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Due to some terrifying terrorist activities in a lot of foreign countries, governments have issued censoring software to monitor all online activities of its citizens and have also restricted a lot of websites such as social media sites and even YouTube and Gmail. While we all agree that security is important, the measures that some governments and censoring software took are simply ridiculous and greatly conflicts with the human rights and freedom of their people.

SurfEasy is the only VPN that works on every device and every networkSurfEasy originates from Canada and is a good VPN service that will provide users with great online flexibility and complete freedom to access all sites and content anonymously. Through SurfEasy you can once again access sites that are restricted in your location, browse websites anonymously and without the risk of being censored and stream or download torrents without the risk of getting charged for some illegal activities. SurfEasy VPN software also has a free membership option which is absolutely fantastic for those who want to give this reliable VPN service a try. 

The tariffs and prices of SurfEasy memberships

SurfEasy provides their VPN clients with three membership options, each with their unique benefits. The pricing is quite affordable compared to most VPN services.

Starter VPN – The starter VPN is completely free and provides protection for up to 5 devices. The free VPN software is available for multiple devices and platforms, but allows you protection for only 500MB per month, but is still a great free USA VPN.

Total VPN – The secure VPN software of this membership package costs only four dollars and ninety nine cents per month and provides you with unlimited data protection, functionality on five devices, accessibility from multiple platforms and ad tracker blocking which basically makes the Total VPN membership the ideal package to invest in. 

Mobile VPN – This private VPN service costs only two dollars and ninety nine cents per month and provides users with unlimited data protection for one mobile device of Android or iOS platforms and ad tracker blocking which makes this the perfect choice for those who only want protection while they are travelling or using public Wi-Fi hotspots. 

More about SurfEasy

SurfEasy is Canada-based and is specially created for everyday internet users. They have partnerships with the antivirus giant, AVG and are also part of the Opera Software that gives them a good foothold in more than 20 countries. The security is considered average, which means that P2P file sharing is prohibited, although they keep no logs on the activities of their clients who can still do just about anything they like anonymously. SurfEasy allow five simultaneous connections and has servers in 13 countries, but is accessible across the globe.

What you can do with SurfEasy?

One of the major benefits of SurfEasy is the fact that you can connect with up to five different devices on the network which is great for those who travel. You can simply pick a region and it will seem like you are surfing from that very country. SurfEasy also provides you with Wi-Fi security when you are using open networks, Identity protection so you can browse and stream whatever you like without the risk of getting censored and privacy protection due to encryption software that hides your IP address, URLs and downloads from the public. You can also access websites that have been restricted in your location due to the firewall bypassing. The network speeds are quite fast which allows you to stream content at high speeds and without any hiccups. 

Security and Privacy of SurfEasy

SurfEasy is one of the best VPN services because they offer good internet security at affordable or free rates. This SSL VPN service uses 128bit OpenVPN security for desktop and Android connections and a 256 bit IPSec connection for iOS devices. They maintain as little logs as possible and only turn on the logging when a debugging is required. Their initial idea was to provide unlimited bandwidth, but due to the sudden and very large client base, they are considering restrictions in certain cases such as when a user is running a server on their network. SurfEasy has an ad blocking service, but will send advertisements and promotions to your email. 

What to expect from SurfEasy’s customer support?

The website has online explanations for the most common problems and questions, but if you have a really big problem, then you can send an email to the support team or contact the USA, Canada and UK support lines during office hours and receive the assistance you need for your assistance with SurfEasy VPN downloads or just about any other query that you may have. 

The startup process of SurfEasy

All you need to do to get started is to download SurfEasy VPN for Mac, Windows, Android or iOS. After the download, you need to register by entering your email and password online. Once this is done, you are basically finished and can start browsing around, stream content or access websites completely protected. 


SurfEasy allows you to connect on five different devices that can vary. SurfEasy maintains a consistent look that makes the surfing and transferring process simple since you don’t need a crash course every time you change devices. SurfEasy supports desktop devices as well as Android and iOS mobiles and tabs. The software and apps, all provide the needed support, although some devices like Android require frequent updates to keep the software in modern condition.


The free SurfEasy package is great for those who want to test the waters first or for those who are content with only 500MB of content protection, but if you really want complete freedom and functionality then you should definitely consider the TotalVPN membership. You can connect across the globe and will be automatically transferred to the quickest server that is available. SurfEasy offers good customer support and good protection against most internet threats. You may not be able to do P2P file sharing, but you can access and download content from the internet anonymously which is good enough for most. 

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reply October 07, 2016
I have had SurfEasy for quite a long time and able to surf the net safely and with no bounds. They have proposed to install a Chrome extension that I accepted. I’ve received 500MB for free and additionally 100MB after registration. This is a great bonus!
reply October 05, 2016
SurfEasy has a reputation of being a responsible VPN with ultra-secure connection. It offers 10 server locations for all my needs whether accessing geo-restricted services or safe browsing. But what I really like is that the VPN encrypts all traffic and keeps my data and IP address hidden and inaccessible.
reply October 03, 2016
I’m not addicted to being anonymous in the network. But I use the VPN to unblock restricted websites and their content. It makes possible to watch all seasons of Cleverman and Poldark on BBC iPlayer for a price. Thank you, SurfEasy.
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