that in 2008, Turkey enacted a ban on the world’s largest video-sharing website — YouTube — that lasted for two (2) years. As of 20 April 2015, the list of blocked Internet sites in Turkey contained over 78,000 domain names.

Turkey’s reputation for Internet censoring, though unenviable, is striking. Within 11 years (2004 to 2015), Turkey had banned high-profile sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, WordPress, Blogger, and Alibaba at least once. The irksome nature of these bans is infamous, as the authorities effect bans often without apparent warning or explanation. 

Amnesty International's researcher for Turkey, Andrew Gardner’s remark following Turkey’s April 2016 ban on Sputnik, aptly surmises a viewpoint many within and outside Turkey share –


“Clearly, the situation for internet freedom, for internet censorship in Turkey is unacceptable.”


Thus, for the 46 million Internet users in Turkey, using a VPN to access sites is not an activity borne out of paranoia, but out of necessity. 

online-securityIn addition to granting Turkish users the ability to visit censored sites, VPNs protect the privacy of Turkish residents. This is especially important in the face of a February 2014 new Internet law that requires Internet providers to store all data on web users' activities for two years and make such data available to the authorities upon request.

Features that Define the Best Turkey VPN

In general, VPNs differ in their offerings. However, if you want the best VPN service in Turkey, there a number of features that are must-haves.

  • Multiple Server Locations.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Easy to Use.
  • High Connection Speed.
  • Supports Multiple VPN Clients for Different Devices (PC, Mac, Linux, Smartphones, Router).
  • Keeps Limited, or Preferably, No Logs.
  • High-end, or Preferably, 24/7/365 Support.
  • Support Open VPN protocol.

The VPNs on the list of the best VPNs for Turkey below have the aforementioned features and more. We provide concise reviews for each VPN we recommend based on these features. 

Consequently, with the variety of VPNs on our list, chances are you would find one that suits your preferences and budget.

Internet freedom in Turkey

According to the latest reports, the internet status in Turkey is known to be highly restricted and censored by the government. Thus, it can be stated that such violations of online privacy as obstacles to access, limits on content, infringement of user rights have been registered there this year.

All the data can be clearly seen from the diagram below:

Best VPNs for Turkey

In compliance with the infographics, Turkey can be named as one of the countries with the most restrictive internet policies. Unfortunately, it can also be viewed that the picture of the current affairs gets even worse from year to year.

Mass Media suffer as well

According to “Reporters Without Borders” research, the situation with the freedom of speech becomes worse year by year. As for 2017, Turkey takes the 155th position in the world in the ranking according to freedom index.

It means that the topics that may be covered by Turkish journalists are limited. In such a way, the corruption probe of 2013, ISIL kidnapping, national security meeting on Syria, illegally carried inwards arms and numerous acts of terrorism are banned to be cover by mass media.

In the event that a journalist breaks the ban, he/she may be imprisoned.

Best VPNs for Turkey

Due to several internal and external reasons, the government of the country follows the policy of total censorship. One of the reasons for such control is that Turkey wants to conserve the cultural traditions and beliefs. However, in most up-to-dated urban regions, such as Ankara, citizens have already broken from a tradition to cover women faces with purdah and praying in all the public places.

What can the tourists face in Turkey?

However, Turkey is also known as one of the best and cheapest countries for 5-star all-included vacation. Therefore, each summer millions of tourists gather to the sea coats of Turkey. Unluckily, not all of them are warned about the internet accessibility there and become divided from the world and their friends and relatives.

What about public Wi-Fi in Turkey?

Besides, public hotspots are filled with computer fraudsters, which can also result in uncontrolled data or even money losses. That’s exactly why you need a reliable VPN service for Turkey. Thus, if you try free Turkish IP offered in one of public places, be ready that your gadget may be hacked. Even a Turkish proxy site will not help you to prevent such troubles. It is more beneficial to use a trustworthy VPN in Turkey.

What websites can I access with Turkish IP address?

