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NordVPN Overview

If you are looking for a reliable VPN service that is dedicated to maintain top quality security, then you should definitely have a look at NordVPN. NordVPN supplies their VPN customers with the best solutions for complete internet freedom and security. It is important to be completely secure when you browse the net because a simple IP address in the wrong hands could lead to a hacking which could give someone across the globe full access to all your personal conversations and information.

NordVPN Overview

A lot of women are also falling victim to internet hackers who hack into laptop webcams to spy on these women’s everyday activities and eventually bribe them. It is downright frightening that some complete stranger could be watching you while you work or enjoy a movie right now. By getting NordVPN smart play, you completely eliminate the risk of being monitored because this secure VPN software creates a secure virtual portal in which you can do whatever you like without risks. It also provides you with great freedom because you can access some restricted channels and websites that is not currently available in your area.

InformationThe provider isn’t afraid of putting forward a self-formulated fact that any customer can’t be safe without a VPN and it assures its clients in it with 100% certainty.

Tariffs and prices of NordVPN


The service offers its future clients to choose a plan that will be right for their needs. Although, NordVPN is not the cheapest VPN on the market, it is definitely a great investment if you think of what you really stand to lose by not functioning on a secure network. By contacting NordVPN you could earn a free 3 day trial or a 30 day money back guarantee. Therefore, in case you are dissatisfied with the service, you can look for how to cancel NordVPN. However, there are too little cases when NordVPN won’t connect to your favorite restricted web resources. Here are the details on NordVPN’s three packages:

Simple – The simple plan is a month to month membership that costs eleven dollars and ninety five cents per a month and allows P2P, keeps no logs, has a global network, offers friendly support, is easy to use, accepts Bitcoin and offers fast network speeds.

Standard – The standard package allows you to save forty one percent on bills if you agree to pay the amount of forty two dollars every six months which adds up to five dollars a month. You also get all the benefits of the simple or best offer membership.

best offerBest offer – Best offer only costs five dollars seventy five cents per a month if you pay a yearly fee of sixty nine dollars for the one year plan. The plan permits saving 52%. The best offer package has all the functionality and benefits the simple package has, only at a much more affordable rate that will save you from paying extra money on costs.

As an added benefit, you also get a 30 day money back guarantee from all membership plans if you are not satisfied with the overall service or performance.

What is for the benefits of the packages, all of them provide no log policy, global network, P2P is allowed, easy to use service, friendly and well-timed support, blazing speeds and crypto-currency acceptance.

So, having applied the service for your network, you can enjoy all the liberties from your devices. If you are a lucky owner of multiple devices and need a VPN that supports them simultaneously, NordVPN is a right service as it offers up to 6 devices under one account.


Is NordVPN available across the globe?


Nord VPN is located in an absolutely free from restrictive legislation zone in Panama. This good VPN service is situated in Panama which puts it outside the EU and the USA jurisdictions and is probably why they are some of the few VPNs that allow peer to peer file sharing and are not obliged to keep any logging data or store some metadata on the servers. They are available across the globe and have more than 1100 servers in 61 countries that cover all major continents. You can connect with six devices at the same time, which is a lot more than what most VPNs provide.

Servers NORDVPN 

What you can do with your NordVPN service?


  • This private VPN service encrypts your online activities that allow you doing what you like online without the risk of getting caught. This is perfect for those who want to access restricted files, download torrents or enjoy P2P without looking over their backs. Being a technologically advanced customer you will be also satisfied to learn that the VPN is compatible with Tor, which enhances your level of anonymity exponentially. Moreover, a strict log policy followed by the company guarantees saving no extra data on you, as the company has an advantageous geographical location.

NordVPN vpn service features

  • NordVPN software restores your internet freedom by providing you with the right protocols so you can access websites that are restricted. All your traffic is routed through a secure tunneling guarded by a set of highly-effective protocols and locked with a ‘long’ bit-key.

  • Good security protocols help to protect you from online hackers and fraud and also make your entire network defended and free from being interfered.

