VPN for House of Cards

House of CardsBeing an American political drama web television series, producers of House of Cards have drawn attention to the series of millions of viewers. Being based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, House of Cards is an adaptation of the BBC same-named series. Several award nominations and positive reviews have been received by the show. Themes of rudeness, ruthless, pragmatism, power and handling are developed in the series for the US viewers.

Where can you watch House of Cards?

Being primarily distributed by Netflix, the series is available for the channel licensees only. So, living in the US, you can enjoy House of Cards having paid a little sum for a year or month subscription for the channel. The quality of the picture is the best 1080 picture format and Dolby digital 5.1 audio format helps the viewers to stay wholly satisfied with the watched. So, being a US expat or going for a business trip, you are disadvantaged from a possibility to watch your favorite series as well as you did it at home in the US.

Where is House of Cards blocked?

It’s an open fact for any average user that Netflix is a geographically restricted streaming resource. For the purpose of author’s rights noninfringement, the channel has adopted this measure for all the streaming content broadcasted by the administration on the territory of the US. That’s exactly why even owning a license for the channel watching you can’t enter your favorite app or website as the geo-restrictive measures become operative. So, with an eye towards those customers living outside the US, a possibility of watching House of Cards seems to be paltry. And if taking into account such countries as China, Iran and India, where huge fines and imprisonment have been implied for entering restricted services, the citizens appear to be in a dead-lock.

How to unblock and watch House of Cards?

But grin and bear it, as you may get access to the channel with help of the best VPN for streaming services. So, being popular among keen travelers and people looking for Internet freedom and privacy, VPN is good at bypassing restrictions and blockings too.

Having decided to choose and subscribe for a VPN for streaming content watching online you should concentrate on the bandwidth and speed it provides. It is highly important for a VPN for watching video to give you a chance to enjoy limitless bandwidth and super-fast servers operation in order to watch any streaming content hitless.

As soon as Netflix turns to clamp down VPN usage you need to apply the best VPN for Netflix for being protected from any accuse from the part of the channel administration. In addition, don’t forget to check whether a VPN provides a sufficient amount of servers in the US, so that you may be sure they are not overloaded by other customers of the service. So, any Chinese customer can become a lucky viewer of House of Cards while using a VPN.

House of Cards