Visiting Turkey as a tourist, you get a Turkish IP address, which makes you limited in services to use. For instance, Wikipedia is not accessible for those using Turkish IP address since April 2017. The cause is not clear enough. It was said that the service is banned on the score of some materials that “advertise terrorism”.

Previously, some other services were blocked for some time: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

The best VPN for Turkey will make your internet connection free from threats and adversaries and free for accessing any geo-restricted web-content you wish.

However, more often than not average customers have no idea how to choose the best VPN for Turkey. Therefore, we have decided to cover all the most essential points in the section below. 

7 best VPNs for Turkey:

1 winner
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first vpnServer Locations - ExpressVPN has servers in 78 countries and over 100 cities. 

VPN Clients - Navigating the ExpressVPN website is a pleasure. There is no clutter. More importantly, you do not have to hunt for vital sections of the website as the site design places them in a clear and arranged manner. ExpressVPN continues with this intuitive design language on its multiple VPN clients on all its platforms. ExpressVPN has a formidable cross-platform support as it sports dedicated VPN clients for:

Connectivity - ExpressVPN guarantees Unlimited Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth. Thus, the speed you get while using the VPN is solely dependent on the default speed of your ISP connection. In similar vein, your bandwidth usage is only limited by how much bandwidth your ISP offers you. ExpressVPN allows clients to connect via the Open VPN protocol. Other protocols supported are L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and PPTP.

Privacy - ExpressVPN keeps limited logs, mainly logs of metadata. While excessively conscious individuals would prefer a “zero logging policy,” there is little cause for alarm as ExpressVPN operates out of British Virgin Island. The importance of this is that it is highly unlikely that ExpressVPN would concede to requests by the Turkish authorities for the logs.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Dedicated ExpressVPN DNS
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Default Patching of IPv6 Leakage and WebRTC Bug
  • Get 30 days free access when you refer a friend

Support  - The ExpressVPN website contains several detailed setup guides and troubleshooting guides. These resources contain vital information that should be of help should you run into common set up or connection issues. However, if these resources do not address your issue satisfactorily, you can contact the ExpressVPN professional support team. You can contact them via Live Chat, Direct E-mail, and an on-site Contact Form.

Pricing  - ExpressVPN pricing structure is such that the per month subscription rate decreases substantially, when you pay for more months upfront. The rate starts at $12.95 per month, when you pay monthly, and reduces to $8.32 per month, when you pay yearly. If you would rather pay semiannually (every six month), the rate is $9.99 per month. Clients can subscribe with any of 23 payment options, including the anonymous Bitcoin crypto currency. Regardless, of the plan you choose, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if you do not like the service, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of subscribing.

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2 place
/ 5.0

second vpnNordVPN is a great means for avoiding being hacked. Moreover, it prevents your data from being stolen. This is achieved by the strongest security level implying double data encryption that is being constantly beefed up. Thanks to enhanced protection you may connect public Wi-Fi and browse on the Internet using any hotspots. Traveling all over the world you may have access to any sites wherever you are staying. NordVPN guarantees total freedom of your activity and reliable protection.

Server Locations – NordVPN provides 893 servers in 57 countries and updates this number regularly.

VPN Clients – Choosing NordVPN for Turkey you will enjoy its well-designed and user-friendly website. You can find any desirable info within a few seconds, which is also available in 13 languages including English and Turkish. Having downloaded NordVPN, you are promised to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously under one account. What is more, NordVPN has developed awesome platform support offering VPN clients for:

  • PCs: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Android, iOS
  • Routers
  • Smart TV
  • Gaming Consoles

Connectivity – As a truly decent service, NordVPN guarantees red-hot fast connection speed and unlimited bandwidth. NordVPN offers up-to-date security protocols including the strongest ones IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN. In addition, NordVPN is P2P friendly allowing you to download files securely being in Turkey or any other parts of the world.

