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Unblockus Overview

You love your social media pages because you can chat with friends and see what everyone is up to. Others can also get a bit of info on your activities and you have one great advantage that personal visits don’t have which is that you can control how much people see and know about yourself. If you don’t want anyone to know about your messy habits around the house, then you simply don’t mention them online. But what few people realize is that their messy or unhealthy online habits can be monitored to the last detail through their IP address. Internet hackers can not only trace your online activities, but can also hack into your accounts and even locate your physical location through the address. 

UnblockUs-vpn serviceThis is quite scary since you don’t even trust your closest friends with most of this info. Unblockus is a good VPN service that helps restore your personal security by creating a secure tunnel in which you can do whatever you like without the risk of being censored by complete strangers. You can try the free trial for a week or buy this VPN in USA and enjoy ultimate and secure freedom online. 

Unblockus’s tariffs and prices

Free trial – The free trial allows you to test the services and benefits of this reliable VPN service. The free trial provides you with all the protection, customer support, security and network speed that you can expect from the full package for an entire week. 

Membership package – Unblockus provides their VPN clients with only one package. The membership costs four dollars and ninety nine cents per month or fifty nine dollars and eighty eight cents per year. The cost covers all the devices that you are going to be using on the network and complete security and flexibility for convenient use on just about any device and channel. 

More information about Unblockus

Unblock us is one of the best VPN services because it provides internet freedom, no matter where you are and wherever you go. Unblockus is available across the globe on each of the six continents and offers fast connection and download speeds, freedom to use restricted sites, security for all your online activities and flexibility for all devices.  

Functions of Unblockus

This private VPN service provides their users with a lot of benefits to improve online experiences. Here are some of the top functions of this VPN:

  • Enjoy this USA VPN for free for seven days and get complete accessibility and functionality during the week.
  • The Unblockus VPN software is completely compatible with all your devices which provides great flexibility for entire families. 
  • Unblockus VPN downloads are incredibly fast and easy.
  • Regain your freedom by regaining access to websites that are restricted in your area.
  • Enjoy great security from internet hackers and cyber spies who are trying to censor your online activities or hack into your personal accounts.
  • Usually the protection software slows down VPN speeds, but Unblockus maintains a good network and connectivity speed so you can still stream torrents or download files. 

Security and Privacy of Unblockus

A VPN’s security is probably the most important factor to look at when you consider all the available options. Unblockus is a DNS based solution and is thus more secure than traditional VPNs. Unblockus works a bit different than most VPNs because they rout all DNS queries through Unblockus servers to change your location when you access the net. The changed location helps protect yourself because your IP won’t be recognized or traced without really changing your IP. This secure VPN software provides you great online protection from internet hackers, cyber spies and censoring software because it hides your online activities so no one can view what you are viewing or downloading.  

The Unblockus Support services

Unblockus has a client area that is strictly for subscribers. Those who don’t have a password for this area cannot get access to the information and contact details on the support team. In this area you will find options that can guide you through difficulties as well as some contact information so you can get assistance for queries that completely evade you.  

The setup process

You can try the free trial for a week without having to sign up to Unblockus and see if you are interested and satisfied with the services. The setup process is quite simple because all downloads are available on the Unblockus website and is incredibly simple to download. Even the iOS and Android apps are available on their website. Once you are satisfied with the trial version, you can buy this VPN in USA and enjoy full internet freedom for sites that are restricted in your area, as well as full technical support and full security. 


Unblockus is one of the few VPNs that provide full convenience to just about any device and platform.  Some of the most popular devices that you can operate through Unblockus are: Mac, various forms of Windows, Ps4, Ps3, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PSVIT, Wii, SonyTV, PanasnicViera, Samsung TV, LG Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, Boxee Box, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Amazon Kindle. The software installations are incredibly simple for each and every one of these devices. The number of channels that you can access with Unblockus is incredibly vast and includes just about any channel that you can think of.  

The conclusion of Unblockus

It might not be exactly clear which security protocols this VPN uses, but what is clear is that there are very little negative Unblockus VPN reviews. It is a good indication that this is a great VPN to trust for all your security needs. Unblockus’s free option is great for those who want to try the service before they go through all the payment hassles and the packages are completely standard that prevents confusion during payment times. Unblockus provides users with what they need: security, anonymity and privacy for all their online activities as well as great freedom so they can watch what they please. 

Unblockus Overviews

reply October 20, 2016
I’ve been using this vpn for about 6 months. For me, it has the best apps I’ve ever see. I also like their possibility to make my internet surfing anonymous insofar as possible. Their product works great.
reply October 16, 2016
It still works for US Netflix! The connection is a bit slow, but the result delights with favourite shows availability. Moreover, it offers more than 100 TV channels accessible on every operation system. It’s very easy to use, the process will be clear for every internet user.
reply October 11, 2016
Unblockus is an excellent provider that combines stable service with high level privacy. Just for 5$ per month they propose high-functional, effective and user-friendly service that is irreplaceable for daily internet browsing and essential for personal data protection.
reply October 09, 2016
It was a great service that answered for all my requests. But after introduction of new rules concerning censorship and privacy protection by all major multimedia streaming companies, it has lost its ground. Now I’m not able to watch American TV shows abroad or bypass strong Chinese firewall. That’s a pity. I hope they will remedy the situation and recover their possibilities.
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