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What happened to TorBox torrent website?

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 28/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


It may well be that many internet users have read the phrases like recommend me a good torrent downloader’ or I’ve found it via tracker and so on.

However, none of cautious netizens will try torrent trackers without a trustworthy VPN. We’re happy to introduce you the most reliable providers in 2019:

  1. ExpressVPN: The best VPN for TorBox offering unlimited bandwidth and no throttling.
  2. NordVPN: This robust provider will allow you to download torrent trackers fast and secure.
  3. CyberGhost: Great software to protect you against hackers or data miners while torrenting.
  4. IPVanish: Reliable VPN that provides customers with anonymous torrenting and unlimited P2P traffic.
  5. VyprVPN: User-friendly apps of this VPN will encrypt your Internet connection when using TorBox.

Let’s get it straight, what torrenting is.

In itself, the term torrent is very often mixed up or combined with other notions on this topic. By the way, it is important to know what the notions of downloader, torrent, client, and tracker mean.

Well, torrent is a protocol used for file-sharing via the Net.

A torrent file is product you load (a movie, software, a song).

A tracker is a special server. To put it otherwise, tracker is a website, which possesses the links for torrents.

Therefore, to load the file on our device, it is required to use a torrent client. It is a special program for torrenting, which is also called torrent downloader. 

TorBox was one of such outstanding trackers. Want to know why the past tense is used?

You will find the answer here:

Read this article thoroughly and you will get to know how to get rid of restrictions and surf the Internet in a free way.

Is TorBox a security technology?

TorBox is a torrenting website that operates as a torrent tracker. There you could find a great number of torrent files to download. At the very beginning of its existence, TorBox website was used only by Indians. But as time went by, the tracker became popular among the residents of other countries.

TorBox torrent tracker was easy to use. Also, it was convenient for TorBox users to find the best files for torrenting thanks to the data about peering, seeders, and leechers.

Previously, this torrent tracker was available under the domain name torbox.net. But now it redirects users to thePirateBay. Currently, TorBox functions as the Pirate Bay mirror.


But don’t think, that you will be redirected to the official website of the Pirate Bay. If you are attentive enough, you will notice that the domain thepiratebay.torbox.net is used.  

The torrent tracker TorBox was extremely popular among internet users, as it could provide them with the extra security. The tracker used Tor technology that served to keep anonymity of their users.

That is the reason why so many people preferred this torrenting website. But, unfortunately there were those, who weren’t satisfied with the work of this safe tracker. Therefore, TorBox website had to stop its work, leaving its clients unsafe for torrenting.

Struggle for privacy

After redirection to thePirateBay, you will definitely be pleased by the diversity of files on this website. But notwithstanding all the beauty of the torrent tracker, a person won’t be absolutely secure. In other words, you can be caught be ISP while downloading files and accused of crime. You know that some files are protected by copyright, but an average user can’t identify it.

In this regard, you’d better find the way to torrent anonymously. There are a lot of services that persuade us they provide a high level of confidentiality and security. But in reality, it is false.

TorBox alternatives

Now when TorBox is inaccessible anymore, why not to make use of its alternatives?

Here's the list of the best ones in terms of content diversity:

#1 As the former popular torrent tracker TorBox doesn’t operate anymore, the issue of its alternatives is relevant. 

torboxrelevantpiratebayAs it was mentioned before, the website redirects you to the Pirate Bay, which is for undoubtedly the best alternative to TorBox.

And here's namely why:

✔ it has the biggest torrent files library;

✔ the navigation is user-friendly;

✔ speed of downloading is rather fast.

Do you want to add anything to the list of TPB advantages? We well be glad to see you in the comments!

#2 For some internet surfers, Kickass Torrents is even better than the Pirate Bay.


Of course, it is impossible to compare these two websites. So many people, so many minds. Some like apples, other – oranges.

Why do netizens opt for Kickass?

✔ The content of the tracker is very diverse.

✔ ​Anyone could find a file to one's liking.

✔ KickassTorrents is a reputable service that has been functioning since the year 2008.

