Torrent Downloads: what and how to search

November 01, 2017

Torrent Downloads is a decent example among the torrent sites. Like other similar torrent sources, Torrent Downloads has a huge mass of content for choice and a pleasant and fairly simple interface. Let’s explore the website: how to use, what to search and others.

You can find everything about Torrent Downloads in this awesome up-to-date article.

What is Torrent Downloads?

The website has been launched in 2007 and has been providing torrents for movies, TV shows, music, books, games and software. As it is mentioned on Torrent Downloads websites, they do not contain files themselves, but only links or torrents files which contain information about the content a visitor would like to download.

According to Alexa Traffic Rank Torrent Downloads website takes the 2260th position, which proves its popularity among users. At the same time, the main audience of Torrent Downloads is the residents of India, the USA, China, Saudi Arabia and Japan.  

At the same time, the main audience of Torrent Downloads is the residents of India, the USA, China, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

How Torrent Downloads works

Torrent Downloads is based on Bittorrent protocol for sharing of information over the network. It represents one of the biggest Bittorrent systems that allow internet use share torrents for free and anonymously (as the developers of Torrent Download claim).

Torrent Download website acts as it was a guide to torrent files providing all the necessary information for downloading and uploading torrent content.

Bittorrent, or peer-to-peer technology, is applied for sharing files of all kinds fast and easily over the network, no matter where people live next door or in different countries.

Bittorrent is the most popular file-sharing protocol, just because it lets people exchange files at high internet speeds and without difficult settings to perform it.

One simply needs a torrent client installed on the computer from which he or she is going to distribute torrent content and the opportunity to get connected to the Internet with fast enough speeds.

All the visitors of Torrent Downloads (it may be referred to every torrent tracker as well) are divided into seeders and leechers. The first ones possess the whole file, while the second is the one who is downloading the file at the moment and does not have the file itself, only the part of it.

What types of torrents can I find on Torrent Downloads?

Any follower of Torrent Downloads is offered these categories for browsing: TV Shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, and others. By clicking any of the categories, one may get into the section and scan for selecting a torrent file in demand.


TV Shows

When you get into ‘’TV Shows’’ category you are able to view them all or open subcategories. The total number of shows offered for viewing is quite impressive: almost 500 000 files within 276 subcategories.



The section devoted to movies is also filled with a great quantity of torrents (nearly 700 000). The torrent files are grouped to genres principles, which make it easier to search for the movies to watch. As an alternative, one is able to view all of them at random, though the first option seems to be more preferable.

The torrent files are grouped to genres principles, which make it easier to search for the movies to watch.


Although, the choice of music torrents is less than for movies or shows (more than 300 000), a music lover will be able to a track to his or her taste. All the torrent files in this category are classified by genre as well.



One may also find games torrents to download for Mac, Windows, mobile phone and others. As in the previous parts, you have the opportunity to browse them all, page by page, or opening the subcategories for games.



It should be noticed that the total quantity of applications for torrenting is fairly large. There are over 300 000 files available. It won’t be difficult to search for the one you need as they are also viewed in subcategories. The largest number of programs is offered for Windows, as you can see from the screen.

The largest number of programs is offered for Windows, as you can see from the screen.


Those who search for anime torrents may try to find them on Torrent Downloads where approximately 70 000 files are available to torrent. The search is simplified with subcategories which can be easily opened to look through the content.



Book worms can take use of nearly 160 000 audio books, ebooks and magazines from Torrent Downloads. You may either scan them all at once or following the link to the relevant subcategory.

Book worms can take use of nearly 160 000 audio books, ebooks and magazines from Torrent Downloads.

How to search on Torrent Downloads?

It is dead easy to find a torrent on Torrent Downloads which can be performed in a few ways:

 1. You may type in or insert the title of a movie or game in the search if you know it exactly.


2. It is also possible to click on the torrent category and perform the search directly from there.


3. Besides, one can browse today’s or yesterday’s torrents visiting special section on Torrent Downloads website. 


How to register on Torrent Downloads?

Torrent Downloads is a kind of public torrent trackers which doesn’t require payment for torrenting there. The site of Torrent Downloads is available for both registered and non-registered users. It is up to you how to take advantage of it, BUT…. If you are an active torrent user, you might be interested in the benefits you get with the registration on Torrent Downloads. You are registered on the website that is why you can….

