The best torrent search engine – Torrentz

October 31, 2017

Torrenting was always on the first place among various methods of downloading via the Internet. There are a lot of reasons why people prefer torrenting:

  • torrenting is free, and all the materials downloaded by means of it are free as well;
  • access to the content unavailable in an area a user lives in;
  •  entertaining products become available earlier on the Internet and there is no need to wait until a long-expected movie, which will be broadcasted on TV or at the cinema. was among the best search engines for torrenting. It was created and launched in the distant 2003 in Finland for BitTorrent. Torrentz was a free meta-search engine that combined results from a great number of search engines for thirteen years. 


Advantages of Torrentz

Torrentz had an elementary interface with four inputs (Search, myTorrentz, Profile, Help) and a search panel. Even an average user could use it without any difficulties.

The registration was unnecessary what made this torrent search simple and reliable as nobody liked to share personal data on the Internet. For sure, it was possible to create a profile on to get access to previously downloaded files and other options. But worked without any faults even without the process of registration. was absolutely commercial free. Some Internet users even don’t guess that commercials influence the process of downloading. But pop-ups with commercials need MBs to be presented to the audience, that is why the speed of downloading slows down. benefited from the fact that it was commercial-free as the speed on was always stable and quick.

Torrentz users could download the files (movies, books, software, etc.) in different languages and absolutely free. Even the products, which were paid on other torrents, were free on

Because of numerous positive sides of this powerful torrent search engine the website assumed № 2 spot in the rankings of best torrent engines twice – in 2012 and 2015.

How did people use Torrentz?

It is necessary to mention again that the registration on was optional for its users. That is why to start using this torrent engine a user was either to log in or to start using it without registration.

To find a necessary file a user was to start typing a word or a phrase into a search field, which was autocomplete-enabled. It is a software function that gives users the option of completing words or forms by a shorthand method on the basis of what has been typed before.

After this action the list of suitable files for downloading appeared and a user was to choose the most appropriate for him. This torrent search engine also allowed filtering the results by age, topic, quality, etc. And the chosen file could be successfully downloaded.


The end of activity

The year of 2016 became a crucial for On the one hand, this torrent search engine took the second place among the best engines for torrenting for the second time, but on the other one, it passed out of existence. The Torrentz alternatives today are and Besides, advanced users prefer VPNs for a reliable and safe downloading on the Internet.