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Tixati review: use or avoid?

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 28/12/2018

You never know when you are caught!

Torrent anonymously with a super-fast VPN and avoid fines from copyright holders!


Many novice Internet users sometimes hear the phrases like: “You’ll find it in torrents” or “Download a torrent” and so on. But what is a torrent, what can you find there and the most important: what for should you use it? These questions worry users, who even didn’t face anything like this. But the wish to find out about torrenting is evident.

Today we’ll tell you about Tixati, which is a popular torrent client. You’ll learn everything you need to know about it.

But first, we want to give you the list of the most trustworthy providers in 2019. It is crucial to use them with torrent clients and in particular with Tixati. Such VPNs will protect your private data, make you invisible on the Internet and can even make your Internet connectivity faster. Here are the advantages of the best providers in brief:

  1. ExpressVPN: 30-day money back guarantee, live chat, 148 server locations.
  2. NordVPN: automatic Kill Switch, lightning speeds, robust protocols.
  3. CyberGhost: DNS and IP leak protection, unlimited bandwidth and traffic, no logs.
  4. IPVanish: 40,000 + shared IPs, 1,100 servers worldwide, user-friendly apps.
  5. VyprVPN: unlimited server switching, up-to-date encryption, NAT firewall.

Got interested? Then let’s start right now!

What is torrent protocol?

Torrent is a special protocol aimed at file sharing among torrent users. The outstanding feature of this protocol is that users download not from a server, but from the computer of another torrent user. In so doing, exchange scheme is organized in a resourceful and effective way: the protocol picks out the fastest source. In case of some troubles with this source, the system will find another fast source and continue downloading.


What is torrent client and why to use it?

To download torrents, it is necessary to use a torrent downloader, which is also called a torrent client. It is a kind of software which is needed to download torrents from torrent trackers. Without it, you won’t be able to upload or download any files on torrent websites. As we have mentioned above, our article is devoted to Tixati.

Keep on reading to learn more about Tixati. 

What is Tixati client?

Tixati is a free BitTorrent client (not BitTorrent client app) for MS Windows and Linux. (By the way, read our latest article about the ways to protect your PC with a VPN for Windows). It differs from other torrent downloaders, as the user is supplied with a more extensive control over the torrent files. At the same time, it reminds µTorrent and Halite, as it doesn’t require much main storage of a device.

The first version of Tixati torrent client became available for a wide audience on the 27th of June 2009. It is known that Tixati creator previously worked on WinMX (the network for file sharing popular in the early 2000s) development.

Tixati is a wonderful free torrent client used mainly by English-speaking users. Tixati in contrast to other popular torrent trackers µTorrent, BitComet and Vuze is not adware, and as a result, it doesn’t impose banner adverts on torrent users.


Status free 
Release date June 27, 2009
Latest update February 22, 2017
Version 2.53
Operating system Windows and Linux
Interface languages English
Official website tixati.com

Tixati torrent downloader not only is steady on its legs but continues to gain popularity among users. In its turn, Tixati consumers benefit from Tixati outstanding facilities:

Tixati is in the list of torrent clients, which are really easy to use. The developers gave priority to simple and easy navigation. Thus, if you don’t want to face any troubles while downloading torrent files, this client is 100% for you.

The client uses a superfast algorithm for downloading. Thanks to it, you will not spend hours on the process of torrenting. It is possible to download a cherished torrent file in a matter of minutes and start watching it immediately.

Tixati torrent downloader supports the function of RC4 encryption. This cipher is used to protect data transferring by means of computer networks. Thus, the files you share by means of Tixati are under the protection of this torrent client. The personal messages, file lists and streaming multimedia broadcasting are encoded as well.

Tixati has a function that allows users to export torrent files from magnet links and vice versa. It is very convenient if you want not only to download but upload files as well. This function serves in order for you to become an active torrent client user. 

How to use Tixati client?

Having estimated all the facilities of Tixati torrent downloader, it is high time to test it in real life. Thus, the first step you are to do is to visit the website tixati.com and click the input ‘Download’.


It is surprising, but unfortunately, the system doesn’t identify the operating system your computer is running on. It is proposed to do on your own instead. To do it you will have to follow several steps:

  • click a ‘Start button’;
  • click the right mouse button on the element ‘Computer’;
  • choose ‘Properties’;
  • check the version of your computer operating system.


When you have identified the software of your PC, choose the appropriate link to download Tixati installer. There are three variants: Linux, 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows.


After the installation of Tixati on your computer, you will see the window:


As you can conclude, the interface is very easy, no extra buttons.

After testing this torrent downloader, it becomes clear that the program was created in a user-friendly manner. Thus, movies, TV shows or music torrents downloading will be easy and convenient.

Pros & Contras of Tixati client: to use or avoid

Although Tixati torrent downloader is worth being called a reliable tool for file sharing, still it is not without weak points.


