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TorGuard Overview

So you love to explore on the internet, but have often heard about the dangers that go hand in hand with the public internet? Then it is time to stop putting yourself at risk and get protected by a leading VPN service provider like TorGuard. With this fantastic service you can enjoy unlimited network speeds, unrestricted bandwidth and enjoy as much of the free internet as possible without ever putting your confidential information at risk.

The enhanced security protocols will create a secure tunnel through which you can do just about anything you like online without the risk of ever getting caught for accessing restricted sites or leaving yourself vulnerable to internet hackers. TorGuard is one of the best VPN services in the world and with all their fantastic benefits; it is easy to see why so many people are using this network to protect all their online activities.

TorGuard package prices and tariffs

  • Anonymous proxy – This is the basic package that you can get when you use TorGuard’s services. As a VPN client, you will be spending only five dollars and ninety five cents per month and enjoy unlimited network speeds, unlimited bandwidth, the best internet surfing security and evade internet hackers as good as possible. The service is available across the globe and has 200 servers in 6 countries and you can enjoy 24 hour customer service by a professional VPN USA team. 
  • Anonymous VPN – For only nine dollars and ninety nine cents you connect 5 devices on this OpenVPN/SSTP/L2TP/IPSec service provider that will ensure your safety for all your online activities. You can enjoy unlimited speeds, unlimited bandwidth and international accessibility. There is also a 24 hour emergency team on standby to assist you when you buy this VPN in USA. 
  • Anonymous Email – This affordable package provides you with unlimited mail storage, secure G/PGP encryption to help protect your emails, MITAM attack protection to ensure account security and offshore email storage in case all your data from your computer gets wiped out by some unforeseen disaster. A no header and IP disclosure will ensure that you stay safe at all times when you use this reliable VPN service. The package costs only six dollars and ninety five cents. 
  • Anonymous Bundle – The anonymous bundle provides you with unlimited speeds, unlimited bandwidth, VPN pro access, and 24 hour emergency support from experts. SOCK55/SSH and HTTP/SSL VPN service protocols are used to provide you with great account and online security. The package costs only eleven dollars and fifty four cents.  
  • VPN Router Promo – TorGuard provides you with regular promotions such as a 10 percent discount on VPN routers. These quality routers use a Plug & Play setup, has Pre-Flashed and DDWRT / Tomato systems. You can enjoy this fantastic USA VPN for free for up to 30 days and make the most out of any online experience.

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TorGuard VPN extension for Business

Business needs additional protection for much more reasons than any independent customer. Therefore, it’s highly crucial to find and arm your network with the best ever defensive measure.

Being a continually developing service TorGuard, as well as any other top-notch service, has created a separate package suitable for business protection maintenance.

Its Business VPN solutions are stated to provide you with internet freedom and security for all the remote employees. There are at least four business plans for any taste and budget:

Starter Plan costs $69 per month. It offers limitless speed and bandwidth, 1600+ servers in 50+ countries, 10 VPN accounts, 10 encrypted email accounts, dedicated management portal, 24/7 dedicated manager, various ciphers (AES128/AES 256) and protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, iKEV2), it is compatible with all OSes and devices, 3 dedicated IP addresses, stealth VPN service or DPI bypass, blocks WebRTC, DNS, IPv6 leaks.

Small Plan costs $ 110 per month and includes all the previous functions + 15 VPN accounts, 15 protected email accounts, 5 dedicated IP addresses.

Medium Plan costs $ 169 per month and offers the same functions as all the other packages except 20 VPN accounts, 20 protected email accounts, 10 dedicated IP addresses.

Enterprise Plan is stated to be custom and requires your direct communication with the service provider. It offers all the main features of the business packages as well as such bonuses as 50+ VPN accounts, 100+ protected email accounts, 30 dedicated IP addresses and a dedicated server.

The main features of the business packages:

  • It gives a possibility to maintain business without leaving your true identity on the web, as well as prevent your business company from being blocked by some resources;
  • It helps to avoid geo-restrictions and blocking regardless your actual physical location, which is an irreplaceable characteristics for business trips and freelance employees connection to the corporate network;
  • It prevents your business from being compromised by malicious third parties and uncontrolled data interception;
  • All the in-demand online services like Google Apps, Dropbox, VOIP, etc are to be unblocked from any region you are and prevented from hacking or penetration;
  • All the business packages are supplied with dedicated support, which is to solve all the issues within minutes and make your network protected from any web obstacles.