#3 As for torrent trackers, the preferences are the same. YTS specializes in movies generally. That is why it is one of the most wide-spread trackers for movies torrenting.


Although one would not find soft or music on YTS, the library of BluRay movies is very impressive:

✔ comedies;

✔ westerns;

✔ documentaries;

✔ cartoons;

✔ horror films and many others.

#4 As fas as TorBox is closed forever, LimeTorrents is a good torrenting site to use instead of it.

What to do to download on Limetorrents:It is a website that provides internet consumers with music, soft, movies TV shows, and anime free of charge.

What to do to download on Limetorrents:

✔ open the site;

✔ sing up and create account (recommended);

✔ become an active Limetorrents user.

#5 Seedpeer bring up the list of the best TorBox alternatives. This torrent tracker appeared in the market in 2005.

What could man find on SeedpeerFrom time to time, Seedpeer users suffer from temporary shutdowns. But it is not a problem for VPN subscribers.

What could man find on Seedpeer:

✔ movies and TV shows;

✔ video games and apps;

✔ music and anime;

✔ books and pictures.

Ways of anonymous torrenting: unblock TorBox

Do you want to download torrent files securely?

Of course, you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t visit this page. There are three ways to be unknown for third parties while torrenting.


1. Proxy servers.

They are used to hide your IP. It is very convenient and free. Proxies are usually located around the globe, but you should find the nearest one to avoid torrenting for ages.

Attention! Proxy servers slow down the speed. 


2. The Onion Router.

Tor reminds the work of proxies but differs a lot. If you choose Tor for protecting your IP will be masked at least three times. And it is not easy to identify your personality. But it’s still possible.


3. Virtual Private Network.

These networks are used to encrypt both your traffic and IP. It is the only tool that makes you really anonymous while torrenting whether it is RarBG tracker, thePirateBay mirror, 1337x website or other torrenting websites.

Protect yourself and keep on torrenting.

Important to be aware of! Torrenting websites suffer from, blocking, shutdowns and other forms of troubles with the access on a regular basis. To keep aloof these problems, it is recommended to use a VPN.

Is it possible to unblock TorBox?

As much as one would love to say 'Yes', the TorBox is closed forever. Thus, there is no way to unblock it.

When can a torrent tracker be unlocked?

Firstly, in case the government of a country made the ISP block access to a definite domain. If a netizen lives in such country and faces the situation described above, it is recommended to use the tools that manage to change IPs.

Secondly, when a person travels to the countries that are not friendly to torrenting activity. Anonymity tools will help to go round the restrictions successfully!

Thirdly, if your ISP has detected you while using torrenting sites, it can make block access to such services for you namely. And again, VPNs will help to make your web surfing free.

Why is it not worth using TorBox proxy sites?

When some internet users read the word combination 'proxy site', they think that this notion is for IT people only.

Actually, a proxy is a very useful tool for a general user.

The majority of bestvpnrating readers know what a proxy site is. But for those who are not aware of this notion, it will be explained within a minute!

What makes people use proxy sites:

Reason 1

A proxy allows changing geographical location and going round the restrictions while accessing blacklisted sites and services.

Reason 2

After the user's location is changed, it becomes impossible for the ISP to know the sites you open, whereas the last ones don't see your true IP address.

Reason 3

To prevent employees from using the Internet for personal gain, companies use the network access restriction in practice. Proxy sites vanish them at whim!


Proxies are not without weak sides. And that is why it is necessary to highlight them:

⇒ it is uneasy to find a proxy server that would manage to bypass restrictions;

⇒ free proxy sites are too overloaded with users;

⇒ some proxy sites undergo blacklisting as well;

⇒ they can lead to internet speed decrease;

⇒ proxies do not provide anonymity or traffic encryption.

And now it is time to mention that proxies will NEVER unblock TorBox, as it is closed permanently.


The final word…

To cut a long story short, TorBox can neither be opened by means of a proxy site nor by a VPN. This torrent tracker is NOT active anymore, as it has undergone permanent shutdown.