  • Share your points of view on Torrent Downloads pages;
  • Chat online with other torrent peers;
  • Filter torrents by various categories;
  • Hide torrents which are dead or not available for all the members of Torrent downloads;
  • Use Torrent Downloads free of advertisements.

The form for registration is the simplest one. You are to create a login name, a serious password, provide with your real e-mail address that will be used for sending a confirmation URL link on it.

The form for registration is the simplest one.

Torrent Downloads registration form

What to do if Torrent Downloads is blocked?

It is worth saying that like other torrent websites, Torrent Downloads is sometimes blocked in some countries that’s why an additional tool is needed to bypass restrictions. They say that a VPN is good variant for it. The service would be also helpful to hide a real IP address of a torrent peer.

(We will provide you with the detailed information on VPN usage for Torrent Downloads a little bit later). The simplest way to access blocked torrent websites, including Torrent Downloads, is connecting via proxy links. You can try one of the proxy links from the chart below:


Fast proxy links to access Torrent Downloads if it is blocked in your region

 In case you are aware of other proxy links that active and fast to get torrent Downloads accessible, feel free to contact us.

Why is Torrent Downloads blocked in some regions?

It is not a secret that Bittorrent technology and torrent trackers are not approved by authorities in some countries that are not friendly for sharing torrent content. Such countries as the US, the UK, China and others have blocked most of popular worldwide torrent trackers.

The most common reason why governments order local Internet Service Providers to block access to torrent websites, including Torrent Downloads, is possible copyright violation which causes warning letters from ISPs and unexpected fines imposed on torrent peers. This happens as copyright content is shared on torrent sites, which is not legal in the majority of countries.

We all heard about Artem Vaulin case and Kickass Torrent. This event received publicity because of KAT owner’s fame. But be convinced, there are many cases when internet users were fined for copyright infringement!

Unblock Torrent Downloads with VPN

Torrent Downloads can be blocked into two ways for torrent users:

  • Internet Service Providers monitor what websites are usually visited


  • They check internet traffic which gives them suggestions what websites should be blocked for the users.

How VPNs unblock Torrent Downloads The process of unblocking is simple and can be explained by the chain of actions taken when you try to access Torrent Downloads via VPN (if it is not freely accessible in your country or region). A user turns on the VPN (usually it is a special app).

Then …

One needs to get connected to a foreign VPN server


Change the true IP address so that ISPs won’ be able to identify it.

Finally, …

AVPN encrypts the traffic, so your traffic can’t be monitored by ISPs.

Why to use Torrent Downloads anonymously?

We have already written about top ‘’Why’’ to use Torrent sites anonymously. As Torrent Downloads is one of them, it is worth saying about it again.

Well, let’s find out why it is better to use VPN for Torrent Downloads:

Reason 1:

Internet Service Providers! A lot of local ISPs are not friendly about torrenting due to legal orders performed by authorities. As the result, they may block torrent sites or monitor the traffic that comes from or to the domains of targeted trackers.

Reason 2:

Copyright holders! They worry about the copyrights, and instead of possibility of removing the content from the Internet, they might hire so-called copyright trolls who track torrent users.

Reason 3:

Copyright trolls! They may act in both ways: independent work and being hired by copyright holders. The second variant has been discussed earlier, while the first one hasn’t. When copyright trolls work on their own, they target potential “law-breakers’’ and notify the holders of copyrights then. Unlucky netizens may receive a notice asking to pay a fine (in Germany, Japan, the UK, Finland, France, the UAE). 

Attention! Having downloaded content from Torrent Downloads, you IP address is revealed for the other peers. You are vulnerable to get a warning letter from you ISP or being targeted by hackers.

How to use Torrent Downloads SAFELY and ANONYMOUSLY?

Well, we have already told our readers that it is VITAL to use Torrents Downloads SAFELY and ANONYMOUSLY. But how to do it?

 Some amateurs and even specialists would recommend to torrent anonymously via Tor browser. How does it make you anonymous?

The technology is based on the so-called onion routing, which means that internet users’ traffic is rerouted several times before it comes to the endpoint. Only when it gets the end point, the traffic is decrypted, and the data is transferred to the receiver.

Why is it better to avoid using Tor when torrenting on Torrent Downloads?

