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TunnelBear Overview

We have all heard about internet hackers who spy on online users to locate their IP addresses so they can hack into the online users’ private accounts and steal private information or account information. It can be quite terrible if someone suddenly hacks your email address and get access to highly secure accounts such as your bank and once the damage is done, it can take you years to recover. TunnelBear is a perfect solution to keep you out of a sticky situation because it is a fantastic private VPN service that you can rely on to keep your online information as safe and secure as possible.

TunnelBear - vpn service. Safely access your email, favorite sites, domestic news and entertainment while travelling abroadWith this VPN in USA you can also access information and websites from other countries that would normally have been restricted in your, location. Locations like China have restricted a lot of websites like Facebook, Gmail and Netflix, but if you have the TunnelBear VPN software downloaded on your phone or laptop, you can still access these sites during your travels to these high security destinations.

What it costs to enjoy this VPN service?

Little Free – TunnelBear is one of the best VPN services and luckily for you, this USA VPN is free.  With the Little Free package you can enjoy a protected connection through which you can download 500mb of data for free every month. This free service might be limited, but offer unlimited security so your online activities will be confidential no matter what you decide to view. You can also get an extra 1GB download limit if you tweet about TunnelBear’s fantastic services. 

Giant – Those who want to enjoy unlimited data on a secure network then the Giant package is for you. The Giant package costs six dollars and ninety nine cents per month and provides users with great internet freedom and security no matter how much data they view or download. This is the perfect package for those who want to try out TunnelBear’s services. 

Grizzly – The Grizzly package allows you to enjoy unlimited data at a discounted rate because you pay the full amount on a yearly basis. The Grizzly package costs only four dollars and sixteen cents a month with an annual bill of forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents billed on a yearly basis. With the Grizzly package you can save 41 percent on annual costs and enjoy all the benefits that the Giant package offers which makes it a good VPN service for the long run.

All the great facts about TunnelBear

This reliable VPN service is available across the globe and has servers in nine popular countries, so you can enjoy all the internet freedom and security that you would have in the USA no matter where you want to go. The TunnelBear VPN software is specially developed to supply you with high connectivity speeds in each and every one of these nine locations so you can access all the sites you need and download anything you like without putting yourself at risk.

The functionality of TunnelBear for users

TunnelBear’s creative media makes even the most technology challenged individuals feel right at home when they use this simple software. They are, however much more than just easy since they also boast with some of the highest security protocols and offer fantastic connectivity speed so you can continue with all your online activities without feeling restricted in the least of ways. The website has a fantastic and simple layout so you will find your way to valuable information easily and the software is incredibly simple to set up. This is a perfect solution to VPN clients who aren’t that good with the technicalities of the internet. 

Top Security and Privacy for this simple VPN

TunnelBear provides a 128bit Open USA VPN free with added benefits when you subscribe to a higher package. IPSec protocols are used for iOS devices and TunnelBear uses shared IPs that protects you while you surf the internet. They do not have a no-logs policy, but you can have a look at their PP to see what information they collect and the reasons they collect this information and it is mostly info that cannot be held against you, should you come under investigations from cyber police. All in all, TunnelBear provides great security at an affordable rate.

TunnelBear’s support team

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think that a free or affordable service like TunnelBear lacks in service. They have a basic, but great help forum that you can check out to get some basic questions answered as well as an email support team that will get back to you within 24 hours to get you the help that you need if you are suddenly struggling with your software or have any account inquiries. The support team is not the fastest, but definitely offers great service to those who are in need.

TunnelBear’s purchase process

You can simply download the secure VPN software to your device and give the free version a try. If you would like to extend your services then you will do a full online application and make a payment so you can enjoy unlimited downloads on a secure VPN. The software is incredibly easy to install and will provide you with the full protection that you need for all your online activities.

On which platforms does TunnelBear work?

You can download TunnelBear VPN for Mac, Windows, Linux as well as some mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The software is simple, user friendly and provides you with great functionality. 

Conclusions on TunnelBear

TunnelBear’s VPN download is available completely free and the free service for up to 500mb per month provides users with the unique opportunity to test the software before they sign up for a long term commitment. TunnelBear may not allow P2P, but is still a great secure network that will keep your confidential information completely safe and your online activities confidential despite the fact that the packages are incredibly low.

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reply September 03, 2016
TunnelBear is a safe and cheap service. I really like their website and the idea to use a bear as a logo. It looks very nice! Anyway, this VPN is stable, fast and works properly for me.
reply August 31, 2016
Its possibility to maintain multiple connections is awesome. I use two mobile devices in addition to my home computer. So, I was interested to create one account to protect three connections. With this VPN I managed to do this without paying additional fees. TunnelBear is a brilliant and safe tool! I’m very satisfied with my experience using it.
reply July 03, 2016
Why do I use TunnelBear? Because they have fetch bears everywhere and even cute animations on iOS. In addition, they work on all platforms and have a quite good free service. The biggest con of TunnelBear is the data limit. I use free version and need more than 500MB of traffic, it isn’t much use for streaming media.
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