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Safervpn Overview

If you are an average, normal person then you probably also do the occasional naughty thing online. Average and normal people are not saints. They also enjoy the occasional shocking article, browse suspicious how tutorials, stalk a few exes when they are bored and say less than complimentary things about people in their lives. It would be a shame if everyone was forced to become saints through censoring software or due to the fact that anyone can hack into your personal accounts, which is exactly what is happening at the moment since the public internet is not secure. Imagine what your neighbors would say if they came across your complaints about them and their activities? Everyone would soon be too afraid to say anything to anyone on any internet device.

Safervpn - vpn service, that protects your privacy, secure your data and access any website with a single clickSaferVPN is a great way to give people the complete freedom to be normal and appear to be saints because this good VPN service gives you the freedom to do what you like, say what you like and watch what you like completely anonymously.

SaferVPN’s Tariffs and prices

SaferVPN offers three different memberships. All of these packages include all of the best VPN services such as anonymous browsing, access to geologically restricted sites, servers across the globe, online security, a 14 day money back guaranty, encryption of your activities and a secure IP address that no one will be able to link back to you.  

  • Basic Membership – This membership costs five dollars and ninety nine cents per month and allows you to connect with one device only. The amount is billed annually for but if you really want to pay monthly, you will lose the 33% discount rate.
  • Premium Membership – This is SaferVPN’s most popular package and costs eight dollars and ninety nine cents per month. The major difference is that you can connect three devices simultaneously. If you prefer to pay monthly, you will end up losing the 40% annual payment discount.
  • Small Business Membership – This is a great deal for small businesses because they can connect up to 10 devices at a time and save 33% when they pay annually. The membership costs only nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents per month.

SaferVPN has multiple payment options and even allows you to pay completely anonymously so even they won’t be able to pinpoint any activities back to you. 

Info on SaferVPN’s servers

SaferVPN is quite wide spread and has servers across the globe. You can switch between servers as often as you like and access any of the 500 servers from any of the 30 countries whenever you like. Some of the most popular countries include USA, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway and much more.  

The functions of SaferVPN

  • Fast speeds – Despite all the security protocols and software, this reliable VPN service is still incredibly fast VPN when it comes to all uploads and downloads.
  • Simplicity – The apps and installation is incredibly fast and user friendly.
  • Support – they offer 24 hour emergency support across the globe.
  • No logs – No logs means that you can access any website you like and download anything you like without any activity monitoring from SaferVPN’s side.
  • Encryption – Encryption software ensures that all downloads and sites visited are encrypted and untraceable by anyone.
  • Security – Stay completely anonymous and enjoy the best protection from hackers.
  • Freedom – Regain your freedom by being allowed to access any content from any country, even if it is restricted in your area.

Security and Privacy

SaferVPN is one of the few private VPN services that provide a method to pay completely anonymously which means that even SaferVPN cannot pinpoint anything that you do back to you and they cannot supply any censoring software or cyber police of any of your info since they have no idea who you are. SaferVPN uses 256-bit encryption software to keep your activities completely anonymous and they also use the best VPN protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP to protect you at all times.  

Support service

You can simply type your question online and see if a valuable solution comes up. If DIY assistance cannot provide the answers you need, then you can contact the help center. A live chat support member will be able to provide you with the needed guidance instantly. The live chat support is available 24 hours a day from any country across the globe.  

Client Account procedures

You can get your client account setup in 3 seconds. The SaferVPN VPN software configuration is done automatically and all download and apps are incredibly easy to use. You don’t have to register to use this VPN, all you have to do is make the needed payment for the membership you are interested in and then install the right software to your device. Once your software is installed, you can start using the internet and be completely secure for unlimited data transfers. 


You can download SaferVPN for Mac and other devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Routers and Chrome. Each platform’s software is designed to perfection and will auto install and run on your device easily. The apps are created to be user friendly for all the different versions of this secure VPN software. 


SaferVPN is definitely a fantastic VPN that is sure to keep you safe online no matter what you decide to watch or do in your free time. The SaferVPN VPN software download is incredibly easy and quick to setup and your account and online activities will be protected instantly. You can pay anonymously and be completely anonymously thanks to the secure network tunnel that SaferVPN provides. You can also access any of the 24 countries and switch between servers as many times as you like from any one of your devices. For complete safety and freedom, you can definitely rely on SaferVPN. It is definitely the best decision that anyone can make if they want to do anything they want and watch anything they like without being spied on and all this comes at an affordable rate. 

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reply September 09, 2016
Great vpn! It offers impressive speed and superb options. After trying some other providers, I’ve finally found proper service. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be protected surfing the net.
reply August 02, 2016
First, I’ve installed it on my phone and started playing games. There’ve been too many pop-up ads. At that moment I’ve asked myself what I’ve paid for. I’ve asked its support team and learnt that these annoying ads are from the game. It has made me laugh!)) All in all, the vpn is great.
reply June 25, 2016
Safervpn is the fastest economic variant. Its support team is fantastic in case of any problems with your device. The service is really worthwhile try it.
reply June 24, 2016
With this vpn I can easily watch HBO and Netfix without delays and restrictions. I recommend it to everyone who needs fast connection!
reply June 20, 2016
I honestly like this provider because of its multiple locations choice all over the world. Many services don’t have servers in Australia but safer has. Safervpn has servers everywhere except Africa, I suppose there aren’t many servers in Africa. In very deed I have to make from 5 to 7 trips in a workweek and safervpn helps me in this. If you have to make endless trips this service will undoubtedly suit you. I use it for 5 month only but I’m sure I’ll renew the subscription.
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Saturday, December 24, 2016 - 04:07
SaferVPN ivades new countries
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - 16:45
Enjoy Limitless Netflix Entertainment All Over the World Using SaferVPN
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Friday, April 15, 2016 - 21:40
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