Top Torrent Sites 2017

November 04, 2017

The checklist of top torrent sites for films, games, music and others

We have already presented our 7 favourites for summer 2017, but you might need a detailed checklist of other torrent websites to be close at hand. We realize that a good torrent should possess such benefits as a wide choice of torrents, easy-to use website and fast speeds that is why we tried to provide you with a thorough list of mainstream torrent trackers.

We have already presented our 7 favourites for summer 2017, but you might need a detailed checklist of other torrent websites to be close at hand. We realize that a good torrent should possess such benefits as a wide choice of torrents, easy-to use website and fast speeds that is why we tried to provide you with a thorough list of mainstream torrent trackers.

It should be noted that though P2P file-sharing is not illegal, certain downloaded materials are copyrighted. You will put yourself at risk of lawsuit, if you perform this in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK. We should focus on the fact that we do not condone copyright infringement.

The Pirate Bay

TBP is the oldest king of torrent trackers as it has been operating long ago. A user-friendly interface and a multiple assortment of torrents make The Pirate Bay a competent player on the torrent scene. Designed in 2003 by the Swedish organization, TBP allows for searching, downloading and contributing magnet links and torrent files, that is usually utilized for facilitating P2P file sharing among BitTorrent users. Coincidentally, the website’s founders were accused of assisting in copyright infringement and sentenced to a one-year prison term, while also paying a fine. After the incident, some countries urged local ISPs to block access to the resource referring to respect for the copyright rights. Nevertheless, some proxy sites provided access to TBA making its content available to the global web community. During its existence, TBA has been the subject of controversies and discussions about legal aspects of file sharing and copyrighting. Besides, it has become a central figure in an anti-copyright movement. The Pirate Bay faced shutdowns and domain seizures, it was switched to a series of new web addresses, but still continues operating.


The website has been providing about 300 000 users a day with numerous torrent files and links. RarBG is considered to one of the easiest torrent sites to operate even for non-technical individuals. The torrent tracker is fulfilled with quality media-content and would be excellent for those enjoy torrents of high quality. Been founded in 2008, RarBG was blocked in the following states due to legal purposes:

  • Saudi Arabia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Denmark;
  • Portugal;
  • Pakistan.


The number of torrents that the website contains can’t be compared to a wide range of similar torrent trackers. The LimeTorrents’ website is not difficult for navigating with easy-to-understand configurations. The tracker’s users can enjoy fast enough speeds torrenting from there. Being one of the oldest torrent communities, LimeTorrents was started in 2003. It is a trustworthy resource, which is supplied with torrent files for downloading movies and TV shows, video games, music, anime and software free of charge. LimeTorrents is aimed at listing all the verified torrents from other internet sites to facilitate the process of searching. It is recognized as a reliable directory, which also provides the latest breaking news in the torrent area. torrent site offers only movies for seeding and leeching. As it is specialized in film torrents, YTS. ag can provide its users with a rich number of movies accessible. Its happy users also have a good opportunity to choose the quality of movies they torrent: 720p, 1080 and 3D. As a reliable resource, is concerned about privacy and security of all its visitors and recommend using a VPN service for torrenting. What is more, it suggests subscribing for as a service, which supports P2P file sharing and masks real user’s location by appointing new IP address.


Though the interface of TORRENTPROJECT does not seem to be as impressive as of the torrent websites mentioned above, the tracker may appeal by a number of torrents it offers. One may download not only movies, but also games, applications, music and other pretty useful torrent files. There are nearly 10 million torrents in the TORRENTPROJECT database. TORRENTPROJECT has been suggested as an alternative resource for the recently closed KickassTorrents and Nevertheless, it is also affected by the copyright law enforcements been restricted in the UK since 2014.


