Tribler among the best torrenting programs

The notion of torrenting came to the world not long ago, but gained its popularity very fast.

Why? The answer is evident – convenience, quickness and quality. These adjectives are used to describe the work of the best torrenting programs such as BitComet, Vuze, Tribler and so on.

The convenience of a torrent downloader is evident. It may be used not only to watch the last episode of a favorite serial or the release of the long-expected movie. And there is no need to pay for something you even don’t like. It means that going to the cinema, you are to pay for the ticket. And a person even doesn’t know whether the movie is worth paying for or not. Sometimes it happens that the audience is not satisfied with the picture. And it is so sorrowful to realize, that you had to spend money on something you didn’t like at all.

Torrent downloader Tribler will help to save your money. You won’t have to pay for such things. All the products of cinematography, music, software and other are available for you with the best torrenting program – Tribler.


What is Tribler client?

To understand this torrent client it is better to study about it more.

Tribler is a BitTorrent client with an open source. It can be used to create an all-sufficient decentralized BitTorrent network. It uses peer-to-peer service lines for the direct client interaction. In particular, Tribler allows building the network without other BitTorrent trackers use and provides the users with the possibility to search and loading torrents by means of the function of direct client interaction.

The torrent downloader Tribler aims at providing us – torrent lovers – with a reliable BitTorrent network independent of a central server. What’s more, the Tribler authors state that this client can be cold the best torrenting program, as it allows file-sharing even in case torrent tracker doesn’t function.

Tribler is able to resist any standoff from the outside. It means that the process of file-sharing by means of Tribler client is possible even in case of some troubles on the Internet (which are not connected with the client running).

To understand this client better, let’s study the table below:


Status free
Release date 2003
Latest update May 13, 2016
Version 6.5.2
Operating system Windows (Vista, 7-10), Mac and Linux
Interface languages 1 – English
Official website

The first thing to describe is anonymity. It is not so clear how could it possibly be to reach anonymous torrenting using a torrent downloader without any extra security tools. But Tribler authors assure us, that it is possible thanks to the network that bears a resemblance to Tor technology. So, it sounds great, isn’t it?Tribler client may be called the best torrenting program by right because of the features it provides its users with:


Interface is Tribler’s really outstanding feature. This client is easy to use whether you are 10 or 100. The window is not overloaded with extra signs and banners.


Furthermore, thanks to the built-in function of torrent search, you won’t spend time on looking for the torrenting files. The necessity to use your browser disappears. No extra websites required! It was done to make your torrenting secure. Otherwise, the feature of anonymity loses its efficacy. Until you torrent by means of torrent client Tribler, you are safe. If you start searching files by means of exterior torrent trackers or torrent engines, the level of you safety decreases.



Very often you read the word combination ‘open source’ and don’t understand its meaning. Open source feature means that the program, software or torrent client (we speak about Tribler) can be tuned up according to the user’s wills and requests. Tribler is an open source torrent downloader, which is easy to adapt for your usage.


Tribler team is proud of its torrent client speed. It is really striking. Even the biggest torrenting files are downloaded within shortest possible time.


Tribler torrent client can function as a player for you if there is a need to watch a video before the process of downloading is finished.


How to use Tribler client?

If you have read this article till this very moment, it means that you definitely want to use it for torrenting.

Then, spend a couple of minutes on reading it till the end and you will know for sure how to install and use it.

The first step to use Tribler as the torrent downloader on your device is to visit the official website and download the installation file here.


There are two ways to do it successfully. The way you choose depends on your need:

  •  If you want to install Tribler directly on the device you are using, click the input marked №1. The system will identify automatically the OS your device is running on. It is very convenient and time consuming for non-technical users.
  •  In case it is necessary to download the installation file for other device, click input №2. You will be redirected to the web page with the variants of installation on Mac, Windows and Linux devices.

Remember! It is important to install the appropriate variant of Tribler torrent client on your device. Otherwise, the problems are possible.

The process of installation will last a couple of minutes. After running the torrent downloader you will see the window of the program.


The system will show you the status of downloading torrents and the info on seeders, torrents, updates and what not. Also, it is very easy to make pauses, stop and renew the process of downloading.

Pros & Contras of Tribler client

Notwithstanding all the positive features of one of the best torrenting program, it has some weak sides. So to form up a full picture of Tribler torrent client, it is high time to compare both pluses and minuses of the client.

Advantages Disadvantages
+ extra function of anonymous downloading – available only in one language – English
+ super-fast speed – is not protected while using other websites
+ built-in video player – not multiplatform
+ user-friendly interface  
+ free  
+ open source nature  
+ it doesn’t depend on other websites (for searching torrent files)

How to use Tribler anonymously?

Tribler authors try to run a business legally. As you see, the Tribler developers assure that his torrent downloader can be used anonymously without any other security tools. It can hardly be true.

Just have a look at the text of disclaimer posted on its official website:


Thus, in order not to be caught by the ISP for torrenting it is necessary to use one of the following security tools presented below:

TOR – the Onion Router technology was created to encode users’ IPs by means of several nodes (run by volunteers). This technology is absolutely free for users, but is not ideal. There are some weak points that make us think about other security tools.

PROXY – proxy servers are used to hide IPs as well. They cope this task, but not so effective, as the following security tool.

VPN – the most powerful and reliable tool to protect you while torrenting. Apart from IP masking, it offers the facilities of traffic encryption, fast peer-to-peer file-sharing and so on.

The best VPNs to use Tribler anonymously are described below:

Select by criteria

Hope, you know how to torrent securely now.

Last updated: 15/05/2018