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PureVPN Overview

Dangerous for lifeIn case you take care of your online privacy and don’t want your personal identity data to be revealed, you should take into consideration the latest news. The providers of Pure VPN claim that they ensure privacy for their users. The review is based on them, but in reality there is the evidence to suspect them of revealing the data about their users. That’s why you should be careful choosing the provider. You may use NordVPN or ExpressVPN as they are considered to have untarnished reputation.


It is just as important to safe online as it is when you are walking around in town. You could still be enjoying the scenery and watch some hilarious cat videos when someone snatches your identity and commit crimes all over the internet. Or they could log into your personal emails and access your bank or other private accounts! It is time to start being as safe online as you are when you go out into the dangerous world, because the internet is just as dangerous as the world. PureVPN is one of the best VPN services that can provide you with ultimate online security. 

With this private VPN service, no one will be accessing your confidential information and no one will be monitoring your online activities or perhaps be reading your online conversations. Everything you do is completely anonymous and untraceable thanks to PureVPN’s fantastic services. You also get to regain complete internet freedom and use foreign servers so you can watch whatever you like, when you want to or access just about any website across the globe.

Tariffs and prices of PureVPN

If you are interested in buying this VPN in USA then you have come to the right place. PureVPN is a good VPN service that offers great security at affordable rates and the rates are now even lower since everything is on a discount. With each of these memberships you can enjoy benefits like anonymity and security, free apps for all devices, connect five devices, multiple servers in 141 countries, great security from four protocols, Wi-Fi security, DNS leak protection, VPN disconnect protection, unlimited data transfers and unlimited server switching. Phew! That is quite a lot! Besides, PureVPN offers SmartDNS and PureVPN for router setup

1 Month Membership – The month to month membership is a bit expensive at $10.95 per month and is actually created so members can test the services and benefits before they invest in the six month or year membership. With the month plan, you still save 17% since it is on discount and you get all the benefits of the full memberships.

6 Month Membership – You can enjoy all the benefits of the free membership at only $8.95 per month, but the total is billed every six months. You get to save 37% since the package is much more affordable and a great discount is also included. 

1 Year Membership – For one whole year you can enjoy all PureVPN’s benefits and save 74% with this discount membership that is available at only $2.87 per month. 

PureVPN is one of the most flexible VPN when it comes to payments since they allow more than 150 payment methods.

Pure VPN Business Plans

If you want to boost your business affairs, you’d better find the best solution for your network security. As long as many companies hire freelance employees these days, it’s highly critical to provide your corporate network with a sufficient level of protection.

PureVPN offers one of the top-notch solutions for web security issue. All internal/external corporate communications are stated by the company to be protected from multiple web threats, such as data leaks and interceptions. The task is fulfilled through designing of dedicated IPs for you company and all the database. It also gives your employees a possibility to be protected while carrying out all the business tasks while travelling abroad or working abroad.


Having subscribed for the demo version, you will see the tool in operation and mange to decide whether the technology meets all your actual demands.

For testing the trial version you need to fill in some data on you and company here:


Having agreed on the conditions, you are to download a compatible with your OS app and use for a required period.

What benefits can you get from the business offer?

  • All the employees will manage to work remotely without any fear of being hacked or penetrated;
  • The package is also supplied with business discounts. At a very low cost you will be able to get a fully-featured package suitable for all your corporate devices;
  • A dedicated management portal will be assigned, as long as you agree on the deal. It will help you manage the system independently while making specific settings for all your employees;
  • Dedicated speed and bandwidth are to be provided to you. Being a self-managed network, PureVPN will be able to supply you with essential speed and bandwidth;
  • A dedicated account rep will work with you, which assures fast purchase delivery, installation and support management;
  • Any business account is provided with round-the-clock support, which is to find and deliver the best solutions within minutes;
  • A dedicated VPN server will be offered to you. The server helps to guarantee seamless performance on the part of the company;
  • All the company members will be supplied with a single account. Thus regardless your company’s size, equal conditions and features are guaranteed for both small enterprises and big corporate. So, in this case you achieve multi-logins under one master account;
  • The service makes you invisible for all the competitor and interested third parties.

The company offers four main packages billed either monthly or annually:


The accepted payment methods are the same as for independent customer’s packages:


All the packages include all standard features + several extensions like a larger number of dedicated accounts, kill switch, etc.

So, having decided to supply your company’s network with additional network protection, PureVPN is one of the best solutions. The company offers various solutions for small business, growing business, mid-size enterprises, and even a possibility to compose your own plan.