The amount of torrent categories may impress the users of 1337X. Among commonly-offered movies, one may find such sorts of torrents as television, games, anime, documentaries and others. It has a great brand-new interface which contributes to easy torrenting. 1337X was created in 2007 as an alternative to the Pirate Bay in case of its potential suppression. Nevertheless, the resource gained popularity in 2016 after the abolition of KickassTorrents. Aiming at user satisfaction, 1337X was redesigned in October 2016 with up-to-date functionality. Despite a large number of visitors, 1337X is banned from Google search queries and is not displayed while using this search engine.

Torrent Downloads

One may appreciate its rich database of quality torrents. A great number of torrent categories are viewed on the Torrent Downloads website. Though it has appeared on the torrent scene not long ago, it is worth giving a chance to become one of the most popular torrent sites. As one of the biggest BitTorrent systems, Torrent Downloads is aiming at providing easy-to-use directory and search engine for various kinds of torrent files. Having visited the website, you are able to anonymously upload torrents tracked by any BitTorrent tracker.


The website has undergone particular changes since 2003, but it is still at mainstream among torrent-lovers. The website allows applying BitTorrent and P2P file-sharing. One can download various sorts of torrents: movies, games, books and many others. In contrast to other torrent sites, isoHunt does not host files, it just helps users to find necessary files to download. The resource provides visitors with links to sites where the files with .torrent extension can be found. IsoHunt has faced various issues with the copyright law, including prosecutions for copyright infringement. However, because the website provides nothing more than links to other torrent websites, isoHunt has managed to stay operating.


The tracker is claimed to be the one that does not contain fictitious torrents. You have the opportunity to see it for yourself. Torlock offers a lot of torrent categories to satisfy your requirements. You will have to register on the website to perform torrenting. According to the information from Torlock authorities, its network consists of more than 750 000 verified torrents and none of them do not contain virus files that can damage to client’s software. The resource is unique in the sense they offer their visitors monetary compensation in the amount of $1 if they find a fake torrent file and report it.


Though it hasn’t lots of torrents in comparison with the trackers mentioned above, it offers one tempting benefit for its users. It is an advanced iDope Android app for smartphones and tablets. It is worth having it at your disposal. The iDope app for Android changes the way of life torrenting. It has been designed to help searching for torrent files and magnet links. Use caution while choosing a file to download, because the app can also index the content that is protected by the copyright laws and may expose to the violation of universally accepted norms.


This is a search engine of torrent websites and keeps more than 450 torrent trackers. The majority of users compare Toorgle with Google according to its mechanism of searching torrent sites. Toorgle indexes torrent files from reputable resources all over the Internet. Instead of manually examining hundreds of torrent websites, users can simply use Toorgle for searching to get a relevant list of magnet links available. As the result, users are supplied with a list of links to torrent websites where the torrent is available with a short description.


The website is pretty easy in usage, especially, if you are a beginner. After creating your personal account you will be able to torrent lots of music, movies, software and other goodies. It was founded in 2003 as myBittorent but was renamed in 2009 as the result of ownership’s separation. YourBittorent is operated on automated software searching the global network for host file information. The site also offers some torrents providing a possibility to access desired content, besides removing all illegal trackers upon the request from right-holders.


Having a pleasant design, it might also suit your requirements. Advertising is a little bit irritating, but if you can go along with it, Monova may be not bad for torrenting. More recently, users have noticed that Monova is linking to malicious software downloads. The website provides with links looking like a regular torrent download or magnet link, that actually redirects to downloading malicious software. Anyway, if you take all necessary protective measures and choose a torrent file to download carefully, you keep your device safe and secure.


It is a representative of private torrent trackers which means that an invitation is required for logging. As for torrents themselves, there is a wide list of categories to choose from. In addition, Demonoid features torrent sites with the proper categories and sub-categories, thus facilitating the process of searching the desired content to torrent. It tracks and displays user’s upload/download ratios, and even keeps the users with low ratios in the network. In contrast to other torrent sites, Demonoid does not provide links to torrent files that contain pornographic material or malicious software.


