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PrivateTunnel Overview

The internet was once a safe little zone where you could find information on anything you like, but when the internet exploded into a fully functioning virtual world, it also led in a lot of issues for users such as account hacking and censorship that could leave you in a pickle. PrivateTunnel is a reliable VPN service that you absolutely must try if you want the best online security and if you want to prevent prying eyes from monitoring your online activities. 

This good VPN service acts by creating a virtual tunnel in which you can do whatever you like, watch whatever you like and download whatever you like completely anonymously because everything that happens in the tunnel stays in the tunnel. Online hackers cannot see your true IP address to monitor your activities and censoring software cannot see if you are perhaps viewing sites that are restricted in your area. It’s time to take back your internet freedom with the help of one of the best VPN services that is currently on the market, namely PrivateTunnel.

Tariffs and prices from PrivateTunnel memberships

Previously, PrivateTunnel VPN software had four options available to their clients. What set this VPN apart from the rest is the fact that they charged for usage instead of duration of use and they had a free option to members. Let’s have a look at the former system of pricing to evaluate a modern one.

100 megabytes – The first 100 megabits that you downloaded or streamed to your device was protected for free. This option was mostly created so you could test the unique services and to see if this was the right VPN for you.

50 gigabytes – For fifty gigabytes of downloading and streaming, you were charged twelve dollars no matter what type of content was viewed or accessed. 
100 gigabytes – For only twenty dollars you could download or view 100 gigabytes of data and enjoy the best security for all your online activities.
500 gigabytes – At only fifty dollars per month, this was the perfect solution for businesses or hard core online gamers who wanted to ensure that all their confidential information and online activities stayed completely safe.

Now the system of pricing is completely different. It doesn’t depend on the traffic you download or upload. Now, users are to choose between two plans:

1-month subscription costs $6, 1-year subscription – $35, both plans presuppose 7 day free trial, unlimited data access and simultaneous connection up to 3 devices. A year subscription allows saving $37. For every next gadget a user is to pay $6 a month and $35 a year.

Availability of PrivateTunnel

PrivateTunnel VPN software has a limited number of servers in only the most popular countries,namely, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the UK. The availability and servers might be limited but with the extensive security that you can enjoy from this VPN and the alternative billing method, it might just be the perfect choice for you. You can still access PrivateTunnel from across the globe and enjoy the best internet freedom since these major server countries have hardly any restrictions on any sites and allows you to access what you like. 

Why you should be using PrivateTunnel?

The main reason to use PrivateTunnel is because you get a different pricing method that only charges you for what you use and also helps you limit your data use by warning you when you are almost out of protection. You are not tied down to a monthly payment and your data does not expire at the end of the month. With PrivateTunnel VPN software download, you can enjoy the best protection for your online activities because everything you do online will be completely anonymous and protected. You can access restricted sites without having to worry about censorship and also download what you like without anyone being able to monitor what you are downloading. It is a fantastic VPN that brings back internet freedom at an affordable rate.

Security and Privacy

PrivateTunnel is a best free USA VPN because even the free option offers protection of a complete membership. PrivateTunnel does not keep user logs which greatly protect your online activities so no one can monitor your URLs or use previous browsing history against you. They also have no usage restrictions so you can be protected no matter how much you download. They use the same TLS protocol that HTTP use, but still guarantee that they do not keep track on any cookie sessions. This makes PrivateTunnel a great investment for anyone who likes to enjoy the internet as much as they can.

Support service

Only those who are registered with PrivateTunnel can get access to their support services. They have some good online guidance with the FAQs that you can scan through to get self-help or you can contact them directly and enjoy prompt replies from their secure VPN software client service. Live chat support is available for non-registered users round-the-clock.

How to get started with PrivateTunnel?

You can simply download the software directly from the PrivateTunnel website. The software is downloadable with the click of a button and requires no previous registrations. Once the software is installed on your device, you can start using PrivateTunnel for up to 100 megabytes of data’s free protection. If you would like to purchase extra protection, you will have to sign up with the service and pay via PayPal, credit card or Google checkout after which you will receive your data max package. The software is easy to install and basically does everything all on its own with a click of a button.


PrivateTunnel is one of the best VPN services because it provides the best services and functionality for desktop users like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Mobile users also greatly benefit from the service because devices such as iOS and basic Android services can also protect you when you are on the go.


PrivateTunnel’s website is not the most open and friendly site that you will find amongst VPN. They offer limited information and you have to sign up with them to get access to more information about their rates, solutions, security protocols and online assistance. The software can however be downloaded without signing up which is a great plus point for internet users who don’t want to fill out forms before they test drive the software but the major advantage of PrivateTunnel is their different billing method.

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reply October 17, 2016
I use the vpn, because it has a good reputation and recommendations. I like the way it works as there are no hits or breaks. All tests I’ve made are positive, so I’m anonymous, private and secure online. Thanks for your service!
reply October 04, 2016
My privacy and security are the most important things to me while networking, that’s why I use the vpn. It has a trial version but I’ve subscribed to a paid package, because it provides more possibilities. The private tunnel vpn is widely used by big corporations that’s why my trust in it has redoubled.
reply September 12, 2016
The variety of countries it allows is not numerous 6+, but it matches my needs. Also it makes my Internet activity private and secure due to the creation of private tunnel. Moreover, it prevents different cyber threats, which is of no little interest.
Update: 19/09/2017