However, there are some good alternative torrent websites that are worth using today.

Among them you will find:

yes The Pirate Bay;

yes KickassTorrents;

yes YTS;

yes Limetorrents;

yes ​Seedpeer.

Want to know the best part?

Even in the case when a TorBox alternative cannot be opened in the place one lives, it is possible to change the situation by means of a good VPN provider such as NordVPN, for example.

Here're the tips to choose a VPN for torrenting:

  • check if the VPN you like is compatible with your gadget;
  • look through the VPN servers (they should be located in torrent-friendly countries);
  • examine its privacy policy to find out whether it keeps logs or not (choose no log VPN);
  • identify if it is P2P friendly (otherwise torrenting will be impossible);
  • have a closer look at the feature of a Kill Switch (it protects a VPN subscriber when internet connection is lost).
  • there is no use to show preference to free VPN services, as they pften lack some beneficial functions.

Have you already used any TorBox alternative with or without VPN software? Anyway, share your experience in the comment to this article. Our readers will be glad to know about your ideas!

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July 10, 2018 0 

Hi, folks! Sorry for my stupid question but... has anybody there tried torbox alternatives like KAT or YTS? According to the reviews on the Internet, they are as well as The Pirate Bay the most popular trackers.. Personally I have never tried them before. I always use rutracker but now it is interesting for me to try something new.. Thank you in advance..

Eduarda Stanos
Eduarda Stanos
July 24, 2018 0 

Hi, Ivan. YTS is undoubtedly my favorite tracker! You may find any stuff you want there. I allow my children to visit this tracker as well cause I know there are no any "wrong" stuff for them there. They usually download Disney movies and cartoons from this tracker. I also appreciate YTS for its easy interface and convenient searching. However, pirates bay free download software is the most popular tracker on the Internet, I guess. I've tried it but I didn't like the interface. YTS is the best forever, hhaha..

August 02, 2018 0 

I dont't agree with you Donna! TPB is just legendary! There is no any similar tracker on the Net! I like it for extremely active community. Moreover, it is easy to use any staff there. It contains millions of torrents indexed! I'm a big fan of hindi movies, so pirates bay is full of hindi movies and it is very important for me. By the way, it is ineresting now for me to try torbox for movies download in hindi. Does anyone know about hindi movies on torbox?

April 20, 2018 0 

Thank you for the article! I didn't know before that tor box functions as thePirateBay mirror... I thought that it redirects me to pirates bay website.. I was confused with this fact and gave up using torbox. Moreover, once when I was trying to use torbox.net, it just redirected me to extra torrents. Do you understand now why I am afraid of using this tracker? It seems to me, my ISP is monitoring my internet activity...

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
April 20, 2018 0 

Hello, Dylan. We are happy to read that you find our article helpful. If you are afraid of being caught by your ISP, we recommend you to take one of the three measures which are mentioned in our article. We believe that using a trustworthy VPN will be the best choice for you to protect your personal data and mask your IP. Moreover, a VPN won't slow down your Internet connection significantly. If you have any further questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to read your comments and ready to help. Good luck!

April 20, 2018 0 

Thanks for your answer! Now I will try to use torbox games for sure. I've read a lot of VPN review on the Internet and I think I'll try it. People say it really works. Only one question.. What features should a reliable VPN for torrenting have? I understand that it should be fast not to reduce downloading speeds... Any other useful options?

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
April 20, 2018 0 

OK, Dylan, we will try to clear everything up. You are right, speeds matters as you intend to use a VPN for torrenting. Anyway, a reliable VPN will not reduce your speeds significantly. It is only the one reason why a VPN is better that Tor Router or proxy for torrenting. As privacy comes first, we recommend you to pay attention to the following features: support of Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware Features and OpenVPN or L2TP/IPsec protocols, reliable countries where servers are located, no logs, a clear privacy policy. We also recommend you to avoid using free VPNs as it is impossible to know for sure if they are safe or not. We hope this answer your question. Don't hesitate to contact us if there are any questions left. Good luck!