How to Unblock Websites: Top-Rated Tools for 2019 (Examples are Inside)

Last updated: April 24, 2019
David Balaban

David Balaban

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Much attention is given to the issue of censorship these days. It leads to the websites and services to be blocked in some regions.

But wait!

Reliable VPN providers serve to get rid of such problem:

  1. Express VPN is the leader when dealing with restrictions bypassing. It offers 2000+ fast servers, protection of 3 devices per account, 256-bit encryption.
  2. Nord VPN offers a unique feature of SmartPlay to unblock streaming services. Apart from it, the provider has 5200 servers worldwide.
  3. CyberGhost serves to unblock censored services and sites in a matter of seconds. Just connect to one of 3130 servers and forget about restrictions.
  4. Vypr VPN will help to bypass limits imposed by the ISP or the country in general.
  5. IPVanish VPN allows its subscribers to change their IPs and browse the pages restricted in some regions.

Censorship and restrictions over sites and online services make people be out of conceit with one of the greatest inventions of mankind – the Internet.

Facts speak for themselves:

  • 740 000 sites are blocked worldwide; website blocking worldwide
  • the Great Firewall of China is the reason why over 10 000 domains are inaccessible in the country;
  • since January 1, 2017, social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and others are compelled by law to delete posts and single words if requested;
  • in April more than 270 000 Twitter accounts underwent blacklisting; 
  • the governments force mass media to highlight ''fake news'';
  • freedom on the net declined in the United States of America in 2018, and many European, Asian, and African countries have access to the filtered content only.

Don't want to fall victim to this strict censoring policy?

Make use of a reliable tool to unblock sites even in such highly restricted countries like Syria, North Korea, and China (actually, VPN in China is a must).

Aren't you sure of what to use?

Read this article and get to know:

  • Is proxy the best website unblocker?
  • How to unblock sites with a VPN?
  • What are the key features a good VPN should possess?
  • Websites blocked worldwide
  • Conclusion on how to unblock websites

Got captivated?

That's great! But be aware you'll find a cherry on the cake at the end of this post. 

Is proxy the best website unblocker?

Many internet users find proxy websites to unblock censored content very attractive in view of their free-of-charge basis and usability. Proxies cope with some restrictions bypassing beyond that.

A proxy server allows changing IP and going around the restriction to access definite websites and services.

However, when unblocking websites by means of proxy servers, custom data are not protected against snooping or loss.

The facts prove it:

  • proxies are used to crack authentic web pages;
  • 8.5% of proxy sites modify JS (it might cause malicious software distribution;
  • only 21% of proxies allow HTTPS encoding.

Within this content, a proxy is not the best tool to unblock sites restricted in one region or another. 

How to unblock sites with a VPN?

While in the field of total geo-blocking proxies fail to unblock services like Netflix and Hulu, Virtual Private Networks has become mainstream.

VPNs are used by millions of people because they are safe and manage to make subscribers anonymous when surfing the Internet.


How does a VPN unblock websites?

Provided that one has subscribed to a VPN service, a user has a little left to do. It's incumbent to choose a proper VPN server.

The user choice depends on what a man wants to access:

  • the best VPN server to unblock Netflix content is the one located in the USA;
  • British nodes are perfect to get access to BBC, for instance;
  • seeders will definitely like servers in Switzerland, as this country is rather friendly to torrenting.

To put it simply, the algorithm is the following:

Firstly, identify in what country does a website hosted.

Secondly, connect the VPN server located there.

Thirdly, check your new IP address. It should belong to the country you connect.

Fourthly, open the targeted website in a browser and enjoy!

But wait!

Are you interested in the details?

Do you want to know the pith and marrow of VPN work?

No problem!

We'll highlight the whole process in a matter of seconds!

When a user connects a VPN server, his/her IP address is changed into the one that belongs to the provider. And the sites one visits see a new IP of a user (not a real one).

The website identifies the IP as allowed and gives access to the content.

Hurry up to subscribe to a tried and true provider and browse your favorite sites without any troubles!

If you are not convinced of what VPN to use yet, these reviews might help you make up your mind.


What are the key features a good VPN should possess?

You see all VPNs look attractive. But what is the best VPN to unblock websites in 2019?

To choose an appropriate VPN, one is to have a look at some features a trustworthy VPN should have:

  • diverse server network (the more countries – the better);
  • fast speed servers (a key aspect when dealing with streaming);
  • OS compatibility (the app should work on all devices you possess);
  • Kill Switch (it protects devices when a secured connection is lost);
  • ciphering mechanisms (they should be reliable, at least with a 256-bit key);
  • free trial or version of a VPN (test the service before pay for it).

Have you chosen sides?

Feel free to share it in the comments to the article!

Websites blocked worldwide

These days it's dead easy to make money on copyrighted products of any kind. In this concern, copyright holders take all measure to ensure that their pieces of work are reliably protected.

Geo-restriction is among such measures.

The matter is that the movies, TV shows, and series can be broadcasted on definite sources. However, some resourceful people make copies of such products and therefore mainstream audience gets access to the copyright-protected videos.

When it comes to adult or any other indecorous content, then no complaints here. But what if a student cannot access an online library to complete a thesis?

Of course, a VPN is required!

Just look through the latest events on website blocking:

  • The Danish internet service providers blocked access to all gambling websites that functioned illegally in February 2018.
  • One of the top streaming sites in Germany ( underwent blacklisting also in February 2018.
  • Over 8 thousand websites were blocked in Russia in the year gone by. Apart from it, access to one of the top messengers (Telegram) was restricted.
  • More than 5300 domain names were blacklisted in 2018 in the UE countries.

Many social media sites and VoIP apps were blocked in one case or another. For example, WhatsApp cannot be used without VPN in China since September 2017

Conclusion on how to unblock websites

With a reliable VPN provider on your gadget, it won't be a problem to bypass the restrictions imposed by the government or ISP.

You are to choose the server and establish a protected connection.

And Presto!

  • The US Netflix library is available in China!
  • Information on the Nazi regime is accessible in Germany!
  • Share photos on Facebook when visiting Papua New Guinea!        

While the authorities put best leg foremost to block entertaining and news sites, VPN providers upgrade their services carry the day and vanish restrictions.

Do you remember about a bonus promised at the beginning of the article?

And now is your turn!

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