So, as you can see, the service is suitable not only for average and advanced individual users, but also for business companies and small business groups. The service is highly advantageous for companies hiring employees from different countries gathered together under one network. The service will help you protect the corporate network from malicious hackers, interested third parties and other unauthorized users. It seems to be worth the cost, as all the packages are supplied with additional characteristics, such as dedicated IPs, encrypted email accounts and servers. Therefore, having decided to apply the best VPN for your business, the VPN is one of the best suits if comparing it with other outputs presented on the market today. 

Info on the top services for TorGuard

You should definitely buy this USA VPN service so you can enjoy a secure network across the globe on more than 1250 servers in 43 countries which is fantastic for travelers who want complete freedom and great flexibility for all their journeys. This private VPN service uses only the most popular and most secure VPN software to ensure that all your online activities will be encrypted and your IP address will be kept confidential no matter where you go.

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Consider TorGuard for the best security and Privacy

The main focus of TorGuard is to keep your confidential information secure by providing you with a network solution that allows you to access any website you like without putting yourself at risk. All your online activities will be encrypted and your IP address will remain hidden from the public internet so you can do anything you like without the risk of getting hacked or targeted by cyber spies when you access websites that are restricted in your area or perhaps when you download something that you never knew was illegal. Another major function of TorGuard is to provide you with the most reliable and fastest network speeds while maintaining great security.

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24 hour Support service

TorGuard supplies 24 hour emergency support from a team of friendly technicians who are permanently on standby to assist you with any difficulties that you may be facing when you use this great service. The support team has some of the highest ratings due to the extra effort they put into serving their customers. You can enjoy the best service from any remote destination no matter the hour. 

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How to get started?

To activate your client account, all you need to do is fill out the online application form and select the option that you are interested in. After a payment is made, a link will be sent to you which will lead you to the correct software for the device that you are using. The TorGuard VPN software download is incredibly simple to install and set up so you will be up and running in no time at all. 

On which platforms does TorGuard work?

TorGuard works on a lot of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS and can function on multiple devices such as desktop computers, smartphones and tabs so you can be safe no matter which device you use to connect. You can simply download the software on your device and enjoy great security for all your online activities. 

TorGuard VPN’s Terms of Usage

Having decided on the service, you need to check all the terms of usage and privacy policy statements, as long as your future dealing with the service depends on the issue. In the mean time we have decided to present you the most essential extracts from the sections. 

TorGuard VPN service protects your online identity by providing you an anonymous IP address to hide behind

So, when speaking about the information collected by the company, it should be mentioned that there is no online service that doesn’t stores its users’ data. The company is claimed to save no logging or traffic on its customers. The service collects personal information from its customers during exploitation or subscription period. Also, the company can gather information on users’ activity on the official website. The process is fulfilled through tracking the number of active visitors. Besides, as you know, the service also uses cookies for better performance of the service.

When wondering how the information is used you need to know that the company can use the collected identifiable information for contacting users regarding products improvements or affiliate programs. Besides, the service is claimed to sell no personal information to any interested entities for marketing purposes or mailing lists. What is more, despite most of its competitors, the service is assured not to share any of the personal collected data even with business partners without your concern. However, the case can occur if there is an applicable law order.

When speaking about the terms of usage, you need to follow all the changes the document may be redressed with. According to the section, you need to keep track of the latest service’s news, as long as the terms of usage may undergo upgrading. The changes concern not only the service’s subscribers, but also visitors and clients. You need to conduct yourself in compliance with the US legislation prescriptions, as long as you become the company’s user. 

Besides, all the company’s clients are obliged not to distribute commercial emails, spam, chain letters, use the service for criminal activities, etc.

So, as you see, the company has a varied list of rules to follow. If you wish to become a company’s client, you’d better read all the statements independently and underline the most essential points to make sure the rules don’t contradict your personal creeds. Once you are acknowledged with all the statements and there is nothing unacceptable for you, you can subscribe for the service without any doubts.    


TorGuard is a good VPN service that offers fantastic security to users. The available packages are incredibly affordable and the application process is simple. D

ownloading TorGuard VPN for Windows, Mac, Smartphones or tabs are incredibly easy due to the user friendly software. Only the best security protocols are used to ensure the network tunnel is completely secure and reliable. The software functions well on just about all devices so you can enjoy great flexibility and do all your usual internet activities no matter where you are. TorGuard is an absolute must for anyone who is looking for fast network speeds and great security. 