Advantages Disadvantages
+ fast speed – available only in English
+ user-friendly interface – limited in platforms
+ RC4 data encryption – interface view
+ ad-free  
+ no spyware  
+ capacity to export torrent files
into magnet links and vice versa
+ import and export of IPs filter  
+ peer selection algorithm  
+ outliner of torrent loading  
+ graphic data on the torrent status  
+ flexible settings  
+ free

In a word, Tixati is an interesting variant in fact. If the interface view is not important for you, but you are looking for a torrent downloader with flexible settings, Tixati client is worth testing. It is a great workhorse, all the more, free and without any spyware or ads. 

How to use Tixati anonymously?

Having chosen Tixati as a torrent client to download movies to relax or software to install you will definitely make the right choice, but still, the problems with the authorities can catch up with you. The process of torrenting can make a real trouble if the IP of a torrent user isn’t masked. In this regard one can find the solution in:


tortixati Proxy VPN
This tool is used to hide user’s IP successfully, as the volunteer-run servers work as encoding machines for your IP. Thus, running through several Tor servers, your IP becomes absolutely unrevealed. Proxies are used with the same purpose – to hide your IP. Proxy servers manage this task easily. Virtual Private Networks are used to mask IPs as well. But the facilities this tool provides users with are more impressive. They are also used to encrypt the data, unblock services and so on.


What tool is better for anonymous torrenting with Tixati?

You might get interested what to choose and which of them are the best for Tixati torrent client. The choice will depend on the purpose you follow: whether you want to be private and anonymous, secure or just unblock inaccessible torrents.

With all of them, you will probably get unblocked torrent websites, but taking into account anonymity and privacy, they are not equal in terms of the issue. With Tor, you can’t be anonymous for 100% as the torrent files are not codified like with VPN, for instance. It is worth mentioning that you should not wait for fast downloading with Tor because of transferring through several proxy nodes which slows down the internet connection. 

Is Tixati site always available?

No, it isn’t. For censorship matters, such websites are often blocked. Though a well-known Copyright Alert System is no longer active, the websites related to torrenting are still under the control of governments.

ISPs in many countries are often obliged to block access to such torrent trackers and the websites of torrent clients. For this reason, Tixati is not available in all countries. 

Can my ISP block Tixati website for me?

As it has been mentioned above, Internet Service Providers often block access to websites like Tixati. So you can face Tixati blocks if you live in the country with a strict attitude to torrenting and copyright issues. Be sure you know how to bypass these restrictions. Don’t know how to unblock Tixati in your country?

Then the next paragraph is just for you! 

Can I unblock Tixati? How?

Sure. That’s quite easy! Still, want to know how?

Ok, we’ll tell you about two awesome tools to unblock Tixati anywhere. Both tools work on the following principles: you have to change your real IP address to avoid being blocked by your ISP when you try to open the website of Tixati.

If you can’t access Tixati, you can use a proxy or VPN for these needs. So let’s dive in right now and learn how VPN and proxies work for this. 

How to unblock Tixati with VPN?

Well, it’s rather easy to visit Tixati website with VPN. This service will help to change your geo-location and pretend to be from another country. You just need to connect via that country where the site can be available, and then under the IP assigned for this country, you will manage to visit Tixati and download the client. 

Will proxy for Tixati work better?

Proxy services are often free to use online. You just need to insert the link, and you will be redirected to the website you want to visit via a proxy server. You can do it like that:

  • Go to one of the free proxy sites like proxysite.com.
  • Enter the url.  

Enter the url.

  • Choose the server.

Choose the server.

  • Get the Tixati site unblocked.

Nothing difficult? But still we’d rather recommend you to use a VPN for these needs, just because proxies don’t:

— encrypt the data you transfer.

—  create a secure tunnel to protect your sensitive data.

Moreover, free proxy sites often fail to unblock Tixati, so you will have to search for another. Finally, you won’t be able to use a proxy while torrenting via Tixati. The only thing you can do is to unblock its website, but for secure and anonymous you still need a VPN.

Thus, a VPN is the most efficient way to unblock Tixati website and download torrents with the help of it.

Find even more variants in our recent rating and choose a VPN for torrenting. 

Tixati alternatives: best torrent clients 2019

 If you want to try another torrent client, you can choose from the following Tixati alternatives:


It is often compared to uTorrent, but it has lots cool features, such as IP filtering or port forwarding It is often compared to uTorrent, but it has lots of cool features, such as IP filtering or port forwarding.  Our qBittorrent review
It’s an Android-based torrent client that has both free and paid versions It’s an Android-based torrent client that has both free and paid versions. Our tTorrent review
It’s one of the easiest torrent clients for Mac and Windows. It’s one of the easiest torrent clients for Mac and Windows. 

Our BitLord review

It’s a super-fast free torrent client compatible with Mac It’s a super-fast free torrent client compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Our Tribler review

It’s a multiplatform torrent client that has lots of pros It’s a multiplatform torrent client that has lots of pros: fast torrenting, free use others. 

Our Deluge review

Another free software which works on Windows Another free software which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Our Vuze review 


As you see Tixati is an awesome torrent client, but it’s not always possible to download from anywhere, so a VPN should always be at hand.

Don’t remember that a VPN for Tixati will:

… successfully unblock the website.

… make your torrenting secure and anonymous…

… and fast!

Have we missed anything? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments!

