VPN for Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk EmpireBeing developed by Terence Winter, Boardwalk Empire is the best American show in the genre of period crime drama. Inspired by the same-named book by Nelson Johnson the principal director is known to have involved Martin Scorsese in the performance of the work. The series tells the viewers about late 20ies and 30ies of the 20th century where a political figure named Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson has a total control over big American cities. The expensive lifestyle of the politicians of the times comes to the end at the late 30ies when the Prohibition runs out of steam.

Where can you watch Boardwalk Empire?

The series is officially distributed by two main streaming (but not only) American companies WB TV and HBO. As the television show is based on actual events of 1920s and 1930s, the series attracts attention of million viewers. Although the first season is considered by critics as the best one, the latest one is regarded as a worthful too. Unluckily, due to geo-restrictions the US expats and keen travelers are not able to watch the series outside the country.

Where is Boardwalk Empire blocked?

Being blocked in all countries except the US, the series of Boardwalk Empire can’t be watched not only in those countries that follow strict censoring policies like China and UAE, but also in Canada, the UK, Australia and other world countries. This is due to the fact that sharing rights extend to these two channels only, therefore geo-blocking takes place when speaking about Boardwalk Empire. So, if you are the US citizen travelling to another country, you should be ready to be deprived from a right to watch the series legally in a high quality.

How to unblock and watch Boardwalk Empire?

But still there is a checked way out from the problem.Being created for securing networking of big corporations, a VPN helps not only with protecting your online activities, but it’s also suitable for unblocking streaming resources such as HBO and WB TV.

A wide park of servers is offered to clients of a good VPN service. For watching the series of Boardwalk Empire you need to pay attention to servers located in the US, as this virtual location will be used for accessing to the series. While changing your virtual location you are able to use the streaming services legally. Before subscribing to the best VPN for watching Boardwalk Empire, speed level and bandwidth of the servers should be checked for the avoidance of hits and interruptions. In addition, there are some free services that provide limited server switches. Moreover, it’s better to try a trial version of a VPN for watching Boardwalk Empire you have chosen before subscribing to the service.

Having subscribed to the service, your Internet connection should be established through one of the US VPN. By this action you will enable your network working as if it is your ‘home’ (the US) one. This is the reason why you can watch Boardwalk Empire unblocked from anywhere in the world.

Boardwalk Empire