Privacy – According to official info, NordVPN leads strict no log policy. It does not monitor or store data of any VPN customer, such as traffic logs, IP addresses or used bandwidth. Nevertheless, user e-mail, name and payment info are hold by NordVPN in order to render its services correctly. NordVPN keeps your personal info secret from a third-party, unless it’s requested by a court order.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Double Data Encryption.
  • Smart Play Technology.
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS Leak Resolver.

Support – The website provides detailed tutorials for installing NordVPN app on various platforms. In addition, you can find the instructions how to bypass the Great Firewall of China using Windows OS. However, if these guides do not solve your issue, you can contact the NordVPN world-class support. Its agents are available 24/7 to help via the Live Chat, Ticket System, E-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Pricing – NordVPN pricing structure is presented on the website completely clear. You can choose one of three available plans relying on service’s term and your budget. A Simple 1 month plan is available at $11.95. Choosing a Standard half-year plan you save 41% and pay $7 per month. The most attractive offer includes a one year plan requires $5.75/m or $69 wholly. All plans suppose 30-day money-back guarantee. And finally, NordVPN accepts various payment methods including credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

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3 place
/ 5.0

third vpn

While looking for the best VPN for your needs, you should consider CyberGhost VPN. Getting a lot of features for reasonable pricing monthly is what makes CyberGhost VPN one of the cheapest VPNs of all time. What is more prominent is that the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who want to check if it really works the way it should be. Like many of its kind, this VPN provider uses double encryption system making it reliable and secured.

Server Location – Boasting more than 900 servers around the globe, this VPN provider ensures fast connections.

VPN Clients – Multiple gadgets will be protected with CyberGhost VPN service for Turkey. This VPN is compatible with:

  • PCs: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Android, iOS
  • Routers

Connectivity – Super speed is guaranteed by CyberGhost VPN with reliable and fast OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec tunneling protocols.

Privacy – CyberGhost is a respectable VPN service for keeping internet connecting secure, private and anonymous. It is achievable via 256-bit key encryption.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Access to restricted websites and services

Support – The support service of this VPN is great. It is possible to contact them via both E-mail and chats.

Pricing – One may pay from $2.90 to $10.99 per month.

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4 place
/ 5.0

As a technologically advanced user, you stand to gain immensely by subscribing for this VPN service for Turkey. You will access geo-restricted websites and channels. You will also be able to bypass all the government’s censorship hence giving you an opportunity of accessing the internet as the rest of the world is. With IPVanish you can enjoy access to over 850 high-speed servers located in over 60 countries.

Server Locations – IPVanish allows changing your Turkish IP address into one of 40 000 IPs available in over 60 countries all over the world. The VPN is served by more than 850 servers.

VPN Clients – If you are looking for a reliable VPN service to use on any device being in Turkey, IPVanish is definitely for you. It is available to use on:

  • PCs: Windows, Mac OS X,
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Routers
  • Chromebook

Connectivity – IPVanish will protect you and your data all the time, as the bandwidth is not limited. Besides, different types of tunneling protocols are used to make your Internet surfing safe: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. Turkey residents and tourists will not be restricted in the content to access with IPVanish.

Privacy – Your protection is assured by the SHA-256-bit authentication and the 256-bit AES encryption. In addition to this, there are zero logs and a 7‑day money back guarantee. So, no data leaks can be experienced while using the service for being fully protected online.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Anonymous Torrenting.
  • SOCKS proxy.
  • Unlimited P2P traffic.

Support – IPVanish offers help in several ways. It is possible to find all necessary information in FAQ section. Moreover, the website possesses detailed instructions on how to setup IPVanish on different gadgets. Also it is possible to contact the support service via E-mail.

Pricing – The prices are moderate enough. They start from $6.49 per month. 

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5 place
/ 5.0

Known as one of the top-rated services, all your needs regarding online protection will be definitely matched by BufferedVPN. Internet freedom can be enjoyed by you due to its high functionality. While using the service, all the streaming resources you like can be accessed by you regardless any restrictions. Five connections at a time from any spot in the world are allowed for you. Servers in thirty two countries in the world are currently possessed by the VPN and the quantity is being gone up. All your data including emails is turned to be encrypted when passing through a defensive tunneling created by up-to-date protocols. Having subscribed to BufferedVPN, a thirty-day money back guarantee and world class support at any time you wish are provided to you.