TorGuard Overviews

reply December 04, 2017
Hi there! Is TorGuard good for torrenting? Or should I look for other VPN client?
reply December 06, 2017
TorGuard VPN client is not the best choice if you want to download torrent files. This VPN is perfect in terms of security and privacy. However, the company offers a special tool dedicated to torrenting – Torrent VPN, which is ideal for torrenting. This tool makes torrent fans really anonymous, and so no one is able to trace you and punish for torrenting activity.
reply November 16, 2017
TorGuard is superb!!! I can’t stop being happy that once made a decision to subscribe for it! Now I’ll explain why. Before the day I started using it, my web browsing was something like a serious challenge. Thousands of ads attacked me. It was a real disaster to read news or find some info for my college report. I was distracted from the topic by ads. One day I even tried visiting college library to write a report… But a couple of weeks ago my mate told me about VPNs and their facilities. And I thought “Why not? I doubt whether it may bring harm…” And that was the day when I subscribed for TorGuard VPN. No ads) I enjoy the Internet.
reply November 18, 2017
You will not be spammed by ads until the moment you are a VPN subscriber. It is possible to steer clear of ads thanks to the complicated technology VPN service use. Thus, the ISP does not store your browsing history and cannot sell it. As a result, the advertisers do not attack you.
reply November 14, 2017
The service is foolproof since 2014, when I started using it. It didn’t let me down. The words of this TorGuard review are worth believing in, as everything stated here is total true.
reply November 16, 2017
Mike, thank you for such kind words. As you are a devoted TorGuard VPN client, I suppose, you will be interested in this article.
reply October 04, 2017
Hi, guys! Am I the only person who faces the difficulties with TorGuard logon? The thing is that the system requires the password each time I want to use the client. I’d like the VPN to work automatically.
reply October 06, 2017
Good afternoon, Loren! If you want the system to run automatically, it is necessary to change the settings. However, you may face some security problems. The password is required to provide you the best level of security on the Internet. The password allows protecting all your traffic. So think twice before changing TorGuard settings.
reply September 24, 2017
I arrived at a decision to download TorGuard VPN to take advantage of US Netflix library being in the UK. Someone may argue saying that there are scopes of fabulous services for steaming in the Kingdom, but nevertheless, TorGuard managed to bring me joy and pleasure. My new IP isn’t banned by Netflix. So I may conclude, the service is smart enough to “outwit” the site.
reply September 26, 2017
Nigel, TorGuard VPN is well-known thanks to its capacity to bypass regional restrictions.
reply June 14, 2017
I do not recommend Torguard VPN service because I’ve faced the following issues: 1. Speed is not stable on almost all of their servers; it can varies between 5-30 Mbps. 2. I’ve been usually disconnected 3 and more times a day. 3. I had the most rude customer support in my life with Torguard. The 24x7 support runs on GMT but when I informed them I was in AWST and they wanted me to get up to live chat with them at 10 p.m. on a work night. They essentially told me to do the time difference math and to book an appointment. I would not recommend this service to anyone based on the repeated technical issues, slowness and poor customer service. When the product has been working I would say it rates as OK.
reply June 15, 2017
Arnold, taking into account your claims, I want to inform you about the following: the speed of your VPN connection depends on the server you use. Thus, do not forget to use the nearest server. As for TorGuard technical support, it was always professional. Any time, our subscribers contact it, no gripes were observed. Make sure, you visited TorGuard VPN website for support.
reply August 22, 2016
It gives a various choice of servers’ location. It’s a pity, torguard doesn’t have a trial version. Also it’s rather expensive, but still it allows connecting to several devices.
reply August 23, 2016
It should not make you sad, as the prices are more than affordable. What is more, privacy is not the thing modern Internet users may ignore. Therefore, spending a small amount of money on the Internet security will help you avoid a lot of troubles online.
Matt Murphy
reply August 03, 2016
I’ve tried this vpn and I can say torguard offers great location choice. It’s ideal for watching streaming video, I’ve watched many Japanese channels there’ve never been any hits in the transmission. There are many servers all over the world, so I can watch even Australian streaming. The only trouble is that it doesn’t give a free testing chance, but believe me, torguard is extremely fast and secure vpn.
reply August 04, 2016
I can’t help agreeing with you. TorGuard VPN is reliable in terms of server locations. Moreover, the provider is constantly improving its facilities and expands server geography all over the world. It is no accident that the VPN is reckoned to be one of the best VPNs for security providing.
reply June 29, 2016
I’ve looked for a cool vpn the other day and come across torguard vpn. I’ve made up my mind this app is hummer. Anonymity, encryption, plus I use it on my laptop, tablet, phone and TV simultaneously. I’m definitely a lucky beggar.
reply June 30, 2016
TorGuard is really great, otherwise we would not write the overview about it.
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