VPN for Firefly

FireflyEpisodes of the series are set in spaceship ‘Serenity’. Being a former galactic war veteran, the captain of the ship Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds travels across the outskirts of space with his faithful crew. The crew consists of people of different professions: a pilot, a mercenary, a mechanic, a former medical officer, a preacher and etc. The action of the film takes place in far future when the spaceship travels in search for food, money or something to survive in space.

Where can you watch Firefly?

The series is broadcasted and can be watched in two countries only they are Japan and the US. A subscription system as a part of the business was included in 2009 for Hulu. This is the main reason why the service is geographically restricted. So, any of the channel’s content can be watched after subscribing to the channel from these two countries. For citizens of other states the channel license is useless as they won’t be able to enter the streaming source, as the policy followed by the administration contradicts the ability to watch any show aired via the resource for citizens of other countries.

Where is Firefly blocked?

The series is officially broadcasted by Hulu. The approach of the channel is aimed at global expansion, but it hasn’t advanced much in the sphere as today Hulu Plus is available for Japan and the US only. So, when you are going to travel to another country you should know the channel will be unavailable for you there. The politics has been also accepted for author’s rights protection. So, whenever you come across to some content of the channel on other resources you should know that in most cases the episodes put online are a part of piracy.

How to unblock and watch Firefly?

You might have already thought that Hulu is impossible to watch and such shows like Firefly are inaccessible for you. But don’t rush to conclusions. In spite of the fact that Hulu is a geo-restricted resource, which is available for citizens of the US and Japan (Hulu Plus), you can watch Firefly while using a VPN for streaming services.

Any virtual network can be connected to your Internet. But professionals recommend choosing a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and speed performance, as only in this case you will be able to watch any streaming content from any restricted website or channel without any hits or interruptions. In addition, while considering that the channel’s content is broadcasted for the US citizens, you need to find a VPN with multiple servers located in the US, so that if one of the servers is overloaded you will be able to connect to the Internet through another one.

So, if being abroad and far from home, you can watch any streaming content, such as Firefly series, while having connected to a VPN. In addition, being obliged to travel a lot for work, you are able to use your ‘home’ network while running a VPN and all your hotspot connections will be thoroughly protected.