Server Locations – Buffered VPN have 30+ servers in 37 countries around the world.

VPN Clients – If you are looking for a decent VPN service for Turkey, pay your attention to Beffered VPN, which offers unlimited speeds, bandwidth and server switches while allowing 5 simultaneous connections from any part of the globe. The Buffered VPN client is compatible with:

  • PC: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Android, iOS
  • Routers: Tomato, DD-WRT

Connectivity – Users of Buffered VPN inkluding the Turks are provided with OpenVPN protocol.

Privacy – Buffered VPN does not keep user logs.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High-Speed Connection
  • Free Server Switches
  • Switching between TCP and UDP
  • Latency Checks
  • Auto-Connect Options

Support – Using Buffered VPN in Tyrkey, you can learn about how to set up the service on your device from its website. In addition, there are detailed guides about how to configure your VPN app for unblocking resrtricted web content. Besides, you are free to contact 24/7 technical support team through the Live Chat, Ticket System, Social Media services.

Pricing – All plans include Bufferd VPN software, 24/7 customer support and blazing-fast unlimited bandwidth. If you select a Mounthly package you pay $12.99. If you want to save money, the others plans are just for you. For example, Bi-Annual plan allows to save 23% paying $9.99 per month or $59.94 in the whole. The best choice is to subscribe for a Yearly plan saving 36% and paying $99 every 12 month. Buffered VPN offers a 30-days money-back guarantee and accepts such major payment methods, as credit cards and PayPal.

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6 place
/ 5.0

This is a VPN service offered by Golden Frog, an internet data storage provider. VyprVPN offers blazing server speeds with unlimited bandwidth, IP address and any time free switching between its servers. It makes use of popular encryption protocols to ensure online security and supports a wide range of platforms, portable devices and routers.

Server Locations – It has over 700+ servers located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. As it is based in the US, you can make use of its US servers and its free shared IP addresses to access popular American shows even from outside the US.

VPN Clients – VyPrVPN may be used on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows gadgets and routers

Privacy – It is possible to be almost 100% protected in Turkey using VyPrVPN, as it defeats your data via Chameleon technology.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Zero monitoring
  • Data protection
  • Fats and reliable streaming

Support – Live chat support will help you 24/7. The guides about the VPN use are offered as well.

  • Pricing – Do you want to use free Turkey VPN service? With VyPrVPN it is possible, as it offers 3 day free trial. Then you are proposed to pay $5-6.67 per month.
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7 place
/ 5.0

PrivateVPN seems to be a decent representative among the best VPN providers. If you were to seriously think of the best VPN service today, you would simply not look any further than PrivateVPN. If you are unsatisfied with the services that it has to offer, you can claim all your paid money after thirty days. The support team of PrivateVPN is available via e-mail and very professional. Server Location – There are over hundreds IP addresses which are hosted by over 55 server locations. This translates to high efficiency for the firm, especially when it comes to delivering the very best that all corners of the word can offer.

VPN Clients – This app is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Connectivity – No one will be unprotected with Private VPN in Turkey, as it offers unlimited data use. The other features to look out for include high speeds, AES 2048-bit encryption and strong protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2 and the ability to connect up to 6 different devices simultaneously.

Privacy – Log-fre policy allows keeping your anonymity on permanent basis.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • IPv6 protection
  • 2048-bit encoding
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Support – Any problems with the application will be solved notwithstanding your location via the support service.

Pricing – Pay only $4.15 per month having chosen 1 year plan and be protected.

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Regardless of whether you want to change VPN to Turkey or to some other country, it is important to pay mind to the feature sets of VPNs.

What can I do with the best VPN for Turkey?