Tor browser really makes you anonymous during the process of accessing the website. Nevertheless, as it was noted above, getting the end point (in our case it is Torrent Downloads), the traffic is deciphered and you are not anonymous on the website.

Tor’s pros and cons 


- +
Unblocks access to torrent websites The sites load slowly
It is free Captchas are irritating
  Torrents are not hidden

As you can see Tor can be used for passing over Torrent Downloads restrictions in order to access if it is not available. Still, if you are looking for protection and privacy as well, you’d better take advantage of a torrent- friendly VPN service.

Is VPN better than Tor for being anonymous and safe on Torrent Downloads?

In comparison with Tor, with VPN services you stay anonymous even when you download torrents on the website, because your IP address is faked (you will torrent under VPN’s servers).

What is really important is that your traffic is encrypted, staying unrevealed for prying eyes. Neither ISP, nor copyright troll can track your torrent activity (they need to decode, but it will take really much time as most of the modern VPN providers offer extra-strong encryption protocols).

What are the pros of VPN?

  • A VPN will hide your torrents, so you may keep torrenting private.
  • Decent VPN services can provide ultrafast internet connections, but it will also depend on how fast your Internet is.
  • Actually, VPNs apply stronger encryption methods in comparison with Tors.
  • There is a multiple choice of VPN servers, which can be chosen be VPN users.
  • There are almost no captchas with a VPN.

May I use a free VPN for Torrent Downloads?

Ask any internet security expert, and you will definitely get a negative reply. You will probably get interested why, but it is obvious.

Firstly, data encrypting protocols they apply: in the majority, they are basic and primitive, which is not enough for Torrents. The traffic can be easily hacked into and revealed.

Secondly, your anonymity and privacy are questionable: they are believed to keep users’ logs and sell them to third parties (they are thought to earn money in such a way).

Finally, don’t be naïve that they would suggest strong protection and full anonymity for nothing (they are not a charity organization, actually).

Select by criteria

How to choose the best VPN for Torrent Downloads?

Now when you are convinced in the necessity to subscribe for a VPN to browse Torrent Downloads safely, a logical question may occur: how to choose a VPN for the tracker and don’t go wrong?

To find an ideal VPN you are to pay attention to some characteristics:

  • encryption method (the chance to be identified in case of reliable traffic encryption);
  • server locations (the number of servers makes your online fingerprint really unique; besides, it is possible to browse without any restrictions in case you have subscribed for a VPN with the services worldwide);
  • number of devices connected (principle “the more – the better” suites this situation perfectly; do you browse the internet by means of 1 device? Unlikely! That is why it will be beneficial for you to choose the VPN provider with multiple logins per subscription);
  • logs (it is one of the most important characteristics you are to take into account, as only strict no-logging policy makes you really anonymous while downloading torrent files);
  • kill switch (this function will protect you in case of VPN connection is lost);
  • free trial (it is not a marketing fix, that serves to attract new subscribers. Reliable VPN services give its potential clients a chance to estimate the service before paying for it);
  • unlimited bandwidth and speed (if you don’t want your VPN protection to be stopped at an awkward moment, don’t forget to take this features into account).

Well, now you are informed, which means that is it time to study the VPN services for Torrent Downloads below and find the one that suits your most!

VPN service is a perfect solution for those who prefer torrenting to streaming! Having subscribed for one of the VPNs form the list, you will not have to worry about possible troubles with the law or government.

Last updated: 02/03/2018
January 24, 2018 0 

TorrentDownloads is far from being good. There are many other sources todownload torrent files. And they are more reliable than TorrentDownloads. There are too much malicious files on this torrent tracker, which I dislike. And I think a VPN will not solve this problem. My personal opinion is as follow: KickassTorrents and RarBG are the best for torrenting. Choose them instead of TorrentDownloads.

January 25, 2018 0 

Mishel, thank you for your opinion. But I dare to disagree with you. VPN services DO solve the problem of malicious torrent files. In case such file was downloaded on your gadget, it will not infect it, as the system will block it. Thus, it becomes possible to make your torrenting activity safer with the help of a VPN client installed on the device you use for torrenting.

January 11, 2018 0 

I use TorrentDownloads proxy At the beginning the speed satisfied me, but now it’s too slow. Any ideas why?