Therefore, if you are about to protect your business network, the solution will do well. 

Info on PureVPN’s Servers 

If you need a VPN that is wide spread then this USA VPN is definitely the right service provider for you. PureVPN is spread across 141 countries and has over 500 servers which you can connect to or switch from unlimited times. They supply 80000 IPs and are definitely a great VPN for those who want to enjoy the wide, very wide internet. 

purevpn - vpn service

PureVPN’s functionality

There are quite a lot of benefits to this reliable VPN service, but basically, the top features of PureVPN are:

  • You can log in on five devices at once which is great for offices or homes with large families.
  • PureVPN works on more than 20 different types of devices.
  • You can use PureVPN wherever you go and access any server in any one of the 141 countries so you can use the internet as if you are in that very location.
  • Browse completely anonymously and get protected no matter what you do online thanks to PureVPN’s fantastic security protocols.
  • You can transfer as much data as you like. The memberships are completely limitless.
  • The VPN service is active 99.99% of the time.
  • You also get 24 hour live chat support which is a rare find amongst most VPN.

purevpn - vpn service

Security and Privacy

Security is probably the main reason why you are investing in the PureVPN VPN software and you can rest assured knowing that this is one of the leading secure VPN software on the market. PureVPN uses 256-bit encryption software and they also use three security protocols namely, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP. All these security procedures combined provides you with the ability to surf the web, stream, access restricted sites and download torrents completely securely. 

purevpn - vpn service

Support service

PureVPN is one of the few VPN that offers 24 hour support to all countries. They also have a FAQ section for those who want to help themselves, but if you like things easy, you can just start a live chat session and receive the assistance that you need instantly. If you don’t know how to use PureVPN, PureVPN won’t connect or PureVPN shows error 691, you can contact the support team 24/7.

PureVPN’s Terms of Usage

When subscribing for a service you actually agree on its conditions, as well as the company agrees on your timely payments and legal service usage. However, as practice has shown, not all VPN clients read the terms before paying for the service. That’s exactly why we have decided to spark your interest in the subject and list the most intriguing moments of the document.

By running the service any customer agrees to give the company a possibility to transmit your traffic through the network (servers). In case you disagree with the accepted by the company rules, you need to abandon using the service.

When subscribing and running the service you are responsible for giving up-to-dated and accurate information required by the company, fair usage of the technology, keeping your credentials confidential, not giving your credentials to anyone else, not selling the account you have achieved.

If talking about service’s fees, it should be mentioned that website’s usage is free, whereas all the packages offered by the company are paid and require relevant pay-offs. However, you are able to use promotions, discounts, special offers, etc. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can write about it to the support team via the online chat or email. In order to get a refund you need to fulfill several conditions laid down by the company:

  • the refund application should be sent not later than in 7-day period;
  • your account hasn’t been suspended of criminal activities or actions contradicting the terms of usage;
  • you have used no more than 3GB of bandwidth and 100 sessions;
  • you don’t claim a refund again.

Here are some activities prohibited by the service infringing which you risk to get no refund:

  • transmission of any illegal content or material;
  • transmission of spam letters;
  • serving of pop-up ads;
  • usage of the service for attacking any other connected device;
  • transmission of abusive or horrifying content;
  • usage of the service for fulfilling fraudulence;
  • transmission of viruses and infected traffic;
  • usage of the tool for violating government laws, etc.

We have also found some interesting facts on third-party advertisements, promotions and links. The company can run some advertisements from third parties on the official website. Herewith the service doesn’t bear liability for any of its clients’ data loss coming from interaction with the third parties. Therefore any usage of third-party tools stays at your own risk. 

If talking about the information collected by the service, you should know that the service asks for names, emails, and phone numbers during the account procedure. The collected information is used for restoring your credentials in case of loss, updating your package in case there are some enhancements, relevant development in the VPN sphere, for sending you notifications about discount offers and packages changes. The service stores cookie files as well.

So, the list contains just extracts from the privacy policy and the terms of service. Therefore, having decided to subscribe for it, you need to look through all the statements on the official website.  

Client Account processes

You can get the apps installed completely free, but will have to make a payment before you can start enjoying security. Once your payment and registration is done with, everything is a breeze since the software is incredibly easy to install and the apps are straightforward and user friendly. 