  • The network speeds are the fastest and it is a good compromise for the fact that you can do peer to peer file sharing. Moreover, Unique SmartPlay feature for added streaming connectivity makes the process more advanced and technologically improved.

  • Free services such as: a free proxy, free secret notes to help encrypt your messages to someone and a free encryption chart selection that allows you joining friends in a completely safe conversation. A free encryption chart lets you pass the link to friends and family, so they can join the anonymous conversations too.

Security and Privacy of NordVPN


Aside from being outside the EU and the USA jurisdiction, this VPN also uses a 256bit AES OpenVPN protocol that is one of the best encryption and protection software on the market. PPTP and L2TP / IPSec connections are also available for those who want even more security. NordVPN has a double encryption system that is basically unbreakable which is why torrent downloaders absolutely adore this fantastic VPN.

The service provides some first-rated security extra characteristics, such as encrypted chat, which has been stated before, and web proxy extensions. Web proxy extensions offer free servers for those who run the company’s proxy extension for Google Chrome. It is stated to be free and possible to be installed in seconds, which makes you instantly accessed to one of the world’s most advanced VPN.

NordVPN provides its customers with additional opportunity to enforce computer security. CyberSec is available for Windows and macOS now, but the list of the accessible operating systems is being extended. Want to know the best part? Here’s the deal:

CyberSec blocks harmful sites containing malware or other cyber dangers which can infect your device. Moreover, the feature disables pop-ups and auto-play ads that will never come at your sight.

How CyberSec really works

When you are going to visit any website, your computer will contact a DNS server requiring for the IP address of the site. CyberSec feature makes scanning of the harmful web-content, and if the website is considered to have threats, it will be blocked for you. You will see a special message as the result.

Support service


The customer support is exactly what can be expected from a top rated VPN. There is a good FAQ system online to guide you through some common questions as well as a 24/7 live support team with whom you can have a talk when you are unsatisfied with something, in need of some more information or struggling with some setup procedures. A ticket support system is also in place if you are not in a complete hurry.


NordVPN vpn service

NordVPN’s Terms of Usage


Having decided to subscribe for the service, you need to have a deep look into the privacy policy and terms of usage. Thus having become a NordVPN client, you are agreed not to share any of your credentials (username/password) with other people. The company is claimed to have no responsibility for any harm done to your personal information coming from subscription details. 

Besides, all NordVPN’s clients are prohibited to be involved into any criminal activity while running the service like computer fraudulence, etc. What is more, the terms of the service can be rewritten from time to time by the company, which means you have to keep track of the developments and contact the support team if some specific information is required. In case you use the service for crime commitment, the company is known to suspend your account firstly before shutting it off the connection. In this very period you have a chance to challenge the decision. 

The company is assured to save no logging or monitoring data on its customers. Besides, it is clear to be split off any censorship maintenance. What is more, you may be sure about your personal information safeness, as soon as the service claims to pass no of its clients’ personal data to any interested party. Despite the company doesn’t keep any logging data, it still has to save some information on its customers for better service performance:

  • User’s email;
  • Username;
  • Payment information.

If comparing the data with some of the top-rated services, we can state the service is one of the most democratic in the terms of data collection and storage. However, the service can obtain some information on your online activities by using cookie files saved on your browser. The policy of cookies is supported by 90% up-to-date web-based services, therefore, there is nothing shocking in the fact. 

nordvpn review

If speaking about the refund policy followed by the company, you should pay attention to the period of its duration. Nord VPN offers 30-day money-back guarantee. However, the service is to take some attempts to solve the issue before giving the money back. And as it is stated by the company, in 99% cases service problems come from insufficient settings made during the installation. Also, you are recommended to download the app from the official website instead of using some third-party online shops and stores. 

So, as you see, there are some nuances you’d better learn before subscribing for the service. Therefore, you are highly recommended to take a look at the rules before making a subscription and payment for the service.   

NordVPN’s Privacy Tools

Every advanced company forges ahead and Nord VPN is one of the fast-growing companies offering their customers the best solutions for online protection.

