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VPN Unlimited Overview

Like everything else, VPNunlimitedapp.com has its advantages and disadvantages to begin with. Let’s first check out the pros. The fast connection is the biggest advantage. The monthly rate is less in comparison. Simultaneous connection is something everyone is curious about. They allow you to have maximum 5 simultaneous connections. Bandwidth is another big concern from a user’s point of view. Let me assure you that they provide unlimited bandwidth which will definitely keep you happy. Now we have dive into the cons which include poor customer service.

vpn unlimited - vpn service, that adds a new network interface which functions exactly as if you are working with a direct Internet connectionI find their customer service really bad. The second biggest disadvantage is that they don’t provide the best security. If you are looking for an overall opinion, I would say it is above average. You can say that it is good, but it has a long way to go compared to the likes of Express VPN. Ease of use is one big plus when it comes to their service. As stated before, their customer service is the only thing that haunts them in a major way.

Tariffs and prices

Even though quality, privacy etc. are big factors for the customers, price is a big factor from a customer’s point of view. If VPN services are priced unjustly, then customers wouldn’t be interested in the product. Of course, the features matter. But there are so many VPN services in the market today and with little search you can always find a cheaper alternative to an overpriced service. $15 a month is usually the average price of VPN services. I am really impressed with the pricing model adopted by VPNunlimitedapp.com. If you are looking for temporary protection, then you can opt for their 10 day package. Thereafter, you can take advantage of the incremental discounts. If you want to know the base price, they charge just $4 a month, which is one of the lowest in the market.

Info on servers 

The total number of servers is really important. When you have more number of servers worldwide, then you can serve a wider customer base. Moreover, more number of severs equates to better speed. Also, the availability of the VPN also will be improved when you have more servers. Your connection will be faster if you have a server which is closer. So, always go for companies with a large number of servers distributed all over the world. VPNunlimitedapp.com doesn’t have too many servers. They have only 24 servers worldwide. But the important thing is that they have servers in all the important countries. 


Let’s take a look at the basic features provided by this service. 

  • Multiple connections

The biggest feature is that they provide multiple connections. They allow you to connect with more than one device at a time. When you have the whole family using the internet via different devices, be it PCs and mobile devices, this multiple connection feature is going to be really handy. If you have so many gadgets, you will find this feature very attractive.

  • 5 connections per account

At a time, you can have 5 connections. Most of the VPN services allow only 2 connections. So, this has to be one of the biggest features from their side. 

  • Money back guarantee

They provide a money back guarantee which is a highly desirable feature for many customers out there. They offer a money back guarantee scheme that lasts for 2 weeks. But you have to deal with so many loopholes in the terms and conditions there. So, not the best sort of a scheme, nonetheless, it exists for sure.

  • Referral program

Not too many VPN services have referral programs. But customers generally love programs like this as everyone likes freebies. But here they don’t have a referral program for you. They don’t have any such program as of now.

  • Data logging

Privacy is really important as that is one of the main reasons why we opt for VPN services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that nobody looks into your online activity. They are never logging, or track your internet activity. Or in other words, your anonymity will be guaranteed.

  • Bandwidth

When you have a bigger bandwidth, you will have a smoother connection. So, it is important to make sure that the company doesn’t have unreasonable bandwidth limits in place. As of now, they don’t have bandwidth restrictions. They provide unlimited bandwidth to their customers. You can stream or download content without the fear of limited bandwidth.

Security and privacy

Privacy and security are the most important aspects when it comes to a VPN service. As stated before, they provide excellent privacy as they don’t track your online activities. Now, speaking of security, they provide the standard security. They provide 256-bit encryption like other companies in the business. As for base encryption, I suppose it is 128-bit. It is not bad, but you can definitely do better.

Support service

Their customer support is not the best in the business to be blunt. When it comes to any VPN service, a good customer service is a must. Do they provide 24x7 customer-support? No. Even though they haven’t specified on their website, our experience tells us that they don’t provide 24x7 support. Or in other words, they have a limited customer service. VPNunlimitedapp.com VPN software is good. I would say it is secure VPN software. If you are a Mac user, then you can download VPNunlimitedapp.com VPN for Mac. I am satisfied with the VPNunlimitedapp.com VPN for Mac in terms of the software.

Client account 

Setting up the client account is fairly easy. Client account has to be user friendly for the easy use of it. One has to give it up for the simplicity. Go to their website and download the version compatible with your OS. You may want to lookup SSL VPN service. A good private VPN service will ensure your privacy. Is this a good VPN service? No, I say it is an average service. It is not the most reliable VPN service. 


Yes, it works well with all the mobile platforms, including iPhones and Droids. It also works well on Mac and Windows. We don’t have any complaint there. Since there are so many VPN services today, you can easily buy VPN USA service. You will always come across reliable USA IP VPN services. Is this the best VPN service? Not really, to be honest.


Even though there are a few good things about their service, it is not very competitive when we consider all the aspects. Allowing 5 simultaneous connections have to be the biggest draw. They don’t have too many servers and it is a big drawback. Customer service is almost non-existent. I would say it is an average VPN client. If you are in search of VPN USA services, then you will come across a plenty. For those who are looking for USA VPN free, I have to warn them that the free service may not be the safest.

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reply October 10, 2016
It’s a super cheap way to provide total anonymity online. Unfortunately, that’s all virtues I have to say. Disastrous connection and absence of kill-switch undermine the service. How can we speak about internet security, if there’s nothing to protect me if vpn connection should break? For my opinion, they need to refine the service.
Ted Kennedy
reply October 08, 2016
I’ve used this service for about 2 months and have drawn to the following conclusion: if you want to buy a VPN to bypass regional network barriers, search for another service. Every time I use it on my Android device, restricted websites remain unavailable. But if you are looking for a cheap service to use public wireless connection and secure your traffic simultaneously, this VPN is a great solution. I wish to every Internet user be free and safe surfing the net.
reply October 06, 2016
Using this service, I’m able to avoid different geo-location limits based on IP address. This way all streaming services that operate in certain regions become accessible for me. Unlike dozens of competitors, VPN Unlimited requires fixed payments without traffic volume or connection speed limits. As good news, provider often offers discounts for its services.
You can get a VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for $29 USD
Hold tight as we are going to daze you with a new special! VPN Unlimited is to make discounts for Kotaku readers. Being...
Monday, October 24, 2016 - 12:19
Update: 03/02/2017