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Switchvpn Overview

Internet hackers and scammers are growing more and more cunning. Some hackers are good enough to hack into personal business information with just an IP address. You have probably heard a lot about celebrities whose private photos was leaked onto the net because their phones weren’t secure and exactly the same can happen to you. A hacker can get into any cloud or Dropbox account, any personal bank account and any of your private conversations if they just get the right angle. A reliable VPN service like SwitchVPN can help you protect yourself and all your devices when you use the internet and especially open or public hotspots to connect. 

SwitchVPN - vpn serviceThey can also open a whole new world for you when it comes to internet use because this private VPN service allows you to connect to different servers from different countries, so you can access content like movies, TV shows, games and much more from these countries without any restrictions and without being censored or traced. The wide and safe internet can be completely yours when you become a VPN client.

Tariffs and prices of SwitchVPN

SwitchVPN offers three membership plans to public users as well as three business memberships. The longer your commitment period is the greater discount you receive when you buy the packages.

  • ProVPN Packages

ProVPN is for public users and provides great benefits such as fantastic protection thanks to great encryption software and protocols, multiple VPN gateways, simultaneous connections for up to five devices, user friendly setup, unlimited bandwidth, P2P and VoIP is allowed, no logs are kept, 24 hour support, compatibility with all devices and a 30 day money back guarantee.

- 1 Month – For one month you get all the benefits at only $11.95 per month.
3 Month – If you take out the three month package, you save 10% on costs and get all the benefits at only $9.95 per month.
12 Month – This is the most popular package because you save 50% on costs and pay only $6.66 per month.

  • Business Packages

The Business packages contain all the benefits of the ProVPN option, but with even more advantages such as simultaneous connections for up to 10 devices and the option to add additional connections at $2 each.  You can get your entire office or business protected for all internet devices at affordable rates.

1 Month – If you prefer to pay on a monthly basis the monthly cost will be $59.95 and you will enjoy all the benefits that SwitchVPN has to offer.
3 Month – You save on monthly costs because paying every three months adds up to only $49.95 per month.
- 12 Month – This is the best option for business owners since they only have to pay once a year and they save more than 50% on monthly costs because the price drops to $25 per month.

Info on Servers

You can access SwitchVPN from anywhere in the world and connect to servers across the globe. SwitchVPN has servers in 32 countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland and France. When you buy this USA VPN you can change your virtual location to any one of these destinations with the click of a button and use the internet as if you were in these very locations.

Functions of SwitchVPN

If you thought that a VPN like SwitchVPN was just for securing your online activities then you thought wrong because this good VPN service provides great functions like:

  • Anonymous browsing because your IP address is hidden so no one can pinpoint any online activities to you and no one can censor you when you are accessing websites that are restricted in your area.
  • You can enjoy content like movies, series, shows and games from anywhere in the world through servers in 32 countries and switch between the servers as often as you like.
  • You will be completely protected from censorship and from hackers because SwitchVPN uses the best protocols and encryption software to keep you safe.
  • Your network performance is boosted because you are connecting from a different server in a different location.
  • P2P is usually restricted by VPN providers, but SwitchVPN allows file sharing with all their customers across the globe.
  • You have full access to the best online customer support even if you are not registered with the company yet.

Security and Privacy

The secure VPN software provides you with the best possible online protection because they use the strongest 1024 – 2048-bit encryption software that encrypts all your online activities so no one can monitor you. They also use the best protocols like PPTP / L2TP / OPEN / SSTP that creates the most secure internet network possible that will protect all your confidential information from the outside world.

Support service

The customer support provided by SwitchVPN is excellent since you and anyone else can log onto the website at any time to start a live chat and receive instant assistance from professional technicians.

Client Account process

If you are interested in becoming a SwitchVPN member then you will have to register online and buy the option that you are interested in. Once that has been done, you will be able to download the software you need to any of the devices you need to protect. The installation and setup process is quick and user friendly so you will be protected in no time at all.


SwitchVPN is incredibly flexible and provide great and easy to use software for all devices and platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS and much more. You can connect from five devices at the same time and increase your connections as much as you like if your business requires it.


SwitchVPN offers great protection and flexibility in the form of various server locations, various protocols, unlimited switching, software availability and amount of connections. It is not only a great option for public users but also fantastic for businesses because businesses can get more than 20 devices protected at the same time should they need to. The packages are affordable and business package is customizable for your convenience.

Switchvpn Overviews

reply November 11, 2016
This service is amazing. I use it to protect my internet activity on airports and non-trusted public hotspots. It saves me when I play online games and watch movies using different ip addresses. Overall it’s a great vpn!
reply October 07, 2016
Its features do not impress me. I find the customer support slow-acting and low skilled. The options they propose are limited, it would be better to have a larger selection of IP addresses. If you want a proper service, switchvpn is not for you.
Steve Jordan
reply October 05, 2016
I find SwitchVPN a well-priced service with multiple server locations around the world and strong encryption protocols. So, I can easily surf the net without fear to be hacked or blocked. If you are looking for a reliable VPN service to use remaining safe but maintaining speed and performance, then SwitchVPN is definitely worth checking out.
reply October 04, 2016
It’s good but not the best. VPN connection is stable and reliable. It does its stuff – secures anonymity. But technical support works slow and is long in answering, they propose small number of IP addresses that raises up risk being blocked.
Update: 10/05/2017