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StrongVPN Overview

Governments say that their people are ‘free’, but the term ‘freedom’ and ‘freedom of speech’ is something that most journalists and even a lot of disadvantaged people will strongly disagree on. A lot of governments have put restrictions on certain websites, content and social sites to ‘protect’ their people from the dangers of sites like Facebook and YouTube. While the government claims that their people are free, those who are restricted seriously disagree since they can no longer enjoy everything the internet has to offer. 

StrongVPN has 454 servers and about 85.000 IPsCertain countries even restricted information that journalists and the public are allowed to share with the world in order to protect methods that should just not be happening in our current time. If you are a journalist who wants complete freedom to say what you want without the risk of getting monitored or censored then you need a good VPN service like StrongVPN. With a Secure VPN software like StrongVPN, all your online activities will be encrypted from the world and your IP address will be hidden so that even when you post some dangerous articles on a blog it can’t be traced back to you. 

Tariffs and prices of StrongVPN

StrongVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market because it offers great benefits at affordable rates. They only have two membership options, but you can save 50% on your annual costs by applying for the twelve month plan. Both memberships offer all the benefits that this reliable VPN service has to offer such as:

  • Access to servers in 21 countries.
  • Great security thanks to five security protocols.
  • High speed internet connections, uploads and downloads.
  • Free software for multiple devices.
  • A five day money back guarantee.

One Month Membership – The one month membership is a bit expensive at ten dollars a month, but still provides great benefits for such a short investment period.
Twelve Month Membership – Those who enroll for twelve months pay an annual bill only once a year at four dollars and ninety nine cents per month after which they will have all benefits instantly.

StrongVPN - vpn service

Info on Servers of StrongVPN

With StrongVPN, you can connect to servers in 21 countries in 44 cities. Once you have connected to one of these servers, you can use the internet as if you were in that very location. You can once again use restricted sites as if you were in that very country and enjoy just about any content. Journalists can also blog to their heart’s content because to censoring software it will seem as if they were in a complete other country. Your government will never ever know that it is you who is responsible for sharing sensitive information like some of the tedious things that might be happening to your people.  

Functionality of StrongVPN

With a StrongVPN software download, complete freedom is once again yours. You can say what you want to say, post what you want to post and watch what you want to watch. Even websites like Netflix that does not offer a great variety of content for other countries become wonderfully functional since you can access Netflix from America and once again enjoy all the free content and the latest films instantly. 

You also receive the best possible internet security since StrongVPN software uses five security protocols to protect your online identity and to keep internet hackers from accessing your private information like emails, social sites or online conversations.

The software can install on different devices which enables you to stay safe when you are using your phone. You can even access open hotspots and be completely anonymous since no one who is sharing that same connection can see what you are doing while you are there. 

The upload and download speeds are also incredibly fast, especially for a private VPN service like StrongVPN that uses so many protocols to hide your identity.

StrongVPN - vpn service

Security and Privacy

As mentioned before, this great VPN uses five different protocols that include PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPSec. With these your overall security is greatly increased and you can download, share, access, browse and communicate with friends across the globe completely safe.

StrongVPN - vpn service

Support service

For customer support you can simply log onto StrongVPN’s website and scan through the list of comprehensive FAQs that can guide you through the most common errors that clients deal with. There is also a support contact form that you can fill out if you cannot seem to get the answers you need to get started. After an online form has been filled out, you will be assisted briefly by a professional technician who will get your problem solved instantly. 

Client Account process

To become a StrongVPN client you will have to apply for the membership online by using your Email address and make a payment. You can pay with credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. Once the payment has been processed, you will be supplied for a link so you can download the software for your device and enjoy the best possible protection instantly. The software setup is easy, quick and user friendly and all software options correspond so you won’t have to do a crash course every time you use a new device. 


With StrongVPN you can not only find software for different platforms, but you can also install it for free on multiple devices. StrongVPN has software for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices so you can be covered when you are at home, at the office or when you are on the go. Travelling internationally is no problem since you can connect to any of the servers from anywhere in the world. 


StrongVPN’s year plan is very affordable if you take all the benefits and the ultimate security in consideration. With StrongVPN you can once again be completely free when you connect to the internet and do just about anything you like. If you have to say something that conflicts with your government view, then StrongVPN is definitely the VPN service for you

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reply November 09, 2016
reply September 03, 2016
I’m surprised to not see Strong VPN listed in the top 5 services. I’ve never had problems with it. I get incredibly fast connection speed and qualified technical support.
reply August 14, 2016
I’m not afraid when I’m online anymore. I’ve downloaded strongvpn this month after a few weeks ago I was disconnected to the internet, because I downloaded a film through torrent With this vpn I can download and do what I want on the Internet without being traced.
reply July 23, 2016
Usually travelers prefer using strongvpn as it allows having accessible sites all over the world. It’s made for you if you’re a traveler. I’ve been using it for a month and I’ve got no complaints.
Roland Dennis
reply July 21, 2016
I can surf FB, youtube and other sites blocked in China due to strongvpn! Unlike b.vpn the speed is amazing and also I haven’t had to pay for multiple device software it’s free. I’ve tried some vpns before with most common protocols pptp and l2tp. Strongvpn provides some more sstp, openvpn, ipsec. All-in-all, it’s really strong vpn!
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