More and more people and organizations commit their privacy to VPN services. According to the recent research, one of four people around the world use VPN services.  Turks are among them, as Turkish IP address is not the best one to browse the Internet without limits.

Do you want to browse from Turkey securely?

Of course, you do. Otherwise, you would not read this article.

The mass media give coverage to new hacking attacks every day. So if you want to be sure that your data will not be stolen by hackers, it is necessary to take all reasonable precautions. The best way to do it is to encode the data by means of a VPN.

Do you want to protect your sensitive data?

Nowadays, people keep their data on the Internet – credentials, business correspondence via E‑mail, personal photos and what not. And hackers take aim at getting all this information. For instance, your medical data may be used by adversaries to obtain insurance illegally.

So, it is better to protect the data stored on the Internet. When you are connected to a VPN service in Turkey, any information, you transfer via the network, is protected and can’t be intercepted or changed.

Would you like to lose your data?

When fraudsters steal users’ data, they delete all the files, change passwords or block the device, which was previously hacked. Besides, they may install various malicious programs on a hacked gadget, including spy- and ransomware.

To be sure that your data are under the strong protection and hidden from the prying eyes, it is strongly recommended to use a VPN in Turkey. It blocks any kind of malicious software and the installation of such programs is almost impossible.

The overall best Turkey VPN is ExpressVPN

Much of VyprVPN’s offerings mirror that of ExpressVPN (for example, the pricing). However, if you are minded about logging and the ability to bypass even the toughest blocks, then you should consider VyprVPN. Its Switzerland-based operation and proprietary Chameleon technology offer the appropriate edge over ExpressVPN.

The best price is offered by a VPN for Turkey

If price is an important factor, then the best open VPN for Turkey users is CyberGhost. At only $2.90/mo for its yearly plan, it offers the most bang for buck of any VPN on the best VPN providers in Turkey list. The diversity of CyberGhost VPN is unrivaled in the industry. From compatible devices to number of shared IPs to number of payment methods to support channels.

HideMyAss is a veteran in the industry and sports the most versatile server locations in the industry. Supporting 190 countries with 930+ servers, its $6.55/mo yearly subscription is well worth the price.

Choose the best VPN for Turkey

So, having decided to spend your summer vacation in Turkey or going there for business, you need to support your network with the best VPN for Turkey. However, not all the services offered on the internet today are good enough for making your network absolutely secure (99%).

That’s exactly why you need to come down to the question responsibly for making a good choice.

The best VPN for Turkey should be customer-oriented, which means it should offer a well-timed customer support, a money-back guarantee and a free trial. It should accept different payment methods, such as crypto-currency, which is known to be the best in terms of anonymity.

Besides, the best service for Turkey should offer a wide range of servers located all over the globe, as well as a set of various protocols from which you can choose the most appropriate one relying on your internet average speed and desires. Having taken into account all the main features the best VPN for Turkey should have, you are to make a right choice.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections, please, contact us via the email or leave your comment below.

Last updated: 15/11/2017
reply October 31, 2017
Dear author, I’ve got a question. How to change my IP to Turkey? I mean, I can’t get access to some sites. Also I want to know, when I’m in Turkey free VPN service will help to bypass the restrictions or not? Or it is better to look for a Turkish proxy address and use it instead?
reply October 05, 2017
I used one of VPNs being in Turkey. It was PIA. But later problems appeared – PIA not connecting. I don’t know, maybe it was connected with my subscription or something else. But I stopped using it. After PIA I used free proxy in Turkey. I found it on one of the forums, don’t remember what exactly. Having subscribed to one of the best BPNs for Turkey VPN IP address is used instead of my real IP. So I managed to use blocked messengers and sites. No I want to apply to a previous commentator. If you want to change your Turkish IP address into another one, for example American, to access Netflix or alike, subscribe to a Turkey VPN. It’s more reliable than using free proxy in Turkey. They (proxy servers) don’t cipher your traffic, and as a result, are not protected and your data may be stolen. Besides, having downloaded even one torrent movie you may be accused of copyright infringement.