We have decided to simplify your task and tell you about free privacy tools offered on the official website:



Free Proxy List:

The simplest way to make your IP invisible while accessing foreign geo-blocked websites without traffic encryption is a proxy server.

However, Nord VPN warn the visitors about the fact that proxy server’s IP is substituted instead your real address, but it’s pretty possible though too complicated to find out your authentic one. Also, the company says it does everything possible to find the most reliable free proxies, although it’s practically impossible, as the servers are hosted and maintained by other third parties. Therefore, for better protection you are suggested to run NordVPN service.

Why do you need the proxies?

  • To prevent hackers;
  • To avoid government surveillance;
  • To bypass ISPs data collection and storage;
  • To get access to blocked or restricted social media websites, streaming services, VoIP, etc.

You can see the difference between other free servers and Nord VPN ones here:


Providing that you can’t afford NorVPN service for some personal reasons, here is a free proxy search engine:


You have a possibility to load more proxies by clicking on the same-name button:


In case you have some difficulties with the settings, there are helpful instructions on the website here:



YouTube Proxy:

With the use of the tool presented by the company NordVPN you are able to unblock your favorite videos for free:


The free YouTube Proxy makes the video service accessible for anyone from anywhere in the world. However, the free service doesn’t provide its customers with:

  • No buffering;
  • Fast video loading;
  • Full HD quality.

Therefore, if you want to have all the advantages, you’d better subscribe for NordVPN service.


Web Proxy:

The tool gives you a possibility to browse with proxy defense, so that your authentic address is hidden from public availability while staying online:


You can see some additional features implicated here, as well as for any other web search on the website, such as:

  • Encrypt URL;
  • Encrypt page;
  • Allow cookies;
  • Remove scripts;
  • Remove objects.

While switching on or disabling one or all the functions your search results, as well as online experience can differ a lot. 


VPN Routers:

NordVPN company offers its customers to protect all the internet enabled devices at one fell swoop. 


What is it suitable for?

  • Small business companies caring for their clients safeness can enable the router for their establishment, so that all the visitors are able to get a secure access to the internet;
  • A non-stop data protection is provided with the use of the service too. This means every time you switch from one device to another you may forget to connect the latest one to NordVPN, which can lead to data exposure or other problems;
  • A non-limited number of protected devices;
  • Any streaming box or hardware can be protected by the service and thus freer for accessing geo-blocked websites.

The purchase processes of client accounts


How to set up Nord VPN? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You only need basic information and a card or PayPal or Bitcoin account to sign up with NordVPN. The basic information is your email and future username. 

How to use NordVPN on android

The downloads are incredibly simple and if you have any problems with the setup of your new account, then the support team is ready to assist you no matter what the time is.



At the moment, NordVPN is still developing and extending their services. Now they have software for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android. You can download NordVPN software instantly and enjoy a secure network within moments. 





approvedNordVPN OverviewNordVPN have the fastest network speeds and great flexibility when it comes to protocols, it is really one of the most secure VPNs on the market due to the great security protocols and double-hop encryption methods. You can connect six devices on the network and enjoy the best and most secure conversation and information sharing medium humanely possible.

All the additional benefits imposed by the company like web proxy extension or encrypted chart, shared IP, unique SmartPlay feature, P2P file sharing, double VPN, kill switch attract numerous clients as the quality of the service is really worthy.

The service is oriented towards both technologically advanced and mere advanced or average customers. The support team makes every effort to simplify the usage of the app.

The network park is one of the broadest if not the biggest one. So, the VPN is a right choice for keen travelers too, as being abroad you are able to use your ‘home’ network and apps that you used to.

Nevertheless, it is up to you to make a choice, just be sure you make a right selection having read about all the benefits of the service NordVPN provides.

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How to cancel NordVPN


How to set up Nord VPN

How to set up Nord VPN

Nord VPN smart play

Nord VPN smart play

Nord VPN won't connect

Nord VPN won't connect

Where Nord VPN is located

Where Nord VPN is located

NordVPN Overviews

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