This torrent website is well-equipped with torrent files that meet your every need. You may get interested in their ‘’Verified’’ section where all the torrents checked by a special system are listed. The website’s primary use is for downloading, tracking and managing torrent files. Besides, it provides various options integrated with the software to make downloading process user-friendlier. For example, choosing the “Torrents HD” option users can download files that are in high definition. Furthermore, TorrentFunk automatically plays media files after the downloading process has been successfully completed.


With its varied database of torrents Seedpeer can be beneficial. Moreover, one is able to check for the verified torrents on the website. Still, the website’s design leaves much to be desired. SeedPeer has started as a small torrent site aiming at keeping the resource fast and reliable. With time, the developers have created a FireFox plugin, by installing of which users are able to search torrents through SeedPeer directly with no need to visit the website.


The tracker provides numerous television torrents of various kinds. The website is quite functional for torrent purposes. EZTV was shut down in 2015, but it has been refreshed and is operating now.


One of the representatives that has a simple design, but a good enough database of shows, games, movies, books and applications. It seems quite attractive for torrent users as it is visited by 1.5m people per month.

Sky Torrents The website has a minimal number of design details. Still, it is easy to operate. The torrent database is made up of millions of torrents. A decent variant to try! Sky Torrents has a reputation as an ad-free and privacy focused torrent search engine. To highlight the point, the company says that it does not track users’ activity, does not use cookies or javascript, refuses to sell personal information to the interested party.

Another widely-visited torrent websites ExtraTorrent has been closed down in May, 2017. That is why we haven’t added it to the checklist.

There is a number of popular non-English torrent sites that are available on the global network, such as:

  • RuTracker

RuTracker is the largest and one of the most popular Russian torrent sites including a file-sharing community with over 15 million registered accounts. The website was blocked by local IPSs in 2016, but it can be accessed by switching IP address to an alternative location.

In addition, a large part of the material was prohibited for distribution, because the tracker has actively cooperated with the right holders. The restricted content includes:

  • PSP games;
  • Microsoft software;
  • Adobe software except for free versions;
  • Movies and animated movies that have recently released to the Russian film distribution, etc.

Besides, the website does not collect erotic and pornographic content, creating for such purposes a separated subsidiary website.

  • 7tor

SevenTorrents is a Russian movie torrent tracker. It is known as a solid web resource for P2P group movie releases. All torrent files are provided with detailed movie information collected from various sources. SevenTorrents is a user-friendly website that allows for filtering content by size, format, audio and video quality.

  • Playble

The resource has been designed as a Russian analog to the Torrentz search engine. The homepage has a pleasant design showing all the new movies in distribution. Playble's system searches mainly requested files using Russian trackers, so it’s suitable for users targeting to watch movies with Russian subtitles.

  • Pirateiro

Pirateiro is a Brazilian torrent website which provides thousands of visitors with various torrent files and links. Here you can find reliable links to download movies, TV shows, music, PC and Xbox games of high quality for free.

  • ArenaBG

ArenaBG is well-known as the largest torrent site in Bulgaria. The resource is well designed, loads quickly and the navigation is simple and convenient. The provided content is divided into several categories, including PC games, movies and music files.

  • ilCorSaRoNeRo

This is an Italian torrent site for downloading movies, TV series, music, games and software. ilCorSaRoNeRo is in Italian language and provides digital content in Italian or with Italian subtitles.

It’s clear that they are harder to use for English-only downloaders, but can be supplied with necessary content. Besides, costumers get used to one or another website, but in case of blocking or vanishing of the resource, they can easily visit alternative torrent sites.

Of course, there are plenty of other usable torrent trackers on the virtual space. We can’t provide you with all the existing torrenting services, some of them start off, whereas certain websites go offline and stop functioning. Nevertheless, we constantly update the checklist of popular torrent trackers for you to easily be guided in this huge quantity of available torrent services.

In case you have any remarks or suggestions on the checklist, let us know and we will provide feedback as within the shortest possible period of time. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Thanks for following us!