January 14, 2018 0 

Hi Shadi. Slow download speed may be the effect of your ISP’s measures. The majority of Internet service Providers identify seeders and leechers and slow down their both download and upload speed. Such measures are aimed at making them stop their activity. I guess you have visited this page not by chance. Perhaps, you want to know what could happen to your speed in case of a VPN subscription. I will explain it for you. When you are subscribed for a VPN service a vast diversity of new IP addresses is at your disposal. These IPs are from different countries. It allows cheating the ISP. Using different IP addresses makes it possible to be anonymous on the Internet. Thus, your speed will not be slowed down.

It’s me O_o
It’s me O_o
December 16, 2017 0 

HI, I am from Germany and all you heard about fines for torrents is not out of the whole cloth. I also was fined and had to pay 320€. I believe it to be unfair, as the whole world can do whatever takes into head. Please, give me a helping hand. I want to use VPN for torrenting but don’t know what VPN to choose. I need an expert’s advice!

December 17, 2017 0 

Hi! The best VPNs for torrenting are presented I the article. Among them you will find: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, CyberGhostVPN, IPVanish, VyprVPN and PrivateVPN. They all are worthy, but it is up to you to decide what VPN to subscribe for. I will give you a piece of advice that will definitely help you to make the right choice. First of all, you are to decide how much you can pay for the service. Remember that the longer your subscription, the less you pay. But, please, ignore free services, they are unreliable and make your internet connection incredibly slow for torrenting. Secondly, decide what device you are going to use for torrenting. For example, if you choose a Windows desktop computer, choose the VPN client that is compatible with Windows OS. Thirdly, pay serious attention to the bandwidth and speed. These characteristics are to be unlimited. Otherwise, torrenting will become impossible at some time. Fourthly, number of countries and IPs is important for unlimited torrenting. The last but definitely not the list, logs! The best VPN for torrenting should follow strict no-logging policy. In a reverse situation, you may be revealed by the ISP or local authorities. Thus, study the VPNs presented in the article again and subscribe for one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

December 11, 2017 0 

Wow! I’ve never faced such problems with TorrentDownloads. I dare suppose that you’ve used incorrect site.

December 13, 2017 0 

what a funny case you’ve just described))) I would give my all to see it!) If only VPNs could make us anonymous in such tricky situations, but not only online)

December 13, 2017 0 

Rurk, our imagination is bordering on fantasy! VPNs serve to protect you on the Internet. If you want the protection in the real world, think about a lifeguard-man!

December 16, 2017 0 

oh come on! it’s just a joke. I know what are the VPNs for. and I don’t need a lifeguard-man nearby, I could take a stand for myself!

November 01, 2017 0 

T’was a total failure… I work as a freelancer at home, I write diffr articles: news, event overviews and many more. But sometimes, when we launch a new project, I have to spend my working hours in the office. We discuss details, ideas and criticize bad ones. This Tuesday, I also had to work in our office. We work out a new project that touches upon torrent sites, and to know the issue better I decided to study torrent trackers personally. I opened them one by one, investigated the structure, sections and downloading procedure. It was fine and sometimes even interesting, as I’ve found some files that were difficult to find on the network. So I even put in my arsenal some of them to download a couple of movies later. And then I opened Torrent Downloads… I just opened it and nothing more, a naked man appeared at my screen “full force”… My colleagues saw it. And now they goof on me any time they see me. Yep, I closed the picture and thought that it’s a bug, but no. Some pop-ups appeared all the time. I don’t imagine how could people possibly use this site?! So, dear author, I wouldn’t be so tolerate to this site as you are. To my mind it’s unfair to describe such sites like Torrent Downloads. Or maybe you are a porn fan, then it’s ok! Folk, don’t use it.

November 01, 2017 0 

Hi Terra! Quite a strange case you have described. I guess you have used a fake Torrent Downloads website. In view of high popularity of torrenting, adversaries create the websites that remind real torrent trackers. They have similar domain names, content, pictures and what not. But in fact they are used by way of interfering people’s lives. Some even are used to mine cryptocurrency. There are some cases. I would recommend you to check your device for existence of viruses, as after visiting such sites problems are possible. Besides, I advise you to have a closer look at VPN services. They block such content and make your web surfing more secure. If you are interested in it, read the article “Best VPNs for Torrents”.