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VYprVPN Overview

We’ve all heard the story of how a princess kisses a lucky frog and becomes wealthy, safe and secure for the rest of her life. This Golden Frog is not the fairytale type of frog, but it can do a lot of wondrous and fairy-like things for you. Golden Frog VPN software is a unique service that keeps you completely safe online and protects you from all types of evil things like internet hackers, censorship programs and nosy people who like to invade your privacy by investigating everything you do.

VyprVPNThis secure VPN software also transports you across the globe instantly by allowing you to link to servers across all over the world so you can use the internet as if you were in that very location and access websites that have been restricted in your area, almost like a magic carpet ride and just like a wish granted from a genie, you get all this at an affordable rate and you can still enjoy fast network speeds.

Tariffs and prices

Golden Frog is one of the best VPN services because it doesn’t just provide you with VPN services through VyprVPN; it also offers you CYPHR message encryption to ensure your personal conversations stay completely confidential. CYPHR is yet another reason why Golden Frog is a reliable VPN service. This fantastic software option ensures that only you can access personal messages and none of your personal information can be stored so no you actions can be traced back to you. You can download the software for your mobile for free to test drive the new improved mobile security.

The service suggests subscribing for three main packages:

  • Basic plan costs €4/mo (FIRST MONTH) and €7,99 thereafter. The package presupposes 2 simultaneous connections and limitless data usage. If basic plan is billed monthly, you will safe only 50% for the first month. If it is billed annually, you will save 42%, as it will cost €4,67/mo.
  • Pro plan costs €6/mo (FIRST MONTH) and €11,99 thereafter. The package presupposes 3 simultaneous connections, limitless data usage, and NAT firewall is included. If pro plan is billed monthly, you will safe only 50% for the first month. If it is billed annually, you will save 43%, as it will cost €6,67/mo.
  • Premier plan costs €8/mo (FIRST MONTH) and €15,99 thereafter. The package presupposes 5 simultaneous connections, limitless data usage, NAT firewall. If premier plan is billed monthly, you will safe only 50% for the first month. If it is billed annually, you will save 50%, as it will cost €8/mo.

All the packages are supplied with 3-day trial versions. You are free to choose any payment method from the accepted by the company such as credit card, alipay, paypal. In addition, you can’t be billed before three trial days are expired. Don’t forget to read and understand all the terms of usage.

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CYPHR is yet another reason why Golden Frog is a reliable VPN service. This fantastic software option ensures that only you can access personal messages and none of your personal information can be stored so nothing can be traced back to you. You can download the software for your mobile for free to test drive the new and improved mobile security. 

Info on Servers for Golden Frog

This good VPN service can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is known as one of the world’s fastest VPNs. Golden Frog or VyprVPN has more than 50 server locations across 5 continents and offers over 700 servers and more than 200 000 global IPs.

The VPN’s network park includes:

  • North America 10 locations;
  • Oceania 5 locations;
  • Africa 2 locations;
  • Europe 30 locations;
  • Central America 3 locations;
  • Asia 14 locations;
  • Middle East 5 locations.

All the servers are stated to be super fast and their number is being constantly enlarged.

Unlimited speed performance, bandwidth and server switching are supplied. The latest servers have been added to Majuro, Algiers, Cairo, Athens, Riga, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Kiev, San Salvador, Montevideo, Macau, Male, and Karachi.

vyprvpn - service

Functions of Golden Frog

This private VPN service can do a lot for you. The most outstanding features of Golden Frog are:

  • You can access more than 700 servers across 5 continents for a complete foreign internet experience.
  • Enjoy open Wi-Fi hotspots and stay safe from hackers.
  • Fast download and upload speeds even though they have such high security protocols.
  • CYPHR provides complete mobile conversation security and can be added to your VPN.
  • Access websites that are restricted in your area for complete internet freedom.
  • Browse the net, streamline torrents and download completely anonymously and completely untraceable.

Besides, the company has stated on the official website that no 3rd parties are involved in the performance of work, as all the servers are possessed and operated by the provider. The network provided by the company is checked to be one of the fastest from the services offered on the market. The app developed by the company is easy to use and apply for your devices that can be integrated with any app or service. Any throttling can be defeated by this VPN. The provider is known to never limit its customers in VPN operating. Chameleon technology is stated to defeat VPN blocking, which is of a high use for those users who live in states following total censorship.

vyprvpn - vpn service

Security and Privacy

Once you have downloaded Golden Frog VPN for Mac or for other devices, you will be completely secure since this VPN uses the highest security protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and Chameleon and combines them for the ultimate safe internet connection (with the exception of the basic membership). Golden Frog uses PayPal and credit card to receive payments. You cannot stay completely anonymous since they will still have some of your personal information, but the company is sure to provide you with the needed security. Besides, NAT firewall is supplied for additional security.

Support service

Golden Frog’s online support allows you to search your queries or scan through the FAQs for the most common solutions. You can also contact them via email or create an online query directly on the webpage. They offer 24 hour emergency support and are available for all time zones. The company is customer oriented, therefore provided that you have any product ideas or suggestions for the provider, they will be listened and heard.

Client Account setup

To setup your account, you can simply download the free membership and give it a try or you can apply for one of the bigger membership. Once your application form is filled out, you can make a secure payment and start enjoying unlimited data transfers.


CYPHR only works on Android and iOS devices, but will also be available for Desktops later. VyprVPN, however is available for multiple devices such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, routers, Linux and Smart TV. 

vyprvpn - vpn service


Basically, the only minor downside to the Golden Frog VPN download is that you cannot pay for the membership anonymously, but other than that, it is a fantastic VPN that is sure to keep you and all your online activities completely safe. You get to regain complete internet freedom since you can enjoy the full internet from any country and all this while maintaining some of the highest connectivity speeds. Golden Frog’s monthly fees may be a bit expensive, but their annual billing provides affordable rates. With Golden Frog you can definitely enjoy the best internet happily ever after ever.

Due to defensive measures passed into the service and all the additional features, applied by the service, VyprVPN is an appropriate decision for any customer let it be advanced or mere experienced.

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reply September 08, 2016
I’ve tried many vpns while traveling and I want to say that this is the best one. I use it on my iPhone and it’s really awesome. The service activates when I need it and works properly during the session. Fantastic service. Thumb up to vyprvpn.
reply August 05, 2016
I’ve got vypr with l2tp vpn on my pc and ipad and I like it. I feel much safer downloading videos or surfing the internet. I can take tickets or clothes using webmoney when connecting to public hotspots with no trouble.
reply June 30, 2016
Vyprvpn is marvelous))) thank you for your work! I’ve used vyprvpn for three months and I can say I feel satisfied with its pptp, openvpn, l2tp, and chameleon protocols used as one. Its price is reasonable and it also receives paypal payments which is nice to me.
reply June 29, 2016
I use this service and I enjoy it, especially the opportunity to access blocked websites. And if you're always on business trips to other countries like me, it will obviously suit you.
reply June 27, 2016
I believe that vyprvpn is an exceptional service! It’s reliable and has a wide variety of servers in different countries. Thus I have no problems with access to American sites with video streaming wherever I am now.
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