Top list of most downloaded TV shows

November 03, 2017

 Nowadays, every internet user is able to download TV series via torrent in just a few moments. Having installed a reliable torrent client and looking for the TV show to download, you may face the challenge of choosing the best show to watch.

A violent competition is running between “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” for the title of the most popular TV show to download in the world, but which one will take the leading position in 2017?

Here are the 15 most popular TV shows in torrent space for 2017 so far:

15. Supernatural


The Winchester brothers continue fighting supernatural creatures and getting involved in an age-old controversy between angels and demons from time to time.

14. Arrow


 A heir to a great estate returns to his hometown after being mistaken for dead and looks to protect his family and the city’s citizens from the evils of this world.

13 Grey’s Anatomy


 A history about the tense medical cases and the dramatic personal lives of the Seattle Grace hospital’s doctors.

12. Suits


After his graduation from college, a young man tries to prove himself as a professional lawyer.

11. Westworld


A well-known amusement park that is aimed at catering to visitors looking for adventures starts to explode as its mandroids begin to malfunction.

10. Sherlock


The legendary British detective uses his unique mental abilities to solve mystery crime.

9. The Vampire Diaries


Hanging out with humans, vampires try to find peace in a small town threatened by their old enemies.

8. Reasons Why


A group of students is trying to make sense of the personal notes left by a girl who committed suicide.

7. The Flash

A young and talented scientist Barry Allen uses his newfound supernatural powers of speed to protect innocent people from violent offenders.

6. The Big Bang Theory


A group of talented but nerdy scientists in different spheres tries to build personal relationships in this hard modern world.

5. Vikings


A historical drama tells about the power struggles and family relationships of the well-known European warriors.

4. Prison Break


The biggest comeback of two brothers that have escaped from prison and proved their innocence.

3. Pretty Little Liars


Four young girls bounded of friendship are haunted by a malicious stranger and take unforgivable steps looking for salvation.

2. The Walking Dead


Surviving the zombie apocalypse, humans fight with all possible enemies for shelter and protection.

1. Game of Thrones


The most powerful families of Westeros play a cruel game for taking the Iron Throne and control of the Seven Kingdoms.