Top 5 most popular movies on 1337x

November 03, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

After an unsuccessful experiment apes gained intellect. Since then a considerable amount of time has elapsed. The human beings died in terrible pain because of a horrible virus while apes kept on evolving. Cesar wanted world peace and prohibited his wards to kill people. It was possible to maintain the peace only for a while and neither apes nor people suffered losses.


But at the head of the human army is a merciless and intrepid Colonel, who is convinced that force is the only instrument that will allow human beings to win back the planet and the former state of affairs on it. 

The picture is a real action movie. While watching it the heart skipped.

It (2017)

This is a story about seven teenagers who call themselves losers. Each of them by virtue of some reasons became a social outcast, the target for local ringleaders. These teenagers saw the embodiment of their most horrible nightmares in reality. The monster comes to life and changes the guise. Guys call the monster ‘It’.


 Derry is the hunting ground for the monster for many years. And It creeps out of the sewers every 27 years to frighten kids.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Not long ago Spider-Man met the Avengers and showed himself as a wholesome fighter on the Iron man’s side. Henceforward, Tony Stark takes Peter Parker under his patronage and makes him alley. But young and inexperienced Peter wants be like Tony – a cult figure for him. After a serious fight with a new adversary Peter was about to expose innocent people to death. 


This incident makes the relations between Peter and Stark difficult. But Spider-Man decides to put a finish to this case and win a powerful rival.

Girls Trip

A successful writer Ryan achieved everything she dreamt about. She’s got thousands of fans, publishing house fees her and she is married to a wonderful man. But the marriage with Stuart became cheerless the last months, so a writer decides to leave for New Orleans with her friends.

 Not only dances, drinks and adventures are expected, but the masks will be thrown off.

An Ordinary Man

He possesses a super rank in a military hierarchy, he is respected and feels at home. But the commands which are not at his liking became frequent. He must take down these dictations, when his nature protests against it.  Finally, he makes a matter of conscience, but it wasn’t accepted by the commanders.


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