What happened to TorBox torrent website?

November 01, 2017

It may well be that many internet users have read the phrases like recommend me a good torrent downloader’ or I’ve found it via tracker and so on.

Let’s get it straight, what it is.

In itself the term torrent is very often mixed up or combined with other notions on this topic. By the way, it is important to know what the notions downloader, torrent, client and tracker mean.

Well, torrent is a protocol used for file-sharing via the Net.

Torrent file is product you load (a movie, software, a song).

Tracker is a special server. To put it otherwise, tracker is a website, which possesses the links for torrents.

Therefore, to load the file on our device it is required to use a torrent client. It is a special program for torrenting, which is also called torrent downloader. 


Is TorBox a security technology?

TorBox is a torrenting website that operates as a torrent tracker. There you could find a great number of torrent files to download. In the very beginning of its existence TorBox website was used only by Indians. But as time went by, the tracker became popular among the residents of other countries. The website looked in the following way:


TorBox torrent tracker was easy to use, also it was convenient for TorBox users to find the best files for torrenting thanks to the data about peering, seeders and leechers.

[/perfectpullquote] Previously, this torrent tracker was available under the domain name torbox.net. But now it redirects users to thePirateBay. Currently, TorBox functions as thePirateBay mirror. But don’t thinks, that you will be redirected to the official website of thePirateBay https://www.thepiratebay.org/  If you are attentive enough, you will notice that the domain thepiratebay.torbox.net is used.  

The torrent tracker TorBox was extremely popular among internet users, as it could provide them with the extra security. The tracker used Tor technology that served to keep anonymity of their users.


That is the reason why so many people preferred this torrenting website. But, unfortunately there were those, who weren’t satisfied with the work of this safe tracker. Therefore, TorBox website had to stop its work, leaving its clients unsafe for torrenting.

Struggle for privacy

After redirection to thePirateBay, you will definitely be pleased by the diversity of files on this website. But notwithstanding all the beauty of the torrent tracker, a person won’t be absolutely secure.[/perfectpullquote] In other words, you can be caught be ISP while downloading files and accused of crime. You know that some files are protected by copyright, but an average user can’t identify it.

In this regard, you’d better find the way to torrent anonymously. There are a lot of services that persuade us they provide a high level of confidentiality and security. But in reality it is false.

Alternatives to TorBox

As the former popular torrent tracker TorBox doesn’t operate anymore, the issue of its alternatives is relevant. 



As it was mentioned before the website redirects you to thePirateBay, which is for undoubtedly the best alternative to TorBox. 


For some internet surfers Kickass Torrents is even better than thePirateBay. Of course, it is impossible to compare these two websites. So many people, so many minds. Some like apples, other oranges. As for torrent trackers, the preferences are the same.  YTS specializes on movies generally. That is why it is one of the most wide spread trackers for movies torrenting.


Ways of anonymous torrenting?

Of course, you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t visit this page. There are three ways to be unknown for third parties while torrenting.

  1. Proxy servers.

They are used to hide your IP. It is very convenient and free. Proxies are usually located around the globe, but you should find the nearest one to avoid torrenting for ages. Attention! Proxy servers slow down the speed. 

  1. The Onion Router.

Tor reminds the work of proxies, but differs a lot. If you choose Tor for protection your IP will be masked at least three times. And it is not easy to identify your personality. But it’s still possible.

  1. Virtual Private Network.

These networks are used to encrypt both you traffic and IP. It is the only tool that makes you really anonymous while torrenting whether it is RarBG, thePirateBay mirror, 1337x or other torrenting websites. Protect yourself and keep on torrenting. Important to be aware of! Torrenting websites suffer from, blocking, shutdowns and other forms of troubles with the access on a regular basis. To keep aloof these problems, it is recommended to use a VPN.