PureVPN works on more than 20 different types of devices of which the most popular platforms are Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Apple and Android. You can also connect five different devices at the same time so you can enjoy complete flexibility for your home and when you are on the go. This is a perfect solution for businesses or families where siblings have different types of phones.

purevpn - vpn service


purevpn - vpn servicePureVPN offers a few services that other VPN simply cannot come by. One of the major advantages is that you can connect five different devices and the fact that the membership fees are extraordinarily affordable compared to other VPN. The 24 hour emergency support is also a big plus for this VPN since very few services provide instant assistance via live chat lines. The security is fantastic and you still get a fast upload and download speed despite all the benefits and anonymity that the security software provides. PureVPN is definitely the best decision you can make for a pure online connection. 

PureVPN won’t connect

PureVPN won’t connect

What should I do if there is PureVPN error 691?

What should I do if there is PureVPN error 691?

How to use PureVPN

How to use PureVPN

Setup PureVPN for router

Setup PureVPN for router

PureVPN Overviews

reply November 20, 2017
Avoid it! I’ve surfed the net and found scopes of info regarding it. How do they dare saying they keep no logs?! They keep, otherwise they wouldn’t help FBI.
reply November 21, 2017
Sam, PureVPN is really reliable service. And yes, they did help the FBI to find a cyber-stalker. In this case the VPN was just the link in this uneasy and intricate criminal investigation. This case does not mean that PureVPN keeps loges and shares them with third parties. This incident is just a conformance exception. Read this article and be more informed about it.
reply November 15, 2017
Hey! I have PureVPN download, but don’t know how to use PureVPN on android. I want to stream sites like Hulu, HBO, Netflix. So, if I start using PureVPN, Netflix will be available or not?
reply November 16, 2017
Good afternoon, Harold! There is nothing difficult to start using PureVPN on Android or any other device. PureVPN support service is fantastic. In the form of live chat you will solve all problems regarding the work of the service. Besides, it is possible to study the guides. Answering the 2nd question you have asked, it is necessary to mention that streaming websites are possible to access via PureVPN connection. Choose your virtual location into a necessary one and enjoy your favourite services at your home place.
reply November 10, 2017
I want to address Samir. I understand your point of view but still reckon it’s careless to commit your security to PureVPN. It’s just my thoughts. Why not to subscribe for Nord or CyberGhost, they’re much better!
reply November 11, 2017
Dear, Sam! It is up to you to decide what VPN service to subscribe for. We appreciate your opinion and believe that your discretion will serve you good.
reply November 01, 2017
I quite disagree with Sam. I think it’s an individual case when VPN service helped a lot. I personally use it for 4 months already and pretty sure in its reliability!
reply November 02, 2017
Samir, thank you for sharing your ideas here. It is pleasant to know that PureVPN remains popular among users.
reply June 02, 2017
I believe that PureVPN is a must-have for those who want to have reliable protection for the most reasonable price. I have subscribed for it and have never thought of changing it into another VPN service. It perfectly suits me. Strong encryption, 256-bit software and security protocols, plenty of servers available. What else is it necessary for your protection? It should be mentioned that customer support is of the highest level. I got assistance at once, when I had questions on the installation process. I stream video and do not notice that it slows down the net speed so much. So, if you look for a sustainable and decent variant for your personal defense on the network, PureVPN is a good one for you. I have already found a VPN for my virtual protection. It is definitely PureVPN! Thanks a lot to the developers! I wish you more good ideas!
reply August 15, 2016
I had problems with installing vpn, but thanks to the technical support everything was fixed in 10 minutes. Great job!
reply July 30, 2016
Many thanks for the windows vpn app. It protects me when I make insecure wifi connections when being on a trip and allows me watching BBC and Netflix. I’ve renewed my subscription for a further year.
reply June 18, 2016
With purevpn I can watch Netflix! All we know that if you’re not from America that makes it difficult. Right, the speed is high and its installation is easy. It hides your ip address it’s so cool that it lets you to watch Netfix that tracks addresses and blocks them.
reply June 17, 2016
Some people say the speed level is low I can’t say that’s true. If your speed level is low after all configurations try to ask the support team. I can watch videos without delays. So, I use it for a year and I don’t want to change this vpn.
reply June 14, 2016
I’m satisfied with it and want to tell you why. All declared functions are working. Customer support is relatively fast. Moreover, if you describe your problem in details they’ll definitely help you. Also, speed is quite high so I can download video files practically without hits on the internet. Plus fast connection which is also great. Many position points that is extremely important for me because I’m usually on business trips.
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