Average: 5 (4 votes)
September 20, 2018 1 

I could recommend you sound-park.fr. The main disadvantage is only French and Russian languages are available on this website, but it is not a problem for me. Anyway, you can find latest releases of different genres in English there!

September 19, 2018 0 

Does anybody know the best tracker for music torrents? I need to find one album, but I haven't used torrents for several years. I remember soulseek, it was the best music torrenting sites 2016. I tried kickass torent.com music, but I didn't find the album there. Any suggestions?

September 20, 2018 1 

I could recommend you sound-park.fr. The main disadvantage is only French and Russian languages are available on this website, but it is not a problem for me. Anyway, you can find latest releases of different genres in English there!

September 19, 2018 0 

I think soulseek is the best platform for finding music. It contains high quality 320 mp3 files. There you may find music of different styles and genres. As far as I remember, Rutracker is also good. Actually, I can't say if this website is add heavy because I haven't been using it for a long time. My friend uses EMule for many years already. She likes it very much. You can check it out either.

September 17, 2018 1 

I also advise you to use a VPN and not only for torrenting! I use CyperGhost VPN with trackers, it provides me not only with anonymity but safety as well! It masks my IP, so I can easily bypass geo-blocking, blocks malicious content and protect all my devices. A VPN worth use it for sure!

September 14, 2018 0 

I wan't to try bittorent or utorrent search because they are the most popular clients now. Actually, I have downloaded bittorrent via filehippo, but haven't tried it yet. I am afraid of viruses and I don't know what measures to take better for anonymous torrenting. According to the article, there are three ways for anonymous torrenting and a VPN is the best one, but I don't understand why exactly a VPN is better. Thank you!

David Balaban
David Balaban
September 15, 2018 1 

Hello, Khalif. Thank you for asking. You are absolutely right, there are three main ways to stay anonymous online. You can use proxies and Tor Router for anonymity as well, but a VPN has additional functions that can make your online activity safe and secure. The main advantages of a reliable VPN are: encryption of your personal data, masking your IP, accessing both web applications and websites in complete anonymity, protection of your device from malicious software and viruses and many others. We hope this answer your question. Good luck!

September 01, 2018 1 

Thanks to the article I've found out Tixati and started using it! It is really cool, so convenient and easy to use. I like the interface of this software as well. Moreover, it is fast and has a lot of configurable options, great RSS reader, which I use all the time. The channels are the best extra for me. I haven`t used a lot of trackers before, could you advise me best torrenting sites for downloading hd movies (preferably ad-free)? Thank you!

September 04, 2018 1 

I like Demonoid a lot! It has a very simple interface and, what is the most important IMHO, stuff is often updated on this website. You can easily find recently aired talk shows or new films there! This website caters for all tastes. Bookworms will also find it extremely useful cause amount of comics, books and magazines is just almost endless on this website. I like Mininova either. They are both my favourite tracker, actually. I think,you know about ThePirateBay, they are similar sites to it, but with more pleasant and convenient interface, IMHO. :)

David Balaban
David Balaban
September 02, 2018 0 

Hi, Rebecca. Thank you for reading our article. We hope you find it useful. If you have any question about safety measures on the Internet, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are glad to read your comments and always ready to help. Good luck!

August 01, 2018 1 

Hi there. I'm afraid of torrenting in my country cause of very strict issues of copyright infringement. On the one hand I understand that authors (musicians, directors) should be paid for their job, but on the other... if I just want to watch or read rare or old stuff?.. I even don't know worth it risking or not...

August 05, 2018 0 

Kamila, you are so shy.. :) Didn't you know that using a VPN or proxy is completely legal! I always use them for downloading YIFY music. I don't feel wrong while visiting pirated movie websites because I know that I can't afford buying every movie. I think, there is no harm in it. Moreover, I regularly go to the cinema and sometimes pay for Netflix and Spotify. Use a robust VPN and everything will be OK, I assure you. Good luck! :)

July 14, 2018 0 

Thank you for the article! I have never heard about Tixati client before! I have always used utorrent for downloading movies, but now I would like to switch to another client. Everything is OK with utorrent, but I am tired with ads there... First I wanted to download qbittorrent, but it has quite controversial reviews on the Internet. I wonder if Tixati is a good utorrent alternative? What alternatives and similar software can anybody offer? Thank you!

August 01, 2018 0 

Hi there. Earlier I also used utorrent and qtorrent on my PC, but now I prefer Tixati. I've been using it for several years already. I like it because it is extremely light. The program is fast and snappy and has a stop button , what is rather convenient! Moreover, it has amazing chat room with streaming video and audio. So.. my answer is, Tixati is damn good! :)

July 18, 2018 0 

Yes, I've tried this client and I can highly recommend it to you! As to me, Tixati is better than utorrent. It downloads torrents that I couldn't get using utorrent. Moreover, Tixati kickass search engine is totally light weight. It is also ads and pop-ups free. So... no real issues and works great. You can also try Deluge. I am satisfied with it as well. Hope my answer will help u! ;)

David Balaban
David Balaban
July 15, 2018 0 

Hi, Olivia. Thank you for reading our article. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any question about Internet safety, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help. Good luck!